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Phil & Teds Dash Double

Phil & Teds Dash Double

3.7 from 7 reviews

Really like it!

We have had ours for quite some time now. It is very handy and easy to maneuver. Folding and unfolding takes a bit of time to get the hang of it. Our kids love being in it. It is a bit bulky though and fairly heavy. The brake is quite tight to put on and release.

Pretty good but flawed for rear facing!

I bought the new Dash (2015+) as Phil and Teds was recommended by a friend, we live in an area lacking proper pavements so wanted something rugged and hope to have 2 close together so the ‘one up/one down’ is very appealing!.... so far it has ticked a lot of boxes - was great when used with the capsule; clearance under was great for shopping, biggest basket I’ve seen and handle is nice and tall for my husband pushing, however since then we have struggled! My now 6 month old doesn’t like the pram seat and not being able to see me. This pram is lacking a little check/transparent window in the hood (like many others on the market I have seen)... when it’s sunny and hood is down he can’t see anything and screams. Thought about buying the second seat however I’m amazed that there are no shade options for this configuration!!! I’ve seen some rotten reviews of the umbrella and to be honest think this looks really clumsy! How can you go out with a child in this in Australian summer??
Even with all the additional options this pram also becomes quite expensive! ... just something to think about! We also had the cocoon/sleeping bag but being a big boy he out grew this in about 3 months so was then just lying in the seat flat which left him floating around a bit and not so practical for going down hills!
Pros: it handles well, good wheels, basket and brake.

Excellent Stroller!

My review is for the new 2017 Dash model with the double kit. So far we really like it!
It turns and manoeuvres really well, fits easily into shops and doorways, is great on grass/up and down hills, and fits in the boot of our small Corolla. Has a great handbrake, you just flick a switch near your thumb and it stops dead. It's excellent in single mode. In double mode there are two main negatives...
- check the weight limits in all the configurations before you buy. When in newborn mode (newborn in main seat, toddler in second seat which sits up above the baby) the weight limit for your toddler is significantly lighter. The second seat is also quite short so my toddler pops up over the top and looks a little silly - he still fits though and he is a big boy who should be walking by himself! If you have a younger toddler this will not be an issue.
- the double kit, when in newborn mode, is a pain to set up until you get used to the routine. Every time you take it out of the boot you have to click on two round adapter things and click the seat on top, and do it all in reverse to put it away. It's fiddly. This problem is solved once baby hits 6m, as you put the second seat underneath the main seat instead of on top, and then the whole thing folds up as one.
Overall I am really happy with this stroller. To me it's worth fiddling around to have a stroller that's as narrow and light as many single strollers out there, and it will really grow with my kids. Would recommend!

Phil and Teds is a bad double stroller ... Not recommended

I bought this stroller and its terrible. Firstly it's way too heavy and I cannot lift it into the boot of my car. Secondly, my bub hates being underneath.... It's best to have them side by side... I do not recommend this stroller at all... Terrible .... I would not recommend that any mother buy this especially if u have a toddler and baby... Neither like being on the bottom
Too heavy, kids hate being underneath


We got this pram when we found out with were pregnant with #2 (only an 18 month gap which we weren't planning). We had heard good things about Phil and Ted's but have been very disappointed with the pram. It is really easy to fold and the double bit works well but the front wheel is constantly getting caught in the middle of a swivel meaning you get stuck while trying to move, often resulting in my stomach crashing into the handle bar and, at times, leaving marks. While the brake on the handle bars is easy enough to use, it is a pain should you be holding one child as you need both hands to release and/or put on the brake. Overall I would say it is an OK pram but for the money it cost there are better options out there.
easy to fold and set up
not easy to push (front wheel locks up), heavy, horrible hood design, brake on the handle bar

Good for longer visit

I love my Phil and teds double it can be a bit fiddly to attach everything when you need to just quickly run into shops

It is easy to maneuver with two kids a 2yo and a 4month old
Hard to get to basket with toddler seat attached

Can't use capsule and toddler seat together (I have on odd occassion but a 2year old at the back wasn't happy
Easy to steer and nice and compact
Fiddely for quick runs

Compact double pram

This is a great pram. The reason I like it is because if it's size - you feel likd you are pushing a normal size pram not a big double. It allows you access to shops and supermarket aisle that many other prams are too wide for. I added Sheep wool lining to thd toddler seat as it needed some extra padding. I purchased the Phil and teds saddle bags that attach onto each side of the pram leaving your handle free and not adding extra weight to the back of the pram which can cause it to tip.
Compact and not too wide
The hood isn't great as it doesn't provide alot of protection and the back of the pram is open and exposed when reclined.

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Dash Double
Price (RRP) $799.00
Seating Type Tandem
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 25 kg
Seat OrientationConvertible
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesHeight-Adjustable Handle and Locking Front Wheels
Weight11.5 kg
Folded Dimensions80 x 64 x 35 cm
Release dateSep 2012

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