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Excellent services. However, you can improve your services by letting the sender have more space to provide more collection address instructions (eg. in case the collection address is difficult to find, the clearer instructions will help you to find the address easier ).

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Excellent service

Parcel was picked up within 24 hours of booking it in. Driver was most personable and happy to answer any queries. An excellent service.

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So happy my son told me about parcel2courier

My parcel was sent from Australia to Canada amid the Canadian postal strikes. The parcel was picked up at my door and it took less than a week to reach its destination. The help I received over the phone was exceptional and so helpful and the tracking kept me informed all the way until it was delivered. Can't recommend this service highly enough. Thank you

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Thanks Delivered on time

Items collected early, the morning of power failure, only had 2 of 3 labels printed so driver unable to scan 3rd parcel.
Not withstanding all delivered.

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Parcel2 Courier Good, DHL not so

The process of getting the pick up organised was easy, the customer service helpful when I needed to get a question answered.

DHL picked up the boxes within the stated time frame: Good. When the parcels were shipped they were shipped over 2 days - 3 parcels one day 2 the next: NOT Good, this delayed the delivery.

On the receiving side, in spite of the delay, I was impressed with how quickly this order came from Australia to The USA: GOOD.

When the boxes arrived 3 of the 5 were damaged, one so much so it appears to be missing items: NOT GOOD.

Sender or ReceiverSender and Receiver

I am very pleased with Parcel2Courier.com and do not use any other Freight company. However, as usua

My package was picked up by 4.00 PM on the arranged day, told delivery would be the following Tuesday but it was delivered on Wednesday. I have not heard any complaints from the receiver so I assume it was delivered in good condition and I received helpful tracking information. Overall I was very pleased with the transaction.

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Very Happy

Sender ; Very Happy with service , would recommend it . I was notified when they would pick up , and the courier
was very helpful.

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Package was not picked up on organised day and freight company not very helpful apart from that was very easy to use

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Very reliable and on time. Very helpful over the phone.

Parcel was picked up within time as stated and delivered in timely fashion. At time of initial enquire, the person was helpful, courteous and explained the service in detail..

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Excellent service

The package was picked up within 15 minutes of paying online.
The package was delivered on time.
Tracking was accurate and easy to use
Processes online were simply enough for me to complete from my smart phone then just sent to printer from here .
Overall will use again.

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Excellent customer service - Reasonably priced for shipment from Canada to Australia

Great company to work with, reasonably priced for a parcel going to the other side of the world! They picked up on time. Parcel arrived in Australia right on time but then it was held in customs for 5 days! I know it is not the company's fault but I was counting on their 'offer' to deliver in 3 days. I guess they should put a small print disclaimer that they do whatever is offered, just have no control over customs as each country is different.
It took a week but was delivered same day as soon as it was cleared and I was grateful for that. They also addressed my concerns in such a professional and immediate manner that I will use them again in the future as my niece lives there and now I know how to send her Christmas gifts! Thank you parcel2courier!

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An excellent first up use of this service.

I'm the sender and yes the box was collected when I was informed of the approximate time frame and the recipient informed me that it arrived in excellent condition.

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A quick, easy and seamless service

The quote was reasonable, we could pay and print labels immediately. The delivery was two days ahead of scheduled date, which we were thankful for. We used TNT Road Express to Darwin, though this Portal and everything happened seamlessly. Beyond Tullamarine

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Excellent service

So fast and easy. Quick and easy to use booking system and same day delivery. Very happy and will use this service again.

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Excellent, no fuss

I was notified you were handling my purchase on Monday. Wednesday morning it was delivered to the door. I mean can it get better than that?

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Shipping made easy

Easy review of couriers available to me as well as details about them. Simple to book and make payment for the services. Good communication of the tracking.

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What better service and price could you wish for as an occasional user!

Picked up on time.
Delivered the next day ahead of schedule.
Tracking is excellent.
Online quote facility could not be better, very useful.

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Mistake central

Tracking information was false. Late delivery. Driver ‘forgot’ to pick up my package at the start of the day so it was delayed.

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Hi Bhdhd - Sorry to hear that, no one likes the 1 star reviews! Usually the tracking information is accurate as it comes automatically from the courier companies. We don't see any details of your particular order/shipment with Parcel2Courier via your review, so feel free to contact us via email or private message, then we will firstly be able to confirm your order was with Parcel2Courier, then we'll be able to investigate with the delivery courier chosen by the sender to see what might have been the issue.

Will certainly use again.

I was the sender of the parcel and was very happy with the service provided and will be using you again. Thankyou

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Excellent service

Package was picked up and delivered on time. No issues. Package or contents was not damaged. Very happy with the service.

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