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I have just unpacked a brand new SD-2501 and started making my first loaf and it will not move on from the REST period. I have waited for approximately two hours on setting 6, changed the program setting to 1 and waited the requisite 30 minutes that the books says it will rest and still it will not move on from REST. Nothing is happening, the machine is not warm, the lights are all working. Is this machine broken?
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The machine isn't supposed to move when on the resting phase. I believe we're not supposed to changed the setting mid way as it stops the cycle. My suggestion would be to contact the company and ask. Mine definitely doesn't do anything like this. Best of luck!Oh and I thought the same thing when I first used mine. It just SAT...seemingly forever. I would recommend set and do not touch anything at all, don't change settings or tweak anything or open the lid. I had to go to another area of the house and get busy...lol Sure enough, what seemed like hours later, I heard the paddle start (its very quiet). And later on it beeped and I was rewarded with the most fabulous perfectly baked loaf of bread. Give it a go.

About the NEW PLASTIC SMELL. I always dread using plastic with heat, then eat what comes out of it. But thank goodness the inside part of the machine is metal. However, on first use, it STANK when baking as the plastic outside became super heated from the element inside. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE for the plastic to stop stinking when baking? Or is it a forever thing?
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Hi Saddle saw, the product generally doesn't have a smell from the plastic. Is this still evident?Thanks for responding Panasonic. It's coming from the back I think. It's just warm on the front and sides, but the back is burning hot to the point you almost can't touch it. Is that normal?Ok I've done some more baking on different settings (in the laundry with windows open) and towards the end of the baking period, the front is just warm, the sides are hot but you can touch them, the back of the unit however is SO HOT between the hinge and the vents that it actually burns. You cannot touch it it's so hot. And although the plastic smell is not overpowering like the first bake (6 hour program) it is still prominent in the last 1/4 of baking time for a number 1 setting loaf. I can't imagine Panasonic would make the sides warm but not burning hot, but not the back?

I've had my 2501 for a couple of weeks now. Insanely happy with the bread (made white, wholemeal and the wonderful parmesan and sundried tomato) but I've tried the chocolate cake and I think there's an error in the quantities somehow. I knew it was wrong when I was 'spooning' it into the machine, as I couldn't actually 'spoon' the batter at all! It was like thick tar, way too solid. The cake was like something you could knock someone unconscious with when it was cooked. I followed the recipe to the letter, and the proportions are the same for the butter cake on the same page, so if it's a typo, they've done it twice. Anyone else find this and have a solution?
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I have not tried baking cakes in the Panasonic but from past experiences the actual baking time cycle on all bread making machines is too long this is why your cake is coming out similar to a house brick. I have stuck to using my electric oven for the best results. Check cooking times for the size of the recipe your mixing and adjust your cooking times using the + plus and - minus symbols on your menu settings for your cake. Hope this helps.Hi Kiwi, thank you for your question in relation to the chocolate cake. Our technical specialist has tested the specific recipe today and didn't experience the results you did. The batter was a good consistency (a little thicker than some mixes), and the cake came out very well. Our customer service team do thank you for raising your question as we have all enjoyed chocolate cake for morning tea! Please let us know if you experience any issues on your next attempt.Sounds like you might be beating your flour too long? Cream your butter and sugar REALLY well, and for a long time until it's pale and the sugar is completely dissolved. The eggs can be dropped in one at a time only after your butter and sugar is dissolved and super pale and creamy. Beat hard once the eggs are combined. There should be no flour in there at all during this process. At this point I also add vanilla and milk and wet ingredients (after eggs before flour). Check egg sizes because small eggs will not provide enough moisture and binding. When it comes to adding the dry ingredients, mix then together first in a separate bowl, and you want to wet and combine/blend on a SLOW speed, not a high speed whisk. Or your flour goes tough, and your cake will be like a rock. This part can even be done with a wooden spoon or a hand whisk. Give it a try and see if it makes a difference :)

