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Why does the rest time vary? I use the same program, ie Basic, XL loaf, medium crust every time I bake bread. It starts at 4.00 hours, but sometimes it starts mixing at 3.30 hours and at other times 3.00 hours. Why is it so?
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I have tried a couple of things. I unplug the bread mixer from the wall after every loaf; I assume that it resets itself and I use warm water instead of cold water. When I do these two things, it always starts at the 3.30 hours.

I've just purchased a Panasonic SD-2501 breadmaker. I am used to removing the paddle and shaping the loaf before the final rise on my old Breville. I notice that the SD-2501 manual says that the breadmaker will operate for a short time during the rise period. I can see that my loaf has moved around during the rise so I assume further kneading is taking place. Are there two rise periods during the rise function or just one? I've seen it suggested on this list to take the paddle out after the rise and before the bake. I'm not happy about that as the bread may deflate if there is no further rising. The machine is too quiet to hear what is happening without standing beside it for 5 hours :-) Does anyone know the answer about removing the paddle?
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Do not take the paddle out. Depending on the cycle chosen, it can rise then mix (a bit) then continue rising. The paddle comes away really easily when turning out your bread (stays on the spindle) so there is no harm in leaving it on, and you could ruin your bread by taking it out. Easy decision really?Thanks for the response. Panasonic were not even familiar with their own manual, so that was a bit disappointing. The loaf I made wasn't much better then the Breville that I swapped it for so I got a bit deflated and didn't make any more bread. I may need to make a larger loaf. My old Breville (before the one I'm dumping) was great, every loaf was perfect. I'm hoping the Panasonic reviews can't be wrong so I will have another go.My first loaf was AMAZING, but then I started turning out house bricks. I tend to ad lib with cooking and that was part of it. Another part was I was using full cream unhomogenized milk instead of powdered milk and water (the loaves turn out better with the powder and water) and then I tried some multigrain packet mix and it was okkkk but a bit gluey. But I for some reason persisted, and after the packet mixes and noticing it mixed better with more ingredients, I stepped things up to large loaves. It just took time to get to know the machine and now it's pretty automatic. I might mix up the ingredients a bit (multigrains and seeds and nuts) but I've learned which parts of the recipes are NEEDED for moisture and binding etc. I actually hate ordinary white bread so I made one just to see how that setting went, hated it (expected) and haven't made one since. If you want some recipes and things I learned by trial and error, drop me a message on here and I'd be happy to oblige.

Hi I just used yesterday my new Panasonic bread maker used programme for basic bread and the result was great . The only problem is the beeping when the programme has finish the sound is extremely low difficult to ear it. Is there a way to adjust the sound? Thank you maria
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No. Many of us have the same issue. A lot of people have posted that they set a reminder on their phone for end time. You can also set it to END at a specific time, like 8.30pm which is easier to remember.

Hi, I love my bread maker, however, whenever I make rye bread in the machine, it seems not to rise properly. I use the proper rye paddle, follow directions but still not happy with the looks or density of the bread. I have read that rye flour does not have much gluten which can affect the rising process, so how can I overcome this to make a good loaf of rye bread? Thank you, Judy Cooke
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Flour is not evenly mixed,leaving unmixed flour in crust of bread. Have tried different flours,extra water, etc. Worked ok for first 3 months, & now have problems. Very disappointed.
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Try going up in size from medium to large or extra large. I was having trouble getting a good loaf on medium loaf ingredients and it just didn't seem able to knead and mix it well with the smaller batch.

hi on my first use of the sd2501 I selected menu 3,added nuts to the dispenser,a nice loaf came out but the nuts are still in the dispenser.????????
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Hi, any good experience with spelt flour bread? Or any other flours wheat free? Thank you
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Breadmaker has stopped working, power lights on but just not operating.
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Does the machine brown the top of the bread ? My sunbeam does not .
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Yes it doesWillyeckerslike thank youTry the french loaf cycle. Crispy crunchy crackly fabulous crust. Normal loaves will brown but French bread is crunchy.

Our breadmakers are only a year old (we have two and same problem with both) and yet when I make raisin loaf, it’s about a 50/50 chance if the fruit gets dispensed into the mix. Very frustrating! Does anybody know the time cycle that the raisins are suppose to be encorporated so that I can do it manually if needed?
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I have read somewhere that if you overfill the dispenser it jams the mechanism, try one with less fruit or what I did yesterday was when the bread was in the kneading cycle I added half of the fruit manually and the rest dropped in automatically. Worth a try?By chance I discovered this yesterday as I was lifting the lid when it happened! It was after the first vigorous kneading, the dispenser bottom dropped (and left the fruit in there) but the machine stopped kneading and just sat idle for ages after it opened. Luckily I was there and poked at the fruit to make it drop through, but now I'm going to try tossing the sultanas and currants in flour before putting in the dispenser. If doing manually, run a cycle and listen for when the first lot of kneading stops completely, and that load clack of the dispenser opening, then toss your fruit in.

