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It is quite remarkable it lasts all day. Cream is the best thing to get it off not a wipe like I usually use but it comes off easily. My friends think it is amazing

Good afternoon Hightower, Thank you for your amazing review! It is certainly remarkable how it lasts up to 10 hours, and thank you for your tip about using a cream to remove, we do generally suggest just soaking it with warm water on cotton wool. Kind Regards, Tina My Perfect Cosmetics Company HQI am more than pleased

Perfect Eyes Indeed!!

This product was insane. I have the worst and darkest undereye bags known to man and after careful application of "my perfect eyes" I barely recognised myself because of how flawless and amazing my undereye area looked. In saying this it took me a while to get the hang of the application process and please be aware that correct application is CRUCIAL for this product to work. If you do a bad job at applying it then it will do a bad job at making you look good, simple as that :)

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Hi Natalie, We are so happy that you have mastered the application for My Perfect Eyes, it works amazingly on dark circles! Kind Regards, Tina My Perfect Cosmetics Company HQ

Eyelift in a Bottle

Magic in a bottle! I've been using this product for over 15yrs. Only a small amount is needed to hide lines, dark circles, and bags it truly is an amazing product. I either use with or without makeup. Last 10+ hours washes off with water. Once you use it you will be hooked. It's my Eyelift in a bottle without the invasive surgery and $$ Love My Perfect Eyes be lost without My Perfect Eyes
Debs xo

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Hi DeborahD, Thank you so much for your wonderful review! Have a wonderful Christmas. Kind Regards, Tina My Perfect Cosmetics Company HQ

Picture Perfect

Had been suffering with puffiness for years with the help of hayfever and this instantly combats the tired puffy eyes, leaving the under eye area flawless! Thrilled to have found this product! Ps - mineral powders or compact powders I found works awesome over the top just have to lightly blend..although sometimes I wear it on its own.

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Hi Shellbelle, Thank you for your wonderful review, we are so happy that you are enjoying your products! Kind Regards, Tina My Perfect Cosmetics Company HQ

Can't live without this!

I only use My Perfect because its the only skin care product that won't come off in humid weather. I'm delighted that its reducing lines on my face. I recommend it highly and can't live without it.

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Hi Melissa, Thank you for your amazing review, and enjoy your products!! Kind Regards, Tina My Perfect Cosmetics Company HQ

Best product on the market!

Being 42, I have tried everything to try and hide those inevitable wrinkles that appear with age but My Perfect Eyes is not only the best that I have used, the results are instant (within minutes the lines and wrinkles vanish). The instant results are perfect for those nights you want to go out, which I always get complimented on how young I look for my age (and I’m a smoker which we all know how smoking aged our skin).When My Perfect Eyes is used correctly with an oil free foundation or powder, in my experiences it lasts up to 10 hours on a big night with lots of drinking and dancing and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed if you try it

Good morning Leanne, We are so happy that you are loving our My Perfect Eyes! Please try our My Perfect Facial as well, it is an amazing product that lifts, firms, tones, and massively reduces the wrinkles from the neck up, and works wonderfully on smokers lines around the mouth. Kind Regards, Tina My Perfect Cosmetics Company HQThanks Tina, I actually received My Perfect Facial today (actually yesterday as it’s after midnight lol) so I will be sure to let you guys know my opinion once I start to use it (which I’m sure will be a five star rating if it’s anything like My a Perfect Eyes). Regards Leanne

This is Not a good product

Firstly I have to say this does work for about 1 hour ONLY. I washed My face and cleaned them dry and washed them again to make sure they were perfectly clean I did EXACTLY what this product told us to do and it left marks on my face. So everyone who used this would have to use foundation to cover the marks you get from this product. So I followed as on TV in Oz and lightly put on mineral Revlon and it's just highlighted for horror photos. Have a wedding to go to and would not recommend. I ask for a refund and so far no one has called. $165 for a product that leaves white Mark's under the eyes. I followed the process sadly it's not working.

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Good morning Marise, I am sorry that you are not happy with your My Perfect Eyes. I did respond to your email on the 15/11/18 giving you some application tips, and asking you to call us on 03 8376 1180, and look forward to hearing from you so I can assist you further. Kind Regards, Tina My Perfect Cosmetics Company HQ

My Perfect is the first skin care brand I have found to be compatatible with where I live in the Tro

I am using only My Perfect as it is the only skin care product that does not feel like I have sweated it off in the tropical humid heat where I live. I am extremely happy with the results that I am achieving reducing small lines on my face. Even my work colleagues are seeing a difference. I am so happy with this product and cant recommend it highly enough. Less is best I have found, keeping to the recommended pea size amount of moisturizer. I love the face mask and feel really refreshed after using it.

