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Phil & Teds Dot

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Badly designed - do not buy

When using with two kids (I have tried to use it with a two year old and a baby)
Combinations I have used:
Car capsule on top and second seat behind - you need to remove the material for the main seat or recline the second seat as otherwise the child in the second seat has the front seat in their face (10cm between their face and the front seat).
Baby laying down in main seat, second seat on top - will work when the baby is a newborn. Once they are about 3 months old, there is not enough clearance and your toddler will be sitting on them. The second seat is also very shallow so even if your toddler doesn't squish your baby (in the on top position), they won't be comfortable as it looks like they are falling off and only the straps are keeping them there.
Main part sitting up and second seat behind - I can't actually use this yet as my baby is only 4 months old and can't sit up enough yet.
So from the time your baby is about 3 months old, you can't use this pram for two kids.
Even when using it with one kid, it still has issues:
Sun shade / hood is too small.
The back of the main seat is a piece that attach between the hood and seat so the wind can get in and it can detach.
The combination of these two issues mean our pram is always covered in sheets/blankets to keep the sun/wind/rain out. We could buy a rain or sun cover yes (for using with one kid - see other reviews on the internet for the issues the double covers have) but our previous pram didn't have these issues so it annoys me.
Overall, please do not buy this pram. It may be a cheaper double with lots of configurations but spend a bit more on a better designed pram.

Double KitYes

Waste of money

Couldn't agree more with these reviews, this pram is useless for 2 children. I bought mine second hand and wish I never had! It's heavy, the roof is always coming apart, it has flat tyre after flat tyre, my toddler hates the 'second seat'- who wouldn't having the front seat pretty much touching his face, difficult to steer, no room for a bag or basket...the list goes on. Please, if you are thinking about buying this pram, ask yourself whether you love changing tyres, breaking your back after lifting it into the car, or continually fixing the roof/flap.

Double KitYes

No basket space, heavy to push and lift

I bought this pram as a double when my second was born, looked like a versatile pram, but once I started using it I realised how awful it is. I find it heavy getting in and out of the boot. The second seat underneath is where I had to put my newborn as my toddler doesnt fit and once that second seat is on there is no space in the basket for anything, and I can't hang my handbag off the handle as it hits my baby in the second seat. I also find putting bub in that second seat annoying with it being so close to the front seat...how is any child meant to fit their legs under there??? It is very hard to push and turn, coming from my mountain buggy that is easy to turn with one hand, even with just one child in this pram I find it hard to turn one handed. I've only had this pram a month but looking to sell it and buying a mountain buggy side by side pram. Sooo disappointed after spending $600 on it, so frustrating. Don't waste your money.

Double KitYes

Great value for money, easy to use, would recommend

We certainly appreciated the Dot buggy we bought around mid-2013 for our firstborn. It's nice and sturdy and has infant flat position for the early months. It's quite easy to manoeuvre and push the pram up those occasional steps (eg.curb on side of road). The wheels provide adequate shock absorption from bumps on footpaths which I only fully appreciated after recently buying a cheap (lighter) stroller just to take our daughter (now 19months) to the local park, which (the cheaper stroller) I found, was so much harder to handle and so much more bumpy for daughter compared with the Dot Buggy.

It's not the lightest pram on the market (otherwise it would cost more?), but I found it was okay, just have to use both hands lifting it in and out of boot of car. but the weight actually was great for stability, so I still at times take daughter to groceries in this pram as there is room in bottom pocket for me to pack few groceries in. My husband certainly appreciates the sturdiness to protect our daughter when she was a newborn. The good compact size helps to fit in small cars.

Downside it's probably not the lightest pram/stroller to take on holidays and I'm not sure whether it works well with two children.

