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Penrite Oil HPR 10 10W-50 (Full Synthetic)

Penrite Oil HPR 10 10W-50 (Full Synthetic)

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The Perfect oil for a hard towing V8.

I have have used Penrite HPR 10 - 10w 50w oil in my 2004 Sahara V8...mods Extractors,into 4inch Taipan S/s muffler into 4inch resonator & single tail pipe, Ships Turbos Hi Temp Heat Insulation covering Air K & N filter Cleaner and Throttle body intake.. UniChipped, Dyno tuned V8 for the last 9 years also Towing a Future.System Jet670 2.8+ ton caravan twice round Oz each trip well over 15mths & 29 thousand Klms plus and it never used oil between the 5thou to 6thou Oil changes when Towing, or the 9 thou to 10k just the Sahara only, its never overheated or had any motor problems now at 225229ks it goes just like it did 12 years ago when i bought it with 85 thousand ks on the clock...But Before each " Loop " All Fluids were changed No Exceptions. I still checked the oil as frequently on the 2nd trip as i did on the 1st but i gained much more confidence in the Penrite Oil that i was using on the 2nd trip as i progressed. i check my oil every night regardless long after setting up my caravan, I have great confidence in Penrite Oil after 2 long around Australia Trips.

Car2004 Toyota Sahara 4.7lt V8.auto.

4.7l V8 100 series landcruiser engine

since buying my beautiful landcruiser 2nd hand 165000klms was not sure what oil to use so did a search on your penrite search page and came up with this product. it uses no oil whatsoever and at 5000klms oil still looks brand new dont know what magic you guys are into but it appears that your product is the pinnacle of oil technology. no other product shall go near my baby cruiser ever again even runs cooler as well, you n guys know ur stuff thank you for looking after my vehicle. should reach 500,000 klms without an issue. take care!

Car2005 100 series landcruiser 4.7l V8 165000klms now at 175000klms quieter than ever, thanks a bunch

This is excellent!!

Before using this oil I used Royalpurple's HPS.
Royalpurple was a good oil, but oil leakage occurred.
In addition to the property that the engine of my car originally leaks easily, Royalpurple may be caused by PAO base oil.
After exchanging with Penrite HPR, the oil leak has stopped.
Penrite not only seems to have protected the engine by checking whether the oil film is strong, it seems that rise in oil temperature is suppressed as well.
The engine feeling also became smooth and torqueful, so I am really satisfied with changing the oil.
Afterwards it is best if this feeling continues to about 5000 km.
If so, I will also make the next oil change HPR.

Car1991 Porsche 964
Thanks for giving our HPR product a go! We are glad that it has helped your previous problems with your vehicle. Also, thank you for taking the time to review us.Thank you for your reply! Recently, other oil companies have released engine oil for high mileage, but is Penrite possible to release such oil?

Best oil I've ever used. Period!

BA XR8 Manual. Bought the car at 163000kms, it's now at 570000kms. Since I bought it I've always used HPR 10, changing oil at every 15000kms. The car travels from central Vic to Melbourne (Docklands) & back every day & is definitely NOT babied. This engine is still dead smooth & dead quiet, Still pulls strong to red line when asked to, blows no smoke & doesn't need any oil top up between changes - Each 15000kms uses roughly 5-600mls. Most reliable engine I've ever owned & I'm sure that's largely due to the Penrite HPR 10. Love this oil!

Car2004 Ford XR8 Ute
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Hi Bobo, Thanks for taking the time to review us. It is amazing story of how well your XR8 is doing.

Noisy for 10 seconds on start up and Running rough. Within first 30km

Penrite recommended this oil as their preferred in my 1992 Mercedes 300ce AMG. I transitioned from mineral to semi-synthetic to full synthetic over the past seven years with no noise at all from the valve train and smooth idling. Within 100km of using the Penrite 10w-40w (extra 10) the engines lifters now chatter for what was at first maybe 5 seconds and now maybe 10 seconds, within the first 30k the engine has begun to idle roughly as if out of tune (It is not) I am very frustrated to have been recommended $68 worth of oil only to have to dump it, but I have no other choice. I have used Penrite premium mineral and semi in the past but would advise against their 'new' Extra 10 range and any of their synthetics for your pre 2000 vehicles.

CarMercedes 1992 300ce AMG
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Hi Jam, We are sorry to hear your displeasure with our product, you are welcome to talk to our Technical Team about and issues you are having with our products. They can be contacted on 1300 736 748 or email tech@penriteoil.com

Good quality run smooth a bit pricy but its worth investing in oil!!

I drive a calais it is the vs 3.8 series 2 and is supercharged factory, L67 motor so similar to many commodores. I have always used synthetic and found this oil was better than most but I would say the Valvalin synthetic was slightly better, and ran a little smother and quite, but this oil seems to have protected my car through high temperatures and Ive been happy. Im going to try the gulf western semi synthetic and if its no good ill go back to penrite or valvoline. It would be good if the guide reccomended if you need a different grade for supercharged cars with high kms. 15-50 is the grad i was using, trying 10w 40 next with GW. Ps I only keep my oil for 5000 -8000 kms and then I change it and my oil usualy stays reatively muck free.

CarHolden Calais 3.8 S/C
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Thanks for taking the time to review us.

Long life high performance oil

Some years ago used HPR 10W50 in my Hyundai Excel and lasted well over 10.000 kms, the condition of the oil was still good. Could've done another 5.000 kms easy. If your engine is in well maintained condition then the oil will last longer.

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Thanks for your positive review Zaksi.

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Questions & Answers

What would be recommended in a 2001 Forrester GT. 210 000km Normally use 5-30 but been advised due to age . To go thicker. Can you assist?
1 answer
Hi Mick, Thanks for your inquiry. Please give Technical a call on 1300 736 748 to discuss directly.

Is 10w-50 ok for a 2002 vx Holden that's done 300000ks?
2 answers
Hello Andy Mate i am Not qualified to answer any Q & A re Penrite Oils , except for the vehicles i have used it in Go to the company Tech support Penrite oils 1300 736 748 they have all the Answers for you..... simple. SaharaDV8I think should not be a problem coz Penrite recommendation on its app .


HPR 10 10W-50 (Full Synthetic)
Release dateJan 2011
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