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Pfaff Ambition 1.0

Pfaff Ambition 1.0

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a lesson in frustration

my husband brought me this machine for my birthday. the first one did not work right out of the brand new box. i took it back. the dealer switched it out for another new one. this machine was a bucket of non working bolts. the 2 months i had it, i was never able to complete one whole project on it. it work intermittently all the time. i kept taking it back and forth, getting loaner machines to finish projects. i even brought my old machine up from the basement to finish my projects. i was so frustrated i too wanted to throw it out of the window. finally, i took it back to the dealership for good. i'm done. good riddance to that rubbish!

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Love my Pfaff!!!

I bought my Pfaff Ambition 1.0 almost 6 years ago now and I absolutely love it.

It's too bad to hear some people had issues with it, since I have found it to be very reliable. It has been in a couple of moves and each time it arrived it was just as perfect as before.

I like the IDT and the fact that threading the machine is so simple. And I love the needle down option - I use it every time I sew - I can't imagine living without it!

I've used it a lot and with different types of projects... From curtains to knits to raw silk accessories. I like that I bought the sewing machine past my ability so I could grow into it. I always feel confident that my machine can tackle any project!

Date PurchasedAug 2011


I have found this machine to be amazing and have had no problems with it.
From small to large projects, it hasn't failed me yet. It is easy to thread, easy to clean and works perfectly with the variety of feet that come with the machine. The lighting is great and the removable shelf provides the ability to sew those smaller projects with ease. I love the start stop button which allows me to sew without using the foot pedal as well as the large number of stitches available on the machine. I think its a bit pricey (for which it lost one star), but worth the expense if its used regularly.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Two lemons in a row!

In November of 2016 I purchased a Pfaff Ambition 1.0. The first time I used it the motor overheated. I was sewing light weight cotton fabric. The Pfaff company replaced the machine. The second machine that I received wouldn't sew anything. I have been sewing for 50 years using name brand machines and have never experienced anything like this. I can understand one machine having a problem but two bad machines in a row leads me to believe that this model is not a quality machine. I cannot recommend this machine to any one.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Why the Grief?

I've had this machine for at least 3 and a half years now and have never had to take it in for repairs or anything. I haven't been the nicest to my poor machine either. I've traveled with it countless times with my family just throwing it in the back of the car on occasions when I can't get my things packed fast enough. I've used nice thread with it and I've used crap thread in a pinch. The biggest problem that arose from that was the thread snapping a few times when sewing through multiple layers of thicker fabric.
I can't say say much about the fashion stitches, as I mainly use my machine for whipping out dresses and cosplays, but they're nice on the rare occasion that I want something special along the hem. It also has an automatic threader and button hole making settings which are just about the greatest things to me since sliced bread! Overall, I love this machine and each previous PFAFF that I've owned and stand by their products.

This is the worst machine I have ever owned!!!

Purchased brand new, first problem it wouldn't work at all with plastic bobbins and I purchased exactly what the manual recommended. I ended up using old metal bobbins which worked better, but I still get bobbin thread nests. Pfaff has always built there machines with bobbins underneath not drop in, they really failed with there drop in bobbin, tension problems on a constant basis. I use gutterman thread, never cheap thread. I found its not as user friendly as my baby lock machines. I only bought it because I wanted the convenience of the IDT, forget it!!! The stress this machine has put me through UGH!! I'm ready to throw it out the window!!! Buyer beware. Don't buy!!!

No truoble

This does all i want it to and more. Had mine nearly 4yrs now and worked it well and it keeps going. I sew through many layers at a time with ease. Loads of fancy stitches I not used them all yet.easy to use and dies what you want from a machine

This machine has caused me nothing but trouble.

These use to be great machines, however, not anymore. I have had nothing but trouble with my machine...so bad that I sold it on gumtree, never again would I buy another Pfaff. It went back for repairs at least 6 times, as previously stated was told wrong tread, (I only buy good quality tread, so its a load of rubbish). Never again,waste of money. Now going to buy a bernina.

Fantastic machine

This is the best machine I have owned and I use it just about everyday. I was looking for a quality machine and willing to spend a bit of money on it. I have owned mid-price machines like a Janome (solid and reliable) and an expensive Bernette (piece of junk which was repaired so many times under warranty). I am no longer a beginner sewist so I was looking for something that was going to be a little workhorse. This machine is it.
I love the in-built walking foot (IDT) which allows me to sew any fabric. I have sewn fine silk, knits, cottons and leather and it hasn't missed a beat. I haven't had a single bird-nest of thread. I have never had to adjust the tension. It just does its stuff. The drop in bobbin is a dream after dealing with the front loading bobbin of the Bernette/Bernini ilk. The only downside is cleaning the bobbin area-it is fiddly and difficult. This is one area I would change. The manual is very helpful and well-written in this regard.
I did think I was taking a gamble when buying the machine as Pfaff are sledged for now being made in Asia and Bernina are marketing aggressively. For the record, the ordinary Berninas are made in Asia too. It is not where the machine is made that is important but the quality control mechanisms and the design of the machine. I also don't believe I should have to pay Bernina prices to have a reliable machine for dressmaking. My Ambition was $1200 and has been worth the money. In fact, I have been so impressed by the Pfaff brand, I also bought a Pfaff Passport which is a light, small basic machine with IDT to take to my sewing guild meetings and classes. It too is a fabulous machine.

