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Pauls Smarter White

Pauls Smarter White

3.4 from 17 reviews



17 reviews

PantherSydney, NSW

  • 3 reviews

Paul can't get it right


A coffee is only as good as the milk you put in it,everytime i buy pauls milk I'm hoping it's as good as it says,it's not and never is,terrible for coffee it ruins it,kinda works for milkshakes that's it,do better Paul's

Purchased in October 2019 for A$5.00.

Boris Yasminsky

Boris YasminskyNear You

  • 42 reviews

Smarter Milk, Dumber Buyers


If you think there is any advantage in buying Pauls Smarter Milk over any branded full cream milk, you would have to be dumber than a door knob. Like all of these stupid products made for the gullible purchaser, they taste like crap, deprive your body of essential vitamins and mineral and fat that full cream milk provides. Think you'll loose weight using it ?, think again because its the sugar you consume that puts on weight, not a miniscule amount of fat in milk.

Purchased in October 2019 at Coles for A$4.55.

It tastes sweet


This milk is lower in fat than normal full cream milk but it has a higher sugar content. The ‘sweet taste’ is quite evident. I’m not sure that replacing fat with sugar is of any benefit. I also suspect that it has undergone significantly more ‘processing’ as a result. No thanks!


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It had a chemical taste


It had a bad chemical aftertaste, so bad i couldn't drink it. It doesn't taste off and is well within its use by date.

Horrible taste like the milk is out of date.


I bought a caramel late from a cafe and tasted horrible at first I thought the milk is out of date but it's the milk they used it was pauls smart milk I will never buy this milk didn't like the taste at all didn't go with the coffee at all I made sure to tell the owner of the cafe so they won't use it again.


diana9bakingVIC, 3008

  • 8 reviews

I bake with this


I've also been baking a lot with this milk recently. First bought it from coles as it was on sale. I got a pack of 2 and when I got home, I tasted it and it tastes like full cream milk. And I read its less fat so that's definitely a plus. I don't usually buy this brand because its more expensive. But I think I'll be using it more when I plan to bake for special occasions because my desserts somehow tastes better with it...



  • 38 reviews

Always go Whole Milk/Full Cream


Pauls smarter white is just that, its a smarter to go whole milk. Yes it is a little more expensive, but yes, quality costs a little more and your body will thank you. the taste is just like 'back on the farm' when food was whole & unprocessed and everyone eat naturally. smarter white is the way to go when choosing milks.



  • 18 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Full Cream Taste




What can i say about this milk, it is some of the finest brew going around. I'd often come home after a long day of battle, with the blood, sweat and somewhat remains of my enemies and nothing would quench my thirst than a good full cup of Pauls Smarter White Milk with only 2% Fat. What makes it even better is prior to entering the world after a well deserved rest, it allows me to eat down 23 weetbix without them being dry and difficult to eat. Nothing replenishes the bodys energy levels better and without it, I don't really know what I would do. Thankyou Pauls Smarter White Milk with only 2% fat. You deserve these 5 stars.


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Tastes different?


I have noticed since Pauls Smarter White milk has on the front of the bottle that it is "Naturally Permeate Free", that it tastes different.I thought it was just me at first. Has anyone else noticed this too? Even my kids noticed without me saying anything. I dont like the taste anymore.

It tastes different to what it did before advertising it is permeate free.


I agree. I don't like the taste at all anymore and have change to another brand


Awful taste, they use chemicals rather then milk to increase profits


qwertyfrogSydney, NSW

  • 2 reviews

Low fat milk with the full cream taste


I don't really like milk, and when I do drink it, I only drink full cream milk. However, wanting to improve my diet, I decided to try Paul's Smarter White milk. It actually tastes just like full cream milk, only with less fat. It sounds like I'm repeating the TV ad, but it's true (surprisingly)!
Good taste, low fat
A little more expensive than Coles/Woolies milk

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Older calf
Older calf

Smarter White is now purchased along side Pauls Full Cream. People are often confusing the two. Can the manufacturers consider making the Smarter White more distinguishable - e.g. a different colour screw cap, or redesigned lables.


SadaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 675 reviews



I buy this milk to have with tea because it tastes great and still has less fat. It doesnt taste light at all, so we use it often for tea and coffee. I also have used it for cereal, and its not too bad. I dont mind paying extra for this milk because of the health benefits.
This is a great smarter milk because when I have it in my tea, I dont taste any difference at all. It is just as full and creamy tasting as regular whole milk, but with less fat.
This is expensive milk, as are all the specialty ones are.



  • 50 reviews



This is a good effort from Pauls in an attempt to tackle the low-fat milk market, but it doesn't really stand out in said market. It could be better if it has some other distinguishing features (plant sterols, maybe?).
Good taste. Been around for a long time and seems trustworthy. Low fat content, which is great for those watching their weight especially considering the above average amount of protein in this, as well as the calcium within it.
Doesn't really do anything differently than its competitors so I've never really been a loyal customer. I buy it sometimes, but it's not something I'm hooked to or something my family absolutely needs.


NinaJayQLD, 4556

  • 106 reviews



It definitely has a full flavour and a creamier texture than a regular 2% milk but I wouldn't say it is like drinking full cream (as I don't usually like the taste/ richness of full cream).

One of my preferred brand of milk.
This is just a great tasting milk.

It's about middle of the price range of milks and for someone who doesn't like full cream milk, I really like this one. It doesn't have the true creaminess of full cream but it is not as light as skim milk so it's a perfect flavour combination for me
Nothing that I can think of



  • 374 reviews



this is a fantastic invention that should be made the standard milk, it tastes so good that normal full fat milk should be obsolete by this milk. it is lovely and creamy and froths up quite well when i make an espresso. only the price to complain about
I think this milk is just perfect, it has got the most creamy taste of all milks and it also doesnt have a bitter taste. It has less sugar than alot of milks but less fat which is great for everyone.
expensive, a 1L or 2L bottle is too expensive to buy


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beautyqueenvic, 3824

  • 228 reviews



this milk tastes great, its great to drinking plain, mixing with milo or other mixes, adding to tea and coffee, great for baking. making milkshakes. i even give it to my cats who love it so much. it is a bit more expensive then normal milk but i still buy it over other milk because i think its better for you. i prefer to give this milk to my daughter and family over any other milk so will always chose it over other brands
love the full cream taste of this milk, great for the whole family, very healthy
quite a bit more expensive then normal milk



  • 226 reviews



Pauls Smarter White Milk is a great tasting milk with less fat than full cream milk but still has a nice, creamy taste. Although it costs more than regular milk, it provides a suitable alternative for people who enjoy drinking full cream milk but would like to have a healthier diet.
Tastes much like full cream milk but is better for you still tastes creamy but with less fat. It is a great milk product for those who are watching the fat content in their diet but find that low fat or no fat milks are too watery.
More expensive than regular milk

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