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Penrite Oil HPR 5 5W-40 (Full Synthetic)

Penrite Oil HPR 5 5W-40 (Full Synthetic)

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High wear observed in oil

This is for a Magna 6G74 engine on LPG. Very poor experience with this oil that I bought based on the certifications listed on the bottle. The used oil had high copper amounts. It makes me question the validity of those claims.

Purchased in June 2017.

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Hi Svgtr, Sorry to hear you have had a bad experience with our product. Please give Technical a call on 1300 736 748 to discuss directly.

Penrite HPR 5 is the best oil I've used.

I have a 2004 Corolla that has covered 340,000km, with the original engine, never having been replaced or overhauled. I've used Penrite HPR 5 for the last 3 changes, of which- every 15,000km. The engine is quieter and uses less oil (virtually no oil) compared to the other "fully synthetic" oils I've used. Outstanding product.

Purchased in March 2019 at Supercheap Auto for $70.00.

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Hi Jason, We appreciate you taking the time to leave us a positive review.

Can't go wrong with Penrite

Used HPR5 for over a decade in my old car and it never used a drop of oil between services and ran as good as new. While the formula has changed a bit over the years I now use HPR5 in my new car and again never uses a drop of oil between services and runs nicely. I love Penrite oils and would recommend it over anything else.

CarNissan Micra K11. Ford Fiesta WT.

Love it !!!!!!!

Used hpr 5 and loved my engine performance and mileage. Used Penrite engine flush as well when doing oil change. And you what oil is as clean on dipstick after 4000 kms as I have just changed oil now . Simply loved it . Was on special in supercheap bought 2 buckets of 10 litres for myself.


Good for my 2011 V8 Merc E550

I'd been wasting my money on Mobil 1 as Mercedes recommend it. I dare say the recommendation comes from $$$ Mobil pay them to make the recommendation rather than the oil being superior to other top oils. I switched to HPR5 5W-40 which has the Mercedes 229.5 Approval. I can't fault it after using it for about a year now. I do 5,000km oil changes as I do lots of short trips and give the engine a fair bit of stick. The engine is silky smooth, makes no valvetrain noise and gets similar fuel economy to my previous oil. The bonus is it's half the price of Mobil 1 but the same quality. Love it.

Car2011 Mercedes-Benz E550 (5.5L V8)
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Thanks for the kind feedback and support Ben! Glad our product is performing well.

Great value for money

In the past 20 years I used probably every possible oil you could buy in Australia.
I used Shell Helix for a long time and then switched to HPR5 in my 2010 sv6 commodore. I did 7500km oil changes and looooved HPR5. Not expensive, clean engine...smooth...
No negatives... HPR5 is great. Sold car with 80 000km on the clock and engine internals were as clean as on day one and the engine was silky smooth.
I now have 2016 commodore with LS3 and have to use enviro plus 5w-30 (because warranty). As soon as the warranty is out I will switch to HPR5. I think 5w-30 viscosity in big alloy V8 in Australia is a bit thin.
I lobe that my choice is keeping Australians employed and it is good to have local business around as opposed to filling the pockets of multinational corporations.
I love Penrite oils !!!

CarHOLDEN Commodore
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Thanks for your support Sami and taking the time to leave us a kind review.

No issues whatsoever - so far...

I have been running Penrite 5W40 'Fully Synthetic' for over 6 year now in a 2009 Toyota Camry V6 & 4 years in a 2012 Ford Focus). Whether doing 'school runs' or holiday 'road trips', both cars run exceptionally well using this oil (winter/summer cold starts, smoothness, etc.) . Oil pressure is immediate on startup & oil consumption is minimal between services. A great 'value for money' fully synthetic engine oil..

Car2009 Toyota Camry / 2012 Ford Focus
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Thanks Issac for your kind words and taking the time to leave us feedback, it is very much appreciated. We are glad your are happy with using our products in your Camry and Focus.

Best bar none

I have a injected 302 Windsor V8 built by Tickford which has tight tolerances. The recommended oil is HPR 15w 50 which is a great oil but I have try'd a few grades and I like HPR 5w 40 for my motor and the driving conditions and temperatures it is exposed to. Fast circulation & good pressure at cold starts and pressure maintains in hot weather equally as well, even with spirited driving. I change my oil & oil filter every 5000kms without fail. I know I can get double the mileage but it is dirty enough so its doing its job. Love the Australian aspect of Penrite and their customer service is excellent.

