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Pacvac Prolite

Pacvac Prolite

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If you don't wear rubber soled shoes whilst vacuuming you get terrible shocks from the vacuum pole.. This vacuum is a pos. we had a similar one that lasted less then 3 years and the motor blew up, I hope this one lasts ok, I didn't have time to shop around to find something better, it's still heavy vacuum.. It will do but there's better out there

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Hello Meagan We are often able to fix the few concerns our customers have when given the opportunity to do so. Please don't hesitate to contact us by phoning (08) 9479 1444 or emailing sales@pacvac.com (making reference to this review) and one of our team members will personally tend to your questions. To further assist you in understanding your vacuum we have provided some information below with respect to your statements about shocks, longevity of the motor and the weight of our machine: - The shocks you have been experiencing are likely to be caused by a build-up of static electricity. Unfortunately static electricity is very common and factors that often contribute are - the type of floors you are vacuuming, the type of dirt you are sucking up, the chemical composition of your body, weather conditions and many more. Rubber soled shoes are not recommended and can actually make static electricity worse. Our sales team would be happy to explore this further with you. - Besides general wear and tear, you should get many years of use from our vacuums. However, it is important to note that filters should be regularly cleaned, dust bags regularly emptied and both replaced as needed to ensure airflow to the motor is maintained. Poor airflow to the motor, often caused by blockages and unmaintained filters and dust bags, can reduce the lifespan of the motor. - With respect to the weight of the vacuum, the Prolite is one of the lightest back pack vacuums available. The ergonomically designed Pacvac harness also makes it one of the most comfortable vacuums to wear. We have a dedicated team who are here to help with any issues or concerns. Pacvac loves receiving feedback to ensure we gather as much insight as possible which can lead to providing better outcomes to our customers. We look forward to receiving your contact details so we can further assist you with the use of your Prolite. Thank you. Kind regards The Pacvac Team

Absolute rubbish! Do not buy this vacuum cleaner under any circumstances, if you know what is good

We are a husband & wife commercial cleaning business and previously used the earlier model PacVac Pro vacuum cleaners which were good ... they just kept on going! My wife wanted a more lightweight machine as her back was playing up ... I purchased the Prolite as it was manufactured by PacVac. Wife was happy with the machine at the time, and so I purchased one for myself. My vac lasted all of 6 months (if it was lucky) before the motor blew up . I returned my it to the seller and have been told that I have to pay $79 for repairs because there was "a bit of dust in the machine" and "it has had a hard life"! What???? At least my wife's lasted a bit longer, that is until last week when it also blew up (approximately 11 months after purchase). I am now very leary of PacVac after having this experience and as a consequence I purchased another brand altogether. Be warned ... this Prolite vacuum cleaner is cheap, nasty garbage - steer clear!

Pacvac is sorry to hear of your recent grievance with our Prolite, however we are glad to hear that you experienced a high level of satisfaction with our earlier model of Pacvac Pro vacuums. When selecting an appropriate back pack vacuum from our range it is important to ensure that you are making an appropriate choice for the duties you will require the vacuum to be used for. Here is a brief outline of the current Pacvac back pack vacuum range and their tailored uses: • Superpro 700 – Specifically designed for offices, commercial premises, schools, department stores, resorts, showrooms, theatres, airports and households. • Superpro duo 700 – Specifically designed for cafes, factories, hospitals, laboratories and nursing homes where accidental suction of liquid is likely to occur. • Superpro wispa 700 – Specifically designed for environmentally green cleaning, fitted with an energy and volume control switch. • Superpro micron 700 – Specifically designed for chemical laboratories, high tech laboratories and infection control-critical hospital wards. • Superpro trans 700 – Specifically designed for on-board power systems found on various aircraft. • Superpro battery 700 – Specifically designed for areas where a power cord in not required. • Thrift – Entry level, quality and commercial strength back pack vacuum. Pacvac would like to advise that the Prolite, which had a purpose of being used for light duties only, is now a superseded model and is no longer in production. However, from the back pack vacuum range listed above, we can assure we have a model which will suit your needs. In light of assisting you with your recent issues with our superseded Prolite model it would be appreciated if you could please advise what level of duties these machines were being used for and if you were advised upon purchasing the machines that they were for light duties only? Pacvac would like to ensure this is thoroughly looked into for you, to enable us to do this effectively it would be appreciated if you could please supply us with a direct means of contacting you. Please feel free to email us at sales@pacvac.com making reference to this issue and our friendly staff will be more than happy to discuss this further with you. Pacvac hopes that this response has assisted you and we encourage you to review our current back pack vacuum range as we can assure that Pacvac is your smarter, cleaner, healthier choice when it comes to vacuums.Thanks for response. Unfortunately, after our experience as above, we are no longer interested in any Pacvac products whatsoever. Dear Gary We were sorry to hear in your last correspondence with us that you advised you did not want further contact, however we thought we would again offer to rectify this matter for you, as Pacvac aims to never leave a customer dissatisfied. We would love the opportunity to either speak with you in person or over the phone at a time which is convenient for you. If you would be happy to email your preferred contact number to sales@pacvac.com, we would be more than happy to fix this issue with you directly. We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you. Kind regards The Pacvac Team

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