Totally satisfied

I switched to Penrite synthetic oils back in 2006 after reading a lab test published in the Commodores magazine reviewing 18 different oils available in Australia . On the strength of its reputation I had been using Mobil 1 since starting to do super sprints back in 1997. By 2005, however, I had twice experienced oil or compression ring problems in my Skyline R33 so went researching oils. The review I refer to above suggested that Mobil 1 was in fact one of the poorer performing oils in the stress tests carried out while Penrite was number two on the list of 18 and the difference in quantified results between the best and poorest at that time was huge. Since changing over I have always had great performance and engine reliability from Penrite though I did find that the higher viscosity ratings (say, 10-W70) could produce a bit of piston slap for a couple of seconds during cold starts in my modified Nissan Stagea. This prompted a bit of experimentation and of the viscosity ratings I tried, the 05-W40 solved the issue. Nowadays I use Penrite in both my MY12.5 Calais and my E46 330Ci BMW - I have had nothing but quiet, smooth performance in both cars.

CarSkyline R33, Stagea WGCN 34, BMW E46 330Ci
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Thanks for taking the time to review us, Natural

Noisy for 10 seconds on start up and Running rough. Within first 30km

Penrite recommended this oil as their preferred in my 1992 Mercedes 300ce AMG. I transitioned from mineral to semi-synthetic to full synthetic over the past seven years with no noise at all from the valve train and smooth idling. Within 100km of using the Penrite 10w-40w (extra 10) the engines lifters now chatter for what was at first maybe 5 seconds and now maybe 10 seconds, within the first 30k the engine has begun to idle roughly as if out of tune (It is not) I am very frustrated to have been recommended $68 worth of oil only to have to dump it, but I have no other choice. I have used Penrite premium mineral and semi in the past but would advise against their 'new' Extra 10 range and any of their synthetics for your pre 2000 vehicles.

CarMercedes 1992 300ce AMG
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Hi Jam, We are sorry to hear your displeasure with our product, you are welcome to talk to our Technical Team about and issues you are having with our products. They can be contacted on 1300 736 748 or email tech@penriteoil.com

I can garrentee this product

I have been using penrite oil since 1957 , used in tractors land cruiser rodeo , first bought a 200 ltr drum for 170 pounds , 340 dollers,that same drum used to last 3 years on the farm ,used the same oil in all the farm machenery, it leaves the motors clean and no sludge, and smoother running.

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Thanks for your kind review George


I changed to this oil recently from the synthetic Valvoline 5-40 I had previously had in the car. I have to admit that my car is quieter on Penrite.I couldn't believe the difference. I have always been sceptical about oil companies claims. This one has changed my mind. As for the longer term I will have to wait and see .

Car2014 FG Falcon
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Thanks for taking the time to review us Raym60

Great oil for my old cars

I have been using HPR30 in my Model A Ford for a lot of years, four years ago I purchased a 351w Mach1 Mustang HPR30 is perfect for this as well, stays nice and clean in both engines. The HPR30 oil is perfect for these old engines that require the high Zinc content.

Car1930 Ford Model A and 169 Mustang Mach1 351W
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Hi Peter, thanks for taking the time to review us.

Liquid Gold

Never used synthetic oils before.

If you read my other reviews, you'd find that Toyota put the wrong oil in my once perfectly running Landcruiser and once it ran dry, lost much of its oil pressure and began burning oil.

I decided to try Penrite HPR 15W-60 after meeting a busy workshop owner who only uses Synthetic Penrite in his car and heavy diesel garage.

First key turn, oil pressure was back up (albeit not like before) and it stopped smoking out the exhaust completely.

Done 40,000kms in the past year just travelling Australia in some fairly harsh conditions and the engine has now reached 350,000kms.

Still runs like a dream and the best part is, even at 10000kms when it's time to change the oil, it comes out just as clean as when it went back in.

Have been using Castrol Magnatec on my Camry which has a full service history from new and has done 200,000kms and the oil turns black within a few hundred kms.

Switched to Penrite HPR. Runs quieter, smoother, and just feels healthier.

Highly recommend

Car1998 Toyota Landcruiser FZJ105R
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Thanks for the kind review Nathan

Great Oil For Classic 911

I purchased a classic 911 last year, which was quite clearly in dire need of a service.

