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Phil & Teds Alpha

Phil & Teds Alpha

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Lightweight and simple

Love that this capsule doesn't over-complicate things, it just does what it needs to.
Light and easy to carry, looks good, and baby is comfortable. At 12 weeks she still falls asleep any time I drive more than 10 minutes!

I use with the Phil&Ted's smart stroller as a travel system, and it's so easy.

Only criticisms are that the hood is very shallow (as others have mentioned, so we don't get much sun protection, and the tether strap (Australian requirement) is clumsy to fit every time we get in and out of the car..but it works!

Way too small

We purchased this for our 7 week old baby as we have many car trips coming up and want to avoid waking bub when getting her in and out of the car. We chose this capsule because we have a Phil and Teds Smart stroller which is compatible with the capsule (if you buy their adaptors which are another $70-$80!).

This capsule is already way too small for our 7 week baby who is only 4.5kg - half the weight of what the capsule is supposed to carry. At 4.5kg, the shoulder straps were already extended as far as they could go, yet only just fit our little bub. Her shoulders are already at the top line and she is not a big bub. It is supposed to fit babies up to 6 months but our bub would only fit in this, very snuggly, for another week.

It is a shame as it is light and would be useful, but in my opinion, really only suits bubs up to 5kg. Even if we had this when she was a newborn, it is not worth it for 2 months use.

We are taking this back.

Baby capsule rocks my world!

Buying a capsule for your new baby is one of the hardest choices to make. There are so many options on the market. Ultimately you want something safe, comfortable and easy to use. The alpha capsule ticks all the boxes. I bought it for my third child, a boy, and wish it was on the market when our first was born.

It has an adjustable five point safety harness so it grows as our baby grows – I can adjust the length and position of the straps so they’re sitting above his shoulders. I can also move the centre clip down to make it even more comfortable and to ensure he’s sitting at the right angle. It comes with a newborn insert so he doesn’t float around in his seat.

The big thing I love is that the alpha is really lightweight making it easy to move it from the car and back again. It’s also quite narrow so fits in with our other two car seats easily.

Phil&Teds alpha is also very easy to use. It comes with a base that the capsule clips into that’s easy to install with the car lap sash and anchor point. But you can also use it without the base and anchor the capsule itself using the lap sash – great if you need to travel in a different car. I’ve also got the Phil&Teds verve inline stroller so I can clip the alpha straight on to the stroller.

My only criticism is that the sun canopy isn’t very big, so doesn’t keep a lot of sun off his face.

Overall it’s a great capsule that I’d highly recommend.

Questions & Answers

Heya, Couple of questions: 1. What is the Australian Standards safety rating? 2. What is the weight of the capsule only? Thank you! Nancy
1 answer
Safety ratings aren't available publicly unless they are tested by an independent authority which can take years. Given that the capsule has passed Australian Standards, it is safe to say that it is very safe. The weight will be available under the specs on the p&t website.

Do you have anything within the range of 0 to 12 months?
1 answer
The only capsules that will potentially last an average sized child to 12 months would be the Britax Unity, and possibly the Infasecure Arlo, although the markers are slightly lower.


Price (RRP)$349
Age Range0-6months
ISOFIX CompatibleNo

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