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Phil & Teds Promenade

Phil & Teds Promenade

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The Rolls Royce of all strollers!

I purchased my sport in midnight with double kit when baby no2 was 4 months to accommodate him and my very tall 3 year old. I researched lots of different double pushchairs and settled on this and so glad I did! Our family has a farming background so it's been through fields, country lanes and tracks, up hills etc as well as the quick trips to town and shops and it just glides everywhere, even now when my eldest is at the upper end of weight range but hops in on long tiring days out, it copes brilliantly.

Just 3 points which are slight downfalls for me.. it would be even better if it folded with double kit attached, although used too it now it's sometimes a bit of a faff to keep taking it on and off.

The new auto stop break - I'm probably the only sport owner that doesn't like it but it's purely personal preference. The concept of it is great, I'm actually surprised more pushchairs don't have it, but for me it means I'm unable to hang the changing bag on the handle with the strap and the feel of the plastic it's coated with almost weird. I very rarely use it, just keep it clipped off, a foot break would have been my first choice.

Should be better for what it cost

I wish I loved this pram but I simply do not. I have one baby so perhaps I am not reaping the benefits of this model I bought in mind for when baby no 2 comes along.
I shared my issues with the company but they only responded to half my issues & didn't seem too interested.
This pram retails for $950ish + extras (cup holder, liner, sun shade, rain cover).
Issues: Break mechanism gets caught before final position
Rain cover only cover the actual baby capsule and the rest of the pram including parcel shelf will get wet
Coffee cup holder - bad size so coffee spills when in motion - both for reg/large takeaway cups. Need a separate holder for water bottle.
Hood does not have enough clips to contain a breeze so disrupts sleeping baby
Hood is jerky and noisy to open/close - unsure if this is normal for such a mechanism
Parcel shelf tore in first month as got caught when opening up pram.
Parcel shelf can hold only upto 4kg. Not able to put bag around arm of pram.
Overall width of pram is a bit too wide so I get caught at some stores and local Woolworths. Also I need to take the chunky rear wheels off to get into my boot but atleast this is possible.
Metal trims scuff easily and look shabby
Seat is hard so you need to buy a mattress / add comfort
Baby/s can face you and outwards, looks good when new, good turning circle
Expensive, P&T not very helpful, wide, no support in seat, metal trim scratches easily, parcel shelf only holds 4kg, extras not great

Love it!!

I absolutely love this pram. I do a lot of walking, and find it so easy and comfortable to push. It turns very easily despite its size, which is so helpful!! My daughter sleeps really well in this pram, and I love how easy it is to convert from a seat to bassinet. I really like that this pram is able to face forwards and rearwards, and that it is able to accommodate two children. All in all I am very satisfied with this pram, and would definitely recommend it!
Its a sturdy pram, particularly for someone who does a lot of walking. It is able to convert into a double pram. It is very manoeuvrable in tight spaces, despite being a rather large pram.
The initial cost of the pram is quite expensive, particularly when you add in any additional extras (e.g. storm cover, second seat, etc.). This pram is also two wide for some supermarket checkouts, which is at times frustrating, however it is smaller than many of the other popular double in-line prams, so I have learnt to deal with this.

Love this pram

I have had this pram for 8 months now, and cannot complain at all. In fact I would go out and buy it all over again. Smooth to push, easy to turn around. It's back wheels are wider than the front but its no different to the width of a wheel chair which many places should have wide enough access to get through (many dont)
A girls friend and I went to a market and it was on grass and it was even a dream to push across the grass. one of my expecting girlfriends is putting a order in for one due to loving mine so much

Would not bother!

I loved the idea of this pram. I have owned several prams in the pastand one of my favourites that I kept for over 1 year was the P&T E3, then a Sport, then a Dash, Vibe, etc
I wanted my baby to be able to face me and the new Promenade offered just that. When I finally received my new pram and tested it out I was rather disappointed as it felt a bit flimsy and the wheels were made of this cheap horrible plastic. After just 3 weeks(!) the front wheels started to squeek :(
Great I spent $900 on a pram that clearly poorly made and probably won't even last for a couple of years.
The customer service was brilliant and explained how to get the front wheels off to oil it - which you should not have to after 3 weeks (hubby and I could not work it out even after reading the manual several times). Needless to say I sold the pram on ebay.....
Now have a Stokke Xplory and love it!
seat faces both ways, can take toddler seat. No need to buy separate bassinet
poorly made, bulky, no good for long walks only for shipping centres

Questions & Answers

Hi I have the Promenade twin buggy is there a way I can fix the foot adjuster my daughter stood in the buggy and it's broke and the bit they put their feet in doesn't stay up so just wondered if there was a way I could fix it without buying a whole new chair ? Thanks
No answers

Has anyone had the internal wires in the retractable handle bar snap? I've contacted Phil and Teds and I have to buy the whole base of the pram as they do not sell replacement wires. Any help would be appreciated. I love my pram use it all the time but to buy half a pram again is just not financially viable!
3 answers
I had exactly the same issue! And luckily mine was under warranty and got it send for nothing. But maybe this is a common issue?Yes I have the same issue. The left side wire inside the handle bar was broken and it is really hard to navigate.I have same problem. I love the pram so much but it’s not worth it if we have to buy the whole pram basement just because of the broken wire inside the left hand side of the handle

Just wondering do you buy seperate parts for double buggy and if so how much would that cost on top of the retail buggy price?
2 answers
Hi Rachy. Yes sep seat called double kit. Just bought it. $170, comes with sunhood but its approx half the length of the one that comes with pram which is odd and not as useful. Not sure why shorter as there is room for more. Also no hand bar with double kit so have to buy it as another extra, I think this is a rip off. I won't buy it even though I would like it. Same goes for sun shade and rain cover for double kit - i will buy generic ones at a fraction of P+T price as they are over priced. Current set up: While newborn lies flat, I have to have bub at bottom facing out. My 2yo sits in seat above facing out. I would prefer bub on top and 2yo on bottom. I am not enjoying pram at all with this set up (no other option at this age) for following reasons: Weight distribution is main prob. Bub is 4kg in seat (flat position) at centre to back. 2yo is 14kg more forward of pram. Hard to steer on any sort of elevation and so I mainly stick to flat concrete paths but still end up with sore wrists from a 30m walk!! Brand need to improve this as it doesn't work well. 2yo legs are too long for seat, so it only looks comfy if he sits in seat with knees bent. He is average height for age. The shoulder straps don't seem to hold him in place well either, not sturdy, but this has been the case for some time. If I walk fast my lower leg bumps bottom seat metal frame which is in flat position. I hope it all gets easier when I can restructure pram once bub is able to sit up. The weight distribution really bugs me at the moment so I am using less that I would like to. Also with 2 seats now, no room for bag or shopping in pram base. Manual says not to hang bags over handle so it's a pain not to be able to carry anything within pram other than kidlets once you have 2. This pram needs design usability tweaking. Looks good but not enough esp once all the extras add up in addition to pram.Thanks very much i will research other buggys i have a two year old at the minute and just looking for the right buggy for a baby and a toddler and one that i will be able to push up hills because where i live has alot of hills


Price (RRP) $799.00
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 18 kg
Seat OrientationConvertible
FeaturesArm Bar and Under-seat Storage
Weight3.8 kg

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  • GTIN14: 09420015727876

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