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Worst experience with recruting consultants

I have registered with this agency and i have had the worst experience with them. I was sent an SMS message asking me to respond to a vacancy for customer service. Being unemployed naturally i was keen and enthusiatic about it. I tried to contact the representative was askec to leave a message on her phone. I did that and replued to the sms too. However when i finallt succeeded in reaching the person she says oh unfortunately our client does not find you suitable. What are you kidding me? Have you contacted and known from the client in those 2 mins. Then she comes with a response that about 200 people are automatically placed on a system where such an SMS is sent!!! Digest that if you can.

Plus when i tried to contact Reps for other jobs , they are either on leave or not available. I was further informed that they have me on a database and that they will contact me. None have of them have contacted me. The worst consultant is [Name Removed]. She needs to be fired from her job.

All employers who are seeking good candidates for empliyment please do not use this third rate agency. My best wishes to all of you.

Lack of professional fundamentals & questionable principles

I received a call from a female recruiter about a position that I had applied for. The job ad itself was a generic description about the role and I wanted to know more about the jobs’ function, responsibility or task – basically what my work day would entail. However, the female recruiter advised that she could not disclose any information about the role over the phone and was very persistent in meeting with me. I was keen on the role, despite the lack of forthcoming information. I asked what industry the role was, as I did not want to waste anybody’s time if it was not aligned with my experience. However, I thought it was quite odd that she would not disclose the industry either. The female recruiter asked me if it sounded like something I would be interested in and I replied that I am unable to make an informed decision about the role if I don’t know anything about it.
At the interview the female recruiter was 10 minutes late and only had 2 of 4 pages of my resume printed - missing out on my career history and qualifications/certificates/accomplishments etc. I asked why all the secrecy about the role as I would have appreciated more details about the position. Again, the female recruiter was very obstinate and wanted to look-over my resume (first 2 pages) before revealing the name of the company and the position on offer. She advised that she wanted to discuss my experience in detail before divulging the business name. At this point, I explained to her that this was not a one-way street and that you don’t get to ask me all the questions, without answering any of mine. I informed her that she needed to look at it from my perspective and help me fill in the blanks.
In my opinion, she made the interview process more complex than it needed to be. Basically, she stuck to a script because it was people2people’s policy and did not modify or compromise on a solution or considered my perspective. She failed to explain the business, products and services and she did not communicate in a way that was in my best interest or considered my viewpoint when she required my input into the role itself. Information about the role was not shared freely and she quickly dismissed or did not understand why I would be asking her questions about the role if they were not in line with her own thinking ‘scripting’. The female recruiter discounted the importance of building rapport and getting to know me – my relevant work experiences, my industry qualifications/certificates, my expertise. How then, is she supposed to assist or recommend me to prospective employers if she didn’t offer me professional courtesy of basic customer service. I’m not holding my breath - I would never recommend people2people Parramatta.

Advertise jobs that aren't there

Some of the jobs that they advertised do not exist. When inquired on the phone, they said immediate filling-in and after going through interviews and online tests (with great results), they said that they are going ahead with the hiring pending client's approval. Then nothing from them. When followed up, they said the client had put it on hold. However the advertisement is still there and was still there 2 months on. When inquired again 2 months later, they said yes it back on. Went through the above process again and then nothing. Again they said, it had been put on hold. But the advertisement is still there! I know recruitment agencies sometime do need to fill up the database quota but I felt this agency had stepped over the line.

Not worth seeing

People2people Melbourne: consultant [name removed] approached me online to state they had an opening on a position that i may be interested in. (i was not actively looking for a job). It was Clear to me in my one on one consult that the recruiters are only trying to fulfill their KPI's. I had a non productive 1 on 1 meet and the recruiter even asked me what has attracted me to the role? Interesting question when i had no idea what the role was or who it was with as he would not disclose this information on a previous phone call unless i came in personally. To date i have followed them up on numerous occasions with no response although they promised they would be in touch again the day after my meeting. This company has a complete disrespect for others and is unprofessional.

Unprofessional and Incompetent

Received a return call about a job which I GENUINELY couldn't take at the time when they asked if I had a couple of minutes. I asked if it was OK for them to call back after a certain time. They said yes but I never got a call back. I rang the next day and got someone else on the phone who was out of the office and she told me that I MAY receive a call back when she got back to the office. Never happened. Poor service. Genuinely am suited for that position but the company who hires these people will never know..

Very disappointing and immature

Empty words and empty promises. I wanted to discuss some genuine concerns I had with staff yet instead of being listened to and dealing with issues they say they will now refuse to help me find a job.

Unprofessional, Incompetent Recruitment Company and Low Grade Staff.......

Unprofessional, Incompetent Recruitment Company and with Low Grade Staff.....

PEOPLE2PEOPLE - 276 Flinders Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

On the 14 May 2018, I was invited to people2people by a male staff member [name removed] for a face to face interview.
I paid $46.00 for parking in the city to meet with this CON MAN!!

We first had a phone meeting, and the face to face interview was pre booked for 14 MAY.
I was told my CV and details were going to be sent to the “Client" mean the Employer ??

