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4.6 from 51 reviews

An excellent first up use of this service.

I'm the sender and yes the box was collected when I was informed of the approximate time frame and the recipient informed me that it arrived in excellent condition.

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A quick, easy and seamless service

The quote was reasonable, we could pay and print labels immediately. The delivery was two days ahead of scheduled date, which we were thankful for. We used TNT Road Express to Darwin, though this Portal and everything happened seamlessly. Beyond Tullamarine

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Excellent service

So fast and easy. Quick and easy to use booking system and same day delivery. Very happy and will use this service again.

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Excellent, no fuss

I was notified you were handling my purchase on Monday. Wednesday morning it was delivered to the door. I mean can it get better than that?

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Shipping made easy

Easy review of couriers available to me as well as details about them. Simple to book and make payment for the services. Good communication of the tracking.

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What better service and price could you wish for as an occasional user!

Picked up on time.
Delivered the next day ahead of schedule.
Tracking is excellent.
Online quote facility could not be better, very useful.

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Mistake central

Tracking information was false. Late delivery. Driver ‘forgot’ to pick up my package at the start of the day so it was delayed.

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Hi Bhdhd - Sorry to hear that, no one likes the 1 star reviews! Usually the tracking information is accurate as it comes automatically from the courier companies. We don't see any details of your particular order/shipment with Parcel2Courier via your review, so feel free to contact us via email or private message, then we will firstly be able to confirm your order was with Parcel2Courier, then we'll be able to investigate with the delivery courier chosen by the sender to see what might have been the issue.

Will certainly use again.

I was the sender of the parcel and was very happy with the service provided and will be using you again. Thankyou

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Excellent service

Package was picked up and delivered on time. No issues. Package or contents was not damaged. Very happy with the service.

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So easy, speedy delivery and prompt update when delivered. Could not be more impressed with the ease and service, thank you!

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so handy!

Picked up on time and delivered in good condition in a timely manner with text updates so i need not worry. perfect for a small buisness and saves money and time

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They make a huge difference for my business

Everyone who sends parcels knows that everything goes fine in 99% of cases. The 1% which goes wrong is where Parcel2courier makes a huge difference. Their team handles the chasing (which would take hours of your time on the phone) and the tracking while sending you regular updates. Massive thanks to John Goggin for an outstanding level of service.

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Expectations too high on courier?

Package not picked up until the day after, even after numerous calls to the courier. After speaking to John (who has always been very helpful), recommended I call directly to parcel2courier, rather then to the courier. I will from now on with any further issues. After checking the tracking this morning, the parcel is on board and ready for delivery today.

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Great Pricing easy to use

Parcels picked up on time 90% of the time
Have never had a problem with goods going missing or being damaged

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I am always happy with the services . i can highly recommend it

I am semder most of the times. I am always happy with the srevices. It was all the time pick up in the time and delivery on time. I can highly recommend that services.

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Efficient and friendly service

We have used Parcel2Courier for over 2 years now. We have found them to consistently outperforming other services at finding the cheapest courier service best for our particular needs, without sacrificing customer service, which usually occurs when using a low cost service. Highly recommend these guys to other businesses.

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First rate service

Efficient pick up and delivery, great service - would use again. Large parcel so difficult to handle - all done and dusted.

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No hassle service!

Package picked up on time. Delivered on schedule. Tracking was accurate and easy. I send a lot of art to US from Australia- always arrive safely and on time. I can relax knowing there will be no hassles!

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No communication phone/SMS/alert of delivery in the next hour...feels 1980's

Poor communication from courier service.
It takes 2 min to pick the phone and call and say that the parcel cannot be delivered at the P.O BOX address rather than just sit MUM!
People have a job and life cant be waiting for the whole waiting for the delivery..a cheap quick message that the parcel will be there in the next hour helps
Whats the point of not using SMS or phone calls to liase with customers...
Poor performance and customer service...


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Hi Essa, ouch, 1 star :-( I have checked and can see that we did actually SMS your mobile number at 9:07am on 18/10/2018 and also emailed you at the same time to let you know the "item was about to be delivered", these messages are shown as have being delivered and read by you. You mentioned to us it was due to these messages it enabled you to contact us to let us know that the sender unfortunately mixed up your 'physical address suburb' and your 'PO Box address suburb', and shipped your parcel to an incorrect combination of the wrong street and suburb for your PO Box address - which meant it was unable to be delivered as that intended address didn't actually exist. So we urgently worked with you to get your correct delivery details and get your freight to you ASAP. Throughout the process we did communicate with you multiple times via SMS, email and we had about 5 phone calls with you and your wife (we even helped you find via google maps the depot location when you called us because you got lost on the way to collect from StarTrack - which you called us back to say 'thank you'). Sorry if you feel our service was circa 1980, and didn't appreciate the extra communication and efforts we made to correct your delivery / shipping address error as made by the shipper - but we did try our best!

perfect service.

the package picked up on time and also delivered on time.
all the process is easy and the tracking information were helpful.
highly recommended.

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