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Do not buy this product - candle

I bought one of the scented candles and every night after my daughter goes to bed I close her door and light the candle in the kitchen. After a few days I noticed that my white plastic bin located in a cupboard in the kitchen had black streaks across it that look like fingerprint dust the police use, then a few days later I noticed that my daughters white plastic potty in the bathroom was the same. This morning when I was playing with my 7 month old daughter I noticed that her nostrils looked dark. I got a qtip and cleaned her nostrils and was shocked to find the qtip came our black. My god what has this candle done to her health!! Now that I think about it she's had what I thought was the start of a cold ever since I first lit the candle last week. I'd say it's not a cold but her dealing with inhaling the toxic soot. Palm beach you should be ashamed of yourselves I'm going to investigate this further and hope that my daughter suffers no further medical issues as a result.

Beautiful candles, burn well !

I'm confused with some of the reviews here. I've been buying PBC's in all shapes and forms and never had a problem with any of them. Some mushrooming but I have found that with other brands of the same caliber and I think it's an issue with the wick itself. I never burn candles longer than a few hours. I find the scent lingers anyway long after snufffing them out. If I do want to burn more, blow wicks out, cool down, trim wick and go again! Favourites are coconut and lime, posy and lollies and leather. I have recently bought two on sale and both work fine. Australian Made too.

Divine scent and packaging but soot everywhere!

I have every brand of candles - mostly expensive ones. I bought about six Palm Beach candles from my local TK Maxx in London - lit one and fell in love. Woke up the next morning with the sun light and noticed all my kitchen walls (especially the corners) were dark with soot. It looked like the mess a lit fireplace makes on a wall. I'm so sad as they're gorgeous and have a heavenly scent. It will take ages to scrub the walls and I will return the excess I bought at a great price!


I have a candle obsession and have bought n burnt many brands. PBC smells lovely in container but very disappointed when it's burning. I trim wicks as advised but the wick always mushrooms n leaves the glass covered in soot. Have a diffuser n extremely happy with it but very very disappointed with the candles.

Ours also caught fire

Ours also caught fire which shattered the glass container. I managed to blow out the fire but the damage had already been done. Very very very very very very dangerous!

Severe fire hazard

After about 10 minutes the whole candle was alight around the glass! It became uncontrollable, I tried putting water on it to put it out and the whole candle lit up 3 times the size!! I had to call the 000 to get firemen to come and put it out the class was shattered, the wax was bubbling almost like a chemical burn and the table the candle was on was ruined! When I simply informed the company of the issue so they could prevent this from happening to someone else and godforbid hurting someone they were extremely rude and spat out trying to claim it was my fault! Absolutely appalling! This company needs to be stoped before someone gets severly injured because it's bound to happen.

Candle Lime & Coconut

Bought this candle last week I have put it on each night but not for long gives off black smoke fumes strong. leaves container black every night have to clean after use. Very hard to blow out wicks seem faulty will be taking them back to the store I purchased from very disappointed.
Bought 4 diffusers as well so I have spent a lot of money

Fire Hazard!!!

My candle was burning for no longer than hour there was almost a 1/3 of the candle left, my wicks were trimmed, there was no draft and my candle just caught on fire and when I tried to put it out by throwing a towel over the top the glass exploded and the wax was still burning over my white polyurethane entertainment unit, which also caught a light... I am very disappointed with these candles, and to top it off when I spoke to the company the lady over the phone gave me attitude-hoe dare they I will be taking this further and will seeking compensation for my furniture and burnt walls... Fire hazard do not buy!!!!

A mystified, but happy, Consumer

We burn Palm Beach Collection candles in our house, all the time.

I have a preference for Lilies and Leather, but Indigo Love (Shibori) and the Christmas Candles are also perennial favorites.

I've read all the other reviews on this forum and am really mystified. We've been burning these candles, in all sizes, for years, and I've never run into any of the problems listed here.

There is a right way and a wrong way, to burn them, and they will get "sooty" if I burn them right to the bottom, as I do with the Lilies and Leather, but that's my bad behaviour, LOL.I've never measured the hours we get out of them, except to think it''s always too short LOL, an infinite candle from Palm Beach will be a good thing!!

Overall, they are great value, they always bring "a lift" to the house, and we'll keep buying them, except for the Watermelon!

Allan, a "beachy" kind a guy!

Black film everywhere!

I just finished renovating and had shutters installed yesterday. Perfect. Light a nice Palm Beach Watermelon candle and enjoy! Big mistake! Going to bed last night we noticed the shutters had black marks all over them and initially blamed the shutter people! Started cleaning them this morning and the ceiling, windows, cornice, skirting boards are all covered in black dirt! I'll need to get the painters back. Feel like suing this company. Definitely going to Fair Trading!

Smells perfect

I can't believe the other reviews, but we have ours on the lid stand & in an open area (with no walls nearby) & we haven't had a single issue, have the watermelon & fills the house with a great scent & would buy this brand again for sure.

Don't believe the hype

Hi guys, I am a lover of candles and have purchased Palm Beach Collection products over the years. I love them! I have done my research and have found that soy blends burn better and so much cleaner than 100% soy wax which burns black. Saying that paraffin is nasty and a health hazard is what is misleading. Do you ever question the toxicity of paraffin wax wrapped around your cheese or other house hold items you eat? No - because they are approved by the highest Heath standards and so is this type of wax.
To claim wax is soy it needs to have an industry approved % amount of soy content. Palm Beach Collection has this. Also "blend" or "based" can mean it is mixed with other botanical waxes such as bee, coconut or palm wax. This makes the wax stand better and burn cleaner as 100% soy wax burns black and dirty. I will continue to but these candles as they are only of the highest quality and I would be happy to have my kids in the room with me. I love Palm Beach Collection, so do all my friends and family + kids! There is a lot of competition our there wanting to put these guys down, don't believe the hype!! Keep it up PBC, you are the market leaders by far!
Reliable, clean burning, beautiful clean scent, priced very well

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Palm Beach Collection
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