Just replaced my old Breville breadmaker and purchased a Panasonic SD-2501. I am happy with it except that the display is not illuminated. Is this normal or do I need to activate it? I am finding it very hard to read, especially at night. Thanks
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Hi Dee ,I must admit I didn't take any notice until you asked, .so I checked mine it didn't light up as say but I had no trouble reading it. If your concerned about it maybe you should contact Panasonic to find out ,perhaps that's why you have to pay for the pricey one to get more bells and whistles but I have to say its a great product maybe you could a brighter light where you are using it . cheers AnnieThanks for your reply. I am very happy with the quality of the bread, but do miss my illuminated display and glass viewing window in the lid of my old Breville machine. Thanks Dee

i have recently purchased the Panasonic SD2501 breadmaker and am still "tweaking" the recipes. Baking the Sundried Tomato and Parmesan Loaf, following your instructions, the loaf comes out collapsed ontop and moist in the centre. I've reduced my water additive to 250mls, without success. Any other suggestions? Sally S. from Melbourne
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Sounds like the dough is over rising - this can cause the loaf to collapse and make it more dense. If you're using my basic recipe I tend not to add salt - you may want to add a pinch. You can also try reducing the amount of yeast you're using - not all yeasts are the same, so maybe drop it by a quarter of a teaspoon and make sure the yeast isn't mixing with the liquids during the initial resting phase. The liquid from the sundried tomatoes, assuming they are in oil, might not help with the moistness - can also try drying them on paper towel first. Other thing you can do is increase the amount of flour, but I'd do the above (a little salt, a little less yeast making sure it doesn't contact the liquid early, and dry the tomato before using) first. Good luck!Thank you, I'll let you know how I go. Sally SHi Sally, in my experience too much yeast is likely from what you describe. Yeast is very different in quality, is different at sea level to altitude and is different with everyday temperature. Reduce by 1/4 teaspoon at a time. Using high quality flour is; in my opinion, paramount and I use very warm water, sometimes straight from the kettle. I add approx 1/2 cup of good olive oil to every loaf over and above the recipe. The improvement is incredible and you normally enjoy sandwich bread on the second day of baking. All the best. Sam. Canterbury NZ

Can I open the lid while it is cooking?
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Yes you canHi Sheila, please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will assist you.Yes. No problem. Although any temperature variation as a result of opening the lid may cause your loaf not to cook properly and banging the lid closed may cause the loaf not to rise properly

Hi just got my new bread maker Panasonic sd 2501 tryed it for the first time once the bread was cooked and took it out found that the flour was not mixed in from the sides and bottom of the pot and had the top of the bread with 5mm of none mixed flour on it can anyone tell me y this is going on y does it not mix off the sides of the pot
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Hi Kadek, it is difficult to answer this question without knowing more about the steps you took and the products you used. Please contact our customer service team on 132600 to discuss further.

Hi, A recipe question, I have just replaced my older bread maker with the DS-2501, and looking at your Panettone recipe the NZ version has dried milk powder, but the OZ version has liquid milk, I live in NZ and would prefer to use liquid milk rather than powder milk, is this possible and if yes, are there any adjustments to the quantities for the other ingredients? Look forward to hearing from you, many thanks
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Sorry, can't help you there. I haven't ever made panettone.Hi, just follow the Aus recipe.

I follow the recipe in the book included for 2 different breads and they both are not quite cooked enough. The inside is still a little dense in the centre and the crust is only very lightly brown. Is this a common problem?
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Yes. I find this happens from time to time. I put it down to the fact that I measure my butter by eye and my water content can vary by 10-20mls. I also push the machine a bit harder by using 650g flour and 500mls of water. I also only use 1tsp of yeast and a combo of flour; 500g wheat flour and 150g of either rye or spelt. Hope that helps!Is it a setting where you can change the crust? We have never had a problem.

I had an old pan b/maker for 24 years without a hitch, full pan loaf using ready made mix plus water yeast, it expired, I bought a SD2051 , used the same mix on the 4 hour cycle and produced !/2 pan size loaf. I contacted the flour supplier and he said use the n0 2 menu, 1hr 55 min, the loaf is okay but does not get anywhere near the top of the pan , very disapointed. The book states only 1 recipe for pre prepared mix anthat is the 2 hour menu. What is wrong?
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Hi. No idea. I don't use pre-mixed. I don't think the machine is really designed for that. The ingredient order for non pre-mixed says that the yeast must go in first, then flour and lastly water. On some of the menu options, you can choose loaf size. Would this help? If the bread is not overly dense, then I would suggest the pan is capable of more pre-mixed ingredients. Sorry I couldn't help more.Thanks, I guess I will have to try the recipe in the handbook.