Although, I have owned a number of brands, my advice to anyone buying a machine is to first make sure you understand the non-machine aspects of using a sewing machine such as the importance of the right needle for the fabric and the right thread for the size of needle, then and only then will you be able to truly judge a machine's quality.

So far loving it.

I bought this machine 7 months back from a local store. I was quite happy with my brother machine, but had issues with sewing more layers of fabric. Reading the review here I was quite reluctant to even try it and was looking more for Bernina. But the lady at this store convinced me to buy it. Also I checked out the reviews in patternreview.com site. And definitely I don't regret buying it.

Since then I have been making so many clothes and dresses and they all have come so well. Pfaff machines come with IDT (Integrated Dual Feed) which is like a built in walking foot. It helps a lot especially when sewing knit fabric. They come out so perfectly. The other thing I love is the small storage area to keep bobbins, feet and other accessories. Also the sewing area is quite large, this was something I badly missed on my previous machine. There are around 130+ stitches, I haven't yet used all of them, may be 10 max.

I had a free session at the store to explain how to use the machine, different feet etc. The lady mentioned few times about using good brand of thread and chances of getting issues with the machine. Also I would say, keep cleaning the machine every time before and after you use.

I didn't give 5 star as I ended up getting issues like breaking thread, not sewing properly, loose stitches when I didn't change any settings. My heart almost broke, I thought I will have to take it back to the store like the first person who wrote the review. But I ended up finding some videos about cleaning the machine. I had to remove the and clean the whole bobbin part and voila it got fixed. Its a pain, but you don't have to do the cleaning always. Only when the issue comes up I guess.

Edited on 05-June-2016.

Its almost 1.5 years since I got this beauty, still loving it. I have made lots of clothes for my kid and myself.
For new users- please get rasant thread if possible, my machine loves them. Guterman also works fine.
Please don't use cheap ones. Also clean, clean, clean at least once a month.

Absolute lemon

This machine had problems from when I first set it up at home. For the 5 months that I have owned it I haven't used it to sew anything because it has been returned 4 times for repairs!!!!!
3 times it was returned to the retailer and on the 4th time it was sent back to PFAFF for them to check it
I was told by the retailer I am using unsuitable fabric and wrong thread which I think is a load of crock. A machine of this calibre should be able to handle fine fabrics along with lighter or heavy duty threads depending on what you are sewing. The PFAFF dealership has also commented on my use of thread so they are obviously backing the retailer rather than admitting that this is a BIG LEMON.
This machine should have been replaced or I should have had my money refunded. having to go in for repairs 4 times over 5 months is ridiculous and to justify the problem by saying I am using unsuitable thread is ludicrous.
At first I was told the bobbin casing was replaced although the problem was with the top tension, the second time I was told it was working beautifully but when I went to collect it it was not sewing properly and had to remain in the shop for another check the 4th time I was told something regarding the top tension was replaced
I am totally disgusted with this machine and the treatment I have received from the retailer and the Pfaff expert.
After reading another review from a disgruntled PFAFF owner I am wasting my time by taking it to fair trading as the attitude to her was get over it.
Am I annoyed that I spent $1,000 on this load of junk? you bet. I have been ripped off big time and the dealer is $1,000 richer.

dosent sew properly

I am unhappy with mine too. I seem to take it in every week. It's so unreliable that I bought a second hand Singer (1982) to use while the Pfaff is being repaired. If it breaks down again, I am going to trade it in for something else. I am fed up!!!My warranty is up so I decided to take the machine to another dealer and pay for repairs.If it is no better I will trade it in on another machine.Took machine back to another dealer paid for repairs and still sews terrible no matter how much I adjust the tension. I sewed on a 55cm piece of fabric with a row of embroidery . The tension is so bad that the fabric puckered and pulled so tight that the finished piece shrunk back to 51cm. Cant sew anything with this machine. After the 5th time it had been returned to have tension problem rectified I am wondering if it is worth while going to another mechanic and paying out more money or just dumping the machine!!!!!!! I am totally over it , I think it is best to admit that I was taken for $999.00 and buy another machine instead of this terrible machine which is actually now made in Taiwan.

Questions & Answers

Is this a low or high shank machine?
1 answer
I don’t really know. It never worked for me. I got it brand new. It didn’t work straight out of the box. I got a replacement. It worked a few months. I took it back. I got another brand. I love it.

Why is my graphic display in another language and I can't get back to English?
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My machine will not see even though I know the electric is getting through.the bobin works and the light is on.I think it is the computer part of it. Help please.
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Ambition 1.0
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