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Peter's of Kensington Physical stores

Peter's of Kensington Physical stores

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Worst customer service and return policy

I got the product 2 days back and have the receipt as a proof of purchase too. I chose the option of click and collect. I didn’t like one of the Delonghi toaster. As it burns the toast even on a medium setting. On asking them to return and get my refund. They said we will send it to the stores and based on their discretion will give solution. They can’t give the refund for sure as per the policy.

I believe the 30 day change of mind policy should entitle the customer for a refund straight away if we have the proof of purchase. I just purchased it couple of days back so why can’t I get refund.

Will never ever shop with Peters of Kensington again. Highly disappointed.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store LocationBarrangaroo
Warranty Claim MadeYes

Faulty Kettle, poor customer service @ Birkenhead store

I purchased a KitchenAid Stainless Steel Electric kettle in January 2018 and after three months it began to produce a substantial level of rust.
I contacted the manufacturer via email and sent them photos, and after a couple of weeks they emailed me back and had offered to send a replacement due to its condition. I informed them that I did not want a replacement due to the questionable quality of the first one, and so they informed me that I can return it to PoK.
When I went to return the kettle, I approached the front counter and they had to call another customer service rep from a different department to speak with me.
This customer service rep was extremely rude and condescending towards me. I wasn't even remotely rude or short with her. She told me that I need to have some sort of return approval (RA) number, and that they would need to assess the kettle before they could proceed any further, even though I told her I had already had the issue assessed by the manufacturer. I took a photo in-store of the assessment slip they made along with my original purchase, and surrendered the kettle and paperwork for their 'assessment'.
I had never heard of this process, but I obliged and contacted the manufacturer who also took about two weeks to supply me with the RA number. I then emailed PoK and supplied them with the RA number.

I never heard back from the rep regarding the 'standard process of assessment', and so I made contact via phone about a 1.5 months after I emailed the RA number to the head office of PoK. They told me that someone would call me back later that afternoon, but they never did. One week later, I tried again and received the same stone-walling technique as the first phone call.
I just decided that I had been patient enough, so I wrote them an email informing them that I had called the Department of Fair Trading and lodged a complaint due to their inability to uphold standard warranty claims and refunds due to faulty items.
I received my refund from PoK two days later. Don't waste your time if they are wasting yours. They need to adhere (or be forced to adhere) to their Statutory obligations. Just call Fair Trading or lodge your complaint online on the Fair Trading website. You can always cancel the complaint, but it makes it easier to get your money back.
PoK - worst customer service award goes to you. You will run out of happy customers soon enough.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store LocationBirkenhead Point
Warranty Claim MadeYes

Great customer service great prices Barangaroo store

Donna wrapped my mother's day gifts so beautifully. She gave them a million dollar looks. Great prices on-line and excellent customer service by Donna every time. Highly recommend the store to friends and family.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationBarangaroo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

The worst MANAGER service in ALEXandria POK

I bought 2 ecoya 200ml from POK ebay store that was having 20% off. Before i placed the order, i rang alexandria store and confirmed that i could exchange the diffuser to sweet pea as the ebay POK did not have the sweet pea fragrant.

The staff confirmed it by phone and i even went there all the day took me 3 hours return trip just to make sure they keep the 2 sweetpea for me until the pick up time the following week.

When i came back the week after, the staff that dealt with me previously could not proceed the exchange and asked his manager about it. He spent less than 2 minutes explaining then the manager came to me and said I have to pay the difference for exchange.

I argued that her staff confirmed me otherwise i was not buying at the first place. She said it is MY FAULT because when i wanted to exchange,i had to tell what fragrant to what fragrant (the staff knows already that it is exchanged to sweetpea)

I am a customer and when i asked for exchange, i just have think that ecoya to ecoya, 200ml to 200ml and $37 to $37, the 20% off i had is the voucher not the price difference between ebay and the store. She kept insisting that i should tell what fragrant from the beginning to exchange. NONSENSE!!!! As the BLUSH that i purchased thru ebay is the newest and limited edition and wanted to exchange to sweetpea.

She didn't even let me explain to her clearly and spent less than 2 minutes to hear from the staff. After insisting me to take it as my mistake, she then asked me how much i paid on ebay and looked at the receipt but i am sure she was so embarrassed to admit her mistake and just kept going that i cant exchange because i did not tell the staff what i wanted to exhange FROM.

