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Peg Perego Primo Viaggio

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio

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Fantastic with a compact baby!

We purchased this capsule for my oldest son in 2010. He used it for 7 months before he outgrew it. Fast forward to now, and we’ve just packed it away after using it with our second child. He’s much smaller than our eldest and we got 13 months out of it. Now that we’ve packed it away, we miss the convenience of transport our compact baby. Moving him from car to pram without disturbing him while he sleeps was the best. easily adjustable head rest and seat belts. Highly recommended.

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Hi Renee, thank you for taking the time to leave the above terrific review. Warm regards, the Peg Perego team

Parts break easily, subject of a product recall, moves around too much, terrible design.

Warning! This seat was the subject of a safety recall that can cause injury/death.

I suspect some of the positive reviews are trolls/bots.

* Be warned. The 'easy to carry capsule' feature is a gimmick that reduces safety.
* Really tricky to install correctly. For example (1) the base size does not fit smaller cars manufactured in the last 10 years (2) installing with a shoulder belt is really tough - you'd need a lot of manual strength to perform it correctly
* There's two parts that break off easily for a rear-facing infant installation (1) the carry bar that presses against the back seat (2) a plastic handle below that.
* Even on a perfect, level ground, careful install following the manual etc, the seat moves around way too much laterally, and pitches towards the back seat with very little push.
* The fabric's pretty good, if you care about that more than safety.

Not recommended at all.

Heavy but convenient

Super easy to put in and take put of the car. Bought an attachmebt from my pram and it is easy to attach and release the capsule. Tightening the straps and adjusting the strap height is also simple. Downside is that it can get quite heavy (but i imagine they all do) and was only good for 6months before it was too small.

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Hi, thank you for taking the time to leave the above review. We're glad to hear you found our baby capsule easy to attach adjust! Warm regards, the Peg Perego team.

Perfect addition to my baby gear

This capsule is amazing. I like the quality and the baby is comfortable too. All the padding! I do not need to dress the baby too much when travelling, just a light cotton suit would do. I am happy that I made the decision to purchase this capsule and my baby is safe and travels in style.

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Hi Lilya, thank you for fantastic review! We're so glad to hear you found our capsule to be of high quality! Warm regards, the Peg Perego team.


This capsule has been great. Bubs is always comfy in it and falls asleep well.
Nice material.
Easy to instal into car. A little heavy but all capsules are. My bub is now 4 months and 7.5kg & reaching shoulder markers so I'll be putting her into a new carseat soon.
I purchased an adapter and used in my Phil n teds pram. Was great!

Fantastic capsule.

I absolutely loved this capsule it's bigger than most and has a nice big canopy for sun protection. I used it with a baby jogger adapter to fit my baby jogger city elite and it was a fantastic combo. All capsules are relatively heavy (I've owned 2) and if they're not they are outgrown quickly. I felt safe with Bub in it and was able to pull up the back of the capsule to get extra use out of it. Also there's no rethreading of straps as it's all built in to raise the straps as baby gets longer.

The only negative is that they aren't easy to pull apart to clean and it did get hot towards the end when bub was filling it but that was at almost 5 months of age (and she is a bigger baby) - all in all - very happy with the purchase.

Perfect, couldn't have survived the first few months with a newborn without it!

The Peg Perego capsule is excellent, I couldn't have survived the first few months with a newborn without it! I used it for both my children and they both found it really comfortable and would happily fall asleep in it. I also bought the pram adapters which was a life saver, we could easily move the kids from the car to the pram without waking them up.

Works alright

I bought this capsule as it fits with the pram which was given to me without doing any research. I did rent an adapter to connect both. It is quite heavy but as with all moms we develop enough muscles to lift the capsule with baby in it. I do like to use the capsule and pram combination to move around as it is difficult taking the baby out of it in the car and try to squeeze her into a carrier. The sun shade doesn't fully cover baby's head so I pull it down as far as possible at the front and use a blanket to cover the gap at the back

Works Well

We used this capsule for our youngest two of four children and loved it. It was comfortable and fit perfectly into the pram so no need to wake baby when moving them from the car to the pram. It made such a difference. My sons were very long but they still managed to stay in it until they were 4 months. Best used for multiple children to maximise value for money.

7 week old baby has outgrown already

This is a great capsule, comfortable, easy to carry, clicks into my pram, except for one major problem. It's way too small. My 7week old baby girl - who is big but still, has reached the shoulder markers already.
So I'll need to buy a new capsule, which is pretty annoying.

Okay capsule

I agree with other reviews that a baby capsule isn't really a necessity these days, since car seats are readily available from birth that last through to four or eight years. The bonus is that capsules are removeable and can attach to your pram so you don't have to disturb a sleeping baby (in theory...!)

This capsule is heavy, and getting it in and out of the car without jostling the baby awake is a bit of a challenge. It's also quick to heat up, so baby's can get uncomfortable very fast, especially if the weather is warm.

Other than that, this capsule does an adequate job. It's easy to install, and adjust. My baby seemed comfortable in it, although as a newborn her head flopped around a lot and so needed an additional support.
The sunshade is helpful, although doesn't cut the sun coming in the back of the car in the afternoon.

