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Hi, can I copy from my dmr-pwt560 to a disc. Recorded some free to air shows that I want to share. Please tell me the process if it's possible to do. Thanks Kath
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Hi Wazza, sorry this unit is a PVR, you are not able to record onto a disc.

I have a DMR-PWT560GN .. I can't record anything, as it is saying that it is full.. and I try to access the recorded programs, as I usually edit the advertisements out, but it isn't showing any programs, but is still saying that it is full and can't record
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Hi Sally, please contact our customer service team on 132600 for further assistance.

How do I get the DVD to go back to the tv channels it is stuck on radio channels and I can't record because of it.
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Hi Pam, we would suggest performing a factory reset and returning in your channels.

I have a DMR-PWT560. Whenever I try to access the internet function I get a message saying the network is under maintenance. I can access Netflix with no problems so my connection is good, other unrelated machines have full internet access but this doesn't.
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Hi Mal, please contact our customer service team on 132600 for further assistance.Hi Mal - Unfortunately I'm unable to help you as I don't use my recorder for much more than watching DVD's and recording television programs. I would do as Panasonic has suggested and contact their customer service team. I hope they can resolve the issue for you.

Recently upgraded to the Panasonic DMR-PWT560 everything worked from the start but recently had an issue whereby I could not access the internet or Netflix option. I kept getting a message asking to check the network connection. Which I did and could see no issues when I ran the test, as it advised that I was connected via the wireless router. I turned the player off for a few minutes and when I turned it back on I was then able to access Netflix but still not the Internet. Any suggestions on how to correct this, greatly appreciated.
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Hi CJB, please contact our customer service team on 132600 and we will walk you thru some options over the phone.

I cant change the volume with either the TV or HDD recorder nothing happens when i use the buttons on either remote. Anyone have any ideas?
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Hi Annie, please contact our customer service team on 132600 so we can try some troubleshooting with you.

We have a new Panasonic DMR-PWT560 connected via HDMI to a new Sony television. I have recorded some free-to-air programs and havent noticed any problems. Tonight, my PVR was set to record one program and i was watching the output being sent to my television but the picture and sound kept dropping out. I ran the output to various HDMI inputs on the television but no improvement. It would drop out for about 2 seconds (no sound, no picture). These dropouts would happen approx every 30 seconds. Watching the program via television tuner was fine. I suspect the PVR ouput to the HDMI port is faulting. The PVR is 1 month old and has been fine until now. Rather annoying. Any ideas?
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Hi Andrew, we would suggest starting with a factory reset. If you still experience the same issue, please contact us on 132600 for further assistance.

Hi I have a Panasonic DMR-PWT560 Blu-Ray Disc Player/HDD Recorder. I have it connected to a LG SD LCD TV (Not Smart TV). When I record tv shows and play them back the show periodically goes blank for approx 5 seconds or so and then re plays. Sometimes this happens constantly and makes it difficult to watch. We have taken back to the store and their tech tested and could find nothing wrong. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing this?
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Hi S_T_Hall, please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will assist you further to try some options.Hi What are the hours for this number? Is it available on weekends? I work most days during business hours. I did actually send an email via the contact form on the website but I haven’t had a reply yet.Hi, we are open from 8.30am to 6pm AEST. It maybe difficult to reply to your complete query in writing, but if you emailed our team over the weekend they should be responding to you today or tomorrow (as you can imagine emails are at the largest volume on a weekend and we aim to get back as quickly as we can).

In the last week or so the shows that I have lined up haven’t been recording. Some have but most haven’t. Can anyone help or explain what’s going on?
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This is really strange, because my device started doing this in the last week as well. The red recording indicator light blinks rather than emitting s steady light and when I try to view the programme via the video format, the station being recorded gives a 'no signal' message until the recording time is finished and the programme does not record. I bought my device in 2016 and had no issues until this past week.Hi Becandsean and Mooggoog, we don't have any record of these issues occurring on our devices, are you able to confirm it this is still occurring?Hi I was having the exact same issue last week

what is the difference between a dmr-pwt560 and a dmr-pwt560gn?
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No idea. I would search the Panasonic website for further information. Good luckmachine now displays the word video instead of av on front panel which will not let me access any of the machines functions. how do i switch it back

Our DMR-PWT560 has just stopped recording all the programs we set up. This started a couple of days ago. Everything looks OK when it is set up but the recording may or may not happen.
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Sorry Ken I don’t know the answer as we have not had that happen to us. Have you tried Panasonic’s support? I found them prompt in answering any enquiries.I haven't been in touch with Panasonic yet. I thought I would see what other people's experience might have been. Thanks for replying.Hi just wondering if you have resolved this issue and how you did it? My recorder has started to do what your complaining about so I’d love some advice on what you did

My panasonic dmr-pwt560 has stopped playing blu rays since yesterday. It has played them previously and still plays dvds. When I put a blu ray in it goes through the motions of reading and then flicks back to the tv.
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Hi Terry, I have not had that experience with the player. May I suggest a dirty disc or a faulty copy. Good luck

I have a DMR XW 440. It is 1 year old. Most stations are static when the recorder is used both for watching and recording. If I turn the recorder off, all stations are perfect. What should I do
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Hi Jenny, sorry to say I can’t help you as you have a different model DVD.

Please can someone explain the difference between a 460 and the 560 ? the price is the same :( Sales reps don't know either:(
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Want to copy a recorded program onto USB stick but only option that is available when I go through the process is to copy to a USB HDD. What's going on?
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Hi Tezza, could you please confirm you have followed the registration details on page 56 of the user manual and then followed the instructions on page 57?If you read the question, I wish to copy onto a USB stick, not a USB HDD.

My panasonic is possessed! It is recording programs on two channels at the same time that I am sure i didn't ask it to. I watch another channel and because its recording two programs on the same channel it goes to one of the channels being recorded! I can't delete these recordings as they don't appear anywhere on the list. Seems to like kids cartoons around 4 00 o'clock some days. What the heck is going on?
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I have a DMR-PWT560 and it has been working perfectly until yesterday. Now if I am recording a program all other channels display "no signal". Have I done something stupid and pressed a button I shouldn't have? I often want to watch one program and record another channel and now it seems impossible, Please help me!
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Mine has never done that. I would suggest you ring Panasonic ASAP to sort this out. Your unit may have a fault or there may be a cable loose. My experience with Panasonic support over the phone has been brilliant overall. They are a good company at the top of their game in Australia, no need to worry.Hi Judi, please contact our customer service team on 132600 and we will assist you over the phone with some options.

I have the panasonic dmr-pwt560 and it will not play bluray dvds. It will play normal dvds, but when we put in a bluray, it goes straight back to normal tv. Why????
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No idea, that is really bizarre. I would ring Panasonic, they are great to deal with over the phone. My unit plays blu-rays superbly.Hi Lynn, please contact our customer service team on 132600 and we will try some options over the phone with you.

I am finding some 1 hr programs only record for 15 mins even though l extend the record time. Occasionally programs do not record at all when timer is set. These are single recordings. I have only had the recorder for less than 2 months. Most of the time it records. Im wondering if lm doing something wrong?
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Hi Sharon, there are a few steps we need to understand in relation to how you are setting up the recordings. Please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will assist you over the phone with some options to try.

When recording two programs consecutive on the same channel the last stop recording and appears via Prog/Check button showing that it has recorded. It shows a square with a Red Cross in the space .What is happening here?
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Please contact Panasonic Service Department. You will find them under White Pages. On line.Hi Murray, please contact Panasonic on 132600.

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