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Panasonic TH-55FX600A (55")

Panasonic TH-55FX600A (55")

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Need help

Hi Guys
Just want to know that whether it has any magic remote or any other function !! beacuse its very hard to type with a remote and takes a lot of time!!!
Thanks in advance

Purchased in May 2019 at JB Hi-Fi for $995.00.

Build Quality
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Picture Quality
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Hi G Singh, thank you for your review. You can connect an external keyboard, however you should note page 248 of the manual which talks about different characters that may not work on the TV. The e-user manual can be accessed via our website. https://www.panasonic.com/au/consumer/televisions/premium-ultra-hd-tvs/th-65fx800a.html

Freeview does not work in rural NSW

I purchased this tv so that I could get freeview tv. I no longer wanted to hook my laptop to the tv to watch 7, 9 and 10 catchup (as I am a shift worker and I cannot watch tv when I'm at work). My husband and I read the descriptions of the TV and it clearly stated that you can get freeview with all the free to air chanels and catchups. It was a good price (on special at the time) so we went to our local electrical store and they too believed you could get freeview catchups. We purchased the tv and we could not get freeview for 7, 9 & 10 but you can get sbs and abc.
We contacted Panasonic and they too told us you should be able to get freeview and asked us for our postcode. That is when we were told that it is not available in our area. If they would have had that in the description there is no way we would have bought it. We have had to return to using the laptop to watch catch up.
We tried to use the browser from the apps of the television and it did not work. It was constantly buffing the show. We have fast internet at our location but it doesn't work with viewing shows through the browser on the television. When speaking with the lady from panasonic, she advised that it's the postcode that's the problem.
When watching netflix we have to have the volume upto 75 before we can hear it.
We returned to the store we purchased the tv and noted that there are other tvs which allow you to get catchup applications for 7, 9 and 10. Not Panasonic. I asked for a refund due to false advertising and I cannot get a refund as the tv works it just doesn't provide what I bought it for.
I wish I could get a refund.

Purchased in January 2019 for $1,140.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Picture Quality
Sound Quality

Great TV, but........ could've been better

the 55" measured diagonally across the screen surface is bigger than my old 12yo Plasma but exceptionally lighter (thumbs up) makes you wonder whether it will last as long...…... I particularly wanted a new tv to get Netflix, and the ability to hook it up to my HDD Dual Tuner VCR was paramount.... older tvs with only one HDMI outlet can be such a PITA.

So....... removing from the box, connecting the legs was the hardest part ;) ..... hooking the associated cabling was easy and the initial set-up onscreen was as simple as,...... actually pairing it to the NBN modem was the niggly bit, its all done automatically for you as one option but.... the two components just didnt want to play ball so it required me to manually input the modem security code, and away we went, all good.

The onscreen menu is complex enough to keep most geeks happy, LoL, it certainly is comprehensive.. and for the 'plug and play' layman its simple and straightforward to use without getting in over one's head.

After the Plasma, I had to get used to the 'Adaptive Backlighting' by Panasonic, but all good after my initial shock while it sorted itself out... the only glitch so far that really irks me is the onscreen program guide... I absolutely hate it.
On the Panasonic Dual Tuner VCR I have virtually the same OPG, it also has the option to use it in two formats... Portrait or Landscape (portrait- the channels across the top of page and you merely scroll down for the different shows and the screentimes, Landscape- the channels are listed down the page, and programs are listed on that line across the page with times set in blocks.... with various channels and their errant timekeeping, this means you have a staggered mess of programs on the page)
My new Super Duper Television has the EPG in this same format, Landscape, :( .... with no option to change it. They dropped the ball with this one thing in my opinion, I am not the only one that will/ does hate this version... and I would've bought another brand just on this one sticking point if I knew.... shame Panasonic, shame.

