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Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze

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Body Lotion, Body Spray and Bronze instant
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I never react to moisturisers or fake tanning products and I have tried them all. This one made me unbearably itchy. Not recommended.

Terrible!! Makes you orange!!

I was told by multiple people that this tanner would not make you orange and I applied it quite lightly and I am bright orange. It's a horrible yellowy orange colour and looks absolutely horrific so no I would not recommend this to a friend or ever use it again!

Love the smell but makes me itchy!

Best smelling tanner I have used but had to stop using it as it made me very itchy behind the knees for 3 days after application. Colour was also very good, dried quickly and not sticky at all. Hint: use the hairdryer to dry tanners quickly. good price !,, ,,,,

It works

Have used for over 10 years. No tan smell at all, smells like cocoa. It is not greasy at all. Had a slight itch on my legs so tried other brands but none compared to price and result and this is non greasy. Has never stained my clothes. Has no spf which is good for me as I am allergic to sunscreen and use invisible zinc only.

It works but it stains

I bought this tan because I thought it would smell nice.
It does work and I would recommend it
however it does on have any SPF and does stain a little bit. I have a bit of brown on my bra.

I would tell everyone to get Le TAN, you can use it on your face, it is much cheaper, it does not stain one bit, looks natural however the smell is not nice

Love it but can't use it

Makes my skin unbearably itchy. Have to find another unfortunately because it's my fave brand - nice colour, no streaks, why the itch Palmers???? - quite a few reviewers have the same issue.

Good even colour but ITCHY!!!!!!

This gave a good even colour, great!
However I found this product made my skin super, unbearably itchy! Such a shame as the colour is the best I have found but it's not worth the pain and scratching.

Sick product

Why pay $30 for a spray tan when you can get this mint product for $12 for a month supply !! Best tanning product on the market and I've tried heaps .... This is oil free and streak free and great to make the body look more defined for a night hahaha !! Overall I love it well done mr and mrs Palmer haha

tan looks amazing, but....

This is an amazing gradual tanner/instant bronzer and all my friends use it? It looks so beautiful and natural BUT...for some reason I am super allergic to it, the first time I used it i got an extremely bad lumpy rash, but I wasn't 100% sure it was from this product (didn't want to admit it was) so I waited 2 weeks until my skin was all better to try the product again and literally 20min after it touched my skin I got the lumpy itchy rash again :(
Really sad this product isn't working for me but it works amazing on everyone else who uses it :)

Just the same as all the rest!

I love Palmers cocoa butter cream so when I saw this advertised I thought, great! I bought some the following day. It's nice to apply and absorbs into the skin fairly quickly and at first I was very pleased with the smell, which was why I bought Palmers. But about an hour later I was hit by the usual terrible 'fake tan' smell, and I'd applied this nearly all over, I didn't expect the smell to change. I had to have a shower as the smell was annoying me so much, so I don't really know how well it works as a tan!
The application
The initial nice smell eventually changes into the terrible 'fake tan' smell!

Great for fair skin

Had been using Dove and Olay gradual tanner for the past 10 days and both were leaving a stickiness after applying and neither were gradually tanning at a good speed.
Bought Palmers a few days ago after reading a beauty blog and am really happy with it.
Easy pump bottle. No sticky residue. Nice scent.
only $10 from the supermarket. Great for high humidity weather/areas as it doesn't feel clammy after applying even when your sweating in hot weather!
I have a lilly white complexion and after just 2 days Im seeing a natural looking tan.
I can see why its so well rated.

Excellent product!

I love this product, and find it superior to any tanning products I have used. First of all, it is extremely good value, so it is not a risk to buy. The pump bottle also makes it very convenient and easy to use. It is moisturising and makes your skin nice and soft, and you don't have to worry about the potential for obvious streaks as it builds tan gradually - if it is slightly uneven after first application, you can try to correct it the next time you use it. Other similar products I have used I have seen no noticeable difference after one application, however with this, you definitely are browner after a couple of hours!
From reading the reviews, it seems people either love or hate the smell. It does smell chocolaty, like freshly baked cookies, but I think if you wore it for a while it would start to become less appealing. I usually put it on in the evening, then rinse it off in the shower the next morning.

Best gradual tanner

Love, love, love this gradual tanner. It gives you a perfect colour that is easy to build. Very nice smell and prefer this product over any other gradual tanner. Have not had any problems with it at all.