Overall I would recommend it (especially for first child) :)

phil and teds dot 1yr review

I bought it a year back when we had second new born boy. Other son was about 18 months that time. We had a problem that it cant be use for a newborn and my other son sitting on top seat. There was literally no room for our newborn and we fear he might be bearing our son weight. There is absolutely no room at all. We had to wait about 4-6 months, changed the pram settings till our younger son was placed in a sitting position and there was sufficient room. We started loving it and took it everywhere with us. Its easy to fold and moved in and out of your car boot.
Couple of problems we faced but are now careful.
Avoid taking it for air travel, we had to replace new rear wheel guards, take them off when you are travelling. Careful when pushing off road, Tyres are quite prone to puncture.

Amazing pram

I brought the phil & ted dot shortly after my son was born. I found it light, easy to get in & out of the car, easy to use. My son absolutely loves it. I've never had a problem with it. After a year of being used almost every day it still looks brand new. Love this stroller highly recommend.

Baby underneath has very restricted space

Well what can I say? The dot seemed a very good idea as I have a 2 year old and a 8 week old so the thought of a pram so compact seemed very convenient... but when I put my new born on the bottom flat down and my eldest on the top in the attached seat my new born has very little space and is literally being crushed underneath. There is also velcro under the attachable seat which is dangers as the baby can get scratched luckily my baby is a winter baby so he's wearing trousers. Bottom line my child is pretty much sitting on my new born n he was only 4lb when he was born m only weighing 8lb now. I think they need to look into this as its defo not safe for a baby x
easy to get on buses ect
no room for new born. velcro under seat can scratch child and from reviews it already has.

Mountain Buggy+one vs Pill and Teds Navigator...on the fence

I do not own either a MB of P&T pram...yet....we are still deciding which to buy for our first child, due in Feb 2014, and we want something we could use for two kids in the future, maybe!
We both test-drove both prams (double kit on the back on P&T) in the shop with those baby and 12kg child weights that you can use to see how the pram feels to actually push without finding a child and a baby to actually put in the pram. Mountain Buggy+one was far eaiser to push off, manover, and felt lighter (even though the weight of the prams is very similar and the two baby-weights identical!). The physics of the MB were definitely superior! The Navigator was also good but seemed heavier and we had to 'push off' to get it going with the doubles kit on the back.
However, the Navigator doubles kit DOES recline, so with smaller bub in back it has a better sleeping position and more options to move seats around (doubles kit on back or front) depending on ages of the children. The Navigator in genral has more options and both seats can recline more than the MB+one, so its safer and more ideal if the two kids do nap in the buggy.
ALSO, another intresting factor, one store we talked with mentioned the P&T prams should not be taken on the beach, it is near impossible to clean out the wheel axes and rental P&Ts this store owns had rusted through after only a few months worth of use as people continued to take them on the sand. MB buggys have a different wheel and axel system than enables them to be cleaned and re-greased easily after a trip to the beach.
More options for reclining and lie-flat had more leg room for an older baby with doubles kit on top than MB+one.
Not beach friendly and the physics made it to harder/heavier to push with two kids in it (doubles kit on rear).

Double KitYes

not for everyone...

I purchased the Dot because of its slim wheelbase and relatively more compact frame than other 3-wheelers. From the first time I used it, my son didn't like being in it... I thought that as time passed, he'd become more comfortable, but he still grizzles, 8 months later, which makes going anywhere in it a chore.
The seat doesn't sit all the way up, so my son strains forward to look out. With the seat recline, it pushes the weight of the baby forwards, so that all of the pressure is applied to the front of the harness, which must become uncomfortable after a time. When my son does fall asleep, the recline feature is jerky, which usually wakes him up.
I'm quite tall (6 ft) and my husband is 6'3" and we both found that when we take long strides, we hit the frame with our shins. Also, when walking down hills, we hit the seat with our knees. I think this pram would suit somebody of around 5'8" better.
The wheels are good for jumping gutters, as is the handlebar for manoeuvring. The carry basket is generous, so if you need to do a small shop, it's feasible. The sun shade and rain hood fit well and easily and the canopy is big enough for most outings.
Overall, I don't like it, because it's not a good enough hybrid of compact and off road. I would've preferred a pram that had a reversible seat, so that when the bub is younger, they can face you. Also, as time passes, the seat doesn't sit far enough forwards for inquisitive bubs who want to look out.
I ended up buying a stroller for the car and a running pram and will be putting my Dot onto ebay, as it doesn't ever get used.
Easy to manoeuvre, good wheels for rougher terrain, easy to attach rain and sun hoods, good sized basket
Seat incline is never really comfortable for my baby, not really a compact three-wheeler and I hit my shins when I take big strides.