October 10th 2018 Update: Australian made & owned world beater.

I have been using Penrite products for many years and have always found they do what they designed for, very well. I love supporting Australian company's, keeping money here should be everybody's priority. I use HPR 5W40 in my Ford 5.0i Windsor V8's after trialling a couple of different weights. I recently bought another AU XR8 S3 5 speed sedan which had been using Castrol synthetic. It has 119,000kms on it, and I found the cold starts a little noisy so I ran a Penrite engine flush through it, then changed over to the HPR5W40 along with a new oil filter, problem solved. I change my oil much sooner than needed & I always use a flush beforehand. Complete overkill some will say, but my engines are as tight as a drum & run beautifully with Penrite. I like the new enviro boxes which are great for the home mechanic like myself.

CarFord Falcon XR8
Thanks for the kind feedback XR8CAMSo many people I know use Penrite as they have found it is so suitable for Australian conditions, which are unique compared to Europe & America. I love it, it has improved fuel consumption, oil pressure & mileage in some friends cars after they have switched over to the HPR range. I always use the Penrite engine flush with every change and it always works, so I know my engine is as good as it can be. We had our first run of really hot weather. A week of high 30 degree days and my car's temp didn't budge once & oil pressure was as strong as always. I recently flushed my brakes with Penrite and I also replaced the LSD diff oil with Penrite. Both have had noticeable improvements.Glad to see you are liking our products and thanks so much for supporting us.

great oil

Been using Penrite oil for years my wife's 2014 Ford Focus loves it but my BMW 323i is not so happy on HPR5 you can just tell its not perfect motor runs silent but feels sluggish of the mark. other then that i think its a great oil for everyday use my old Falcon loved it

Car2014 Ford Focus and 2010 323i BMW
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Thanks for the kind review Dennis.

Mixed feelings on HPR 5

I am in two minds over Penrite HPR 5! I've had two of the same make and model - 4.6L V8 P38 Range Rovers. One was a '99, the other a '02. Both were the 'update' Thor motors.

In my '99 from the day I bought it I was using Valvoline SYNpower 5w 40, tried and true it was a great oil. The motor was exceptionally smooth and quiet, albeit 210,000km old when I bought it (and 250,000km when I sold it), never used a drop of oil between changes. Having a bit of a patriotic moment at Repco one day, I decided to grab a few litres of Penrite HPR 5 and see how it went. I used it for 3,000kms before I went back to Valvoline. On a perfectly smooth and quiet motor I had terrible lifter chatter on cold starts and the motor was noticeably rough at idle. The Valvoline sorted the chatter and roughness.


I bought my '02 Rangie about a year ago, and the workshop that did the servicing on it while the previous owner was in possession used nothing but Penrite. So, with that in mind I decided to keep on a good thing and have been changing the oil with HPR 5 over the last 12 months. This engine had 205,000km on it when I bought it, just over 216,000km now, and I'm tossing up if I should adopt the Valvoline theory with this one too as it has the same cold start chatter (only lasts 10sec or so) and roughness that I experienced with the other motor on the same Penrite oil.

I used Penrite religiously on my Torana. It was always noisy in the lifter department (I completely rebuilt the motor).

Perhaps I should report back after the Valvoline test?

Anyone know why a quiet motor would suddenly get noisy with a simple brand swap (viscosity was the same)? The noise ceased once refilled with Valvoline.


