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So easy to use in single or double mode with good riding options for newborn and toddler. Great to use in town shopping or out and about.
Its easy to fold/unfold but is a bit heavy to lift into the car.
This pram is the 3 type i have owned and i think it will be my last. I am so happy with it.

Double KitYes

Amazing! This buggy has been a life saver!

I bought my Phil and teds sport, second hand, to look at, it had been well used when I bought it. But needed to have a double As a spare. And it has become my main buggy because I love it So much!! We moved to cananda and it is amazing! On all torrain! It handles so well and is so smooth and easy to push. We walk for miles every day and this buggy has made it more enjoyable. The second seat is So easy and quick to click on and off. I just wanna thank Phil and teds! Their buggies are obviously very durable! As I said we bought it worn second hand and still not had a problem with it!

Double KitNo

Robust, easy to manoeuvre, versatile

Robust - We bought our Phil and Ted's Pram in 2006 for my first child, knowing we would have more children and wanting to use the double kit. We used the pram for our three children and my sister is using it for her two children now. Except for some fading on the canopy and footwell and a little wear around the frame, it is still in excellent condition. We have changed the inner tubes of the tyres a couple of times after a trip through some prickles but that is the only maintenance it has needed.
Easy to manoeuvre - I find the handling of the pram excellent, both on-road and off-road. It is easy to push over rough ground including sand and grass. The front wheel turns easily.
Versatile - the best thing about this pram is its versatility. I looooved that the main seat folds flat which allows an infant to sleep comfortably flat on their back but also older children up to about three years can sleep lying down if tired or sick. If a sitting child falls asleep in the upright position, the seat can then be fully reclined the flat position easily to allow them to stay asleep. The papoose, which we also bought through P&T, fits easily in this area, which allows you to carry a sleeping baby in and out of the pram without waking. The sleeping area is also very roomy so you can also store quite a lot of kit in there and use the double seat for the child. When we'd finished with the pram, we really missed having a wagon for taking to picnics etc!
In the sleeping area, the baby's head can face toward you when pushing so you can see the baby through the open end, or away from you and use a cloth to provide shade. The canopy is not big enough to cover a baby lying in this position and also doesn't cover a child in the double in front or behind.
the double seat can be attached above the sleeping area or behind if the front child is sitting upright. This lower position allows children to climb in and out easily by themselves. You just have to be careful of tipping if the front child climbs out and there is a child in the back!

With regards to folding, it does take a few practice runs to get a smooth technique but once you know how to do it, it is easy. It is a heavy pram but robust.

On the whole, an excellent pram and I'd buy the same again!

Double KitYes

Best pram for two kids

I love my Phil n teds sport pram! Honestly, one of the best purchases I’ve made. Mine has lasted 10 years, through 3 children. It’s easy to use for one child and not bulky. Adding the second seat is very simple and the pram is still manoeuvrable. The quality of the fabric and frame is excellent. The pram folds up very compact for a 3 wheeler, however it’s a little awkward doing the actual folding. Be careful not to pump the tyres up too high, as the wheel rims get warped. But you need to keep the tyres at a decent pressure, to make pushing a breeze.

Double KitYes

Not a Very good double pram

From the moment I bought this pram I haven't really liked it. It was ok at first when I had my infant but now that he wants to sit up its really hard to have them both in the pram. Its difficult to unfold when I take it out of the car, not to mention it's very heavy and then the sun screens are always coming off. It works well as a single pram but as a double it's just too hard. If it could be redesigned I would ask if the additional seat could have the ability to be laid down so my toddler can sit in the front and my baby can lie down in the lower seat. The fact that it can't be lowered so they can sleep is an inconvenience.

Double KitYes

Really not too bad

I bought it for the double seats design,usually I use it for little son.Easy to maneuver,quality pram,convenient to fold unfold,but a bit of heavy for me to carry it from car before going shopping.When I want to use it for my little daughte(round 6 months),I find it's hard to keep my son(2 years) sit together.He feels uncomfortable at back seat.It's much better two way seats design,actually not practical for double.