Waste of money! Terrible stroller...

After having our second baby, it quickly became obvious that we needed a double stroller. We were very happy with our Quinny Buzz as a single stroller aside from the fact that it couldn't handle rougher terrain. The Phil&Teds dot seemed like the perfect alternative as it was able to accommodate 2 babies, still had the smaller size of a single stroller and could be used on trails.
Soon after purchasing the stroller, it quickly became glaringly obvious, how low quality it was. The harness, wheel covering, snaps attached to the frame broke and a tire blew. This all occurred within approximately twenty uses of the stroller. There is a warranty on the Phil&Teds website. They sent me a new tire (which blew the third time we used it). I am currently awaiting (going on 4 wks) my new frame, seat and wheel covering and another new tire. I requested my money back or one of their strollers that actually worked. They, of course said no, but that they would send me more replacement parts. I nicely, told them that I wasn't happy with that and was disappointed that they would not stand behind their product. I also told them that I would be sure to write lots of negative reviews. "[name removed]" told me that my threats would get me nowhere and that I was lucky that they would replace the broken parts as they are not required by law to do so!!!!! Save yourself the time, frustration and money and don't deal with this company...

Double KitYes
So their Customer Service rep advised you that you were lucky that they were replacing the broken parts? Even though the pram was still in the warranty period? Wow! Thanks for helping me to decide not to purchase this pram. I've read a few too many reviews about this company having bad customer service. And that's something I won't tolerate for a product that costs near $1000. I'm going with Steelcraft instead. Tell the rep that your threats did get somewhere. Many thanks. A terrible pram if your baby a) is big from birth (so the face to face won't last) and in any case can't be used in double mode, b) likes to see your face as you push as it is only forward-facing (this is a huge minus as far as I am concerned) and most of all, if your baby is a fractious sleeper, the recline is terrible because you are forever stopping to put it up and down. Really worth considering these factors.

Phil and teds navigator

It's a great pram really. The sun cover is very large and the extra zip on sun cover is fantastic!
It's reliable and sturdy. But..... Is very heavy to lift and does take up a heap of boot space. It would be great with more ventilation in bassinet. My bub was using the full seat very early as the bassinet is to narrow. But you have to remember its one of the narrowest prams on the market. Overall it is great you can't have everything I guess :)
Lovely to push, reliable, love the sun shade, and the under basket
It's very heavy and awkward to life into the car, it's not very compact. The baby bassinet is very narrow with no ventilation, way to hot to use in summer.

Navigator-complete disappointment, can't even use it.

I purchased this pram to use with my toddler and new baby, an upgrade from a previous Phil & Teds model. We used it for a few weeks before our baby wouldnt fit in the newborn section anymore, extensive communication with Phil & Teds customer service resulted in my baby girl grazing her leg on the sharp Velcro under the toddler seat, when advised by staff to use the pram (with the doubles kit at the front) with the base liner down. They also advised me that there should be no problem using the pram with my newborn in it, and I quote, with her legs in a "frog" like position!!! She's just worked out how to straighten her legs and screams hysterically when we go to put the toddler seat on as she is unable to move her legs. My baby outgrew it in a matter of a few weeks, and she was born 6.15 pound. So now I am left with a gap of a couple of months where I am unable to use the pram for my two children, for a number of months, into the baby is big enough to use the doubles kit at the rear. Had I known this, I would have bought an entirely different pram. I feel completely mislead by the marketing of this pram, and am extremely disappointed with Phil & Teds customer service, after spending almost $2000 on two prams unless than 3 years. I've gone from being someone who readily recommended the brand, to someone who will not only never recommend against the brand, ,but will never buy it again. A complete waste of $850.00 that could have been much better spent while on a maternity leave salary.