Car1999 and 2002 P38 Range Rovers
Hi Keithy, Thanks for taking the time to review us, you are welcome to talk to our Technical Team about any issues you are having with our products, they can be contacted on 1300 736 748 or tech@penriteoil.comThanks for the reply! I'm probably due to update seeing as it's been a while now! I've continued to run Penrite HPR in my latest Range Rover, my partners VU SS ute, and my HSV Clubsport. No further issues to report. Hooroo

Penrite HPR5 5-40W (Full Synthetic) SN Specification Against Mobil One 5-50W (SN), Mobil One 0-40W (

Bought 4 X 5 liters of this oil from Supercheap auto when on sale to test this oil in my vehicle. Previously, both my Nissan Maxima 2004 V6 3.5L and my Honda 2004 2.4L V-Tec both had Mobil One oil and Castrol Edge oil in both vehicles and both vehicles ran smoothly. Vibration was minimal if almost non-existent, tappet noise was completely eliminated, and upon hard acceleration the engine noise was a finesse/jet engine sound. I did reviews on both the Mobil One and Castrol Edge oil. So, at 170,000kms in my Honda and at 230,000kms in my Nissan Maxima V6. I changed the oil after 10,000kms, drained out the Mobil One oil and put in the Penrite HPR5 5-40W (Full Synthetic) SN Specification Oil - latest. New oil filter, new air filter, etc. etc. At start up, I immediately noticed a tappet noise coming from the engine bay in both vehicles. Engine sounded rough. Upon hard acceleration the sound from the engine bay was now, lacks finesse sounds like a cross between chopper n jet. Was able to maintain both vehicles at high speed on the M1/F3, fuel consumption, power, acceleration was as good as Mobil One and Castrol. After 10,000kms using Penrite HPR 5 5-40W, I did another oil change and again, poured in the Penrite HPR5 oil in both vehicles. This time, round at start up tappet noise was now less than before. Conclusion: It appears after nearly 20,000kms and two oil changes with the Penrite HPR5 5-40W oil that the only main difference between Penrite Oil and Mobil One and Castrol is 'Finesse'/'Refined'. Tappet noise from engine bay was noisier using Penrite as opposed to using Mobil One and Castrol Edge. However, this could be due to the fact that Penrite uses a different chemical component in its oil and hence when making the transition, the tappet noise in engine bay was pronounced. However, after the second oil change, tappet noise in engine bay has been reduced, but can still be heard. On a scale from 1-10, 10 being outstanding, Mobil One and Castrol would be 10, Penrite would be around 6. It's not a bad oil, it just lacks that Finesse/refinement. Tappet noise is louder n engine less smooth.
Australian Made, Value for Money, SN specification, Cheaper than Mobil One and Castrol Edge, Provides the same level of fuel saving consumption, improvement in power, reduced engine friction as Mobil One and Castrol edge.
Penrite HPR5 lacks the 'Finesse' that Mobil One and Castrol Edge provides. This could be due to different chemical component in the motor oil. However, the noise from the engine bay did reduce significantly after the 2nd oil change.

Car2004 Honda Accord euro luxury and Nissan Maxima
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Hi Alex, Thanks for taking the time to review us, you are welcome to talk to our Technical Team about any issues you are having with our products, they can be contacted on 1300 736 748 or tech@penriteoil.com

Hpr is great value for money

I bought new sv6 commodore in 2010. While the car was under warranty it was serviced with shell helix ultra. The car used to burn approx 300ml every 7500 ks.
I now service the car myself with hpr 5 and it is great. Not a drop missing between services.
I also use hpr 10 for my wifes mazda and it is great. No top ups and very stable oil.

The only issue is that my commodore needs 6.7l per service so packaging size is a bit annoying as i have to get 2x 5l every second time.

Given how common commodores are 7l container would be great !!!

Car2010 Holden Commodore SV6
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Thanks for your feedback and positive review Mirko.

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Questions & Answers

I have a 2006 build BMW X3, 2.5SI. Is this oil recommended for my motor?
1 answer
Hi Frank, Thanks for your inquiry. We need to confirm the fill model number for this vehicle? Can please give our Technical team a call on 1300 736 748 to discuss further.

My vehicle specifies for SAE 5W-40, API SL / JASO MA2, would this product meet these needs?
1 answer
Hi Greg, Thanks for your inquiry. Please give Technical a call on 1300 736 748 to discuss directly.

My vehicle specifies for SAE 5W-40, API SL / JASO MA2, would this product meet these needs?
1 answer
Hi Greg, Thanks for your inquiry. Please give Technical a call on 1300 736 748 to discuss directly.


HPR 5 5W-40 (Full Synthetic)
Release dateJan 2011
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