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Pflueger Patriarch XTR Rods

Pflueger Patriarch XTR Rods

PPC58M-F, PPC58MH-F, PPS68ML-XF, PPS70H-F, PPS70MH-XF and 6 more
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I bought this one recently after a friend showed me his. Light, responsive, and powerful. Great value and while I like my spin rods to be 7 feet long this 6 foot 8 inch spin rod has become one of my favourite's very quickly .

Not a widely known series of rods they offer excellent quality.
Quality, value, performance

Light and designed for performance!

I purchased a Pflueger XTR spin rod after buying 5 or more Trions in various guises and I always liked the XTR's for their look and performance. I managed to find a store damaged rod that was missing its tip only and that was replaced with a Fuji Titanium microguide which worked exceptionally well.

I found that the rod was well matched with the Shimano Stradic 1000FJ and performed well from the first cast - being such a light rod (1-3kg) I was slightly apprehensive of its power to stop most larger fish that can be caught in the broadwater. However after doing well after the first day's fishing and catching a 85cm flattie on it I am absolutely sure that some larger fish can be pulled up on it with more time and less structure around.

Casting the rod being so light took a few misguided casts to get the hang of, however after that it seemed effortless and just a pleasure to use. Being full carbon you need to look after it and be aware that it conducts electricity very well - so no thunder storms or power lines.

After dealing with cork grips, I have grown to like the super dense hypalon that is on the XTR, the Fuji reel seat is nothing less than magic and extremely comfortable and holds the reel foot very well with no movement or creaking during use.

The Fuji Sic guides on the rod are supposedly Titanium framed however I am unable to verify this, however the inserts which are Silicone Carbide are what counts, line passes on these smoothly and without effort or much noise. The guides are bound and epoxied with great care and there are no excess drips anywhere on the rod.

The XTR rod in comparison to the Trions is a lot lighter and responsive - due to the blank material. There are differences and the blanks are what makes it so, the XTR seems to be a lot more responsive in comparison to the smaller Trions that I have. This makes the Trions no less of a bargain in their own right however the difference can be a big decider to some.

For those that are looking for a Pflueger - be it a Trion, do yourself a favour and look into the XTR range, there are big differences and some of these may make your experiences a lot better.
Extremely well finished! Fuji Ti Sic guides, Fuji reel seat, light, strong. Purchased for a bargain.
Missing a tip when purchased - other than that non at this time!

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Now owning 1-3kg, 4-5kg and a 4-7kg... Really showing their favouritism in my rod line up...

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