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Pedigree Dental Dog Treats

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DentaFlex and DentaStix
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Sudden runs and stomach cramping

Was advised by our vet to feed our dog the next size up. Did so and it's resulted in a bad case of the runs and obvious discomfort. Now withdrawn them all together and things are back to normal

Purchased in January 2019.

Pet's Life StageSenior
Side Effects Yes

My dogs go crazy

My dogs go crazy for these dentastix. They always chew them up so quickly it’s an easy way for me to keep their teeth clean. They also have a meaty kind of smell and they love that also. I have a German Shepard and a Husky.

Purchased in January 2018 for $15.00.

Pet's Life StageAdult
Side Effects No

You would not believe what new dentastix can do to your dog..

Do not give your dogs dentastix I can't score a 0..... These nearly killed my dog.. She became so ill, lethargic, water diarrhea, she was so sick, I took her to the vets where she was so dehydrated they had to keep her in, they gave her fluids and intravenous antibiotics thinking it was infection, we went to get her from vets in the morning and they said you need to prepare for the worse... We nursed her at home syringing water into her mouth, and even spoke about putting her down.. Anyway she picked up and a couple of days later the sparkle came back into her eyes, she started eating and was fine. I gave her a dentastix and bam back down again, water diarrhea just laid in her bed.. I though no the infection is back.. I laid in bed that night and thought I wonder if its dentastix, couple of days later she was fine again.. I left it a month until she was fit and I gave her a quarter of a dentastix and again violent diarrhea again... I have contacted dentastix and they aren't bothered and intend taking this further.

Purchased in December 2018.

Value for Money
Pet's Life StageAdult
Side Effects Yes

Sudden diarrhea

Thank goodness for this forum otherwise I would be stressing myself out trying to figure out what's going on (or tons of money at the vet). My dog developed sudden, explosive diarrhea overnight (no other symptoms; still strong appetite with lots of energy), and the only change to his diet was the Dentastix. I put two and two together and stumbled across this forum and see others had similar experiences. I tossed these immediately after reading the reviews. My dog seems to be slowly improving after taking the Dentastix away. Funny thing, my dog consumed these in the past with no symptoms; so, I agree with others that the formula probably changed.

Dog can not stomach new formula dentasticks

As per lots of similar comments our westies have eaten denta sticks for years recently refused to eat them eventually eating one and vomited within 10 min if so many similar comments why no comment from pedigree.

No more dentastix for my dog

My 6 yrs old dog loved dentastix. Never had a problem. We bought the new package a month ago and our dog vomits every single time he eats it. He stops eating and 10hrs later he vomits. We check if that really is his beloved treats and yes it is. We throw almost 2 full packages. No more.

Vom vom everywhere!

My German shepherd used to enjoy these, but over the past week has been sick 4 times and by using process of elimination these are what making her ill. She won't be having any more.


My small dog used to love these. She would get two as her snack at night. She started with diarrhea and ended up with Colitis. I stopped the treats because I had her on a restricted diet to clear up her Colitis. Last night since was back to normal I gave her the Dentastix treats. Bam, this morning she has diarrhea AGAIN. Never giving these to her again.

Dog vomits every time he eats one

Over the last year my dog is unable to eat dentastix. He vomits every time. With so many negative reviews with a similar theme I’m not sure why these are still on the market.

Wait and see

Been using Dentastix for well over 9 years, the dogs loved them and the vet always commented on the great condition of their teeth. Have just bought a 4 pack box of the 'NEW IMPROVED FORMULA' Yet to see if my dog reacts badly to the 'IMPROVED FORMULA'.

Diarrhea through 5 counties

I gave our 2 dogs these 'treats' the night before a long drive across Europe. Both dogs started having Diarrhea in the UK before becoming much worse through France, Belgium and Holland. By Germany one had started vomiting and at the end of the day she was pooping blood. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

Absolutely disgusting

My dogs have been eating these for years and now out of nowhere my Border collie vomits every time she's ate one. Please please do not give your dog these. They are a hazard and health risk..

New formula gives allergies

With the new formula, my dog is getting bumps everywhere and also is very itchy. Not with the old one. It sucks.

Thanks to you MY Dog is sick

I gave this to my dogs and I noticed when I gave to Pedigree DENTASTIX (green one) at nights, the next morning they had stomach noises and some times vomiting and they do not want to eat. I stopped to check if was Dentastix or not, but unfourtunately when I stated again to give them they again had stomch problems and very sick, I spent a lot $$$ with the vet and I WONT BUY anymore Dentastix . I do not know why Pedigree Dentastix do not set on the box all the side effects or have a recall for all those problems that is causing even to die. This products are killing and making sick our loved dogs.

Explosive diarrhea

My 120lbs great pyrenees gets explosive diarrhea and vomits every single time I gave those to him. It cost me lots of vet bills and trial and error to figure out that those were the cause of the situation. Not good!

More of a Trick than a Treat

My dog appeared to enjoy receiving a Dentastix, but it gave him diarrhea each day and even made him vomit. He is a 120 lb Labrador Pyrenees and has never had tummy troubles until this. I would absolutely recommend NOT giving these to your dog, at all. They need to be removed from shelves.

Will not buy these again

I just purchased these from Costco....after 2 days...my teddy bear has awful gas and bloated stomach....upset that I did this to her by buying these. Retired on a fixed income...wasted money.

Poor dog has the runs for days

My poor dog has intense diarrhoea from these stix. Like brown water. Poor thing must have such an upset stomach. It's been 2 days now. Thank god it isn't anything more serious like we were thinking. You should take these products off the shelves if they are making dogs sick!

My dog got bumps on his head

My dog he loves these treats and I've just recently brought the improved formula ones mind you the "56 box" and with in a few days of having the new ones he has bumps on the top of his head from a allergic reaction.. not happy these were his favourite treats


Gave my Staffordshire Bullterrior constant Diarrhea, his tummy has never been so bloated. He refuses to eat them now and hides them in his secret spots throughout the house.

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Questions & Answers

Have these pedigree representatives actually read any of these reviews??? Can't they see that they are obviously giving dogs vomiting and diarrhea?? I can't believe after all these bad reviews that they have the gall to tell reviewer mike that there were no other reports of issues. What do they want from us a stat. Dec???
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Hi Mimi, our small dog has pacreatitis and until the latest scary round, we couldn't work out what the trigger was. Turns out, the dentastix we were giving him was the most likely cause. He is on a low fat and prebiotic powder and we no longer gibe him dentastix.

My 4 cavaliers stole 5 packets of 7 denta sticks today, how dangerous is this????
No answers

My 4 cavaliers stole 5 packets of 7 denta sticks today, is this dangerous for them??????
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I definitely would keep a good eye on them

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