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Peke Moe Sleeping Sack

Peke Moe Sleeping Sack

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Love it. Highly recommended.


I love lazy moe's oakleigh restaurant.
We've been there many times and We love all the dishes served for us. Good for family gathering and group night out.
The staffs are all acommodating and friendly.
Definitely recommended to all types of cultures.
You will surely love them.. will always go there.


alexandra.cByron bay

Great for older babies that still want swaddling


This was the best for my baby who just couldn't sleep without being swaddled. I thought it would be too baggy but he was happy to be in it instead of a swaddle. (As he got too old to be swaddled). He was in this for 6 months till 1 year old. I have warm one and lite one.

Difficult bubba!


My little man was such a bad sleeper, even from a NB he slept only 1 hour at a time, and he was swaddled from birth. I tried everything, every swaddle, they didn't keep him asleep longer in fact he fought it every time. Then comes in the peke moe, I have two.

Took about three weeks of eearing his peke moe and now he sleeps without his peke moe totally unswaddled at 8 months. Only took about a week to get used to it and then he seemed to love being in it, as opposed to hating being swaddled! Highly recommend for babies who hate being swaddled but won't sleep without !!
Fabric, the idea of it, fact it's non restrictive
Not the cheapest

Fantastic product- would be lost without it!


My little girl was hooked on the Love to Dream Swaddles but they didnt allow for much movement so when she started rolling etc i swapped to the Peke Moe and we havent looked back! It was great during summer- just left her nude in it but with the assurance of such a beautiful, breathable material. It is a sleeping bag and comforter in one cause its so snuggly and soft. Perfect for babies who love to chew on their hands. Now shes in daycare i think its the only thing thats enabling her to sleep in the strange environment.
Soft, fantastic service from the maker, big enough to put a seat belt over the top/between the legs

Great product ordered 3 more!


My baby was additcted to swaddling and at 6 months it was time to get here out of it! I tried the 3 days one arm out, then the other etc but once both arms were out it was game over. I ordered the peke moe and admittedly the first night was tough but we are on our fourth night now and it's better every night. Naps are also very easy too. I have bought a summer weight one and another organic cotton as I will never be able to wash it otherwise! Thanks Peke Moe

Pricey but all parents know they will pay anything to get some sleep and sanity

A product with real integrity!!


Great product, my daughter really does love it


The sleeping miracle!


So snuggly!


I couldn't be happier with the results.of our organic cotton peke moe!! It took our daughter, Hava, some.time to adjust, but now she sleeps through the whole night unswaddled! She loves her peke moe still, so we use it for naps and snuggle time. It's so soft! Thank god we found it! It's worth every penny!
I would love to see.a peke moe with holes for car seat belts, so she can wear it during her chilly car rides to grandma and grandpa's house in the morning.
Soft and snuggly. Baby's hands can't escape, but she still has room to move about inside.
No hole for seat belts or safety belts so it.can be used in the car or with a baby swing.

Great product!!!!


My son sleeps with his peke moe every night!! As soon as I get it out he knows it time for bed! I'm so thankful for this product, we had the hardest time getting rid of swaddling until we found our peke moe! He's rolling all over the place now and with the peke moe we don't have to worry about him being stuck on his belly! Would recommend to anyone!!!!
It's a little costly.



My son loves it... and so do I!!!


Sanity Saver


My seven month old was feeding every 2-3 hours. I also have a 2 year old so the days were becoming unbearable. I had tried self settling But he just would not have it. The first night I got the Pekemoe I had results. He slept longer and took straight away to sucking on the ends for comfort. I have had the Pekemoe for one month now and my son has just had 2 nights sleeping through. The Pekemoe really helped in teaching him How to self settle. He was always a happy boy, but now he is a peaceful sleeping happy boy. I would totally recommend this product. I was sad to read the negative comment about the Pekemoe. Definitely a wonder product for our family.
SImple, comfortable, fast shipping!!



Do not fall for it! We bought this product and paid almost $65 US...all it got us was a screaming child for hours! Asked for them to refund us, they pointed to a check box that they make you click before you purchase...stating "if it doesn't work for your child, we will not give you a refund" So on top of the product being a joke and not working...they won't refund your money either!

It doesn't do what it is advertised to do.

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Peke Moe
Gina R.Peke Moe



Wonderful product, a lifesaver for our baby. Definitely recommend it to other parents looking at something to use after swaddling but when baby still isn't used to having those arms move around. Also great as our baby stopped get scratches on face!
We got a summer one first, and it was great as it was so lightweight for our sweaty baby. Then this winter we got the winter one. Still in cotton but cosy. Our babies hands don't get cold and was perfect for moving out of the swaddle.
Wish it was sold in australia as it would be cheaper without postage etc, but still worth it.



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This was great as I was beginning to despair that we would never get my baby out of her wrap. Would definitely recommend.
Was great for transferring my baby out of her 'wrap me up' swaddle and into a sleeping bag. Main advantage is the fabric over the hands which my baby uses to self soothe by rubbing her hands over her face. Nice and roomy with plenty of room for bubs to move about. Made the transition into a sleeping bag very easy, which was not the case with other sleeping bags we had tried. Also comes in 3 different fabric weights - the muslin one is great for summer.
For my very small baby there is probably a bit too much fabric, which can make her a bit hot sometimes.



Absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps the best baby item we have purchased. Highly recommend to anyone, especially if you have a swaddle addict like we had.
Everything!! We put our daughter in a Peke Moe when she was 5 months old. She was a swaddle addict, but kept escaping and waking herself up. She adjusted to the Peke Moe really quickly and now loves it sooooo much that we've had to get an XL one made for her (she's 14 months old!). She's a brilliant sleeper in her Peke Moe. She sleeps 12 hours a night and resettles very quickly in it.



This is a miracle. My baby girl was at 5 months totally addicted to the swaddle, and any attempt to stop led to tears from both of us. I really didn't think the Peke Moe would work but she took to it straight away, naps well, sleeps through the night, loves her Moe, and now sings herself to sleep rather than crying. Amazing.
Great quality, lovely and soft, and most importantly it works. My little girl is able to sleep unswaddled, and self soothe - before the Peke Moe I thought I'd be sending her to college with a swaddle blanket!
Just wish there were UK stockists, but the delivery was quick (3 days) and customer service from Gina was fab.





Fantastic. I recommend this product for babies. My son loves it! He is so happy to be put in it and he sleeps very well in it.
This was fantastic for transitioning our son from the swaddle. He sleeps so well in it. I like that he is free to move around and he can suck on his hands for comfort.
There is nothing that I would change about this product

thought it was too good to be true


when my friend was telling about her peke moe and how well it worked for her son i though yeah yeah it wont work for everyone, then she got me one i put my sone in it and for the first time in since he started teething he slept through the night, i passed if off to him just being very tired and its not every night for the last few weeks he has slept right through the night, i was shocked, i love the peke moe bags that you make i am going to tell all my friend about it.
its soft, big so my son can wave his arms around, easy to put on and he doesnt fight with me, and he knows it bed time when he puts it on, bit no tears

Questions & Answers

Lisa Falcinella

Lisa Falcinellaasked

Where can I buy a peke moe?
Thank you


3 answers

Sorry but I'm pretty sure they closed up shop earlier this year. Check their Facebook page just to be sure and if you find any let me know because I want some new ones too!

Lisa Falcinella
Lisa Falcinella

Thanks, I emailed pekemoe@gmail.com. They have a few left!


Try their Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/PekeMoe?refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FPekeMoe

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