My baby didn't fit in the newborn section within a matter of weeks (with the toddler seat on the front). Poor customer Service

Double KitYes
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mine too, how crazy is that, a newborn doesnt fit! do they even bother to test with different size babies, my boy isnt that big either!

I really wanted to love this pram.

I bought this pram for my 13 month old and newborn, my newborn is now 8 weeks old and 59cms long. She doesn’t fit in the lie flat position very well, if at all, as her feet are squished with her legs bent and the harness cannot be worn as it no longer reaches over her shoulders. Getting her out is difficult even without the double kit on the front. I have found there is no ventilation and quite often she is very sweaty and hot when I get her out (I have taken to using it without the plastic flap attachment for obvious reasons). Not good when you live in a hot country and we’ve experienced a very hot summer this year. Recline is nonexistent for the child on the front, whether this be in the main seat or the double kit.
If you are going to use it with a newborn and a toddler, I suggest using the car seat adapter but be aware that the double kit has a weight limit of 15kgs in the rear position. Maybe plan to have your baby in the cooler months!
The storage compartment underneath is hard to get to with main seat down in the newborn position. Being aware that the compartment will disappear altogether once it is converted; I bought a Diddie bag in order to gain more storage. Where can I hang the Diddie bag on the pram when I’m using it for two? Nowhere. If I am to hang it from the handle as suggested, I’ll be hitting the youngest child in the head.
The sun hood for the double kit is too small when it is used on the front of the pram; I have used the larger one for the main seat with no real trouble.
The pram itself is heavy and a pain to fold and unfold. Despite being compact I find that is still takes up a bit of room in the boot. I drive a Honda Accord. I’ve taken to leaving the Dot at home for walks and using a stroller for the older child and strapping the newborn to me in a carrier on shopping trips
On the plus side, it does handle very well, and my eldest loves it. It is well made, the materials are of a high quality and the harnesses are easy to adjust.
I’m hoping it comes into its own once I’m using the double kit on the back for the youngest. I really do want to love it.
Easy to manouvre, handle positions are excellent.
No ventilation in main seat, too small for newbown, limited storage, heavy and cumbersome.

Double KitYes
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A terrible pram if your baby a) is big from birth (so the face to face won't last) and in any case can't be used in double mode, b) likes to see your face as you push as it is only forward-facing (this is a huge minus as far as I am concerned) and most of all, if your baby is a fractious sleeper, the recline is terrible because you are forever stopping to put it up and down. Really worth considering these factors.

Great pram, very narrow and easy to steer

I've been through a number of prams, but love this one. it is very similar in dimensions to the mountain buggy swift but has the bonus of being a double. The pram is easy to switch from front seat with baby in the full recline to the double seat on the back.
narrow, light weight and easy to steer.
things tend to fall out of the basket at the bottom, as it is open at the back. the double seat on front has a fair bit of movement if the safety strap is not completely tightened. instructions are terrible, all in pictures, like the ikea instructions.

Double KitYes

navigator review, i have found the one!!

