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Phil & Teds Dash

Phil & Teds Dash

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Absolutely hate it

I want to burn this pram in a ceremonial bonfire when I have finished using it. I have always been a Bugaboo girl and only got it because I needed a double. It is heavy, difficult to manoeuvre, the front wheel randomly locks, it is hard to steer and even harder on smooth surfaces i.e. shop floors, it locks when it is folded up, the hood fades quickly, it steers badly when the tires are even a little soft, its huge when folded (takes entire back boot).. the list could go on. Would never, ever buy this brand again.

Excellent manouverabilty

This pram has been a dream, my missus loves it for it's ease of manouverabilty and that it's possible to actually run with the pram without tripping over. It folds up easy and locks easy when folded. It's simple to unlock it and fold it out in absolutely no time like doing a magic trick!
The tyres are proper tube tyres like a bicycle has and this is great for less vibrations going through the pram but a very slight pain to change a tube that has popped. Anyone that can change a bicycle inner tube will have no problems at all.

Very disappointed. Pricey with poor design.

We originally purchased the Dash because we liked that it fitted through the shopping center checkouts (something a lot of pram manufacturers forget to consider) and it appeared durable and versatile. It is quite pricey for a pram but we figured we could get the extra use out of it when our next baby came. You have to buy the attachments such as the rain cover and the sunshade separately but should note that the only way you will have proper coverage is if you buy the double version as there is no back to the pram when bubs is lying down, it is all open. Need to ensure you are there when bubs wakes up as mine has tried to crawl out the back upon waking up and with a big hole the only thing stopping her was her seat belt. With the open back there is nothing to stop the cold wind or weather without the added protection. Small basket under pram which is very difficult to access if baby is asleep or second seat attached to back. Amount in basket under pram will determine how far you can recline seat. Seat back can only be repositioned manually with two hands as one hand needs to push the button and the other pulls the chord. A horrible, frustrating design when you are trying to do it quickly. Putting the seat back up is even more frustrating as you need to hold the seat in the upright position with your elbow whilst your hand holds the button and the other hand pulls the chord. Not easy to do when you are also trying to support the baby's weight whilst doing it. Brake is just as frustrating as you need to coordinate with two hands. Impossible to do quickly, therefore, you would be in a lot of trouble if you needed to do it in an emergency. Pram is very heavy. No cupholders or snack holders, you need to buy the attachment bag which is expensive. Attachments are expensive, as are the replacement inner tubes if you get a puncture. Expected more for the cost of the pram. Very disappointed in overall performance.
Fit through the checkout aisles
Cost, design, functionality

Don't like it.

Hi. After owning a mountain buggy, which I loved, I needed a two seater for a toddler and infant.
The only thing I like about this pram is the shade cover, it fits nicely.
Also the second seat attachment versatility. I can go for a run and now that baby is in the second seat I can have both children shaded. Also the shade covers are nice and soft and flowey, not like regular rigid ones. Also the opening at the back of the seat, we live in the tropics and this allows nice air flow through, also good for running.

I hate that the brake needs two hands. If my toddler is walking I have to let him go so I can put the brake on. If I'm carrying the nappy bag I need to put that down and I don't like putting it down in the ground. U might be carrying my baby cause he's crying (like u do) and I have to put him down. It's the same for taking the brake off. Its a serious safety concern. The brake on these prams needs to be convenient and easy to use so people will use them all the time as these prams roll easily!

To adjust the seat upwards while the child is in the pram, it seems like I need THREE hands. Which I done have :0/. So I kind of have to use my head or elbow to push the seat up and use both hands to adjust the straps.

Sometimes baby rolls to one side in the seat. So both seat straps need to be adjusted one slightly longer than the other.

The steering is heavy. It wouldn't steer at all whe we first got it but hubby greased the front wheel which made it useable, but it's still not as good as the mountain buggy.