One of the first things I changed was the engine oil. Going by previous service receipts, I could see that previous owners were using a Synthetic oil, without any Zinc content!

These cars have a flat tappet design, so a high Zinc content (1600 ppm) for engine protection is a must.

Maybe it's just my imagination (I think not) but the car runs a lot smoother now, and the 20W-60 gives a bit more protection than what Porsche specify.

So for me, it's overall a great choice, and I'm happy to use an Australian product as well.

Car1981 Porsche 911SC
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Thanks for using our products in your Classic 911, Daniel.

great oil

Been using Penrite oil for years my wife's 2014 Ford Focus loves it but my BMW 323i is not so happy on HPR5 you can just tell its not perfect motor runs silent but feels sluggish of the mark. other then that i think its a great oil for everyday use my old Falcon loved it

Car2014 Ford Focus and 2010 323i BMW
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Thanks for the kind review Dennis.

Mixed feelings on HPR 5

I am in two minds over Penrite HPR 5! I've had two of the same make and model - 4.6L V8 P38 Range Rovers. One was a '99, the other a '02. Both were the 'update' Thor motors.

In my '99 from the day I bought it I was using Valvoline SYNpower 5w 40, tried and true it was a great oil. The motor was exceptionally smooth and quiet, albeit 210,000km old when I bought it (and 250,000km when I sold it), never used a drop of oil between changes. Having a bit of a patriotic moment at Repco one day, I decided to grab a few litres of Penrite HPR 5 and see how it went. I used it for 3,000kms before I went back to Valvoline. On a perfectly smooth and quiet motor I had terrible lifter chatter on cold starts and the motor was noticeably rough at idle. The Valvoline sorted the chatter and roughness.


I bought my '02 Rangie about a year ago, and the workshop that did the servicing on it while the previous owner was in possession used nothing but Penrite. So, with that in mind I decided to keep on a good thing and have been changing the oil with HPR 5 over the last 12 months. This engine had 205,000km on it when I bought it, just over 216,000km now, and I'm tossing up if I should adopt the Valvoline theory with this one too as it has the same cold start chatter (only lasts 10sec or so) and roughness that I experienced with the other motor on the same Penrite oil.

I used Penrite religiously on my Torana. It was always noisy in the lifter department (I completely rebuilt the motor).

Perhaps I should report back after the Valvoline test?

Anyone know why a quiet motor would suddenly get noisy with a simple brand swap (viscosity was the same)? The noise ceased once refilled with Valvoline.


Car1999 and 2002 P38 Range Rovers
Hi Keithy, Thanks for taking the time to review us, you are welcome to talk to our Technical Team about any issues you are having with our products, they can be contacted on 1300 736 748 or tech@penriteoil.comThanks for the reply! I'm probably due to update seeing as it's been a while now! I've continued to run Penrite HPR in my latest Range Rover, my partners VU SS ute, and my HSV Clubsport. No further issues to report. Hooroo

469,000km and going strong...

I've used HPR Gas 10 exclusively in my LPG BA Falcon for the past decade. I change the oil and the filter (Ryco) every 10,000km. The car now has 469,000km on it. It's been the most reliable car I've ever owned...except for the smegging front rotors which have to be machined/replaced once a year.

CarBA Falcon sedan.
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Thanks for the review Mackers!

Good drop but

Changed over from the castrol edge 5-30 normally purchased as the price savings seemed a little too good to ignore. Oil stays clean and all the performance is still there but does run about 10c hotter in both my xt forester with 90k and hsv senator ls3? Is this somthing that I should worry about??

Car2009 senator and 2010 turbo petrol forester
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Hi Anthony, Thanks for taking the time to review us, you are welcome to talk to our Technical Team about any issues you are having with our products, they can be contacted on 1300 736 748 or tech@penriteoil.com

Good quality run smooth a bit pricy but its worth investing in oil!!

I drive a calais it is the vs 3.8 series 2 and is supercharged factory, L67 motor so similar to many commodores. I have always used synthetic and found this oil was better than most but I would say the Valvalin synthetic was slightly better, and ran a little smother and quite, but this oil seems to have protected my car through high temperatures and Ive been happy. Im going to try the gulf western semi synthetic and if its no good ill go back to penrite or valvoline. It would be good if the guide reccomended if you need a different grade for supercharged cars with high kms. 15-50 is the grad i was using, trying 10w 40 next with GW. Ps I only keep my oil for 5000 -8000 kms and then I change it and my oil usualy stays reatively muck free.