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Good morning Gumba, I am so glad that you are loving the My Perfect Facial. My Perfect Facial is wonderful for rehydration in humid areas, and combating sun damage to the skin. Kind Regards, Tina My Perfect Cosmetics Company HQ

Add a little water

I thought I would write a negative review as I have had a number of problems, however after reading similar review problems I persevered and found by adding a little bit of water even to a new bottle and using a small amount really helps easier to apply and limited chalk effect also use a mineral powder with a soft brush when totally dry about 10 mins under the eye and blend foundation this works better than the recommended foundation to under eye as still cakes, a bit of practice but i now feel its worth it.

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Good morning Carisma, Thank you for sharing this tip with us. Another tip is to ensure that your lid is securely tightened on your bottle of My Perfect Eyes. My Perfect Eyes is air activated, so if the lid is not securely fastened it can start activating inside the bottle, making it harder to get that flawless finish. Kind Regards, Tina My Perfect Cosmetics Company HQ

My perfect eyes, start my perfect day

So simple easy quick to use, then a quick brush over with my make up powder, I am ready to walk out the door, the best thing I know it will last all day long, I sweat a lot no problems at all , love

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Good morning Lyn, Thank you so much for your wonderful review. We love that you love our product! Kind Regards, Tina My Perfect Cosmetics Company HQ

Cannot be Faulted!

Absolutely love this product! I was hooked after the first use. You only need a small amount and it completely gets rid of any wrinkles and puffiness. I use it underneath my mineral foundation and it lasts me all day regardless of the weather. Cannot fault it at all - It's so nice to see a product that does what it promises!

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Hi Erynn, Thank you so much for your amazing feedback, and we are so glad you are loving our products! Kind Regards, Tina My Perfect Cosmetics Company HQ

It really works

I'm about to order my third bottle. This product really does work. Gets rid of fine lines, bags and dark circles. You must shake the bottle well and only use a small amount. That way you won't get any white residue. It lasts all day. I have had no problem with skin rashes or anything else. It certainly makes me look years younger.

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Hi Jenny, Thank you so much for your amazing feedback! We are so glad that you are loving our products. Kind Regards, Tina My Perfect Cosmetics Company HQ

My go to every morning

I saw this product advertised on The Morning Show many years ago and decided to try it. I have been using this product underneath my makeup ever since! It truly does do what they show on TV! The puffy bags under the eyes disappear and so do the fine lines and crows feet! Its my go to product before applying my foundation! I just LOVE this product!

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Hi Lydia, Indeed My Perfect Eye is a result given product. It works every time and loved by so many around the world. Enjoy your product. Kind Regards, Harry My Perfect Cosmetics Company HQ

I was amazed

I received this as a gift and didn't think my under-eye area was that bad until I tried the product because wow it completely removed my dark bags and fine lines. Have been recommending it to all of my friends, very happy

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Hi Katie, My Perfect Eye works each and every time. Loved by so many around the world. Enjoy using your product. Kind Regards, Harry My Perfect Cosmetics Company HQ

Perfect eyes magnificent

Very happy with my purchase of perfect eyes. It delivered on what it said it would achieve. No more wrinkles or bags under my eyes. Sixty seconds to a more youthful look.

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Hi Lisa, Thank you for your fantastic review. My Perfect Eyes is a result given product and it works each and every time. Enjoy using your product. Kind Regards, Harry My Perfect Cosmetics Company HQ

Every day essential.

I use it almost every day and can't believe how wonderfully it works. Apply as directed...i.e. one sweeping motion with small amount, let dry, keep eyes still for short while as it dries...bags disappear. Amazing.

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Hi Annie, Thank you for your lovely review! Kind Regards, Tina My Perfect Cosmetics Company HQ

Bad deal, bad result!

Fascinated with results shown on TV, bought a double deal pack, received 5 days later on 15 Nov, badly packed, missing some items, repeatedly called & emailed, no response, tried it once, bad results, left white residues under eyes though instructions were followed. White residue under eye showed even after applying make up . NO RETURN ADDRESS TO RETURN TO, need refunds for untruthful bad deal & product. You can call me Mel.

Good morning Mel, I am sorry that you have this experience, and have sent you a private message so we can resolve that for you. Kind Regards, Tina My Perfect Cosmetics Company HQHello Tina Looking back at your response to my review you were advised that I decided to RETURN THIS PRODUCT EARLIER ON, six days after I received and tried this product, however, there was no return address to return this to. After numerous phone calls and emails to you, I finally got hold of you on Dec 18, 2018 (3 days before the 30days expiration), where you gave the details where it should be returned to, where immediately returned the product and gave you a tracking number. The Goulburn PO confirmed that on 27 Dec 2018, delivery was attempted, however, there was no one in the address to receive the returned package, therefore the PO left a card for your people to collect the package at the PO. The package was never picked up. Then on 18 Jan 2019, you indicated you finally received the package and indicated that though the 30day has passed, you refunded the money. I rang my bank 4 days later, to confirm whether a refund was actually deposited to my bank. I WAS CONFIRMED NO DEPOSIT HAS BEEN MADE to this date. I understand that a few of your clients also wanted to return this product, after being dissatisfied of the result. They were of the same situation as I do, wanting to return the product but the RETURN ADDRESS WAS NOT PROVIDED anywhere on your website. Though I made numerous contacts to the phone number you provided, nobody picked and answered the phone. YOU NEED TO GIVE THE MONEY BACK AS PROMISED BY YOU. PLEASE STOP THE LIES, AS THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT REALLY PROVIDE THE MAGICAL RESULT YOU THINK IT SHOULD HAVE. From day one I made an order, I knew this is a HOAX, the money was collected from my bank straight away without any INVOICE nor confirmation that my order went ahead. I had to call your customer service to provide me with the order number, when I received the package, it did not contain the double deal order as prescribed in your website. I understand, there are more unhappy and dissatisfied customers than content. This should show there is a need to review this product you are promoting, rather than insist to the customer to ring you so you can explain better, where you hardly responded anyway, delaying the 30day return policy. Also, please include the information and details of where this product should be returned, if dissatisfied, it will save heaps of time and phone calls from unhappy customers. COULD YOU PLEASE REFUND THE MONEY I PAID FOR THIS PRODUCT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Kind regards Mel

