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I’m looking at purchasing a navigator v2 second hand. It has a worn handle. Are you able to change the handle bar without changing the brakes?
1 answer
I asked the company that and you have to pay over $100 (seriously, the pram should be worth less that that based on how awful it is!) for the new handle bar rubber which will probably wear off within a year if it's the same material. Then they told me the alternative is to get electric tape and tape over the top of it.

I have the navigator but wondered what people do with changing bag when used as double buggy?
1 answer
My nappy bag can fit under in the tray its tight squeeze but my lil one puts her feet on the bag I also hav a little nappy wallet i use for quick shopping trips

Is there a shade cover for back toddler seat?
1 answer
Yes I am pretty sure there is a full sun cover that does both the front and rear seat.

Does the Toddler sit in front seat or rear? Hard to tell from images.... xx
1 answer
Hi Amelia, The toddler sits in front if you want to lie a newborn flat. You can then change it up once the newborn has grown up and put the doubles kit at the back and the toddler will be able to climb in. (: Check out the riding options for toddler with newborn and 2 toddlers at http://philandteds.com/au/Products/Push/navigator#Riding-Options-Chart. hope this helps!

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