an average dog treat

This dog treat helped me in training my dog, i have a mixed breed shih tsu and daschuand and my fur baby seems to love it. He seemed to be more attentive and follows my command. One tip though, please give this as a treat not a meal.

Purchased in April 2019.

Pet's Life StagePuppy/Kitten
Side Effects No

Absolutely disgusting

My dogs have been eating these for years and now out of nowhere my Border collie vomits every time she's ate one. Please please do not give your dog these. They are a hazard and health risk..

Thanks to you MY Dog is sick

I gave this to my dogs and I noticed when I gave to Pedigree DENTASTIX (green one) at nights, the next morning they had stomach noises and some times vomiting and they do not want to eat. I stopped to check if was Dentastix or not, but unfourtunately when I stated again to give them they again had stomch problems and very sick, I spent a lot $$$ with the vet and I WONT BUY anymore Dentastix . I do not know why Pedigree Dentastix do not set on the box all the side effects or have a recall for all those problems that is causing even to die. This products are killing and making sick our loved dogs.

Excellent, vet very happy with our dogs teeth

Our dog loves this treat every night with the large dental flex once a week. Our vet comments each time we are at the vet how good her teeth are.
Our dog didn't notice any difference in the new formula. Our dog is a Labrador so as she is use to eating everything maybe so has a stronger stomach. Overall she loves the treats & this should help us in the long run with her dental care.

New improved dental dog treats

I have 3 miniature dashounds and they looked forward to having a dental treat every night. They never had any side effects until I purchased the new and improved packs. These have made my dogs so sick that they have been sick with vomiting and diarrhea for a week. They have been to the vet 3 times so as to assist with their symptoms. This is a desperate plea to Pedagree please remove these from the shelves and investigate what is causing these symptoms before you have fatalities on your hands.

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Don't you just love Pedagree first they ask us to phone them to discuss the problem and now they just ignore the problem.... Last seen a comment from them on 19th July, we are now in October. Not even an apology. Speaking to alot of people who's dogs are experiencing the same problem. Well I have thrown all my Pedagree products away. Hope you all have done the same. We are trying to help solve the problem with constructive criticism, but hey these are just dogs you are hurting so why care as long as you are making money........ Soo disappointed. Well at least my dogs are now happy and healthy since being off your products.

My dogs love them

My 2 Jack Russell pups love these dental chews. I use them as treats or just to give myself a little “ peace & quiet time!” My dogs are pretty fussy but will do anything to chew on these dental chews, I’ve noticed their breath isn’t so rank & their teeth are in perfect order as stated by our vet.


I don't buy this garbage but my neighbour threw one over the fence for my dog this morning.
She has had diarrhoea all day!!
I hate to think what these are made from, knowing Pedigree I assume they would be full of absolute garbage!!
Want your dog to have clean teeth buy raw bones!

Hi Shootingstar, We're sorry to hear about your dog, it's definitely not the experience we want him (or you) to have. We'd be keen to chat and know more, please feel free to contact us on 1800 640 111. PEDIGREEReading the other negative reviews regarding this product there is obvoiusly a problem with the ingredients. Was definitely this that caused her to be unwell as I feed her same food daily. She is a big dog if this product was given to a small dog I assume it would be a visit to the vet!!

Dentastic done exactly what I had hoped it would do

I noticed my best mates (my dog) breath had a odour to it everything looks fine in her mouth teeth and gums look healthy.
So decided to give the pedigree Dentastic a go after s little bit coxing and pretending to chew on it myself (PRETEND never came in contact with my mouth) she finally decided to give it a go so I imagine they mustn’t smell very appealing to our dogs. I think Dentastic does a pretty good job it definitely done what I wanted it to do and that was to subdue or erase the odour on my dogs breath. I didn’t want to have to physically brush my dogs teeth that’s not natural so once to two times a week I give her s Dentaflex and of she goes brushing her own teeth in a natural way happy dog happy owner no more bad dog breath thanks

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Thanks for the feedback Mad Mira! We love the commitment!

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