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78 reviews


Waste of money and time


I was made to believe that Phen375 is exactly the same as Duromine. That is what the online site said. I searched for a Duromine seller online and most links turned out to be Phen. Bought the 3 pack to save. Took it for 2 months and actually picked up weight. No effect whatsoever. Total waste of time and money.

doesn't work at all


Been taking this for 2months now doing exactly what the instructions say , and have not lost any weight at all!!!! Even with doing frequent exercising it does absolutely nothing. ...total waste of $186.00
Will never buy again or recommend it to any one total rip off scam.
not happy at all.

total crap


Absolute rubbish!!!..wished had read the reviews first and I usually do. On about day 4 and absolutely no effect to suppress appetite at all and I eat decently well just didnt want to find myself snacking for no reason..

Save your money.. for the price beyond disappointing!

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MelMount eliza

Would NOT waste your money!!!!


Purchased these tablets and they do nothing whatsoever! Company does not response to you and just completely cut of any communication. Hence why they do not give you a money back guarantee if they don't work. DONT waste your money

Rip off


I bought it and got two bottles of Provailen that I hope I did for, since I have no idea what they are for. I emailed about this, no response.
Phen375 did not work at all. I have been taking
it for about 2 weeks, and I have not lost a gram,
even though I exercise more and try to eat less.
No side effects though.

Don't fall for it


I wish I had done research before wasted that much money , these pills do NOTHING...... SO PLEASE DON'T FALL FOR THE SAME CRAP I DID . I wish I had known before but I bought 3 bottles and then they have me 3 for free and I end up throwing out the last 2 bottles. Crap crap crap crap crap



Don't buy this. It doesn't work at all. I read reviews alot of people said it was good so I thought I would give it a try. What a waste of money. I felt like I just handed them free money that I work so damn hard for and they gave me crap. Better off taken a vitamin. I don't know what can of pill it is a sugar pill or some kind of crap. Don't work at all. No effects what so ever. This is the first review that I have ever wrote and take my advice or not. The crap don't work.



Perfect Scam!


No effect whatsoever. Also, very expensive way to throw your money away because the directions call for taking a tab twice a day and you buy a 30tab bottle for about $70 (cost of bottle for $59 and add $10 shipping) so you really have a 15 day supply! I wouldn't waste my energy even asking for a refund. I learned my lesson and wish I had found these reviews BEFORE I ordered the bottle. I am in healthcare, should have known better that that! How could it be as effective as prescribed phentermine which really helped me...

No appetite suppression


I followed the directions and it's now the 3rd day. I have taken over the counter diet pills with a much better feeling immediately. I will continue at least a full week later to see if there are any changes. I felt no boost of energy whatsoever. I had no appetite suppression at all and the cost of these pills is triple the amount of those over the counter. What a big disappointment! I feel duped truly and I can't recommend this product.

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Doesn't work!


I've read somewhere that the reason these pills don't work is because they aren't manufatured in USA. Well, I live in USA, bought the pills manufatured in here and nothing. And we're talking about just 5 pounds that I needed to lose and I was having some difficulty despite my diet. It didn't suppress my appetite, nor gave me more energy and of course it didn't make me burn any fat as they claim it does. Usually, after you purchase, most companies send you an email with a link to rate and comment on their product. Not the case with this one. And now I know the reason they don't do it. So, bottom line, don't waste your money on this trash.



I received my bottle of phen 375, and couldn't wait to start my weight loss. It's been two days and I have felt nothing from the pills. I've followed the directions and I'm very disappointed; it's like I was sent fake pills. I would of been ok if would of just suppressed my appetite a little, but, no, nothing. I had no boost of energy, definitely no thermogenic effect, and, as a matter of fact, it made me yawn. I would be annoyed if I put faith in this product to help me loose a lot of weight. I fully understand exercise and a healthy diet is key, but sometimes you need a little help to get back on that track, but don't rely on phen375 to get you there.

Natalia N

Natalia NLas Vegas

Pure scam


There is no effect from those pills. It has nothing to do with real phentermine and has nothing to do with suppressing your appetite. They just took the name from known phentermine and put it on their garbage.
To get your money back, you have to go through a very complicated process and at the end they reserve the right to upgrade your junk to a newer version.

I regret not checking the BBB grade before buying their trash.

Not what you think it is


I used phen for 6 moths (not continuously) and I saw some results. But the results I saw were because I cleaned up my diet. Phen doesn't magically reduce weight while keeping the same diet you had before. So if that's what you're looking sorry, it doesn't exist. Phen helps with reducing appetite, and that it does really well. I completely lost my appetite and was taking about 1200 calories a day. So yea it does work, but not as advertised

Absolute scam


I am a chemist and also silly enough to order product: absolute scam.

The active ingredient is portrayed as being phentermine - but is pretty much nothing

Marketing is duplicitous and misleading - don't buy......save your money and don't enrich these scammers

Didn't work for me


I tried products for over 2 weeks and saw no results other than a little decrease in appetite. I was following Weight Watchers along w/ pills & still didn't work. When I called for a refund the customer service rep told me I had to go see a doctor to get documentation that u didn't lose weight. Really! What a joke. Better read the fine print on their guarantee.

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Major Digestive Stomach Issues


I bought this product because I needed to lose weight and wanted energy for the early stages of starting an exercise and healthy eating plan. I took the product as recommended and not only did it bloat my stomach but my top stomach area was just as bloated making me feel lazy, uncomfortable, had no energy and very sleepy and that's after only eating a green apple. DO NOT buy this product!



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Terrible product!!No worth the money i spend


Complete failure.Not good at all.No results not worth to spend money.I wish i did't spend anything.I did'nt loose not even half kilo.I start to eat more healthy and i hope i loose some weight that way

Katie Hall

Katie HallPerth

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False reviews


There's obviously a few false reviews on here giving the product more stars than needed. This is Australia, the chance 3 people in a row loved the product and gave their weightloss in lbs instead of kgs, is slim. Nice try.

  • Verified purchase



Advertise as a diet pill on line complete with directions and side effects. Click here to order and you receive a product that has nothing to do with the product you thought you ordered. To find out later the product that was advertised is illegal and can not be sold. Total deception to separate you from your money.

Do not buy..does not work !!!


They Won I’m a sucker they got me and the stuff does not work.. This is what I was told from there customer service “All orders are final, once the order is made it is no longer returnable … There is NO Guarantee… ”

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Mary Hanna

Mary Hannaasked

What time can I take and when I losse weight and stopped returning back?

No answers


Are these small pills or the huge pills?

1 answer

They are small easy to swallow.



Which website is legit?

1 answer

Hello Tamisha (what a lovely name). I am sorry about the delay in getting back to you. I cannot in all honesty remember the site, except it was an "offical med dispensing site". However, my problem was not so much about the site, but the product itself and it's claims as a miracle cure. The bottom line is diet and exercise are the only things that work, and yes I agree I hate doing both, but it's the only scientific system for weight loss that works.Depending on what drugs are used in these weight loss meds, many are harmful to you heart muscle and other organs such as liver and kidneys. These people just want to sell you a product, they don't give a damn about you, so please be very careful.
I hope I have been of some help to you

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