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Panasonic SC-MAX9000

Panasonic SC-MAX9000

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This stereo really pumps...

This stereo has unbelievable bass, volume and lighting effects! The lighting effects on the main unit are simply dazzling, I have never seen anything like it. The speakers also light up. The lighting can be adjusted to your preferences, it has many options and color selections. Although it is a mini system the bass volume is enough to bring pictures down from walls and move items off benches! Super crystal clear sound. Although this system boasts of its bass abilities it can easily be adjusted for maximum treble too if you prefer. It has sound effects and equalisers that can be custom tweaked. It is also super easy to use! The speakers weigh approximately a massive 40kg each so each one is rather heavy! Despite being labeled a “mini” system it does require a little bit of space to put in your home. It is able to record onto a USB stick, or through its own internal memory. It also can play music off USB sticks or CD. It is also Bluetooth enabled so your devices or bluetooth tv can work through it which is also a big bonus. The DJ sound effects are interesting and can give various modern sounds to older types of music for different sound twists. The FM tuner has reasonable reception qualities when using it with a standard outdoor antenna, and can pick up stations from a considerable distance away when other tuners fail to. It has reasonable separation between close stations keeping splatter at a minimum. It has a karaoke feature if you are into that type of thing. Excellent party unit! The only downside was that the cover of the main unit I received was not clipped together properly leaving a small gap, I fixed this by placing a little clear tape over it so dust could not enter. Still this does not hamper its superior sound qualities. Also when programming stations into the memory can take a little practice to avoid deleting stations, as it works a little differently to most other units. I am very happy with this hifi and would definitely recommend it!

No where good as it should be!

I bought this after reading reviews online and on the Panasonic website and thought i would treat my self to something nice. I read that it does not have the best Treble as its not actually got a proper tweeter but i was willing to deal with this no issues.

So i opened up my new stereo, which came in 2 huge boxes as this is a GIANT unit (Speakers weight about 40kg each) set it all up as it has particular plugs for each speaker so you really can get it wrong. Powered it up and was amazed by the light effects, put a CD in, and was blown away but the flat, hollow, lifeless sound that it produced! I mean, yeah the unit is loud as hell, don't get me wrong, but when your Logitech 2.1 computer speakers put out better sound quality then this, there is something wrong! I tried Bluetooth on my iPhone and this didn't help. I played with all the settings and nothing, I plugged it into my PC and thanks to the Beats audio software i have been able to get the audio sounding some what better but its still quite sad!

I called up Panasonic about this and questions the overseas call center and they basically said it was not there problem and that i should take it back to where i bought it. This sound system is so big that i cant fit even one speaker in the boot of my car and i refuse to put it in a trailer where they can say i caused damage to the system.

This unit is only 3 months old and so far i use my old Logitech more cause it sounds so much better. Even my old Panasonic SA-PM03 with some larger speaker puts out better sound. Honestly dont do it to your self. Get a second hand Muteki sound system!

Date PurchasedOct 2017

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is this stereo for sale?
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Is mine? Hell no, I got a full refund after having so many issues with sound quality ect. I would recomend going with the Sony shake or LG modelsHi Stewardmhlengwe, yes this is a current product and still available for purchase. Full specification are available at https://www.panasonic.com/au/consumer/home-entertainment/hi-fi/sc-max9000.html

What to do if SC-MAX9000 stereo won’t turn on urgent ?
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