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Compulsive liars

Passiontails Perth what an absolute joke.
Hired a twin tub slushy machine in Nov 2016
1 tub did not work.
Tried calling that afternoon and no answer.
[name removed] turns up Sunday to pick up unit so told him
No worries call office on Monday for refund.
[name removed] the office guy says will check unit.
Of course unit is faulty will get refund.
8 months later have heard every excuse under the sun.
From secretary is on holiday to her child died.
Changed secretary's, money has been transferred cheques in the mail.
Your account details are wrong.
Or will sought it I promise.
No wonder they closed their shop in Canningvale.
Even offered to go pick up cash.
Won't give me the address.
By the way save your money use another company these 2 are shonky.

Just an update Was supposed deposit money last week he promised Another update forgot to tell his offsider about the visitor from brisbane passiontails. It was actually him impersonating the visitor worst voice disguise ever. Even his offsider laughed when i told him Oh and apparently my money has been deposited He sent me an 'mbanking' receipt blurry photo from phone looks dodgy as hell Cheers

The worst customer service ever!

Hired this company for my 40th and had a great experience. Friendly, great product etc. Hired out again for another party a couple of years after and what a difference! Loved the 'Sex on the Beach' cocktail the first time around so ordered again. The flavour was terrible, tasted like coffee had been added to it. Nobody drank it as it was so bad. Communication was terrible. Asked them what they were going to do about it and got my answer, literally! Nothing. What a waste of good vodka! Got fed up with asking and getting no reply, but I guess reading the other reviews I'm not surprised. Customer service is everything! Will never use again, very disappointed.

Save yourself the hassle!

From them moment I booked I knew I had made a mistake…the company has poor and unprofessional communication, which led me to hassle them for my booking confirmation and delivery time.

I ordered a slushy machine, cocktail tables/covers and a photo booth for my party back in January. The slushy machine was delivered with no cups or straws, the table clothes were damaged and only just fit on the tables and the light for the photobooth wasn’t working (thankfully I got my items the day before the party so this was fixed before hand). As for the straws, cups and table clothes – the company didn’t seem to care: near enough is good enough for them!

The final straw was when my photos were not provided electronically (like promised). I called nearly daily and was told I would receive my photos by the end of the day/week. It took 7 weeks, daily calls from both myself and another family member, to finally get the photos through.

I am so glad to finally close this door and will definitely not use this company again! Unfortunately I did not listen to my gut instinct, the price was too good to pass up – I have since learnt my lesson though.
Do yourself a favour and use a different company to save yourself the hassle.

Ok machine, shocking communication

Was an ok ice cream machine. Barely kept up with the people using it though. And i had to harass the company for booking, payment, delivery, pickup. They didnt bother to let me know that they changed the delivery day. Phoned an hour after the new delivery time to say they couldnt make it. And then did the same thing for pickup. Very disappointed with the service

Haven't got what I paid for Don't Use!!!!

Hired photobooth and light up cubes for New year 30th party. One cube didn't work, had issues all night with having to restart the photobooth... ran out of prints early as printed quite a few blanks.
Then it Took them weeks to finally collect it, after not showing a couple of times when they said they would...
I have tried contacting them several times for the link to my photos as not all of them printed out... it's now end of march and they still won't return any of my emails or calls. Their emails just create service tickets and each time they just delete my emails/tickets within 24 hours.

I want the link for my photos or I want my money back as I didn't get what I paid for.... but they won't help at all.... consumer protection even said they couldn't get in contact with them so the next step would be paying to take them to court..... still trying to decide if we will....

What no cups

Hired a slushy machine with cups but they have no cups none available in WA???
Only one side worked so only got half the slushy.

Slushy machine was delivered after our party started!!!

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY AS THEY DO NOT KEEP THEIR PROMISES AND COULDN'T CARE LESS ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. Despite booking more than a month in advance the slushy machine was delivered AFTER our party already started! They promised to advise the delivery time the day before but when I called they said "some time after lunch". It was supposed to come pre-frozen but wasn't and despite me paying for cups and straws they said "oh we ran out and don't have any". No apology. They couldn't care less about the appalling customer service!!!!

Zero stars

FAULTY EQUIPMENT n over payment. Bad customer service. No replies to phone calls or emails. I will never use them again. Zero stars.

Call yourself a business? You will not last much longer - Own up to your errors. Shocking customer

To start off with, get yourselves a new phone - one which doesn't keep cutting out.
Dance floor came apart 10mins after Passiontails set it up - Before anyone started dancing on it!
They refused responsibility for it. Was a safety hazard!
Don't worry Passiontails, I told everyone where I got the dance floor from, so you don't have to worry about getting "too much" business in future.

Shocking customer service too. Overcharged me $50 and took ages to acknowledge it refund it!

Worst customer service! Unprofessional. Save your money!

Absolutely appalled with the customer service that I received from the man who delivers Passiontails products in Bibra Lake, Perth. Not only did he just dump the machine on my front door step (even though the advertisement stated 'free set up of machine'), he was the most rude & condescending man I have ever dealt with. When my husband called to ask for assistance in setting up the machine (something they should have done) he was told by the rude individual: "Do you read instructions.' Unbelievable, that this is a service we paid for! DO NOT hire these people!

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Oh & don't bother trying to contact them via facebook. They block customers who aren't happy with their service. Pathetic!

Appalling service

No contact..machine was late didn't pick up for over a month despite repeated requests. Would not answer messages then turned up out of the blue with no explanation.

Had the best time with Passiontails

Great service from people who really know there products... Music on the jukebox was great and we enjoyed the Karaoke.
The best tasting frozen cocktails I have ever had...
We drunk the cocktails tooo fast

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