Pretty good

Love the tan results but hate the smell !......I didn't have any issues with unevenness from this gradual tanning cream but I just don't like the smell. Might have to go back to this one though after failed attempts with other brands. Gives a nice natural tan look with out looking orange
Good results
The smell

Smells great! But collects on knees etc

Ok, so I thought I'd try something that smelt better than my preferred bronzer. I love that this one has a very chocolatey scent to it. It also glides on really well, doesn't take as long long to settle into the skin as my preferred choice and the scent only turns into that awful tanning scent ever so slightly over time - Nowhere near as bad as others and extremely tolerable! Unfortunately, I will not be repurchasing Palmers. I exfoliate really well every time I shower and although I do like the colour of this gradual bronzer, I have seen better AND the colour collects like no tomorrow on dry, and uneven, areas like the knees, elbows and ankles even after vigorous exfoliation. I've never had this problem before with my preferred choice, so I actually won't be finishing this bottle of Palmer's gradual tanner. I really had high hopes for this product. It ticks all the boxes except for the most important one about the colour, collecting in dry areas.
Scent doesn't turn into an unbearably nasty scent over time, Inexpensive, It's by Palmers, Colour, Settles quicker than most into skin
It collects around the knees and other dry/uneven areas. That's all.

Fab product

I have used self tanning products for years and the smells are so overpowering especially at night and take a few days and maybe more for the colour to develop. However this product smells really good and goes off quickly and you colour up after one application. You do need to be very careful when applying, avoiding your dry areas or they will end up orange, for example your elbows and knees but then you do with any self tanning product. I always put moisturiser on those dry areas after and it then evens out the colour more. I would definitely recommend this product!
Inexpensive. and efficient.

Beautiful product

Palmers gives me a natural looking tan with no orange or blotchy covering .I love the smell of it and its a fantastic moisturiser that makes my skin soft.I am naturally pale so baking in the sun isn,t an option.I don,t need to re apply or the tan fades out a bit

The best natural looking fake tanner !!

Being faired skin and having skin cancer in my genes, i've been scared to go out to the beach and get a natural looking tan. Ive used many fake tan brands but most of them made my skin look orange, very uneven and yuk due to my pale skin but ever since I've smelt Palmer coco butter I was hooked to the brand so one day I was shopping for a Palmer's moisturizer that wasnt so thick on my skin and i came across this, once I used it for the first time it wasn't oily or thick like the other moisterizer I used, from that day one I haven't changed it. It's the best moisterizing gradual fake tanner I've ever came across, so instead of using a normal moisterizer before my spray tan ritual I use the one. It's perfect and they best part it's not that hard to get of, so you don't have to go through hours of that painful hard scrubbing to get it off. It's brilliant I'm glad I brought it. It's got my 100% approval.
Getting the moister back into my dry skin and having a natural looking fake tan

can I put it on at night and go to bed without it staining my bed sheets?Personally let it dry before you jump in bed I find that wearing stocking helps a lot

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Body Lotion...Gradual Tanning Moisturizer

I bought this product this morning...smells like cadbury's chocolate yummy!!!....goes on easily using circular movements...i used approximately the size of a 20 cent piece,meaning 20 cent size for lower leg and feet, 20 cent size for thigh,same for each arm ...waited 30 minutes as i always do with fake tan...gives it a really good time to dry properly....the colour started to develop within the hour and my skin feels sooo soft.I have fair skin with blonde hair and the shade is gorgeous...looks like iv'e been in Queensland...There are no streaks,skin smells like fudge chocolate lol...I will apply again daily after each shower to keep the colour beautiful...i would think dark haired girls may need 2 - 3 applications with 3-4 hours in between each application to allow the colour to develop properly...i love it...Happy New Year everyone stay safe...:)
Chocolate smell.doesn't streak,beautiful colour,it's just easy...:)


I'm someone with incredibly pale skin and I had tried the other Palmers Cocoa Butter Self Tanner which gave me an excellent colour and coverage but the smell was completely overpowering and soaked into all my bedding & even through my pillow case & onto my pillow.

So I saw this product and tried it in the hope that I'd get a similar result without the hideous smell. Well the smell wasn't nearly as bad... But the coverage wasn't nearly as good. The coverage on my legs was weak and blotchy and very blotchy on my arms as well.

I would only recommend this product as a product to maintain another fake tans. On its own it's underwhelming at best.
The smell.
Bad coverage, weak colour.

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After sprayed !! How long must i wait before i can take a bath?
No answers

How do you apply it on the back of your hands without making them patchy between fingers?
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Apply some moisturizer first, in-between the fingers then apply the lotionthank youuu

Can you use this on your face too?
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I used it on my face, it was a smooth result

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