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Highly recommend

I did lots of research before taking the plunge and buying a Vibe in Jan 2010. There were quite a few negative reviews but I decided the benefits would (hopefully) outweigh the negatives. They did - big time. I love the pram. It was a godsend while I was on maternity leave. We went on very long walks every day and sometimes in the pouring rain with the raincover on, which works brilliantly.

Apparently they changed the design of the front wheel a couple of years ago and they no longer have the same problems of some of the earlier reviews. That said, we did have a problem when we first bought it. We took it back to the shop and it was repaired (or replaced?) quickly - we had a loan pram in the meantime. We didn't have a problem subsequently.

Bub no. 2 is due in October so we will see how it goes as a double then!
Sturdy and reliable on any surface. Flexible accessories.
They are big prams. I reluctantly purchased a cheapo stroller for zipping around the city to get to childcare etc.


If you take some time to research how to use the pram properly this pram is very user friendly. It is sturdy, supportive and the brake in the handle makes it really safe. I have accidentally bumped the brake a few times, but even so, I think it is one of the best features.
I love how sturdy the frame is. It is easy to open/fold- even with the doubles kit on! Nice cushiony seats available in different colours. Lts of accessories available. The toddler seat underneath has 2 recline positions, one where the 3-4 month old is slightly reclined and another where they can sit upright. The wheels can be repaired and pumped, it makes such a difference to the steering when the tyres are properly filled! I love the brake in the handle.
We had some initial troubles with the front wheel, but a bit of WD40 fixed it and we haven't had any problems since (1.5yrs). It is expensive.

Double KitYes

Not ideal for two, hard to handle

We purchased the Vibe for our the arrival of our daughter in 2009. Several friends had recommended it and the baby store was very positive about it (no surprise there...)And we purchased the toddler attachment at the same time for child number 2.

We are now going to sell it, as the toddler attachment in entirely impractical. That was the straw that broke the camels back in a long list of cons! We're going to look for something more practical now we know what to look for.
Light and easy to fold and put in the car, could take out one handed. Wheels easily removed for storage or fixing. Hood is big and movable.
Toddler attachment sits in a reclined position, too close to new born area. Hard to steer straight, no peek hole in shade cover, wheels constantly getting punctured, sling seat flimsy,


I brought the phil and teds vibe shortly after falling pregnant with our second child and was very excited. i had actually read some of the reviews and they were more negative than positive but i liked the look etc so much i was naive enough to buy it anyway. luckily it was on sale and i got a huge discount otherwise i would be even more disappointed..
The look is gorgeous, the concept, the second seat, the overall fabrics and materials all great quality.
The STEERING, oh my gosh. terrible. if i was out walking i found it was hard to maneuver around corners, on grass, up a curb, on a walking tack anywhere, just downright bad design or something. it seemed like all the weight was on the front end or something and it was just struggling the whole time. if you are looking for a pram to walk with or even just day to day usage i would recommend the phil & teds sports model, it seems to be the pick of the bunch. and take heed of these reviews as i didnt and i wish i had've.

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Agreed. We have this pram and a mountain buggy. Had to get this one when we had our second child. We have happily put this one away now that our oldest refuses to get in anymore. It is a steering nightmare. Very hard to handle compared to the MB. The front wheel regularly gets folded back and stuck when going up ramps / gutters etc. On the plus side, it does look good and having the front and back arrangement was what we were looking for (the mountain buggy side by side thing is a barge!)


The above would not have been so bad if Phil and Teds customer service had responded and assisted to resolve, however I have since had a nightmare of a time getting anyone to help me, and have now had to return the pram and wait for it to be repaired. I am currently seeking help from the department of fair trading to get a refun rather than go through waiting for repairs, As I can now see from reading all the reviews that I am not alone with this issue. WOULD NOT BUY A PHIL & TEDS product ever again!!!
The look
where to start!! within the first week the front wheel started to Jam up while I was walking, a nightmare as a new mum, overtire and still recovering from labour the last thing I needed was a difficult to push pram, especially as my only sanity in the day was a walk! then within 3 weeks the front wheel started to wobble and no matter how we tried to fix it, the problem continued, my little baby was shaken around and it again became difficult to push


Looks great when assembled ... but ...
1. You cannot push it except on the rear wheels doing wheelies.
2. Thats if you dont then engage the break.
3. You may find it doesnt fold so you need a ute or trailer to carry it.
4. The child seat has adjustable positions... low or lower and finally....

and worst of all...

Completely ridiculous and inept customer service from the manufacturer Phil and Teds

This thing is a Nightmare and rip off and completely useless... it may contribute to land fill or if you rip off the aluminum you could probably make something by scrapping it for commodity value to someone in china.

This is to be avoided at all cost...

This phil and teds is no excellent adventure.
Hard to compensate for the blemishes... Foldable at times... Can be comfortable when the kids are asleep... otherwise looks tyo be pure misery to them.
1. The zipper on the main seat for height adjustment broke... waiting a month later for replacement while child leans unevenly waiting for the fix.
2. Front wheel ... cactus... just about to go through more phil and teds run around... see where i get sent for a "service"... hope to come back. The thing should be advertised as a two wheeler as thats the only way it works... on the back wheels.
3. Folding ... nigh impossible unless trained by a ninja in finer points of origami. The two seats fold only in one fine aligned conjunction of far away planets every 3 days. It works better when you threaten to leave it in a heap as it somehow then decides to fold itself. The side locks are stiff and the "safety" red latch is a trap for young players... turn away and it re-engages with one hopes no little finger in between.
4. Ah the brake ... it should be called the break cause the frustration with it has just broken this camels back...

