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Absolute Ripofff

Got a quote last Sunday to replace a hot water system and also insisted a meter box upgrade was required immediately-quote was $5200 got the same job completed $1700 less by another company
Just a ripoff

Good service

He arrived punctually. His work was professional. He was curteous and friendly. He inquired if there were any other jobs while he was on site.The bill was a little expensive though.
Would use again.

Not so reliable & overpriced!

I requested someone to come and check out the problem and they said they will come between a certain time. Got a call half an hour before the due time and said they were running late, which was okay, but the guy ended up having an 'urgent' case that he could not make it to mine. Quite disappointing.

When he called and I told him about the problem, he gave me a quote, which was way overpriced in my opinion and he didn't even check out the place yet!

Luckily, however, they managed to get someone else to come out the next day to check the problem. Which was totally not what the guy quoted/diagnosed me for! It was just a simple problem, that we were able to fix ourselves!!

Good job

On time and friendly, did job in a very professional and timely manner which included fixing tap leaks , job was well done , and now there is no problems all working well.

Nothing but a Sales company for subbie plumbers

Rang first thing (830am) for a quote, informed they would need to come out. I asked if they could fix the item on the spot if I was happy with the quoted I was informed yes..I knew what the fault was so straight forward fix.

Chap turns up, only interested in selling me services and items i didn't need done, wanted my credit card details before completing the job, I pushed back on this clearly commission driven.

Actual plumber turned up at 630 pm..Poor chap had to work in the dark.

Never again

Well overpriced !!!

They don’t do what they promise, target and overcharge the elderly, money hungry with no compassion and a very average job where installer had to come back to get all his tools he forgot!!!

Expect to pay through the nose for an inexperienced plumber

I had a burst water pipe in my roof and it occurred on a Sunday. I contacted Pascoe's due to my usual plumber not being available. At first contact, I was told that if I required copper piping, they couldn’t do it as they don’t carry the stock and that I would be charged for a call-out fee even if work couldn’t be done. As I had no idea what type of piping I had, and in order to save money on an unnecessary call-out fee I made the decision to wait until the following day. A young inexperienced plumber did the work and he was barely down the street when I went to take a long-awaited shower only to have the pipe burst again. He had to return and graciously told me he wouldn’t charge for the second visit but that he would have to charge for the extra labour. I stated that I didn’t expect to pay anything extra as it should have been done correctly the first time around. He told me that my water pressure may be too high (suggesting that it wasn’t his fault) and I told him it hadn’t been a problem for the 20+ years that I had resided there. After making a call to the office (from his vehicle out of my earshot), he returned and stated that he had to install a water pressure shut-off valve on my hot water system. That so-called valve resulted in my having barely-warm showers for the next couple of winters. I was afraid to get anything done for fear of the pipe bursting again so I put up with it. I finally had enough and contacted my usual plumber who told me that should never have been put on in the first place, that it was a waste of money on a hot water system like mine and that was the reason why my water was not getting hot. I believe I was charged around $160 just for the part alone. I had hot water again after that, finally!
I write this very belated review only as I continue to hear their advertisements on the radio and wanted to warn others to not be taken in by the lure of the no callout fee as I am sure they will recoup that 4x over with the exorbitant $$$$ they charge for the job.

Leaking Taps in Bathroom

Recently had leaking taps in the bathroom that were driving me crazy.
Contacted Pascoes who were able to attend the following day.
Contractor attended on time and fixed the problem there and then including the replacement of taps.
I was very happy with the work and would not hesistate to recommend Pascoes based on my experience.


I will always use this company because of the great job and care I received from them.

I called pascoe’s customer services centre and made appointment with them. About an hour to two the salesman came , we paid for the service and later on the plumber came to the house and do a great job. If we have any problems with gas , water or electrical, we will always call them.

Quick and easy

I made an appointment with Pascoe's because I jad a burst water pipe and they came out on the day very reliable and the job was great defiantly will get them again if I need plumbing services.

Holiday Drama

During the last holidays I was informed that my backyard was flooded due to a burst water pipe. I rang Pascoes from 250 kms away immediately as they were always reliable. They were prompt, cheerful and on the job when I returned and put in a burst pipe report to the Water Authority saving me hundreds of dollars. Helen

Never ever again.

I contacted Pascoe’s because we had a blocked sink in the ensuite. When the chap arrived we thought quite rightly that he was the plumber. No he was a very pushy salesman. He pushed and bullied us into paying $700 for a full sewage pipe clean. Then he went on to quote us for the changes to our power box. $3999. At this point we said we were getting a second quote. The sales rep kept on and on at us but we stood our ground and wished we hadn’t paid for the plumbing. The plumber arrived and stated that it wasn’t necessary to do the whole sewage pipe. He was here for an hour and a half. Pascoe’s were reluctant to give us a refund after a lot of emails they agreed to $100 which we haven’t seen yet. We felt they did half a job so we wanted half back. I found the office staff very abrupt and unhelpful. I have reported them to the consumer affairs.

Service plus!

I rang to seek a plumber urgently. Great service from the time I called until the job was completed later same day. Everything was as they promised. One happy customer.