Lastly the handle grip is foam. So it absorbs all my sweat from running. The mountain buggy has a rubber grip which can be wiped clean.
Looks good, shade covers


First: This pram weighs just slightly less than a small planet. No really, the weight is staggering. I think it’s been forged from solid lead… I’ve owned cars that weigh less.
Secondly: the size of this pram is massive. It folds down into a SLIGHTLY smaller version of itself that will take up the entire boot of a family sized sedan. It’s basically useless if you need to travel anywhere.
Thirdly: the Brake is RUBBISH… I’m not sure if this product was designed by an actual industrial designer, or if they just farmed the job out to oDesk or something, but it’s rubbish… mankind invented the wheel ten thousand years ago, surely Phil and Ted can handle a brake pedal that can actually be operated by your foot.
Forth: while on the subject of wheels… WHY do you need pneumatic tires? It’s a pram not a freaking quad bike - This strikes me as a stupid gimmick - I’m not taking this thing around the Nürburgring – Hard Plastic would have been fine… It’s a major pain when you get a puncture and you have to fit a new inner-tube… and I’m forever having to wheel my pram down to the service station to get them pumped up with air, and the wheels are so small it’s almost impossible to get the air connector in between the spokes, it’s truly the stuff of nightmares.
Fifth, and this is the real deal-braker… this pram is absolutely deadly. The pivot points on this thing close with the force of 10,000 bolt-cutters. If you aren’t careful and have your hand in the wrong place when you collapse this pram down, it will quite easily shatter every bone in your hand and I’m not even kidding. If you were in a car accident and were trapped in your vehicle, this pram could easily be used as a makeshift pair of Jaws-Of-Life to cut you out. It’s actually frightening how much force they close with. Overpriced and very poorly designed… get something else.
It has lots of room for kids and stuff
too much!

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I agree. Plus, when you want to buy spare parts , such as the foam replacement for the handles, they insist that you must buy the metal frsme for it too. They are con artists.

Love this pram

I have just upgraded from the e3 which I loved. The dash is everything and more, I was nervous after reading some bad reviews but I'm happy. I like the break system, while I've read that it being a two handed process is annoying for some people, I don't see it as a big deal. It folds smoothly every time. It fits my two children easily, they look comfortable. The harness is easy to strap child in and out. Its lovely to push. While the basket underneath isn't huge and it is and it is a little heavy to lift in and out of the car I'm not fussed by those things. It fits through all checkouts and can steer well in tight places. All this coming from a women who wasn't ever going to own a three wheel pram! By the third child and numerous prams I know I've found the one!
Great to use, easy to fold, takes two children comfortably.
Basket a little small, hood could be larger.

Completely unsafe & very inconvenient

This pram is very inconvenient and completely unsafe. I can't believe that it is sold in Australia or complies with any safety regulations. There are many reasons to gripe about this pram but the main concern is the brake. It is very difficult to lock in place and requires two hands at the best of times. Brakes should be accessible via the feet because there are countless situations where you simply don't have two hands free to struggle with it.

An example of dangerous situations include:
- Walking to your car laden with all your shopping bags, or holding your child's hand across the road, or carrying a child etc etc etc. The basket isn't big enough for even two bags of groceries (especially if you have a second child in the bottom seat), which then necessities the need to carry stuff . I can't tell you how many times I have had to use my foot to prevent the pram from rolling, whilst packing the car with groceries and putting my children in their carseats.

- Travelling on an escalator. It is so heavy it threatens to roll back or roll forward, potentially causing serious injury to yourself, your children and those around you. IF (IF!) you manage to activate the brake quickly before it crushes you or others, you then have to watch anxiously for the approaching end of the escalator, and scramble around trying to unlock the bloody thing so you don't cause a blockage or collision. Most times I can never actually get the lock in and I just have to hold on to the pram with all my strength hoping that it doesn't become the reason for a serious injury.