The pathetic thing is, the problem comes from the manager who should be the one who solve the problem and deliver a great customer service.

I unsubscribe from POK website but kept receiving emails that bring me nightmare. I wrote my complaints to the CUSTOMER CARE by email TWICE but never responded.

Birkenhead Outlet Experience

Purchased a GEFU spiral slicer in the Birkenhead 'Peter's of Kensington' outlet. Intended to process raw sweet potatoes after reading an interesting recipe. The slicer did not work at all, continually clogging the blades. Became a little suspicious and conducted some online research. Product had so many negative reviews that I decided to return it to the point of purchase. Was (patronisingly) informed by customer sales representative '[name removed]', that sweet potatoes are not firm enough to be used with this device. Really don't know of many vegetables that would be firmer, other than pumpkin, perhaps. Peter's of Kensington took several days to reply, stating that 'cooked' pumpkins would be too soft, assuming that I would cook vegetables before spiral slicing (who would?). End of story, end of long standing customer relationship and wondering how long they will be positioned in this otherwise fantastic and consumer friendly shopping complex?

Face to face customer service is appauling

Kensington location.
I’ve spent thousands of dollars via Peters of Kensington online and have had no complaints. Friday 19.01.18 (8days ago) I went in to view an appliance (Kitchenaid) and asked the guy at the desk next to the Kitchenaid section on level 2 for help. It’s obvious he has had enough of customer service and wants out. I asked for a model I saw on their website and he said ‘we don’t have that model’ I said it’s on the website so he further investigated. He came back and said ‘order online, it must be in the warehouse’. I decided to take the model they had instore and asked if it was possible to hear it running as some models are quieter than others. He said ‘no’ with no explanation. I understand it might be an OH&S issue but he could have at least been more forthcoming about the reason why I couldn’t. Needles to say I left with my $1200 I was willing to spend that day and went to Myers.
I emailed my complaint and have not received a confirmation reply or an aknowledgement email. Peters of Kensington people & culture (HR) department need to revisit their training.
he was cold, abrupt and stoic. All qualities that someone in customer service should not have.

Terrible customer service. Rude and not taking accountability.

Absolutely agree with the negative reviews in relation to terrible customer service and ZERO and super UNHELPFUL and RUDE after sale ‘customer support’.

I recently experienced it face to face at the store as well as over the phone with them - both incidents shows they don’t care and in fact they make rude and inappropriate comments (very unprofessional). Sent them an email to complain and received NO REPLY.

Terrible and irresponsible customer service more than offset the lower price they may offer. You will never get this upsetting shopping experience at David Jones or Myers.


I went to POK to buy a montblanc pen as a special gift for my son. I vaguely knew the style I wanted but asked to see a few different models just to check...SIX times the assistant asked me if I was aware of the price..I said yes and she asked how I intended paying..I said I'd use a card and she asked if I had my drivers licence!!! I felt insulted and told her so ,and she said it was company policy. I went to a mirror to see if I'd suddenly changed the way I look but no..it was me..the person who happily shopped all over town and had NEVER been asked for ID in all of 75 years. Of course I left the store without buying.

We love Peters

We have been going to the January sale for many years, we spend all day there, have a relaxing lunch in the cafe, coffee & cake for a late afternoon tea, they have merchandise that won't be seen anywhere else, great prices & excellent customer service, we think a visit to Peters is a lovely shopping experience, occasionally we shop online & always had very fast deliveries, can't wait for the January sale next year

Only go here if they are the only people who have what you need!

Except for the fact that they were the only stockists of the item I needed, I would never have gone there (horrid Sydney weekend traffic and a paucity of parking spaces near their premises), and will never, ever do so again.
The whole place is jumbled, cluttered and choc-a-bloc full of too many goods vying for display over too little floorspace. One could live with this, though, were it not for the attitude and demeanour of the staff, who were, for the most part, haughty, dimissive, curt, not to mention uninterested, uncaring and decidedly unhelpful - most of them women of the type one finds as "keeper of the gate" to CEOs or other professionals.
If one is parting with $400 on a Saturday afternoon, one should at least feel that the business is appreciated - civility and courtesy cost nothing.

bad customer service

when I entered the gate, their security guy said disdainfully" did you see here?" and then pointed to a " closed" sign on a door. How about tell me outside the entrance?! Very rude service!!

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