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Panasonic DMR-BWT955GL

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Bells & whistles

Looks pretty, does what it does within it's capabilities.
Has an on/off switch.
Records programmes.
Tells the time & connects to the Internet.
I like the dvd tray, it goes in and out at command.
You can watch stuff anytime you like.

Perfection and can use ext drives to expand teh storage

Been using Panasonic recorders since 2003. The first was the DMR-E30 with no internal hard drive then the EH60, EH55, EX75, the 720 BD twin tuner and now this one with 3 tuners to record 3 channels at eh same time.

Must go into setup, basic and set the chapter points to off which I strongly advise. That way one can edit out ads and create your own chapter points or set it to auto or a chapter point every 5 mins.

The USB option you'll need to go into usb management to set the drive up to move any video from the internal hard drive of the recorder to the ext drive. I strongly recommend WD USB3 2TB Element drives which are about the only ext USB3 that connect 100% of the time to the PC or anything else.

This recorder will play MP4, MKV, AVI's etc....

Many I know in the DVD authoring world and blu ray authoring will use these panny recorders for editing as they are that powerful.

This model will up convert to 4K and with all panny recorders they do clean up the recording image quite a bit.
Anyway done a far more in depth review on my own facebook page along with my own tech stuff facebook page which has millions of people that follow my postings. I won't post that here.

One flaw is that he tray for DVD/Blu Ray is very flimsy and wouldn't take much to break. In the early years of these they were made in Japan with a steel tray. Then they moved to China and plastic trays which were ok but this latest one has the weakest tray of a recording unit I have ever seen. The unit can record key words so type in cricket and any program with cricket in it will be recorded. It will do series recordings to. The 2TB internal drive is great and one can expand to USB ext drives where it moves anything recorded on the internal drive to the ext drive. I connected it up to the PC to see if it could see it in Windows and it couldn't. Being in IT I have some ideas to get that to be seen in Windows 7 or higher and currently looking into that. Recording Foxtel off the T-Box is slightly better than the previous dual tuner BD panny recorder I had. I have both of these set up on the one tv set and can set the remote to a different channel so if I press record on one they don't bother record the same channel. So if effect have 5 tuners recording on the one tv set. To have two or more recorders on the one aerial cable you'll need loop back cables. The main TV set I have another one of these treble panny recorders. Foxtel T-Box unit I use the RCA(Composite(Yellow/red/white)) cables to connect from the Foxtel box to the panny recorder video in for AV(RCA) and then switch to AV channel via the remote so that I can record foxtel. One thing I've noted with the new model is it no longer allows you to change the thumbnail of the image of the recording which is a pain. Will have to get used to that feature missing. Might dump the video across to the old recorder and alter it there.For those that have the older model Panasonic recorders and move up to the latest model you can use your older Panny remote controllers which is something I do quite a bit. I mainly use my EX75 remote controller on the last two Panny recorders as the layout is far easier to see how to do things with. The latest ones have the better program guide for the week and can set the recorder to record on certain words so if you like cricket anything with the word cricket will be recorded.

This is really impressive

I bought this PVR a few days ago (13th December 2015). Wow .. this is impressive.

By the way, I also own another Panasonic PVR (DMR-BWT720GL purchased in October 2012 which is still going strong and is also an excellent PVR). I also once owned an LG PVR (and you can read my review of that dismal product which thankfully died many years ago).

For this review, I'm going to compare this new Panasonic (DMR-BWT955GL) against the 3 year old Panasonic (DMR-BWT720GL).

Things that are better:
1) Triple tuner. If you think this is only for TV addicts to record 3 separate shows at once, think again. If you're like me and program the PVR to start recording a bit earlier and finish 10-15 minutes later, you'll need extra tuners to cover the overlap where one show starts and another ends.

2) Keyword Recording. It's so easy now to set up the PVR to record all the shows I want. For example, set keyword = "Attenborough" and all of David Attenborough's documentaries will now be automatically recorded. I no longer need to actually go through the TV guide myself to find them. I've gone a bit crazy with this feature and have set up lots of keywords .. thankfully it has a triple tuner.

3) Even more features and sub-menus for adjusting and controlling just about everything. Too many to list here. There are also new buttons for conveniently navigating directly to Internet and Netflix.

Some good features that are the same:
1) Ergonomic .. easy to use, and nice big, clear letters and logical menus on the screen. Easy to find things.
2) Fast start up and generally snappy performance
3) Powerful remote. In fact, due to the peculiarities of my room, there isn't direct line-of-sight between the remote and the PVR. In fact, it has to bounce off 2 walls, and it still works .. amazing.
4) One button press to skip forward a minute .. great for speeding past the ads, and another button for skipping back 10 seconds. Both these button conveniently at the bottom-right of the remote. I use these all the time.
5) DLNA server. I can watch the PVR from any TV in the house. It doesn't need to be just the TV that's physically connected to the PVR.
6) Back-to-previously-watched-channel button. Great when you're flicking to another channel during the ads and want to return quickly.

One thing that isn't as good:
1) Turning ON/OFF subtitles. In the older Panasonic, it was just one button -- Press for ON, press again for OFF -- nice and simple. But with the new Panasonic, pressing the button now takes you to a menu from which you must press other buttons to choose "Yes" and then "OK" to turn on. And you have to go through this lengthy process again to turn them off. Definitely not as convenient.

It's only been a few days but I am really impressed with this PVR and if it's anything like the older Panasonic, I should (touch wood) still be happy with it for many years to come.

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Questions & Answers

1. Can the 8 number of USB hard drives be exceeded? 2. If my BWT955 failsin future , what replacement unit can enable me to play the 8 units.
No answers

How can I extend recording time on a DMR-BWT955 to get end of program
3 answers
Hi Val. You can extend the time of recording by using your up arrow when you move across to the end time using the right arrow. Hope this makes sense. When recording, I choose the program from the tv guide and when the details appear on the screen, I tab across to the end time using the right arrow on my remote and then use the up arrow on my remote to extend the time of the recording.Many thanks for your help Lou. I was looking for something in 'Settings'. ValHi Lou, Have sorted this out myself. Go into Set Up - Select Basic Settings: HDD: Settings for Recording: adjust Buffer times as desired. Val

I have a newly purchased DMR-BWT955 and recently transferred AVCHD video files from an SD card to the HDD then attempted to write them to a Toshiba USB 3.0 HDD which had been registered on the the machine but it wont do it and comes back with the message, "title that cant be copied to USB HDD is selected". Can you please shed some light on why this would occur and what the solution is. Thanks. Regards Barry Lamont
4 answers
how to series record on DMR-BWT955Hi Barry, could you please confirm the Toshiba USB HDD has an external power source? This is required for being able to use the HDD on the recorder.No the HDD has a USB connection only


Panasonic DMR-BWT955GL
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