CarHolden Calais 3.8 S/C
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Thanks for taking the time to review us.

Penrite HPR5 5-40W (Full Synthetic) SN Specification Against Mobil One 5-50W (SN), Mobil One 0-40W (

Bought 4 X 5 liters of this oil from Supercheap auto when on sale to test this oil in my vehicle. Previously, both my Nissan Maxima 2004 V6 3.5L and my Honda 2004 2.4L V-Tec both had Mobil One oil and Castrol Edge oil in both vehicles and both vehicles ran smoothly. Vibration was minimal if almost non-existent, tappet noise was completely eliminated, and upon hard acceleration the engine noise was a finesse/jet engine sound. I did reviews on both the Mobil One and Castrol Edge oil. So, at 170,000kms in my Honda and at 230,000kms in my Nissan Maxima V6. I changed the oil after 10,000kms, drained out the Mobil One oil and put in the Penrite HPR5 5-40W (Full Synthetic) SN Specification Oil - latest. New oil filter, new air filter, etc. etc. At start up, I immediately noticed a tappet noise coming from the engine bay in both vehicles. Engine sounded rough. Upon hard acceleration the sound from the engine bay was now, lacks finesse sounds like a cross between chopper n jet. Was able to maintain both vehicles at high speed on the M1/F3, fuel consumption, power, acceleration was as good as Mobil One and Castrol. After 10,000kms using Penrite HPR 5 5-40W, I did another oil change and again, poured in the Penrite HPR5 oil in both vehicles. This time, round at start up tappet noise was now less than before. Conclusion: It appears after nearly 20,000kms and two oil changes with the Penrite HPR5 5-40W oil that the only main difference between Penrite Oil and Mobil One and Castrol is 'Finesse'/'Refined'. Tappet noise from engine bay was noisier using Penrite as opposed to using Mobil One and Castrol Edge. However, this could be due to the fact that Penrite uses a different chemical component in its oil and hence when making the transition, the tappet noise in engine bay was pronounced. However, after the second oil change, tappet noise in engine bay has been reduced, but can still be heard. On a scale from 1-10, 10 being outstanding, Mobil One and Castrol would be 10, Penrite would be around 6. It's not a bad oil, it just lacks that Finesse/refinement. Tappet noise is louder n engine less smooth.
Australian Made, Value for Money, SN specification, Cheaper than Mobil One and Castrol Edge, Provides the same level of fuel saving consumption, improvement in power, reduced engine friction as Mobil One and Castrol edge.
Penrite HPR5 lacks the 'Finesse' that Mobil One and Castrol Edge provides. This could be due to different chemical component in the motor oil. However, the noise from the engine bay did reduce significantly after the 2nd oil change.

Car2004 Honda Accord euro luxury and Nissan Maxima
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Hi Alex, Thanks for taking the time to review us, you are welcome to talk to our Technical Team about any issues you are having with our products, they can be contacted on 1300 736 748 or tech@penriteoil.com

A diesel oil that inspires confidence in its motor protection.

Have used Penrite HPR diesel 5 oil exclusively since its first service in our Mitsubishi Challenger diesel automatic. Has now travelled 78,000 kms, many towing a 2.5t tandem caravan. Oil and filter changed each 10,000 kms and vehicle uses no oil at all.

Motor runs quietly at highway speeds and diesel clatter is only noticeable at idle and hard acceleration. Hope to get 500,000 kms from the motor before any repairs.

Very happy with oil.

CarMitsubishi Challenger diesel automatic
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Thanks for taking the time to review us.

penrite engine oil

I have a xr8, a 5.7 litre gen 3 holden, a v6 3.8 holden I tried all different penrites in all of them just to find it made the lifters noiser at start up and driving also I found the oil didn't last very long in my engines before needed changing , I tried synthetics and semi mineral oil in the older xr8, I will never use it in my cars again

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Thanks for taking the time to review us, you are welcome to talk to our Technical Team about any issues you are having with our products, they can be contacted on 1300 736 748 or tech@penriteoil.com

Long life high performance oil

Some years ago used HPR 10W50 in my Hyundai Excel and lasted well over 10.000 kms, the condition of the oil was still good. Could've done another 5.000 kms easy. If your engine is in well maintained condition then the oil will last longer.