- Recently had a situation where my baby was in the pram, and suddenly another child was in a dangerous situation prompting me to run to them. Not having time to battle with brake, and having the pram on a relatively flat surface, I ran to the other child only to watch in horror, as my pram rolled near to the road with my baby inside. Thank God another lady chased it. I don't even want to think about the possible consequences had she not been there. Yes, I should have ensured the pram was locked, but my point is, it is very difficult to lock, even with two hands. Extremely unsafe. Should be taken off market.

Also if you have a young infant in the back laying down, it is impossible to get them out because the locked brake completely prevents you from doing so. So yet again, you have to juggle to get the baby out of the pram, and then use your foot to keep the pram still so you can put baby in capsule.

The brakes, The weight- so heavy, dangerous to lift if pregnant. No where to hang bags, Minimal storage space,

Not worth the pricetag

I use this pram mostly in tandem mode with the two seats, so my review is suited to two children, but obviously some things pertain to single mode too.

Considering the price of this pram you would probably expect something a bit better. Let me start with the good features of the pram
1. It's fairly narrow and easy to fit through small spaces
2. Good multi-terrain pram - works well on grass, uneven surfaces and can go up and down curbs quite well.
3. Decent suspension
4. comfortable seats
5. Fairly nice looking, the sunshade is nice.
6. Big air filled wheels which are quite good for going over bumps ....but

1. The wheels need pumping fairly often, especially after having two kids in them.
2. It's a pain to put the brake on, requires two hands and can be quite finicky pushing the two buttons in.
3. Too heavy - the frame is made out of very heavy metal which doesn't seem necessary. It's hard to lift when going UP curves, going down is fine. It's not so much the actual stroller weight that bothers me, it's the way that the weight doesn't come off when pushing it, like other 3 wheel strollers.
4.. Constantly kicking the back seat when the youngest is sitting in there (poor thing). I am fairly petite and have short strides so this would be more of a problem for taller mums/dads perhaps.
5. No sunshade for child in back seat!! Not good in Aussie for my little pasty kids!
6.The basket is small, and very hard to get to. When the back seat is attached it becomes the foot-rest for the child in the back, meaning virtually no storage space. Everything gets squished. It's hard to get to anything without pulling the back seat off.
7. Hard to get child in and out of back seat
8. quite prone to tipping backwards if child in front seat gets out first and weight shifts - badly thought out.
9. The small pouch on the back of the front chair is too small and hard to get your hand into. Not much point

This pram would be best for the dads honestly, or mums with more strength to lug it up hills. I won't buy a tandem stroller like this again, the side by side ones are a go.

Overall I would never buy this pram again. I would advise against it. Use the money to buy a cheaper, lighter 3 wheeler from one of the department stores!!!
skinny, good on tough surfaces, good going downhill round corners
heavy to push, always need two hands, A MILLION OTHER THINGS

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Did you realise that you can purchase a double kit sunhood for $30 on the phil and teds website? http://philandteds.com/au/Buy/parts/dash/double-kit-sunhood

No good for a toddler and a newborn.

I had a lot of trouble with this pram. I bought it just before I had my 2nd child and it was so hard to use. My 23mth old was already too tall for the toddler seat so we couldn't use the lay down option (and she was very average height), then the baby HATED being in underneath as it is such a tiny area in there. My wheel now has a problem with it and will only turn occasionally and I now need to get it repaired by phil and teds. Im just hoping they won't charge me much to get it fixed! :(
It did the job... once I was able to put the toddler seat at the back...
No hood for child in toddler seat, Toddler seat is too small (at least for my toddler), Front wheel now needs fixing, Small area where newborn goes (my 2nd daughter would scream until i took her out), if you don't realise that the tyres are going flat, the rubber goes wonky and it is very difficult to put it right.


I bought this pram to suit a newborn and 2yo toddler and it wasnt suitable.
The newborn was to go in the main seat and the toddler in the toddler seat, on top. Whilst the toddler seat is meant to hold 20kg, my toddler of only 13kg was squashing my newborn. My toddler of average height, also did not fit under the pram hood and so I ended up rendering the pram useless for 5 months until the newborn was old enough to sit in the rear seat and toddler in the main seat. Very disappointing for someone who walks every single day.
Now as the newborn is 5 months old, the pram is suitable.