Just made first loaf with new SD2501. Absolutely staggered to find there seems to be not even one user programmable menu option. Come one Panasonic- in this day of EEPROM flash microprocessors, just how hard can it be????
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Not. And to begin with I shared your frustrations. However, this machine does differing rest times and I think might also adjust for ambient temps and all kinds of "variables" and those variables cant be taken into account with a set in concrete always the same user cycle. I am now happy to let it do it's thing.

I have just used my SD-2501 for the 1st time in a little while and my bread hasn’t mixed any of the ingredients. I have been left with baked unmixed ingredients. It smells lovely in the house but isn’t quite what I was wanting!! Why has this happened?
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I want to make a seeded sour dough rye loaf in my Panasonic SD-2501 Breadmaker. What baking option should I choose and how to go about it?
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Hi, we were recently given this bread maker SD-2501 as a gift. It has been great but we are desperate to make sourdough bread. Can sourdough be make in this machine please? And if so what setting and recipe? Thanks so much!
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Yes. Use your own sourdough culture, or use the culture you can make yourself here (from Panasonic Australia) https://blogs.panasonic.com.au/consumer/simple-delicious-sourdough-bread-2/I just found another one (also by Panasonic) for baking IN the breadmaker, using Menu 10, but also uses the bread machine to warm the sourdough starter to bring it to life (rather than oven or glass jar in a warm place). It's going to depend on if you have your own sourdough starter culture, and if you choose and oven baked cob, or a breadmaker loaf. Have a look here for the baked in breadmaker version https://www.theideaskitchen.com.au/rustic-sourdough-bread-recipe/

All if the loaves j make are perfect apart from the Rye & White loaf. It always has a certain amount of flour that doesn't seem to get mixed. When it's baked you end up with some very dry flour at one end of the loaf. Any suggestions? Scrap it off and it's fine and cooked underneath it.
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What type/brand of flour are you using? I've tried a few white loaves without any problems but not rye.Hi Paul, are you following the instructions for these particular types of bread? We would suggest this is the first place to start as if other loaves are working it doesn't sound like a fault with the unit.As with all the loaves I am following the instructions. This is why I cannot understand why it doesn't work.

What's the difference between the two kneading paddles?
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The one that looks like a comb is for Rye Bread. The information (and lots more besides) is in the (well worth reading) booklet.

Hi, I have a 2501. I bought some Matthews Cotswold French flour. Can I use this to make a French loaf instead of strong white flour? There is nothing in the manual for real French flour.
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Sorry can't help you much with that. I think it has to be 'strong' flour of some kind but I haven't tried making a French loaf either. Though a quick look at the website you mentioned shows that you should be OK to use that flour. https://www.fwpmatthews.co.uk/product/french-t55-traditional-bread-flour/Hi Sandy, it is difficult for us to comment on different ingredients and what will or won't work specifically. With different products it maybe trial and error.

I have recently bought and started using a Panasonic Bread Maker SD 2511. I followed the recipe for the sourdough bread (page 18 in the manual, menu 27) but it did not rise very much at all. One issue I noticed was that the picture in the manual showed menu 27 setting the machine, with an image at the start that had the 'rise' stage underlined. My machine, however, immediately started the 'knead' function with no rest or rise period to start with. I thought that this was odd as the recipe made a song and dance about keeping salt and yeast separate as it was placed in the machine - which would make sense if there was a period of rest where they shouldn't touch (as salt kills yeast). So...my question is, have other people noticed this anomaly or malfunction in the sourdough menu setting that means it skips the rest period? Or does my machine have a problem?
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Sorry, just editing - I wrote this up in a hurry and realise that I made an error reporting my steps - I was following the recipe on page 19 (not 18) with the menu setting on 10 for rustic sourdough. As I said above, my machine went straight to 'knead' with no rest period. I suspect this is an error (why keep salt and yeast separate if it is going to mix everything with the sourdough starter anyway?) I certainly ended up with a very hard dense loaf after 5 hours when the machine finished.

I have just unpacked a brand new SD-2501 and started making my first loaf and it will not move on from the REST period. I have waited for approximately two hours on setting 6, changed the program setting to 1 and waited the requisite 30 minutes that the books says it will rest and still it will not move on from REST. Nothing is happening, the machine is not warm, the lights are all working. Is this machine broken?
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The machine isn't supposed to move when on the resting phase. I believe we're not supposed to changed the setting mid way as it stops the cycle. My suggestion would be to contact the company and ask. Mine definitely doesn't do anything like this. Best of luck!Oh and I thought the same thing when I first used mine. It just SAT...seemingly forever. I would recommend set and do not touch anything at all, don't change settings or tweak anything or open the lid. I had to go to another area of the house and get busy...lol Sure enough, what seemed like hours later, I heard the paddle start (its very quiet). And later on it beeped and I was rewarded with the most fabulous perfectly baked loaf of bread. Give it a go.

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