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Persian Art Gallery

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The worst customer service I even experienced in Australia

Don't get me wrong, this place has some good rugs. I was after the modern style rug of specific colours and I managed to find it only in this franchise.
We went into the Chatswood store and asked our rug to be cut (it was too big for our place). As that rug didn't have symmetrical pattern, we wanted it to be cut from the specific end. Unfortunately, the moment they take your money (full prepay of the rug), they got what they want and not considered us their customers anymore.
All our attempts to explain from what side we want the rug to be cut were brushed off and shop assistant just walk away complaining that we are taking his time that he can use on another customer who just walked in his shop.
The wait time for our rug to arrive was delayed by about 1.5 weeks (so instead of promised 2 weeks wait time we had to wait for almost the whole month), and there was no update from the shop unless we called them ourselves.
When the rug finally arrived and we went to pick it up, we noticed a paper attached to the rug stating that we were "Very fussy customer". I mean, really? Asking the shop to provide a product that you want and paid money for is now "being fussy"?
Needless to say, they cut the rug from the wrong side after all that.

I wish I could give 0 stars here....

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationChatswood/Artarmon

I purchased 5 rugs, I love them all

Every room with a rug Is spectacular, with out Deans help I would never have been able to have the confidence in making the many rug decisions I enjoy today.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Best quality Persian rugs in Sydney

I agree with Nathan, they have the widest range of Persian hand-made rugs in Sydney. They allow me to bring the rug in home and try it before I pay for it. I'm very happy with the result.

Most beautiful rugs in Sydney

I bought a hand-made Persian rug from them. It is very beautiful and change our living room look totally different. I'm very happy with their service as I brought 3 pieces to my home and have chance to test them and choose the best one. I highly recommend them.

Not being informed about no refund at the counter

I just wanted to mention , that this is not fair for all of the people who want to buy rug form the shop and decorate their place, that there is no information given prior to purchase that if the rug doesn't suit the place, there is no way for refund????????? There is a million of shops and I don't think that as a consumer I have to know about refund policy for each of them. Sales person should always say prior to sale about the policy so the client its not stuck with expensive purchase and is't not happy with it! I would not recommend this place to anyone just because of this and my experience.

Excellent Installation Technicians

We selected engineered timber floors through Sam. Robert selected Josh and his team for the installation. Robert was responsive to all my requests. Josh and his team were very hard working and worked seamlessly to get the job done. I would highly recommend this group of specialists should you be wanting this product.

Dishonest business practice

Textbook dishonest business practice. Don't spend your money as they will only waste your time.
1. Fail to inform customer rug is not in stock and will have to be ordered in taking around 4 weeks at the least. This essentially removes options for the customer. For eg had customer known this they can choose to buy another rug or go somewhere else
2. Instead of asking for deposit which is the correct practice as the rug is not available and needs to be ordered, business asked for full payment. Customer happily pays as they were not informed rug will need over a month to arrive. Customer paid with the assurance the rug will arrive next week. This was said with clear eyes and a straight face. Incredible.
3. Lots of calls and chasing by customer to get updates.
4. Won't let customer know the brand of carpet so customer can look it up online. Turns out customer is a millennial who knows how to use Google. Rug is from Rug Culture Australia, a company that imports rugs mostly from India, and stocks are found in alot of stores around Sydney. Again customer could have gone to any of these other stores to order the same rug (and probably at a cheaper price)

March 26th 2018 Update: Update

We have put a complaint against this merchant with Fair Trade and our bank NAB for refund (transaction dispute citing failure of merchant to deliver the product as stated in T&C). The refund have been processed. Now waiting for fair trade to take action against this con man.

Dear Custmer, Thanks for feedback. Actually we call you several time to let you know your rug was ready with no success (either your mobile was wrong and you didn’t call back). We still have your rug sitting in the back of the shop Anyway. About our Rugs name all the businesses have their own names,so that shouldn’t be your concern and also the same design come in different quality which is very hard for people to recognise. Anyway,as you saying and we approved it with our merchant,we reversed your money to your account already and we will release the rug. Thank you. Persian art Gallery Team.No. I refuse to have anything to do with you and your business. My bank provided me with a full refund. You can keep your rug.

Best flooring team in the universe!!!!!!

Persian art gallery helped me install superb flooring at a very competitive price. They also assisted me in pulling together all of the paper work and certificates I needed for strata approval. Every interaction with the team was professional, warm and helpful. Thank you Dean, Stiven and Robert. You are all AMAZING and I really appreciate your help!

Misleading product pricing

They pick and choose pricing depending on who the customer is. Each time I go in they give me prices that vary by 1,000‘s of dollars. When their sale was advertised the price of a rug I wanted doubled in price!

Best quality rugs

I was trying to buy a valuable rug. I found the best Persian rugs there, very good quality & beautiful. I highly recommend to see Kashan & Bakhtiari rugs.
I was trying to buy a valuable rug. I found the best Persian rugs there, very good quality & beautiful. I highly recommend to see Kashan & Bakhtiari rugs.

Nothing like seeing it in the shop

Was looking to buy rug online but then went to Persian Art Gallery. Met a lovely young girl working hard on a Sunday. She made sure nothing was too much trouble, got down heavy rugs and let me take my time, because I did not want to be pressured. I got a great deal and rug is home and looks lovely. Whole exercise 90 min.

Once bitten twice shied

We were looking for a hall runner but be very careful what you buy. When we arrived home we could see the rug which we bought was filthy which you couldn't see in the shop. This shop does not refund if there is a problem with the rug or if it does not suit. Be very wary as you then have to purchase something you don't want or lose your money. In our case we paid over $3,000.00 for a rug that had dirt stains on it. Not at all happy.

Appalling retail behaviour

My wife went to the Persian Art Gallery to look at a potential rug for a tricky area under a large dining table. The sales assistant was helpful and encouraging and appreciated the difficulties she had in gauging the right sizing and whether it could work. She assured my wife that she could take it home and return it if it didn't suit. All went well other than it didn't fit, we needed to go larger and we then thought that it still may not work. The sales assistant, [name removed], assured her by phone that this would be fine and that if it was too large they could cut it down.
I was cautious about the arrangements and went to speak to the sales person face to face. She reassured me that we didn't own a rug and could return it. She wanted to know that we liked the colour and style before she continued with the delivery to the store of the larger rug for us to test and this was confirmed while reminding her that it was the sizing and the ability of it to be cut down appropriately as the design pattern limited the spots where it could be trimmed and there were still issues about the space and interaction with an island kitchen bench that we had made quite clear. We proceeded to take possession of the larger rug under the same trial arrangements, with an extra credit card payment and inevitably it couldn't work with the space.
The retailer reneged on the return but in a very dubious way - they took the rug back, kept our $1,700 and said that they would check if we could get a refund. The return phone call promised two days later by [name removed] didn't eventuate. With the follow up phone call the next Saturday she was apparently not in but would be notified and return our call on Sunday. That didn't arrive and in the follow up call after that she wasn't available and still hasn't returned the calls. So we are left with dishonoured promises after a sales assistant encouraged us to progressively take two rugs home to test and we now have no rug and are out of pocket for $1,700.
Even when you try to serve notices on them the email addresses bounce and the stated fax number does not answer.

Treat this retailer with great caution. They also operate out of Chatswood and Bowral seemingly under the same management structure.

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