The hole at the back of the pram is annoying as when there is wind/sun/cold, it goes straight through. There is a wind cover but there isnt something that protects from the incoming light adequately (there is a sunshade but its bulky), so when bubs is sleeping I have to use a blanket.

Folding is fairly easy.
Care is fairly easy.
The basket is easily accessible as long as the main seat isnt flat down.

Customer service from the manufacturer, in my opinion was terrible when I reported the squashing issue.

Im in 2 minds on whether to recommend this pram.
Certainly not for a newborn and toddler (as the lightest baby must always be in the back seat, therefore either in the main seat with toddlerseat on top or in the toddlerseat at the back with the toddler in the main seat - refer to their website)
For a 5/6 month old and a toddler yes, but if your toddler likes to be upright then buy a cushion to make up the extra % angle that is required.
Easy to push with one hand.
* Unable to use it with a newborn and toddler until baby reaches approx 5 months old because baby gets squashed by toddler.
* Front Swivel wheel is wonky. They have a fix for this ( a washer is sent to you if you request it) but why have a fix when its clearly a fault in manufacturing.
* The main seat goes to flat but not to fully upright, which is annoying to a toddler.
* Customer service from the manufacturer.


wouldnt recomend a phil and ted. very disapointed with it seen as thou phild and ted are suppose to be a repuitable brand. not at all worth the large price tag.
narrow allowing to get throu small spaces. can be pushed one handed.
the fabric is very cheap and thin, ive had the main seat replaced once already due to it ripping at the base even thou my oldest child is only 4yrs & 16kg and my youngest is 18months. the back rest bows so does not give the child any back support as they hunch over or flop to the side when sitting in it. i am on my second seat now and it has done the same thing. the seat underneth is not much good for a child older than 10months due to the fact that their head hits the bar and you cant put anything in the basket coz their legs get in the way. the hood isnt big enough. the hand break sucks as it is hard to use and you have to take your bag off the handle to use the break. the front wheel sticks from time to time. the tires continualy go flat, even thou i was told by phil and ted it is coz i keep it in the car and the tires get hot, funny enough this never happened with my old pram. the locking system doesnt always work when folding it and when unfolding i quite often jams closed. my husband doesnt have a problem folding it or unfolding it but me being short finds it difficalt. all these problems happened befor it wa 12months old.

Great Concept but poor quality

I have tried very hard to love this pram but everytime I thought we were on the right track something else would break. I have used our Phil and Teds Dash for almost 3 years in which time almost all components have been replaced (only the hood and foot rest are original). Phil and Teds have replaced some under warranty and the rest we have had to pay for. Recently the collapse mechanism broke and this has left the pram unrepairable.

I love the phil and teds concept but the DASH seems to be full of design faults and is less durable than the original models. From friends experience I would choose a sport if I had my time again.
Easy to maneuver, versatile for two kids, huge basket underneath, easy to fold and compact in car.
Poor quality, things just needed repairing constantly. First problem involed the entire frame being replaced after only one month and now after 3 years and countless other parts replaced (some under warranty) the pram is unrepairable. Faded fast. Main seat is to reclined and slouchy in the up right position. Second seat is two short for a toddler (head rests on metal bar). Brake can he hard to engage especially if both hands are not free.