Okay capsule

I rented the Peg Perego capsule and was happy that I did not buy it as my little one did not like it very much. It got hot in it very fast so already after three months we moved on to use a car seat which made her much happier. In comparison to other capsules it is quite heavy. I also used a newborn insert at the beginning as otherwise her head was flopping around way too much.

Couldn't live without it!

Love our capsule. I didn't want one originally, but hubby convinced me. So glad he did. We got the Peg because it fit our Uppababy pram. It's so easy to use and bub rarely overheats in it. Bub is 5 months & just over 6kg and will outgrow it very soon. I'll be sad to see it go :(

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Addit: After removing the infant insert in the seat, Bub has lasted to 6 months in it :)

Loved this capsule made life very easy at the start used with bugaboo cameleon 3

I consider baby capsules these days to be a luxury item with all the car seats on the market suitable from birth they are not really a necessity. I chose to purchase a capsule as I already have two older step children & there was going to be lots of short trips around their activities in & out the car.
The PPPV capsule is very easy to use & I used it with the adaptors on my bugaboo cameleon 3. I used the capsule from birth up until 5 months. I could have used it longer but my 5 month old is heavy & towards the end it was too much for me to lift her in the capsule only because I have a bad shoulder.
I researched this capsule and read the reviews on here before purchasing & I disagree with the ones that say their babies grew out of them too quickly. I find it hard to believe since my baby is on the 90% height chart and can still fit comfortably under the shoulder height limit.
The PPPV capsule is not a cheap item but it is excellent value for money & the convenience made it worth it for me.

Happy purchase.

We bought two of these for our twins and have been really happy with them. They click in and out of the car easily (although you do need a decent grip strength to work the release button). We chose this capsule over the Maxi-cosi because the hood was much better as a shade, it didn't have all the extra padding (which can over-heat babies in the Maxi-cosi during warmer months) and the all black colour looked sleek particularly when in use in our Baby Jogger City Select pram as a travel system.
My only criticism is they are a little on the heavy side, but the positive features made this our #1 choice.
Easy to click in and out of car, full opaque hood/shade, sleek all black design and works as a travel system with our twin pram.
A little heavy.

Use in car and on pram!

This has been a saviour product for us when baby is sleeping and we need to get him out to go somewhere. You can take the capsule out without disturbing baby and it clicks into the Bugaboo with adaptors. We have used it for both our kids and it has been great. Only thing I did not like was the canopy which does not really work and cover the capsule, was pretty useless.
Versatile and good size for baby to grow into until close to 12 months
Canopy was useless

Love my Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Capsule!

I love my Peg Perego Viaggio Capsule!! Makes life so much easier, strap the baby in inside the house (very useful depending on Mother Nature!) no need to disturb them if they are sleeping! Works great with my bugaboo cameleon. Wide range of colours. Doubles as a rocker if your out at someone's house. Has a little hold for the tightening strap! ( so you don't step on it or get caught) .

It is on the heavier side,( I usually just put it straight on the bugaboo rather than try to shop lugging it around). but it comes with a 3 star rating from crep, compared to the others I was looking at with only 1 star. My five month baby still fits nicely, but weighing in at 6.2, she probably only has a few months left in it.


Ok because uncomfortable?

Not sure if all capsules are the same but my baby never seemed comfortable in it. Under the base of his back was a gap. I keep adjusting the straps but he always looks slouched. I think it's why he hates being in the car. He does sometimes eventually fall asleep in it though. His head slumps to one side. And yes quite sweaty. I was given mine, and it was very convenient as a travel system with the uppababy alta, very easy to click on. Great for when he was newborn, but he is now three months and grown out of it.
Conveniently clicks onto my uppababy alta frame
Not comfortable for baby??

Really excellent baby capsule

Really excellent baby capsule. Keeps our little one safe, supported and protected. Perfect from day one bringing bubs home from hospital, it is cosy and comfortable, perfect for a fragile little newborn! Once bubs gets taller, just raise the height of the shoulder straps - one click adjustment, 5 settings.

The infant pad is also removable for extra room, although we haven't needed that yet. Easily clicks in and out of the base, so you can carry the seat around, whilst visiting friends, out at the park or cafe - perfect as it allows us to still be sociable with a a young baby. The best bit - it fits on our Stokke Xplory pram with the adaptors. It also fits on grandma's Bugaboo!

It's pretty expensive, considering it's only for use up to 9kg. But knowing that bubs is fully protected when they're at littlest and most fragile is totally worth the spend.

Highly recommended.
Safe, strong, cosy and comfortable

Easy & practical

I have had no problems with this capsule, it is easy to click in and out of the car & is compatible with the Mima Kobi pram. I like that it was available in red. I find it a bit cumbersome to carry, it bangs against my leg, but my husband doesn't find that.
It does what it should.

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I have gotten the viaggio and I have a Peg Perego slate pram. Is there an adaptor to use the capsule in the pram?!
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Do you need adaptors to fit this capsual to your pram
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Primo Viaggio
Price (RRP)$495.95
Age Range0-6months
ISOFIX CompatibleOptional
Release dateAug 2010

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