This pram is amazing! I have wasted my time with stupid shopping centre wheels and these wonderful air filled tyres can handle any terrain with ease. I am using it in single mode at the monent with the intention ofthe double kit in the future. The pram feels like its floating to push. The seat looks and feels confortable and well padded. The basket is a great size. But bear in mind the double kit will use that space but its no deal breaker as phil and teds have great accessories such as the mini diddie bag that attaches to the back of either of the seats, saddles bags that attach to the side of the pram and a hang bag that attaches to the handle and looks like a bum bag.
The seat has a great seat that i believe is an improvement on older models that is very firm giving great back support. The seat recline adjustment is a little fiddly but not a deal breaker just doing it two times in a row has made it easy and clear to me.
The doubles kit seat reclines so can be used for a small baby. The main seat reclines flat for newborn and the second seat sits on front for the older child.
This pram is so diverse and can grow with your family with chi.dren of small and large gaps.
I would buy this pram over and over!
Air filled all terrian tyres, option of single or double mode, brewze to push and fold. comfy seat. great accesories.

Double KitYes

Great pram with a few flaws

I purchased the Dot Buggy as I wanted a double pram to take a 2.5 year old and a newborn. My first impression was what a fabulous pram and a fabulous concept. Having never owing a Phil and Teds I thought it would be amazing. I am a little disappointed. Firstly it is very heavy. Having a 4WD and trying to lift the folded pram into the boot is extremely hard. I find mine hard to unfold as it seems to lock quite strongly into place for storage and is hard to undo. I am less than impressed with the reclining system. At a full recline I find my newborn tends to have his head lower than his feet. He isn't a very tall baby and I find his feet and legs look squashed with the double kit on the front. The recline system also requires many hands to change from recline to upright and vice versa. When to you have the double kit on the back there is no storage as the childs feet use the carry basket at the bottom. I don't like the idea of the plastic back flap. If you don't use the plastic down then there is nothing protecting your baby. With the back flap down I find it gets a little hot for my bub under there. Would be nice to have a mesh option but I suppose that is when you buy the Sunny Days Mesh Cover. As I live where there are plenty of prickles I've had to pay to get my tyres filled as I was forever getting flat tyres. Hard to get used to after not needing to do that with the first pram I owned.

There are also many pluses to this pram too. It is very easy to maneuver even with 2 children in it. It's great on the footpath and off road too. Hardly notice the difference. The sun shade onthe front is a great size and so is the one on the double kit. The harnesses are great. Easy to adjust and move when needed. I love the colours avaliable. The inline design is great as if my older child wants to walk I don't have to attach the double kit. If I was pushing a side by side I would always be having an empty seat.

Overall I think it's a great pram and I will get a lot of use out of it.
Easy to maneuver, easy to push with 2 children in it, easy to adjust harness, very slimline,
Terrible reclining system, heavy and awkward to lift when folded, inflatable tyres, no storage when using the double kit on the back,

Double KitYes

Good but could be better

I recently purchased a Dot as wanted something more compact and light to replace my much bigger Vibe. I was very excited when I first discovered it and ordered one before it arrived in stores. Having loved everything about my Vibe except for its big and bulky size I was sure I was going to love the Dot even more but unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to see all its features for myself before it was released so to me there were some definite disadvantages. Overall I'm quite happy with my Dot, the mobility aspect is absolutely great but not so much the functionality of some very important features. One of the major flaws for me is the reclining system which is complicated, fiddly and downright annoying. It requires several actions from sitting to sleeping position plus several hands (more than 2) to change it back up especially with a baby in it which honestly I often can't be bothered with. I must say I expected better from Phil & Teds on something like this considering their other buggies have much easier reclining system so why not make them all the same? One obvious positive is that it's also an inline but had I not needed one I probably would have gone with Mountain Buggy Swift.
Small, compact that's also an inline, fits everywhere, sturdy and easy to manouver, looks great, roomy and easy to access storage basket, solid footwell which means no more trashy fabric.
A little on the heavy side for a pram of that size (but I guess that's due to the strength factor required in an inline), fixed sunhood and no colour options compared to Navigator, a little awkward to fold and unfold and finally TERRIBLE reclining design, requires switching between two fastening combinations, reclining options/lengths in either phase not extensive enough to achieve a mid level recline.

I'm in love with this pram!