Could be great with improved brake & handle bar

When we were expecting baby no 2 and baby no 1 was still <2 years old, we started investigating double prams/strollers. While there are a few out there, it still seemed everyone had a Phil & Teds. Reviews seemed to be mixed but as we decided to purchase a second hand one to save money, it was Phil & Teds that were readily available. So we kept an eye on ebay and ended up purchasing a Phil & Teds Dash with Double Seat in really good condition for $150 off ebay.
The stroller is attractive in black and grey (comes in other colours) and pretty much every cover is removable for washing which we just did in the washing macine and it all came up a treat!
For the most part the stroller handles well, as long as your tyres are well inflated. As soon as they start to deflate, it's like having a dodgy trolley at the supermarket.
Our baby didn't last long in the lay down position as he is a very long baby, however, one benefit of the Dash double seat is that it can recline by undoing a zip. He seems to be comfortable enough in there. The main seat is also a reasonable size and our tall 2 year old fits well.
My main complaint with the stroller, and I feel it is a deal breaker to be honest (if I were to buy one again) is the brake is in the handle bar ie you lower the handle to put the brake on. It means you need both hands to put the brake on and it also means you have limited space when trying to get your baby in the second seat (due to lowered handle bar). I have knocked my baby's head on the handle a few times despite my best efforts not to. This is really such a poor design and not well thought out at all.
The other issue is that the handle bar isn't long/tall enough to give you enough room to walk behind the stroller when the baby seat is reclined, so I often find I have to walk to the side to avoid knocking the baby seat.
The stroller is quite heavy and can be diffult to collapse at times.I am lucky my car is big enough (Rav4) to fit the double pram without having to remove a seat but I doubt this would be the case in most cars.
The stroller does not come with a drink holder so you need to purchase this separately. We got the P&T Hang Bag for approx $30 but it's not great as a drink holder, more just for holding keys etc...
The stroller also doesn't come with rain or sun covers or even a canopy for the second seat. They can be purchased but the double covers are quite expensive so we only purchased a canopy for the second seat which is $30 from the P&T website. This has been very handy and I feel should come as standard with the double seat.
The stroller is doing the job for us but if I could afford a new one, I would be looking for one that had a single hand or foot brake and one that comfortably allowed you to walk behind with baby & toddler.
Seats a decent size, looks good, easy to clean, inflatable tyres good for off road, parts are readily available from P&T site.
Brake is very poorly designed, no room to walk behind pram when baby seat reclined (in use with toddler seat), very difficult to push when tyres deflate, very heavy, can be difficult to collapse.

I HATE this pram!

I've had this pram for 2 months and can't wait to get rid of it. As far as doubles go you can fo a lot better.
The kids don't seem to mind sitting in it. It looks fairly smart.
I absolutely hate this pram. The maneuverability is terrible and you need 2 hands on the handle at all times - impossible to drink a coffee and push at the same time. Even with 2 hands the front wheel goes every whivh way but straight. With a newborn you have to have it configured with the newborn flat in the main seat and the toddler in front in the toddler seat and in that configuration you can't access the basket without ramming your newborn upwards into the back of the toddler seat above and you can't hang your bag off the handle or it whacks the baby in the head. There's no pockets anywhere on the pram. All this means you have to either carry all your gear on your shoulder or shove it in the basket where you can't get at it. I also hate the fact that the brake is in the handle - makes it even more difficult to hang your bag from it without giving your child a brain injury and also means you can't attach a cup holder to shove your coffee so that you can wrangle this beast with both hands.

Phil and Teds making life easier for mums

I absolutely love the Phil and Teds Dash, definitely value for money. This pram is light and slim line, folds down small and grows with your family. Even with the double/ twin adaptions on it its still one of the lighter and slimmest prams Ive trialed. Both children where happy and comfortable no matter what positions we had them in and going for walks in the pram is no longer a struggle with the toddler. Is on the expensive side but definitely value for money and guaranteed to last you a few years and kids.
Small and compact, fits in standard family sedan easily, folds up and assembles in a matter of clicks. Both children comfortable and happy when using it.

Does a good job in getting kids from A to B

When number 2 came along I was sad to garage my expensive single stroller, to be replaced by this one. For a double pram it is of reasonable weight, easy to fold up and fits easily into my sedan's boot. The toddler can climb easily in and out of the bottom seat, but likes to kick the (older) baby sitting in front of him.