Double KitYes

Perfect pram as a single or double

I bought this pram for my 1st born 7 years ago and also had my other 2 girls in the same pram. They all used the same cocoon and same with the extra seat (double Kit) I had the unusual apple green and always got commented on it. it was a fabulous looking pram so very easy to push and turn i could get through the supermarket checkouts with easy as its narrow and the quality was superb. you can take the whole pram apart and put everything in the washing machine for me that's a winner :) its very easy to fold away and to set up. i would highly recommend this pram to anyone.

Double KitYes

Great little jogging pram

Reasons why I bought this stroller:
1. It was relatively light so I could throw it in the car without breaking my back.
2. It folded down to fit into my car with one seat folded down as I drive something the size of a mini cooper and it has zero boot space.

Reasons why I liked this stroller:
- There are lots of sit up and lay flat options which I would use depending on if the little one was tired or needed to go to sleep.
- You can steer it with one hand if you want to which is good if you have to steer a corner and hold the hand of a sibling at the same time.
- Its a pretty smooth ride and can handle grass, cement, road and gravel pretty easily. It hops up and down the curb easily. HOWEVER, if you cop a flat tyre it will be a hard slog up a steep hill.
- It was really easy to get replacement parts for when I blew a tyre tube and when wanted to add a grab bar for the little one to hold onto.
- The unit is easy to clean and you can fit a few bags from woolies underneath without crushing the bread.
- The sun shade and wet weather cover fit really snug and perfectly.
- I bought it with the double kit but didn't really use it as much as I thought I would so in hindsight I might not have bothered.

I bought this in mid 2012 and its still going strong. Recommended :-)

Double KitYes

Best item we ever bought for our kids

It's just a terrific transformer! Bought in 2008, we moved all of our three kids around the city with this one - going to all the stages (from 1 infant > 3 kids). And yes, in later years, sometimes all of our three kids would climb on top (one sitting in front, mostly!). And sure, often there were tons of groceries down below as well - it survived it all. The thing is, it's made from steel, which might look less sexy to some (?) it sure beats most aluminum frames which are usually wobbly at the joints. You can easily buy this model 2nd hand in confidence.
So it was our daily driver, we did all-terrain on holidays, used it a lot on public transport in our largish city (yes, its one of the few with a limited width to easily slides through bus and tram doors) and still folds down compact to fit your booth. I can honestly say it was the best thing we ever bought -the sole reason I write this review, as parents buy tons of things that afterwards turn out useless. While this stroller was mostly managed by my 54 kg wife, she agrees it maneuvers like a dream (for those who can't... !? try unblocking the front wheel) Speaking of wheels, still having our original tires in 2017... And it was really well-used (and yes, abused)...
Admittedly no longer using it much since 2014, thought of giving it away. So today I took all soft parts off, did a 4 hour 40 degrees washing cycle - just mounted it all and ... looks like its ready to go again.
Downsides? Would even prefer the classic over this one, the adjustable handle doesn't add much however it has lots of play which I find disturbing. And you might want to consider NOT buying a light color (we chose sand - and well, as I said, we used it well...

Double KitYes

I wouldn't buy this pram unless you need a double

We bought this pram second hand as a double when our second child arrived. It seemed like a reasonably priced pram for the quality. It has done the job required but we don't love it.

It is heavy compared to the other prams we have used (baby jogger Citi mini gt, valco snap duo and maclaren).
It doesn't steer as easily as some other prams.
The adjustable clips to raise and lower the seat and extending irritating and hard to do up if the child is sitting in the seat.
The sun good is pretty useless
The brake is extremely stiff and not that easily to unlock.

It does have good basket capacity.
The second seat is easily to attach and take off.
We'd probably still buy it again unless we had bought a double pram in the beginning

Double KitYes


I bought this pram a month ago and am increasingly disappointed. I feel that for the price, the pram lacks a number of streamlined features that I would expect for value for money. The hood is difficult to adjust and requires a lot of force to pull up & down. It often becomes detached from the frame while doing this. Also, there is a gap at the back. There is no brake to control force when going down steep hills making walking in hilly terrain difficult. I frequently hit my shins on the metal part at the back of the second seat. The storm cover does not fit neatly and snugly to protect the child on the bottom during windy wet weather. At €39 extra, this is disappointing. To fit the pram into my Toyota auris, I need to remove and re- attach second seat each time. This is fiddly and difficult to attach and remove.The pram is heavy to lift. Yesterday when removing pram from car, my finger became entrapped as pram opened and removed skin from knuckle. The only positive is that the pram glides easily over smooth, flat paths in town and both children are comfortable in the pram.