Hi Chris, thank you for taking the time to provided detailed feedback on your new TV and the option you would like to see on a product moving forward with the EPG.surely a simple software update would do the trick...…….. quite happy to receive it clipped out of the Panasonic HDD dual tuner program

Questionable quality

I purchased this tv late November 2018. Have to say I'm not happy with picture quality, very poor and does not have the crisp clear images I was led to believe despite trying every format.colour varies quite a lot Waiting for a response from customer service. Should have kept the old tv.

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Hi ScapLady, thank you for taking the time to provide the feedback, please send us a private message if you require further assistance.

Far from perfect as a first smart TV

If you want to watch freeview, you can - as long as you only want to watch non-commercials (ABC & SBS). Maybe it is different in the major cities? Commercial Freeview is not available in Batemans Bay, out of the box. So I will need to purchase a wireless keyboard & mouse so that my mother can use the browser to watch 9Now TenPlay & 7Plus. Hey Panasonic, it is 2018 (nearly 2019). Get the Apps available and make the OS faster to navigate.
We were talked out of the Sony by the sales rep due to "lock up" issues with Ch7 in the Bay. Think I would have been better off with the Sony.
To answer the other questions: It is NOT Bluetooth enabled (c'mon, its 2018). It has 4 HDMI ports (great, most will only use 2). Is a good picture, but I will not be here for long enough to test all conditions.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
Hi Steve, thank you for the feedback you have provided on your mums new TV. Sorry to hear that the device doesn't satisfy all of the requirements you require.Thank you Panasonic. Perhaps you can advise when the apps that are available on many other brands of TV such as 7Plus, 10Play, 9Now & Stan will be available?

Nothing to complain about. Great sound and great picture.

I bought this 55FX600 today, after a lightning surge destroyed my Panasonic 3D TV (and two DMR-BWT955GL) 2 days ago.

Yes, great sound and great picture, but note:

Sound: First up the sound was not that convincing, but I played with the settings: Maxed the bass and switched on Cinema surround. It's good now.

Picture: Seems to be the same with all new TVs: A totally unconvincing picture in standard mode.
In fact I have to wonder, if the standard mode is available for the sole purpose of crating a low energy consumption measurement, while it is industry-wide accepted that the picture quality of the standard mode is as bad as it gets and a way of time-travelling back to the days of the very first colour-TVs replacing black & white....
The dynamic mode provides a very good picture - admittedly not as good as the Panasonic TH-55FZ950U with OLED technology, but that TV costs double AND consumes more than double the electricity (measured: It fluctuates intensely between 120 and 300W, averaging around 200W.
This 55FX600 here however consumes only 106W measured in DYNAMIC MODE (and in unusable standard mode 51W). It has 3 more modes, all just below 106W, but none as good as dynamic mode.
Thus, thinking about the higher price of the 55FZ950U, and most of all the higher consumption, the picture of the 55FX600 looks very good to me.
I am aware that there is also a 55FX800 model, which costs a lot more - however, in the shop I could not spot a difference in the picture quality, and I learned from the sales-person that it will be quite unlikely, if I see a difference when watching free-to-air TV, which I do.
Back to the consumption: The sticker on the 55FX600A says: 363kW/year.
Conversion of this figure into something useful:
363000 / 3650 (10 times the days of a year - sticker says: 10 hours per day for a year) = 99.5W.
That's not for from the 106W measured in dynamic mode.

I bought this TV for an extremely competitive $995

One more thing: Weight!: This TV is pretty lightweight, considering. I had no issue lifting it up on a ladder to it's mounting position on the wall 2.7m high (upper end of the TV). I had a little bit of an itch considering the 65FX600A as well (same TV in 65 inch), but I tried in the shop: The weight is massive - there is no way I could have lifted that one up onto the wall.

PS: This is a Smart TV. I could well do without any smart feature on any TV and would appreciate TVs in the future , which are not smart, but cheaper instead - but that's probably just me...