The stiff folding mechanism, while reliable, is fiddly and annoying, needing 2 hands to activate which can be a safety concern when trying to stop the pram and chase after another child.

There is generous basketroom for groceries.
Folds compactly, sturdy
Stiff brakes

I love my Dash

I loved my Dash for my first born i used the cocoon in the pram so i didnt have to buy a bassinet! when bub 2 came a long we did the same. My 20 month old loved being up high as bub slept underneath away from the wind and sun i found it easy to get her in and out aswell:)
love the size, easy to fold, easy to puck off road. i had a issue with the frame and another was replaced within a week.
my almost 3 yo is to tall for the back seat!


All of the cons listed above have left me in search of a new pram that is easier to use. This is really disappointing as the Phil & Ted's pram was a gift from grandparents.
I think this is a stylish pram that is easy and comfortable to push and is quite narrow allowing you to get into most shops.
There are 3 things I would like say about this pram, 1. Having a hand brake that requires two hands to use the brake is dangerous, there should always be a one-handed or foot brake, 2. The sun shade with the peek-a-boo window is not nearly long enough therefore allows the sun straight onto the baby's face, and 3. when you collapse the pram, it closes on the handle, so if its a wet or muddy ground, this gets all over your handle. One more thing, you need two hands to recline the seat or put up - this is the most frustrating thing.


I have had this pram now for just over 12 months with my first baby. I will not be buying the toddler attachment for any subsequent children and instead on-selling to just get rid of this useless, expensive, excuse for a pram.

I bought after my sister had a Sport, thinking this this had a few more handy features, a step up, if you like. However, my 11 month old has difficulty seeing out and is always trying to sit forward, the seat does not come up high enough. It's heavy to get in & out of the car - I have scratched the car because I can't lift it high enough. The brake can be tricky to engage, having to use two hands and being short makes this difficult, but manageable. To open the pram, I have to lay it on it's side on the ground, squeeze it together to release and shake to open. Really bad if it's wet or muddy. And the steering...
If for no other reason, avoid this pram due to it's steering ability - or lack there of. The front wheel, whilst in swivel position, and particularly on lino, tiles & in general slippery shopping centre floors, has no grip ability or too much, I can't figure out which. Tyres are always pumped to specified psi but the front wheel grips and slides, refusing to swivel. Most times you have to get in front of it and kick the wheel into the direction you want to go. I have had this pram suddenly change direction on me, injuring myself, my husband and the dog on separate occasions. Have complained to Phil&Teds and they are sending me a washer they claim will fix this issue. We'll see. Be warned!
*Looks good
*Ability to add toddler seat
*Main seat is too reclined when fully up so baby can't see as well
*Brake can be tricky to engage
*Have to wrestle with pram on ground to put up and collapse
*Heavy. I am petite so is difficult to lift.


we brought our pram second hand off ebay, it was a couple of month old only & was almost brand new. When we got it the front wheel kept on jamming, the pram would go off to one side making us run into people in the shops, basically the pram was unusable. My husband took all the wheels off & greased them, now the pram run's really nice & smooth. I love it now. I think that's why they sold the pram. I would recommend any one with the same problem to try some grease. I would recommend this pram to others.
can carry 2 kiddies at once,
how heavy pram is, I have nearly Dropped it a couple of times trying to get it into my boot.

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Would a second seat for navigator fit a dash? Just finding it hard to find a dash second seat.
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Just wondering where the brake on this stroller? just buy one second hand
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Which seat can I use to make the Phil and ted dash a double pram?
1 answer
It's called a dash double kit. See link - https://philandteds.com/au/Buy/adapt/double-kits/NEW-dash-double-kit . I hope this helps


Phil & Teds Dash
Category3-Wheel Prams & Strollers
Price (RRP) $799.00
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 25 kg
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar and Under-seat Storage
Weight11.5 kg
Folded Dimensions80 x 64 x 35 cm
Release dateSep 2008

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