Double KitYes

Fabulous pram and still going strong

My wife and I bought this pram just under 5years ago for my little boy and we are now using it for our daughter. Till now, this pram is going strong. It is very easy to navigate through tight areas but it has its limitation like many other prams. Overall, a great buy for 2nd hand pram.

Cons: we have had to repair the wheel twice now and I believe this is a common issue with this pram/model as I've seen others with similar/same issue. The foam bit on the handles are breaking/ripping a bit.

Double KitYes

One and Only

I looked into strollers when we had our first in 2010, knowing we would have multiple children we wanted one that could hold two kids. We both love the Phil & Ted Sport Stroller and the different ways to set it up. We now have 3 kids and use it all the time. People always ask me about the stroller and can't believe we have two kids in it. I love the stroller. The only complaint I have is the rims on the wheels! The stroller was fine for the first couple of years but over time if you leave the stroller in the car on hot days the tires would pop. The rims are a bad design. Over 4 years we have had the same rims and looking into getting new ones. We have replaced the tire tubes a couple of times. Overall we love the stroller and take it everywhere we go. I know it will last for another couple of kids.

Good but difficult to fold

I bought this stroller second hand when my second child was born and the versatility of the double seat is great. I like that the baby can lie completely flat and that you can change from one to two children very easily. It handles a lot better than the single Childcare brand stroller I had before which is important since you have a lot of weight to push with two onboard. The folding mechanism is terrible though! It is difficult to fold it without putting the handle bar or front of the pram on the ground which wears out the handle bar foam and fabric. You also have to take the second seat off for folding. It is also quite heavy. I have since bought a Phil Teds vibe and it is much better with non of the folding issues.
Great handling, versatile
Terrible folding system, heavy

Double KitYes

Good & Bad

Have found this to be a good pram in single mode & was good also when baby no.2 was little and happy to lie down all the time. Now that bubs is 4mths old and not happy to be fully reclined the pram is a pest - I can only go for walks in 'awake' times as if I put baby in front and reclined my toddler gets knocked in the head & has no room. If baby is in the back seat with it dropped back I find my legs are hitting the back of the seat when I walk ... must admit we walk pretty fast & also have a dog with us - but cant find a way to make it work for us - so have ended up buying a side by side double where one can sleep & recline and the other be upright.

Great wheels and a smooth ride on most surfaces, great for shopping centres & fits in boot easily.
Cumbersome to lift I find & would much rather the MB style of collapse.
Basket underneath is tiny & can hardly fit a handbag in there. No zips pockets either.
Handlebar adjusts but isn't high enough for my 6,2 husband to push comfortably
Good for shopping centres, turns corners well, great for a NB & toddler or just one child
Small carry basket, hard to lift, not good for a sleeping baby if you have a toddler also, not a good handle height for tall men

Double KitYes

I love my phil & teds

I love this pram. I've had a few and this has been the keeper. I've had it for five years, 3 kids and it has been used nearly every day and it is a little faded but still going strong. I will buy another one when when I need to. The only thing I recommend doing before you use one, is take the tyres to a bike shop and get them to fill the tyres with the purple goo to prevent punctures.
Light, easy to fold. Compacts down. Fits in my small hatchback boot with room for shopping
Break is hard to put on so u tend not to worry about putting it on

Happy with it

I'm happy with this one as it is pretty easy to steer even whilst jogging and off-road. Hubby can even work out how to fold it down and it fits easily into our boot. It's lighter than some of the other really big ones that felt like steering a bus. Would recommend it.
light but sturdy

Great Pram

I initially purchased a second hand childcare discovery which was fantastic, but we live in a rural area and the discovery was no good for going on walks around here (lots of gravel).