Can’t believe how well this works!

I am so happy I got onto My Perfect Eyes!! I was so surprised at how much of a difference it makes. I get dark bags under my eyes and have been constantly trying to find ways cover/reduce them. I’m so glad my friend recommended it to me because after using it, everything just smooths out- not as many lines, puffiness goes down and lasts all day at work!

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Good morning Madison, Thank you for your wonderful review! My Perfect Eyes is an amazing product and a must have in everyones make up kit! Have a great day. Kind Regards, Tina My Perfect Cosmetics Company HQ

DANGEROUS product, left me with scarring

Do not use this. I do not have sensitive skin, I followed instructions, and when drying the product gave me an intense redness and burning sensation. When I removed the product, I noticed my skin had torn open in several parts under my eyes, it took a week for the wounds to scab and heal and I now have scars as though I have had surgery. At work the day after application, I was asked if someone had punched me. Ridiculously dangerous and pointless product. It may work for some but the idea that something requiring such specific application can be made available, with such a high failure rate, is absurd to me. I should note I followed instructions carefully, so even when studiously applying this dangerous product, you are still at risk of it going terribly wrong.

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Good afternoon John, I am sorry that this has happened to you. I have checked my system and can't find a record with someone of your name having contacted us regarding a refund with this sort of result. We do have a very generous 30 day money back guarantee, so if you would like to contact us directly on 03 8376 1180 I will be happy to help you further. Kind Regards, Tina My Perfect Cosmetics Company HQ

It does NOT erase wrinkles!!

I don't have puffy eyes so maybe this product works best for those who do?? My tear troughs are shallow and wrinkled. I had hoped it would erase the wrinkles and it doesn't unfortunately, not even for a minute.

There is a burning, tightening sensation after application. The burning intensifies when you put foundation or another form of lotion on top - bad chemical reaction!! You should only put a very tiny amount because no matter how hard or how long I shook the bottle, I was still left with a white residue, it made me look like I hadn't washed my face in a week.

I bought the full pack = $282.84. The cleanser does clean your face but it does NOT remove wrinkles or pimples. The mascara is not bad, I would use it. I've paid too much already to pay extra to send back the products for a refund, I believe customers who have paid for the full pack should be given the opportunity to return the products for no extra charge. I would not buy this again, it's not for me, I would pay for botox instead.

Hi Shelly There shouldn't be any burning sensation when My Perfect Eyes is applied, but it does need to applied to completely clean dry skin. If you are applying foundation over the top it does need to be oil free, as oil based products will make My Perfect Eyes go white. Our My Perfect Facial is an gentle amino acid facial wash, it will help with acne and cleansing your pores, but unfortunately it is not designed to remove wrinkles. I am glad that you like our mascara, it is very popular with our customers! Kind Regards, Tina My Perfect Cosmetics Company HQI have applied to "completely clean dry skin" a numerous of times and it does NOT do anything except leave a nasty white residue. I can even show you as proof but surely you would already know that. I'm not the only one with the same complaint, I believe you are duping your customers.

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I ordered the product online 28th June 2019 and it still hasn't arrived. There was no notice advising when the product would be shipped or if out of stock. Instead I had to email and received a reply last week it is out of stock. Its now a week later but still no word on how much longer I have to wait. This is very poor customer service. What will happen to the 30 day guarantee when I haven't even got the product?
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How do men get rid of the white powder that's left when it dries?
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Sometimes I end up with a white residue underneath. Am I doing something to cause that? I put in on in sweeping motions as you suggested. Thank you. Ellen Swift
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I've followed the instructions as well but unfortunately it doesn't go away for me - I've given up and can't use it a waste of time for meEllen, you are not doing anything incorrectly, it is the product. I tried over a 3 day period following the instructions strictly. I have returned my order & still waiting for a refund.Hi Ladies, Google search one of the key ingredients. Magnesium Aluminum Silicate. This will explain a lot!

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