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A.J. Quirk
A.J. Quirk · 308

How reliable is a 2013 Petrol 1.6L automatic Peugeot mechanically & electrically.
Is it costly to service & repair?

James · 308

Hi there. My 2009 Peugeot 308 normally revs at idle at 800rpm. Immediately I release the brake, the revs increase to 1200 rpm without my touching the accelerator. At those revs its strong enough to drive itself. Then when I start to drive and stop at lights again, the revs drop back to 800 when the brake has been applied and then jumps to 1200 again immediately I release the brake again (and still don't accelerate). I have disconnected all of the Vac pipes, still does the same thing. How can the brake pedal when depressed slow the diesel 2.0 ltr idle back to normal. Any ideas, Peugeot friends ?? Regards James.

Unhappy · 308

I have P0016 error code on the ECU & changed the camshaft position sensor, but no joy with resetting the code, still appears!
The next option is to replace timing change, but is there an manual adjustment before I take this expensive step

Bev C.
Bev C. · 308

I've just bought a 2012 petrol 1.6L Peugeot 308, and wondering if it's worth paying the extra for 98 over 95 fuel?

Gary H.
Gary H. · 308

Hi there. My 2009 Peugot 308 revs at idle at 800rpm. Immediately I release the brake, the revs increase to 1200 rpm without my touching the accelerator. At those revs its strong enough to drive itself. Then when I start to drive and stop at lights again, the revs drop back to 800 and then jump to 1200 again immediately I release the brake again (and still dont accelerate). Its like a "sticky accelerator" in the old days. Any ideas, Peugot friends ?? Gary H.

Bill  S.
Bill S.  

Hi Gary,
Mine is doing the same, have you had any replies or fixed the issue?


Hi.have a 2008 308 2.0 diesel,have same problem.is this normal?no codes on scanner. Any news or solution to this problem?

Roger Allan
Roger Allan · T9 (Hatchback) Access Manual (2014-2020)

How do I set dashboard language to English

Running Away
Running Away  

Hi Roger,
On Dash > Main Menu > Configuration > Choice of Language.

Car won't do this whilst in motion.

Roger Allan
Roger Allan · T9 (Hatchback) Access Manual (2014-2020)

How to set English as dashboard language

Michael F.
Michael F. · 308 T9 (2014-2020)

Specifically on the 2.0 litre diesel based T9 308 Peugeot. Any feedback on any mechanical issues ?

Tony Smith
Tony Smith  

I loved the car, up to 1400 klm froma 65 ltr tank, highway cycle, at least 1000 klm from city cycle.
I always took the car to a peugeot dealer for all services.
Only real issue we had in 200,000 klms was to do with clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder. It stumped the mechanics as the pressure was leaking, and then clutch pedal needed to be pumped to have it work correctly, mainly first thing in the morning.
We opted to trade it on a new 308, sorry to see it go, but new car is great and another peugeot.
The car drove so well and with the tubo plenty of accelaration.



Tony Smith
Tony Smith  

sorry just realised our car was 1.6ltr engine.

Bryan · 308

I have been quoted $1021 australian for a replacement turbo for a peugeot 308 wagon. I am asking what is the average costs for a mechanic to replace and fit new part ????/


I have just replaced my Turbo, engine out, so you may as well change the timing belt, water pump, check and replaced clutch and flywheel assembly, put the exhaust through the tank removed as much carbon and oil as possible. replaced both Cam and timing sensors, oil change etc. 1 week. Big job. Regards James.

Lolita H.
Lolita H. · 308

I have a fault on my roof going down, it keeps on saying there is a fault, attend immediately. What is wrong with it?

Adrienne W.
Adrienne W. · 308

Cost of cam belt change in NZ

Mansour B.
Mansour B. · 308

Is the spare parts are expensive?


Yes extremely and very hard to get you have to wait 3-4 months to get them

MACK · T9 (Hatchback) Access Manual (2014-2020)

Does this model have a multiple cd deck?


No, it doesn’t.