Cheers, Peter

Date PurchasedDec 2018
Hi Peter, thank you for your review on the LCD and the OLD TV's, we are pleased to hear that you have been able to replace your Panasonic products with more Panasonic products and have taken the time to understand the differences between the OLED and the LCDAfter using the 55FX600A now for some time, I have to recommend to Panasonic a product-improvement: While they managed to make something magical with the sound, it has not been perfected: There are distortions! Turning the volume up to max (which is actually not that loud), is not possible, because this leads to permanent distortions of sound. But even with volume at mid-level or slightly higher there are distortions of sound whenever the soundtrack gets slightly louder. Just tune in to "The Chase": The music in the background always leads to distortions... My hunch is, that it is the speaker itself, which need improving. Cheers, Peter

Perfect first smart TV

Operating system and Apps reasondly easy to use.Built- in Operating Instructions very easy to understand and use operating system easy to use.Built in controls work very well howeverin built bluetooth for headphones is sorely missed.Unit has enough ports,As a domestic consumer I don't think I will need more tha 4 HDMI

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Hi Ant, thank you for taking the time to provide valuable feedback, we appreciate it.

Terrible Distortion on Picture

5 weeks ago purchased this new 2018 model TV. From day one the picture was extremely poor on it ranging from multiple dark patches with any scene/device menu with a light or single colour, vertical grey bars running down the screen, any scenes involving fast motion (walking, running, sports) there are vertical white ghosting vertical lines through the picture. The colour is also not natural. Skin tones are often yellow and a green tinge on dark/night scenes to name a few. Have spent the past 5 weeks trying to sort out the colour and still can't get it right not even with the factory reset and trying the various colour settings.
Contacted the store purchased from regards the distortion not long after it as purchased and they contacted Panasonic as they agreed after looking at evidence photos that this TV has a very poor picture quality and it is not normal. I have also contacted Panasonic directly with my complaints only to be brushed off.
Panasonic has had a very slow response rate and in general the worst customer service I have experienced. They have concluded that all the distortion on my unit is an "acceptable backlight uniformity". So by their standards it is OK to watch TV with lines, patches, bars, ghosting and unnatural colour. Generally this the TV picture is quite unwatchable most of the time as the distortion distracts from viewing and has been a complete waste of money. I have had analog TV's that have had a better picture than this unit.
My family and I have been loyal Panasonic consumers for over 25 years and would not have looked twice at other brands on the market, hence went with Panasonic again this time when going to purchase a new TV and most electrical appliances in the home are Panasonic and we have found their products fantastic and last for years in the past (my last TV was a Panasonic Plasma and lasted 11 years until it died recently).
After this experience with them my family and I will never buy another product from Panasonic again as they expect consumers to put up with products that produce a terrible picture quality after paying good money for them and say it is an acceptable picture and won't repair or offer us a refund/return and have also stated they will not assist any further. A very disappointing and nightmare of an experience.

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Questions & Answers

We bought 55 inch gx600 last week. The picture is great but the sound has issues where background music drowns out voices. Is there something in the settings to fix this.
1 answer
Hi Kes, could you please send us a private message with your contact details so we can understand this in further detail, such as if you were watching free to air TV, it is particular shows this happens with or is it happening all of the time, did you do the standard setup when you installed the TV etc. If you could please contact us with your details we will assist further.

Brand new and have no sound. We have a HDMI cable connecting from our Set top Box and a very thin cable from a Yamaha Soundbar to the TV but cannot get any sound. The TV speakers work on the TV Self Test but do not work otherwise. Why????
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I bought panasonic TH 43FX600D.Sound quality is very bad

I cannot log in to SBS on demand on my Panasonic TV bought in December After I input my email address and go to press next, the @hotmail.com repeats so I can't go to the next step?
1 answer
that is, there is no "next" option to press


Panasonic TH-55FX600A (55")
Category4K Ultra HD TVs
Price (RRP) $1,549
Screen Size 55"
Screen TypeLED/LCD
Type of TVSmart TV
Wireless OptionsWi-Fi
Refresh Rate 50/60Hz
Number of HDMI Ports3
Number of USB Ports2
Wall MountableYes
Dimensions (without stand) 722 x 1240 x 78 mm
Dimensions (with stand) 779 x 1240 x 242 mm
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)
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