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Thanks for your positive review Zaksi.

Hpr is great value for money

I bought new sv6 commodore in 2010. While the car was under warranty it was serviced with shell helix ultra. The car used to burn approx 300ml every 7500 ks.
I now service the car myself with hpr 5 and it is great. Not a drop missing between services.
I also use hpr 10 for my wifes mazda and it is great. No top ups and very stable oil.

The only issue is that my commodore needs 6.7l per service so packaging size is a bit annoying as i have to get 2x 5l every second time.

Given how common commodores are 7l container would be great !!!

Car2010 Holden Commodore SV6
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Thanks for your feedback and positive review Mirko.

Not as good as I hoped

I have recently used 20w-50 semi-synthetis Diesel oil and found it simply cannot maintain its quality over time. I was an engine reconditioner for 20 years and always found that cars regularly serviced with Penrite oils to be extremely clean when I pulled the engines down. This may be due to high detergents in the oil. In terms of my engine, Patrol Z30 diesel, I found initial driving to be good up to almost 5000 but then valve train noises increased and the oil did not maintain its viscosity. It deteriorated to quite thin, has a slight odour and engine has starting burning oil which it has never done previously. Quality oils these days are often good for 10 000 but this oil did not even make 5000. I will return to my previous oil for this engine which is becomming hard to get (hence the change). The Valvoline durablend semi-sythetic 10w-40 is excellent for this particular engine as seen by many reviews. Perhaps the penrite oils are good for small petrol engines but definitely not for diesels. Its a pity because I do want to support Australian companies.

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Hi Haz, Sorry you have had a bad experience using our oil. You are welcome to talk to our Technical Team to discuss your concerns further on 1300 736 748 or via email: tech@penriteoil.com

HPR product

The HPR product is a great all round oil for modern cars operating in all condtions throughout australia. Im a heavy disel mechanic and have dissassembled many engines over the last thirty five years . i have found that the engines that have used penrite oil in them regularly have been clean and within wear specifications appon dissassembley after many years of service . Penrite is a great australian product and most importantly gives employment to australian and australian families as well as been owned by an australian family i wish them every successes for the future .

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Hi David, Thank you for your kind review.

Not as good as some people say

I am fairly fussy when it comes to looking after both my wifes and my car and I always try to get the genuine filters,plugs and lubricants recommended for the car or that meet or exceed OEM standards.

I wen't to Autobarn and being a bit tight financially like most of us I wanted an oil that was cheaper than the Mobil 1 but would still be ok,the shop assistant walked over pretty confidently and pointed me in the direction of Penrite oil so I purchased 5 litres.

Worst mistake as now after 4000km it's already thick as anything and cold starts in the morning are horrible compared to the Mobil or even the Castrol Magnatec ,tomorrow I am going to get myself 5 litres of Mobil 1 a filter and some liqui moly oil flush and changing it back.

Engine did not seem to run as quite either and just generally not impressed with this oil.
Was maybe good for the first 1500km's
Bad on cold starts in the morning,Engine noisy,thickened up to quick,dark appearance after 4000km

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Hi Darion, Thanks for taking the time to review us, you are welcome to talk to our Technical Team about any issues you are having with our products, they can be contacted on 1300 736 748 or tech@penriteoil.com

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I have a 2006 build BMW X3, 2.5SI. Is this oil recommended for my motor?
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Hi Frank, Thanks for your inquiry. We need to confirm the fill model number for this vehicle? Can please give our Technical team a call on 1300 736 748 to discuss further.

Hello, I have a 1964 Austin Healey 3000 and I was recommended to use HPR 50 40-70 as it would reduce oil consumption. I previously used Penrite HPR 20w60. On a recent trip of some 8000 miles my motor used around 7 litres of oil which I considered excessive. What is your recommendation? Regards David
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Hi David, Can you please contact the Penrite Techincal Team on 1300 736 748 so we can discuss directly.

hi i have a vw golf turbo 1.6 is diesel is this oil 15w50 semi synthetic ok
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Hi Des, Thanks for your inquiry. What year is this vehicle? Please give Technical a call on 1300 736 748 to discuss directly.

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