Hui L.
Hui L. · 308

What a terrible car which I have been regretting every day after my purchase! I am constantly repaired the car: fuel pump (high pressure pump first then low pressure pump in total 3000 as my Peugeot 308cc broke down on the underground garage the tow truck 900 dollars). Timing chain, boot, engine oil leaking every 6 months(no joking) Peugeot head office told me this is normal(I purchased a brand new car and the engine start to leak from the first year after repairs it regularly leak in 6 months time) the I have to pay 380 dollars per wash the engine bay! I spend more than 13000 dollars for repair a 7 years old car and have to rent car for 4 months time (all add together as Peugeot will tell you they are too busy to give you a loan car while your Peugeot is broken car)!!! I am here try to tell everyone please do yourself a favor DO NOT BUY PEUGEOT unless you want broke done at highway or constantly call tow truck to pay Peugeot mechanics more money!

Leesa W.
Leesa W.  

Yep we just paid Peugeot dealership just over $5500 to fix a limp mode/ check engine fault for our can.
We didn’t even get 20mins up the road and same thing happened. Went into limp mode again and warning lights came on. Told them we want a replacement vechile also while it was in there for 4wks!!!!! And not fixed!! Spent over $5500 and nothing has changed!! So angry that we cannot demand our money back or have any rights over Peugeot doing this to us!! Called them and they said they don’t know what it is?? So if Peugeot dealership mechanics cannot fix it and rip us off then what do we do??? We have a 2014 expert van sitting here as we do t know who knows how to fix it and have spent all that money already. SO SO AnGRy that they charge us for it or we could t get the van back

Need a wagon for the dog
Need a wagon for the dog · 308

ok I've read and read and read, but I'm still drawn to the Peugeot, I can't help it. So despite all the naysayers, of which I am grateful for your honesty and sorry for your troubles. This what I want to ask, I have an opportunity to purchase a third hand 308 allure touring wagon, 2015/2016 diesel with 66,000 km for less than $13,000. Is this car worth it, are there any issues typical of a diesel and of the 308 touring allure specifically that we should be aware of?


My wife and I owned a 2008 XSE Hdi 2.0l turbo diesel wagon which we bought nine years ago with 33000Km on the clock and we traded it about 20 months ago with 147000Km on it. Only real issue we had was a sensor needed replacing, cost around $400. Spoke to my local Pug mechanic who said the diesels really are the only way to go. I would make sure the service history is intact, the correct oil has been used for servicing etc. The auto's are a non serviceable unit, so if they die it will cost a bomb to replace/fix. I'd check with your local auto trans specialist on their opinion. Other than that, if it's been looked after they're worth looking at a little harder for sure.

Need a wagon for the dog
Need a wagon for the dog  

Thank you for your response. We passed it up, even though we loved the care, but after speaking with four mechanics they all advised unless you do regular long distance highway driving diesels are problematic for city driving only. Really appreciate your advise.


The autos are serviceable! ,they have a fill and drain plug, change fluid every 30k.. by that I mean drain what you can out of the transmission, if it's 1 litre then replace with one litre ,if it's 1.5 then replace with 1.5 litres .. whatever you drain out replace with same amount.. also some people recommend filtering the drained fluid and put it back in.. Either way if you do this once a week over a period of a month , you will more than likely have replaced all the fluid over that period ..It may cost you about $100-$200 in fluid plus your time and effort, but it's a hell of a lot cheaper than replacing the transmission which may cost $3- 5K

Need a wagon for the dog
Need a wagon for the dog  

thank you very much for sharing you knowledge.

Pamela L.
Pamela L. · 308

Is the 308 a 4 or 6 cylinder car and how much to fill it


Don't even think about buy a 308. Peugeot don't honour warranty. No resale value at all they are a lemon.


3 cylinder and about $45 to fill, but don't do it, they suck!


Whatever you do....just dont do it.

Norman A.
Norman A. · 308 T9 (2014-2020)

My Peugeot 308 clutch is grabbing high, is that a problem.?

Sue W.
Sue W. · 308

I am getting an alarm for reversing lamps on Peugout 308, 2018 model . What does this mean

Jeff · 308

Can the timing belt or chain in a 2008 peugeot xs hd be inspected?

Hash A.
Hash A. · 308

Engine light is on my 2011 Peugeot 308 sportium

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