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Panasonic DMR-HWT260GN

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How do you switch volume on recorder
1 answer
read the instruction book...

does it have the STAN app
2 answers
Hi Matthew, no this product does not have the Stan App.I don't know... check with customer service

when program is recorded good picture but at first no sound what am I doing wrong
2 answers
I am not a technician! call their help centerHi Molly, please contact our customer service team on 132600 for further assistance as we will need to try some troubleshooting steps with you.

My DMR-HWT260 says it’s connected to the internet but it’s not, how do I rectify this problem ? Stan.
2 answers
Hi Stan, sorry I can't answer that, but have you disconnected everything, waited a few minutes and reconnect? Do you have other devises that are connected to the internet? Contact your service provider for help :-)Hi Stan, please contact our customer service team on 132600 for further assistance on this matter.

My Panasonic DMR-HWT260 PVR IS THE same scrap as my last blue recorder, when watching tv programs I get interference and lose tv channels. Yet when I watch my other tv I don't have a problem, it is only when watching tv programs through the blue ray per. Can some please help me. Tony.
1 answer
Hi Tony, please contact our customer service team on 132600 for further assistance.

I'm currently using an old (2010) DMR-XW480, which has never been able to get 7Flix, and since the update to SBS channels this month, I can no longer get Viceland or SBS World Movies. Upon researching the channel coverage of this device, it seems to be the same - am I guaranteed to get these channels on this device? NB: It's not a problem with my aerial, as my TV is able to get these channels.
2 answers
Hi Out of Pocket. Unfortunately your current recorder is not capable of displaying MPEG4 broadcast channels. The new recorder you mention is capable of receiving these new channels.Thank you Panasonic!

Hi,when I've set up a timer record for a program, we can't continue watching TV once the program being recorded starts. Also, i can't seem to stop a recording once in progress. Have been through the manual but, i can't make any sense of it. Any assistance welcome, thanks.
3 answers
Hi, this only happens to me when 2 recordings are going on. And no you can’t stop a recording midwayOK, good to know - if not a little frustrating! Thanks.Hi; can continue watching tv with two recordings but only on stations linked to those you are recording from ie record SBS1 ABC1, can watch SBS viceland or nitv; ABC 24 news channel, comedy etc. But not 7 or 9 etc. re stopping - its possible - AND CONFUSING! I have trouble remembering the process; is it selecting on screen guide, highlght program, press blue square ??? I'll try later; and hope to reply. You have made me realise I should be organised, figure it out and write it down, on cover of manual !!

when i turn my tv on with the hdd re order dmr-hwt260 installed all i get is a blank screen not the traditional last channel on when it was turned off. i literally have go to the guide on the reorder and pick a channel how can i change it back
3 answers
no idea; sorry I can't help; perhaps somewhere in settings there is an option to select ?? regards GHave the same problems Angela, also having some difficulty following the manual. The initial set up was easy to follow. I have not found the way to go back to the TV after a recording is going. I hope someone from Panasonic can help me here.... Does the DMR-HWT260 record two channels at the same time?Hi Nat and Kiwi842, as we advised on another page question to Nat, we would need to understand the connection of the PVR and TV. So we can assist you further, please contact our customer service team on 132500 who will assist you further. Yes this PVR does record two channels at the same time.

I have a Panasonic DMR-HWT260 PVR connected to a Panasonic Viera 49ES500 Smart TV. Both are approximately 18 months old. All has been well until recently. The tuner now turns itself off after 15 seconds or so. We are not able to record or view recorded programs. We are watching the tv on its own, without devices. What is the problem?
1 answer
perhaps you need to update - fiddly if your tv is not connected to internet! have to download the update to a usb, then put that in to pvr; personally I find this sooo frustrating, as I dont have a teenager to help me !!

Comes up saying remote 1 and won't change channels
2 answers
Hi Kelly, have you tried to change the batteries in the remote control?sounds dodgy; perhaps take it back ?

Why when a prerecorded program starts does it replace a tv program being watched on screen. Cannot exit. Malcolm
1 answer
Hi Malcolm, sorry but we are unsure what you mean. Could you please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will assist you further.

Missed the option of Aus or NZ setup. Need to go back to the start!
3 answers
there is not actually a question stated. if you mean do I have to go back to start, -- I dont know, but it seems logical I guess ; good luck.Hi Thanks gerry. Should have read "How do I go back to the start?" but now all sorted. Rather complicated hand book to follow. Doesn't recognize our Veon TV so when playing recorded programs unbalanced aspect ratio causes horizontal bars top and bottom as per P 56. No directions as to how to change Pan and Scam or Letterbox. Anyone any ideas?Hi Neville, are we right to assume given your Veon TV you are in NZ? It would be best to contact Panasonic New Zealand directly as they will be able to assist you with setting up your recorder with your Veon TV. https://www.panasonic.co.nz/contact-us

my DMR HWT 260 does not recognise channel 10 group
1 answer
sorry, mine does; no suggestions for you; good luck !

My DMR-PWT560 has started to turn itself off then on again after 5 - 10 seconds. Just goes black. Very annoying. It may do it several times then is ok for the night Any suggestions please?
1 answer
no idea, (your model number is not same as stated at top) good luck!

I tried to record 2 tv programmes both on different channels to each other 5 & 9 and wanted to watch a different channel 7 , it wouldn’t let me and said select Chanel cannot be watched as there is 2 recordings happening .. I thought this is what i was supposed to Be able to do hence the twin tuner? Can you help me please
3 answers
cant do this; same with other pvr's; you can watch within those two channels choices, but not a third, ie -- all abc and sbs, but not nine or seven; you can watch a prerecorded prgram while recording two shows; I manage this conflict by checking for the repeat of a show, and therefore juggling my selections/times etc to record all I want !Thankyou Gerry . Good tip about repeat show .i can stop pulling my hair out nowglad to be able to help- my IT skills are pretty ordinary in general !

How to go back to watching a recorded programme from where you left off. What method to continue to watch after several hours. I would be thankful for any help, I am a novice at this. Thanks. Clementine
3 answers
it just starts at that point (or should); I'm also a novice with tech stuff ! there is a little 10 sec rewind button on remote, which I use, this rewinds 10 sec which means it's easy to pick p the thread of storyline. good luck ! my previous pvr did this automatically, it was very handy !oops; forgot to say, just select program from list - as you did when starting at beginning.Thank you for your help, I did figure it out.

Can it record daily tv shows. Does it connect to my wifi dongle cordless
2 answers
daily tv show; you mean without programming it each day ? yes; its somewhere in the manual; I have done it, but cant remember exactly how ! wifi dongle - no idea; sorry. I dont think much of this machine - less logical than my cheaper topfield - which no longer works properly - only because company went bust, so no updates available, very very annoying !Yes does any of the shows - can record 2 channels at one time while you watch tv. I have mine set through wifi (modem) not sure if it works with dongle check in the settings & try it - could also try ringing Panasonic they will help

If I record a video file in mov will this unit play it via a USB stick? What video files does it support? Thanks
No answers

Can anyone tell me why I can only series record on a select number of channels? I’ve retuned and retuned but still only get the option to series record programs on certain channels. It’s driving me insane having to remember to add daily recordings because it wont let me add the series.
1 answer
no idea ! I've only owned machine for a week - find it does less than the cheap Topfield i cant use because it is no longer supported . overall - I'm not at all impressed with this, having paid $150 for the topfield and now $350 for this ! have just spent 37 mins with customer support struggling to understand things that are not included in the manual etc

My recorder records but when played back the sound quality is very poor. The voices keep fading in and out. Can you tell me how to fix this problem. Noel
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