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Paslode A18200

Paslode A18200

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this is terrible suggest do not buy this paslode secret nail floor Gun

I'm bought this paslode secret(A18200)new From alltools in(Moorabin)thursday,6th/11/2011 AU VIC
has been fix 3 time in 2week.
first time the secret (A18200) not drive throw the hardwood floor timber.
so im bring back to the store they said i Has to take to the paslode to fix. So that's sound okay,because i need to doing my job fast.They said! bring it to [name removed] he will fix for you.,. [name removed] fix it turn out very good...but the outlet he put up wards he said (his design)..... oh sound good too and then I take to the job site to finish my job. The outlet point upward so the air and oil go straight to my fact.... then I has to bring (A18200 paslode secret nail) to the store for 2 time to complaint the outlet upward the (air and oil go straight to my fact) please fix it for me again.... then I has to take to [name removed]... He said i"m one of thousand people getting trouble>>>>....so then he fix the outlet turn back to the manufacturing design. I'm take home., the secret nail (A18200) getting trouble again.
Third time they renew for my the new secret nail (A18200).but i'm not very happy with the PASLODE Man service . They are so so rude to customer>>>> the nail gun cost onlY $599>
I'm think paslode is not very good tools to buy for trademan. Bad service bad people..........
Total tools moorabin vic mel AU service (very goods) and friendly
Too expensive no worth to purchase stick with bostich
Bad warranty service look like boss of paslode don't like customer

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Release dateMar 2011
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