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Enormous relief

Suffering chronic back pain for 25 years culminated in surgery 18 months ago. Being bent out of shape for that period of time means muscles, tendons & other soft tissues need re-educating. The pain mate has been an integral part of this process & I can't thank the Tasmanian distributor enough - they are knowledgeable, supportive & highly professional. Definitely worth pursuing whether you are a long term sufferer or even early in the back issue roller coaster.

A lot of RUBBISH

Just bought a PAIN MATE for $50.00 - this is absolute RUBBISH. I took it back to the Chemist Shop and was informed that it worked O.K. - I cannot hear it, when I turn it on and can hardly feel anything, when it is on the highest setting. The Chemist said that's how it is. Don't waste your money on this Model EVOMED..... I have two other TENS machine, which I bought on eBay from around $10 each. They work Great with Plenty of "ZAP" , but thought this would be great without all the wiring.

Not So - Rubbish - Rubbish - Rubbish

Should not be on the pharmacy shelf

I bought one and could not have any success getting it to work returned it to the pharmacy the next day I received a call from the pharmacy telling meI could not read the instructions and that it worked So I bought it home still can't get it to work. At this point I fail to see where I am not following the instructions Absolute rubbish

Amazing device has improved my quality of life!

My story is that in February I was diagnosed with 2 bulged disc in my back causing extreme pressure on my sciatic nerve which resulted in loss of sensation to my toes and extreme pain down my right leg, unfortunately this caused me to stop working and I now rely on a cocktail of pain meds. I bought the PAINmate and after the first 20min session I was instantly relieved of some pain. I now rely on the PAINmate each morning to free up my back and legs and make getting around day to day that slight bit easier! Even the doctor has notice a change in my range of movement. Unfortunately the PAINmate can't fix my condition but it definitely improves it. I am amazed by this tiny machine but more amazed at the huge impact it has on my life!

Dont waste your money

I had a very bad ski accident where my left thigh muscle was torn along with my right knees ligaments all being ruptured. The pain in my thigh was excruciating. I bought a pain mate to help relieve the pain and help heal the muscle. At first the pain mate worked great however after 2 weeks it stopped working. I put a new battery in it thinking that might have been the problem but that didn't help at all. So my suggestion to save your money and get treatment through a physio.

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Questions & Answers

I have used it 3 times & now it will not work. I turn it on & get the beep & feel a little current & as soon as I try to increase the current it starts beeping & will not stop for a minute & nothing happens. I have put in a new battery (one supplied by yourselves) & still nothing
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Hi. Take the plastic protective sheet for the sticky pads and put back on top of pads. Squash down and spread the pads especially around the edges. Carefully remove the plastic from the sticky pads. Now apply to you skin. Let sit for a min or two and try again. A little weird I know but seems to work for me. Also I keep mine in the container reapplying the plastic sheet each time I'm finished and have pla ed an old silica gel pack inside the container to absorbe excess moisture off the pads.The Painmate Gel isn't making good contact, the continue beeping means not making good contact.You have to keep pressing the plus sign for high intensity, if it just keeps beeping, not making good contact, easily proven by putting it on a flat easy part of body and pressing down, like you forearm.Reset by pressing and holding minus button until it goes off.

I love my Painmate and have had it for a long time. At the moment it is doing a fast beep when I turn it on. I have changed the battery but it still is happening . What makes it do that and how can I stop it?
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Hi Mary, this happened to me once and it was because i accidently bought a disc battery with lower volts. If i remember correctly, pain mate needs 32volt disc battery. Otherwise, when my pain mate does that beepy thing, its because it doesnt have correct contact with my skin so i change my pads. Problem for me is that my skin is quite oily so i have to use an alcohol based wipe for my skin before using the pain mate.

Can it be used on osteoarthritis in fingers and how long does it help after use?
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It can definitely be used for osteoarthritis as I suffer that in my neck, shoulders and knees but this painmate tens machine has to sit flat so to use on your fingers would be hard. I don't have it in my hands or fingers so I guess I could try it out and see how well it sits across the top of your hands and give my results.I've just had a look to see if it is possible to put on the top of your hands and it just doesn't work well at all because it does need to be flat. I know my ex mother in law had osteo in her hands and she reckoned that Goanna Oil worked great for her. I have no idea if they even have this on the shelves anymore.For my muskeloskeletal pain, the painmate works only when the machine is on. Once i take it off, the pain is still there. Bascially it just interupts the pain signal in the brain, it doesnt have any long lasting effect or 'cure' for my pain but it gets me through the day. I tried using it on my scapula but the pain mate really only operates when it is completely flat.

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