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Had a call from people energy,
1)have to ask multiple time about what company is it before they tell me,
2)they say they have 40% off, but from what price? they didn't mention.
3) Told them my mom is available at 5:30 pm, they call it at 6:30 pm, while I explain to them that she is not available at 6:30 pm, they assume we are not interested, and say "you will not have the 40% off, bye".

If the product is true we would have checked the website.

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Disgusting power company


Their information is misleading and always want to over charge you, if you don’t pay amount described they will threaten you that your account is going to debit collectors and that will affect your credit file.



Bad practice - talking advantage of vulnerable people


Called my daughter who has a brain injury - confused her, and berated her for not understanding. She hung up but they called her back - she is not sure what she agreed to as she could not understand because of the accent and the speed of delivery. They recorded her and kept telling her to use only yes or no answers. Asked for her medicare no or driver's licence number too. I am feeling very nervous about what might happen next. Not sure what I should do.
The abysmal reviews I am seeing here just reinforce how dodgy the business practices are of this company. Maybe I will contact the Energy Ombudsman.



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Total scammers


Keeps calling and telling lies in Indian English. Never trust these rubbish guys. I think the Australian Government needs to take actions against such scammers.



They have been calling me non-stop! They told me I was eligible for a discount on my bill like all other Victorians, I just needed to confirm my details. They did not tell me they were from a totally different electricity company than I am with. They tried to manipulate me into switching over to them just by me confirming my ID. I did not do that and hung up on them.
Absolute joke! If they had have been honest from the start and told me where they were from I may have listened.
How can they continue to do this?

Constantly calls they won’t leave me alone!!!!


Can’t stand it!!!! Everyday the call 3 times and I tell them put me on the do not call registry.. They don’t listen, going to put in complaint again this harassment!!! It’s got to STOP ✋

Liars and scammers


My electricity was switched over to a vulnerable person under my care who has an intellectual disability 19 and mind of a 9 year old. They took advantage of her got her name and switched over my energy bill under her name without my consent!! How do you give consent to someone whose never worked and has a disability? Someone who can't even read or write? And you give them authority to pay a bill?
Damn can't even speak English themselves and were clear about nothing and kept cutting me out and hung up on me. Offered and promised me a discount took my card details and then said they couldn't get the discount after I gave my bank details! Worst money eaters! and never told me how this girl got consent to have a bill under her name!



I am shocked how Call centre have my details


I received a call on Friday afternoon from CS and says he's from Melbourne office. I repeatedly had to say I am not authorising for any change from my current provider. Not interested in monthly bills. He gave me his staff ID number but doesn't want to hear no for an answer. He constantly reads info about 2 plans and says i would be silly not accepting their 46% discount. I lost my patience and said I am not giving my authorisation or details of the current provider. I am worried after reading these reviews, whether PE are going to sign me up without my authorisation. Do I need to call my current electricity provider on Monday?



People energy are absolute criminals. They suck you in without you realising. And when I did I told them to stick it. Yes they keep ringing you but just hang up no point arguing they are morons. Stick with what you know and are comfortable with. No energy company is great but it's that old familiar saying that stands true, better the devil you know. Back with AGL and couldn't be happier. Who cares about all these stupid discounts. You never get something for nothing they all use clever selling tactics.



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No Stars would be more accurate


Had an unsolicited call from these guys today. Couldn't get a word in as the guy rattled off his script and when I did, I couldn't get a straight answer out of him. Not sure if it was his poor English or their terrible background noise. Do I wan't to deal with a company like this...no way. Yeah I get it, People Energy use a third party for this marketing, but once again that says something about them doesn't it.

Beware !!!


These guys tried to get my daughter to pay for an account on a property she left six months before. I put an offer to settle the matter to their " resolution officer " who says he could " fix it " it then got bounced off to another person who supposedly " had the authority " and then to another person who " had the authority " to be told he couldn't tell me who had he authority - what a sham of an " organisation "

Signed me up without asking, then refused to cancel my account




Complete liars! Was told they were ringing me to activate a discount for my agl account as it was not previously activated. They were then able to recite my personal details. On yelling at the phone operator they then revealed all my personal information was collected off an online survey which I had completed and that they were in fact trying to swap me over from agl to people energy. These people are not to be trusted!

people are not to be trusted


People energy cold called my elderly father pretending to be origin and then tried to get him to change over to them,they seemed to know all his details. Do not deal with this company under any circumstances. When I called to complain about this behavior they were rude and arrogant.



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they ring nearly every day


I dont want to join people energy. I havent signed up to anything nor have I rung them up to talk to a sales representative. Im not interested in signing up please do not call me back ever.

Shocking service theft amazing rudeness no knowledge


Bunch of idiots, good for nothing's. We needed electricity abolishment, they say please use another company's form as we don't have one. When asked to speak to manager, [name removed] says he is the one but says it will take 300 to 500 dollars. 40 business days. I wouldn't place my credit card details with these Indian cowboys.

10mins to get to the real purpose of the call


Stephalea O'Connor

Stephalea O'ConnorAU

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Signed me up without permission. First of problems


They called me up and offered to give me a better deal and said they will send out the information so I can compare it myself and then they would call me within 10 days to ask if I would like to continue. I never recieved the information and I missed a call from them then all of assuden they automatically signed me up! Was a nightmare to get them to cancel it as well. They were rude and almost wouldn't do it borderline calling me stupid for not taking their deal. I recieved a bill of $60 for only 5 days supply! Paid the bill just to get rid of them but every single person I spoke to was Indian (no offence) and rude!
Absolutely disgusting.

Nice try.


These guys just called me offering the usual 38% discount, that everyone in Australia is just randomly entitled to and they don’t have to do anything AT ALL. Then wanted my DOB “just to confirm Im not talking to a minor” when I refused saying if everyone in Australia is entitled to this why do you need any of my details? I was met with “well you won’t get the discount then”. No problem, see ya! ✌

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They have just scamed us said wouldnt change provideres how dovwe get out of it ,help .

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