Absolutely love my Phil & Teds Dot buggy! I've been through 5 prams of various brands and none of them come close to this pram. It's absolutely worth every cent and my two boys love it. I have the older one in the main seat so he can watch the world go by, and the younger 6 month old in the double kit underneath. He finds it so cosy that he sleeps most of the time he's in it.
The seats are roomy, the harnesses are fantastic, and the easy adjust straps make life a breeze. The travel system adapter is very handy if we just want to clip in the baby capsule (we have a safe n sound unity capsule). The pram is so easy to maneuver, which is a joy considering it felt like I was pushing a freight train with the other prams I've tried. It's compact design also means that I can fit through any tight shops when we're out and about. The wheels are adaptable so we can go from shopping centers to outside parks and not have any handling issues. The adjustable height on the handle is great for me and my husband who is much taller.
It's easy to fold, pick up and put in the boot of the car, and its unbelievable how compact it folds down. I still have plenty of room for shopping and groceries.
The sun shade on the main seat is huge, although the one on the double kit may leave room for for a bit of sun to get in. Easily fixed by throwing a wrap over for more shade protection, or you can buy the sun mesh cover.
The only downfall is that there aren't any storage compartments or hooks for bags on the pram. Not to big of a gripe considering you can get accessories to suit. Overall, I'm really really happy with this pram.
Easy to manouver even with two kids. Compact when folded. Very slimline. Travel system adapter and double kit gives so many seating configurations for either one or two children.
No storage compartments if using with double kit, sunshade on double kit could be a bit bigger.

Double KitYes

Great pram

I bought this as I have a second on the way and didn't want a side by side pram. Overall it is light, great sun canopy, doesn't fold as compactly as my old city mini but still does the job. Straps r easy to adjust and it reclines fully flat which is great for newborns. Handles well, big wheel at front can have a mind if it's own at times, I'm stil getting used to that coming from a 4 wheel pram. Pockets in canopy are great as with the double kit has no other storage. Break is easy to use, cleans up well. Overall I'm happy with it, price could be a bit better though.
Lightweight, great sun canopy
Not as compact to fold, front wheel can have z mind if it's own at times

Double KitYes
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after ownign the navigator for a while it was great until my second baby was born then the trouble began. My safe and sound unity capsule didnt fit as well as it should and was right in my toddlers face when she was underneath. we switched to a maxi cosy capsule which gave my toddler more room underneath, then i went to place my 2 week old in the main seat lying flat witht he hope to put the toddler seat ontop, but no, he didnt fit in main seat, legs were all squashed up. couldnt believe a newborn baby didnt fit lengthwise, what a terrible design flaw! tyres continuousely kept going flat, and material was pilling so quickly, quality is poor for the price. i ended up selling pram and bought the new strider compact. quality amazing, soooooo much more room for both kids without it being much bigger than the navigator. never again will i buy a phil and teds pram.

love it

i love this pram.. its pretty light and small.. ive only had it a few weeks but so far so good.. im buying a navigator hood to put on it as im not to fussed on the hood but apart from that its great.. i do wish the double kit was a bit taller as my 2.5 year old is a little to tall for it so i had to take the second hood off.. but al that said it really is a great pram
great to use.. small and compact and very easy to push with 2 kids in it.. easy to fit in the boot and narrow
hard to clean and cover cant be machine washed

Double KitYes
1 comment
Are you able to interchange the navigator hood onto the dot? Have just purchased a dot myself so would be interested in doing the same.

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Phil & Teds Dot
CategoryDouble Prams & Strollers and 3-Wheel Prams & Strollers
Price (RRP) $749.00
Seating Type Single and Tandem
Convertible Yes
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 20 kg
Seat OrientationReversible
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Height-Adjustable Handle, Locking Front Wheels and Under-seat Storage
Wheel MaterialSolid
Weight13.4 kg
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)
Folded Dimensions30 x 59 x 80 cm

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