Does this model bread maker have any way of increasing the beeping sound level which indicates the loaf has completed cooking? My BM has such a quiet beeper!!! Never hear it! Frustrating:-)
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No. Not that I'm aware of. I know what you mean though, as it's very hard to hear.I set my watch alarm. Can’t hear the beeping from the bread maker eitherThank you! I now know it's not just my machine - most annoying 'tho - a design fault I presume.

What order do I add items to machine?
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Hi Brian. The manual says to put in the order ingredients are listed. So yeast first then flour etc.As the instructions say, yeast first, sprinkled on the bottom the all of the dry mix then the warm water. I have had great results mixing the sugar and water together before pouring into the mix.

How strong is the baking pan? My old Panasonic had a baking pan that not even the trojan horse could breach! But the recent sunbeam I bought (see my review 'worst breadmaker I've come across') had a pan that bent at the slightest tap - something you have to do when you get the bread out. Chris
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I am so happy with my bread maker and the pan is very stable and pretty strong I highly recommend this machine. My bread has come out perfect every time and I love making pizza doe out of it.I too, reviewed one and not a good machine. The pan on this one seems solid enough. Don’t know if it will take the actions of the Trojan horse but seems to be fit for purpose and easy to cleanThanks for your answers - really appreciate it. Have taken the plunge and bought one. Checked the breadpan first - seems really strong.

First try... Bread perfect... But that paddle was hidden in the loaf... how to stop this?
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It’s only happened to me once but I made a small hook from the end of a coat hanger. With this I was able to pul it out. If you make sure you push it down all the way it doesn’t seem to stick as much. Hop this helpsBeekay, thanks will try if this happens again.One solution is to stop the machine right after the kneading stage, and just before the rising stage to remove the paddle.

Is this ok to use for bead mixes from the supermarket or only the machine recipes?
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I’ve used both the bread kits from the supermarket and recipes from the book and all turned out beautiful. Just add yeast 1st then dry ingredient then warm water. Perfect every timeI have only used store bought bread mixes they have turned out awesome every time. It makes great pizza doe as well and you can buy the pizza bread kits from shops. Just follow instructions on box and push number 22 on the machine 45 minutes later lovely pizza doe ready to go.

recipe for german grain bread for this machine?
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I am trying to make dough and have followed the instructions. It is resting forever! I had a Panasonic breadmaker for 25 years which did not have a rest time. How long will it rest? I restarted thinking maybe I had done something wrong but it is still resting.
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First time use here too. Mine rested for hours! With me wondering why it has to rest so long when it hasn't done anything yet. 6 hours later (french bread setting) I had THE most glorious crunchy crusty loaf that crumbled crispy bits all over the board and crackled as it was cut. As a french loaf should. I was amazed. So whatever the reason.....it worked. The book has something in it about variations according to ambient temperature. So the only thing I can "guess" is that it brings everything inside to the perfect start temperature, gently and over time?

I was keen on buying this machine but have seen few good reviews on the gluten free function. That is the only reason I'm it - for my coeliac daughter. Can anyone help me out here? Any had much success with gluten free loaves?
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Hey I use it for gf bread. I use a bread mix called bakers magic gf flour. I buy online and it is free delivery in australia for x 6 packets. A loaf costs $5.50 and it is very yum. I use it on the 14 setting. I can add cinnamon and extra sugar and sultanas and get a lovely raisin bread as well. It is great. Happy breading!

My Panasonic SD 2501 has become very noisy after 4 years of regular use. It seems the paddle is now loose, but it may be the shaft beneath. At the same time, my bread is now rarely a good shape and suggests it's not mixing properly. Any ideas?
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I just purchased an SD2501 today and after one loaf I noticed that the paddle was VERY loose (didn't take notice of it at the beginning) - ie if you put the paddle on the spindle (loaf tin out of the machine) and wind around until you reach 12 o'clock, the paddle has enough slop on the shaft to be able to turn it back to about 8 -10 (minutes) to 12 o'clock without moving the shaft - This seems to be an intentional design feature in that when the paddle is at either end of its travel it can't be lifted out and therefore it will normally not get stuck in the bread. However, this much slop will cause wear over time - hopefully to the paddle and not the spindle Check the amount of free travel in your machine and if it's more than the above, check for wear on the spindle and paddle - Maybe a new paddle will be required Hope this helps

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