The Phil & Teds V2 Sports pram is amazing! I can put my 4mo daughter in and go anywhere. steers really well, lightweight, big basket, small hood but sunshade attachment fixes that, great suspension. i put her in it to walk around our property and the bumps are never an issue.

I didn't get the 'peanut' attachment, but the sturdy belt helps her sit upright and she doesn't like to recline if she is awake so it doesn't matter - only drawback is that i have to walk in front to make sure she is doing ok.
the only 2 negatives are -

1. The brake is ridiculously tight. I cant unlock it with my foot, I have to crouch down and use 2 hands (bit embarrassing in public)
2. To collapse pram it has to sit on its handle (unless you are strong enough to hold it in the air with one arm while you lock the front wheel in place). The handle is covered in a rubber foam and tears easily so i have to rest the pram on my feet to lock it.

This pram takes up a fair bit of space unless you can be bothered removing the wheels (which I cant)
All in all, really happy with my purchase and will be keeping it long term. Knowing I can add a second seat is a real bonus!


I have a phill n teds sport with the extra seat. Its easy to steer. It was a bit hard with a new born to get in and out while having the extra seat on top. but now with a 6 month old and 26 month old its fantastic.
Its easy to run with and really well balanced. The extras you can get like rain coat and sunviser and carry bag ffor travel are great too.
Really easy to steer
Brake is hard to use when wearing thongs


Due to its inline design, its narrow enough to fit any where a little stroller would. It truly is fantastic to push. It can handle gravel roads, long grass, bumps, sandy tracks no worries. The hood is ridiculous but i have learnt to take my sun cover with me everywhere and thats ok. When used for a newborn and a toddler with the double seat on the front, I did find my toddler was too tall to have the hood open. It was resting on her head, she is only average height and was only 2 at the time. It pays to ring around and find the best price before purchasing one, some stores are charging up to and beyond $700 for the pram and doubles kit, mine was $629 with double kit. Overall really good, versatile pram that comfortably transports two children any where.
Light weight and effortless to push with 2 children in it. Goes well over all types of terrain. Very simple to change from a single pram to a double. Great range of funky colours. Wet weather cover and sun mesh can be purchased to cover both children in the pram so you can still head out for a walk no matter what the weather is like. Great range of accessories.
The one thing that I really dislike is the hood. It gives so little coverage, and when you open the viewing window there is nothing there not mesh or clear plastic as in other prams also it has only 2 positions close or open no in between. I would have to say it is the most pathetic hood Ive ever seen on a pram especially for our harsh summers. The buckles for adjusting the backrest are abit fiddly, a newborn up and down bed adjustment strap remedies this.

Double KitYes

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Questions & Answers

I have just bought a Phil and Teds sport stroller from the local op shop, in great condition . Couldn’t believe my luck, but...how do you fold it up?
2 answers
That’s awesome! You’ll love it! Under the seat near where it goes to the feet plastic section, you’ll see a red clip, push and slide it across and the stroller top will fold down and then it clips up when you pick it up.I had an older version so the fold up mechanism was different. If you have a sport, this video is pretty helpful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0VnY3dvmsw If you have an older version, this video is helpful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-g5jsEdHQXg

Can I put a dash second seat on a p&t sports push chair?
2 answers
Mine came with a second set underneath that could be attached when needed. They have different configurations on their website. Good luck ,☺️Have a look at philandteds.com, it will tell you if it fits

Can a steel craft capsule fit the sport pram? Are there adaptors for this?
2 answers
not sure sorry I didn't use a capsule with my babies. :-)https://philandteds.com/au/Buy/drive/car-seat-adaptors/sport,-dot-navigator-car-seat-adaptors


Phil & Teds Sport
CategoryDouble Prams & Strollers and 3-Wheel Prams & Strollers
Price (RRP) $599.95
Seating Type Single and Tandem
Convertible Yes
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 20 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar and Under-seat Storage
Wheel MaterialInflatable
Weight12.5 kg
Folded Dimensions76 x 30 x 59 cm
Release dateAug 2007

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