On the 15 May 2018, I was asked verbally by Kogan.com that I was to email a copy of my passport for ID.
On the 15 May 2018, I emailed a copy of the passport to [name removed] not knowing it was all a scam!!

I was not given a Privacy Consent form to collect my personal data, and this alone is a breach of privacy.

Since that day, I have not heard back, no follow up from [name removed] and the matter is now elapsed.
After a week I called People2People, and I was told by [name removed] that the client had not got back to him, and I was asked to wait....
To date I have not heard back from the "Consultant" [name removed], with nil customer service, nil interest in the client and so unprofessional and ignorant.

It is a breach of a person's privacy when you are just asked to email your "PASSPORT”, AS IT IS AN INVASION OF YOUR PRIVACY".

STAY AWAY FROM people2people........ Do not give away your ID...

100% Unprofessional, Incompetent Recruitment Company with Low Grade Staff….

Excellent experience

Great communication, professional and work with a lot of quality clients. Found me a job quickly that met what I was looking for,

They are Awesome!!!

Consultants are professional, they were helpful in locking in a Great job for me!
They were great supports throughout the whole process! Thank You P2P!

Pathetic and unprofessional.

I had the misfortune and displeasure to call this 'sweat shop operation' to touch base and see if any job opportunities where available only to be belittled by some male cretin that had the nerve to tell me: you didn't finish an assignment with X employer. Then unapologetically, this dimwitt proceed to claim that I did not suit the role I was calling for, etc. In a world of Hays, Randstads, etc. this poor excuse for a recruitment outfit is nothing but a bunch of 'crum snatchers' in the recruitment league. I will endeavour to pass the message to as many as possible and save them the grief and lame experience I had with this Mob.

Great agency

I was making a career change and these guys have me some advice and helped secure me a great job

Very professional and helpful

Had a meet and greet with p2p this morning. Fantastic consultants that seem genuine in helping you with employment. The first consultant I met with felt as though my skills may cross over with another consultants client listings so I met with a second consultant to discuss my employment desires. Both consultants were professional and clearly had experience within the recruitment industry.

Age Discrimination

Applied for a position and first thing they did was snap your photo.
Was interviewed and advised that my resume was being forwarded to NSW Health and they had various jobs that I was suited for.

That was over 12 months ago and never heard from these clowns again. What happens to all this information and facial images of of all applicants? ??
Very good time wasters as they will not put your resume forward if you're over fifty.

Alot of recruitment agencies make fools out of people

people2people are no better than the other recruitment agencies around, they are all out to make fools out of people who are needing work. they are all time wasters and feel superior to the job seeker. I dont go near them anymore after all my rotten experiences with them. They treat job seekers like they are the scum of the earth!!!!! and they are the superior beings.

Excellent - Employed in less that 24 hours!

I registered with people2people and was first greeted by a professional receptionist and then was interviewed by a consultant who was extremely proactive and knew the market like the back of her hand. This consultant made me feel comfortable and at the end of the interview she presented me with 3 jobs to choose from. After discussing the roles she left the room to make a call to one of her clients and managed to secure an interview in for me with her client that very afternoon. I was amazed at how seamless the process was and how in control of the process she was. I interviewed with her client, was offered the role and started the next day. What can I say, I was delighted that I was gainfully employed in less than 24 hours. Couldn't have asked for more. Amazing agency and service. Take the pain out of looking for a job and contact people2people.

Very intimidating and unprofessional

Had an interview today with a member of your team, [name removed]. Made me feel very uncomfortable and was very downgrading. She brought in another member of the team, who stood hovering over me while asking me what I do with myself. Very unprofessional and horrendous customer service. Would not recommend.

Selfish company

This recruitment agency has the most unprofessional "consultants" I was misled and after resigning from my job to start in a job that people2people placed me in they withdrew the job saying I was not suitable. I suggest you avoid this company at ALL costs.

Refusing to Pay and Deceitful at every step

People2people was deceitful in recruiting for a position that was little more then mail intake it was sold as being very high level and ended up being a complete downgrade in position. They have since repeatedly promised to pay me for work done and to date have not paid and are now citing "It reasons" behind this, They are unprofessional and incapable of taking responsibility and lack the communication skills to solve menial issues. You will only hear from them if you can benefit them .

Thorough, experienced, genuine!

I disagree with many of the reviews I've read here. I understand it can be frustrating when looking for a role, especially when you're not getting any traction, but the team here were great to me. While I ultimately took a role via another agency I thought there interview process was better, their description and understanding of their clients opportunity was better and it was clear they had a better relationship with their client then the agency who did place me. Though the otherI found out more about the role at the interview speaking with the client directly, it just turned out to be a better opportunity for me. When I am looking for work in future I will go to people2people first.

In a word, "unprofessional". There are much better companies than this bunch of amateurs.

My experience mirrors that of others with this very unprofessional company. Sent emails that are never received (apparently), even though they were sent through from two different email accounts with no problems, promised call backs from staff members that are never made. One thing I detest is people who aren't straight with me. If my application has been rejected, just say so, don't tell me my email was never received, or string me along with promises of a call back, then not following through, when there was never any apparent intention of ever doing so. Don't waste your time with this company.

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