Plumbers pipedream

Callan came out to look at inflow of toilet sister water. Young, work experienced, affable and easy going, I like that 'Pascoe's Cool'. Did the job finding inflow valve blockage. Nice job thanks Callan and the Pascoe's team...as always.

Misleading advertising and unconscionable upselling. WATCH OUT!

They advertise prolifically on radio and on their website that they charge $0 call-out fee. However, I was charged a call-out fee for services. At the time, I was advised by the service centre operator that the fee was applicable because the call-out was on a weekend and they only had a restricted number of staff available. Their media advertising does not indicate that there are any special conditions attached the $0 call-out fee and their web-site advertising states that there will not be any call-out fee.Additionally, I believe they engage in unconscionable conduct and overcharge with regard to both fees, upselling and work not required. They sent the wrong trade and the final quote was exorbitant, was based on factually incorrect information and contained unnecessary work. It comprised of ~$4,000 for a new Hot Water System (HWS) and ~$2,000 to conduct electrical re-wiring of the house. I sought a second quote from Rheem. The Rheem technician was quickly able to isolate the source of the problem to a faulty thermostat and the entire system was made operational for $214. They also charged an "investigation fee" (ironically for failing to investigate the problem correctly), which was not approved prior to the work being carried out.
On the positive side, when I requested a refund of these fees the following week, the manager quickly provided this. However, I'm concerned this is normal practice and others can get caught out.

Day light robbery is an understatement!

I gave Pascoe's a chance to quote, even though I reviewed the feedback and read comments re pricing. The comments are very accurate! I got a quote to replace 7 down lights and install 1 ceiling fan, lights and fan supplied by me. The quote was over $2000, compared with NJP Electrical who quoted and completed the work for $530.

Having challenged Pascoe's on their quote, the only response I kept getting was that they are not the cheapest but provide a competitive service with quality workmanship. 4 times more expensive is not competitive, it's a rip off.

NJP did complete the work and they were clean, respectful, tidy.

I won't give Pascoe's a 2nd chance.


This is how I feel about Pascoe’s Electrical and Gas.
Charged my 88-year-old lone resident mother $1062 to install a new tap set in the kitchen sink! Pascoe’s deliberately seek to exploit the elderly and vulnerable with prices well above what could be considered fair and reasonable. Larger companies e.g. Australian Banks, have been condemned for this sort of unethical conduct and so should smaller Companies like Pascoe’s.
If this wasn’t enough the plumber then went on the heavy sell trying to convince my mother that she needed her switchboard upgraded for a quoted price of $3,995! Seriously? – I had a whole solar system installed for around that price. In addition, it would be unusual, I think, for a plumber to also be a qualified electrician.
When presented with this unconscionable conduct Pascoe’s Customer Service representative went on the offensive claiming defamation of character on my part. If that’s what Pascoe’s mean by customer service the Australian banks have got nothing on this lot.
Oh, and a quick note to customer service – if you’re going to respond with claims of a fair price for quality work, the opportunity exists for you to demonstrate that, rather than lamely state it.

Beware! Question the reviews!

A dishonest company the whole way through the process from quote to work undertaken. Way overcharged!!
Office staff offered no assistance and were part of the rip off process. Check the percentage of single star
reviews for this company - there's a reason for this. I wish I had checked out the company on this site before
engaging them. There are a lot of reviews for this company on this site which need to be questioned.

Blatant upselling

My 88 yo mother had to have HWS replaced as it failed. No issue, price for that was OK. In the process guy insisted to check out taps for calcium build up?? Bathroom basin needed replacing apparently --$660 for TWO taps. Of course mum didn't want to make a fuss and agreed. When I found out I saw red and demanded to see the taps to prove they were faulty. I know they were not, as I regularly do maintenance for her. Do you think they would entertain a mere tradesman and engineer question there work? no way. Absolute rip off agents. Consumer Relations manager knows all the buzzwords to deflect responsibility and refused to negotiate any further. NEVER AGAIN.

Job well done

Very happy with the service, we have a blocked sink drain and the guy was very efficient and did a great job
Thanks again

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Questions & Answers

do you do RCD testing
2 answers
Do You do RCD testingCheck their reviews... I wouldn't use them. They charged me $400 to replace an RCD worth $30 - $90.

Hi there, Question please. I have a blocked sewer pipe which needs unblocking. When Pascoes quote for doing a plumbing repair job, do they charge by the hour or do they charge by the job in question ? Im a pensioner so checking around first, before i call the plumber out. thanks.
2 answers
Hi, i would still be interested in an answer to my question above please. 7th Dec 2017Don't use Pascoe's get a quote from a local independent Plumber. They are way to expensive.

we recently had a new gas hot water system installed and although it is advertised in the Little Aussie Directories we never received the $50 coles myer gift voucher. WHY ?
1 answer
Hi there, Thank you for your query and choosing Pascoe's to install your new hot water system. In order to claim your voucher, please ring the office on 1300 072 726 and I'll be more than happy to resolve this for you. Kind regards, Diane.

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