I have the same pram, and have never had even one unhappy moment while using it. It was one of the best buys for my kids and I am still happily using it two years later... Yes it is a fair bit wider then most prams, but I dealt with it... You obviously got a dodgy one, or just didn't know how to use it the right way... Most of the complaints are petty anyway.. In all the best pram I have ever owned and used... Simon are you sure you don't work for the competition??? Your negative comments about the vibe I truly find hard to believe. I have owned a vibe for 12 months now and it is a dream pram!!I agree with everything you just said! also for me, the hood keeps coming off, and when i was putting it back on the other day it pinched a huge chunk out of my finger and i bled everywhere in public! awful awful pram! impossible to steer!


I needed this pram because it is the only pram that they can both sleep in and fits everywhere. I love my side by side better because they are more content with each others company and they learn to fall asleep with each other distracting each other. But there are many times when I have doctors, dentists appointments or just lots of shopping to do when I NEED to take my phil and teds because the double simply will not fit and is not an option.
it is narrow and fits through checkouts,doorways, in between tables at restaurants etc. it is also easy to steer (when the tyres have enough air). also fits well in the boot of most cars although i've never tried it in a small car only sedans and my rav4.
I hated it the first 4 months when my toddler was in the added on seat because he is one that likes to sit right up when he is awake (not lye back) and he sleeps longer if the seat goes down. Now that my baby is 7 months she is starting to complain in the back but when i use my side by side they are both happy. when my baby falls asleep underneath and then my toddler it is hard to pull the baby out if she wakes first because he lays as far back as we can let him (so that he sleeps longer for me that is)


Now when you have children, your buggy is everything. You need it for mobility and to go shopping and it is MASSIVELY stressful when you can't leave the house because your buggy is out of action. We have literally been searching world wide for a replacement tire. But because its a special size you can only find a replacements from Phil and Teds. Apparently the entire country (Switzerland) has no more spares as other people have had exactly the same problem. Now, we are stranded and desperately trying to find replacement tires. We have tried to buy tires from a bicycle shop but doesn't fit because of the strange size.

PHIL & TEDS if you read this. I'm begging you! PLEASE! Sort out the quality of your tires.

While your at it try adding some disk breaks and shocks. I expect a lot more value for money and LOT LESS STRESS for that price.
The Phil and Teds Vibe suited our needs. We have two young children only 18 months apart and needed an inline push chair that could accommodate both children and to allow us to easily get on and off our public transport.
We live in Zurich Switzerland (and yes I am an Aussie), similar to NY, driving in Zurich is a nightmare so you either walk everywhere or use public transport. We use to have a TFK (Trend For Kids) and liked that very much but you couldn't accommodate two children, hence the change.

The Vibe it's self is ok. I agree the they could have added shocks absorbers and better breaks. The breaks (which is a little red button in the middle of the hand grip) is extremely sensitive and easy to knock, if you kids aren't strapped in you would think that they would get flung out of the buggy. But you can get use to that and work around the button. The really bad thing are the tires! We've owned the buggy less than 5 months now and we have had 2 tires burst on us. The rubber tread is so soft the it wares right down to the inner tube before it bursts with an all mighty bang. The first time it happened (3 months after we bought it) I got a replacement wheel only after a couple of weeks of ordering it (Thank god we had our TFK still). Thinking we were clever, we straight away ordered an additional 3 new replacement tires, as we could see the tread wearing away on the 2nd tire. 2 months later,Bang!! and still no replacement tires. We sold the TFK since then)


I wouldn't buy this again. Seems like other Phil and Ted versions have fewer problems and the Vibe is more expensive.
good looking, good sun protection, double attachment, good storage basket underneath
heavy to fold and get into and out of the car, also on our third set of wheels in a year. First time the store replaced them for free saying it was a problem with the Vibe. now they say too bad, not under warranty even though the wheels are only three months old and have worn through just going around the neighborhood.

Double KitYes


I agree with the below comments, it might look nice and have cushier seating but the seating is poorly designed, my son sank in it & looked so uncomfortable & unsupported its a pain to lie down too, id rather go with the sport!
Cushy seating, great sun coverage.
huge, bulky, seat wasnt very supportive


Avoid this death-trap of a pram. If you have to buy it then don't buy it from Babies Galore.
Honestly, nothing to say positive about this pram.
We had to replace the toddler straps twice as they were way too short to fit our 2-year-old. The first replacement took 3 MONTHS during which time the pram was essentially useless to us.

Secondly, the actual pram we bought had a manufacturing fault that we only disovered when both kids were in it. The toddler section buckled and the baby fell out - fortunately he was not hurt as we were on grass. We thought we had assembled it incorrectly so took it back to Babies Galore who did an inspection and assured us it was not our fault but actually a manufacturing fault. So, 5 MONTHS after buying the pram we are unable to use it and Babies Galore has given us the run-around too - making us take it book to their Chatswood branch who want to send it for repairs!?!? It's not brokn - what are they going to repair? We just want our money back but they refuse.


Hi Sqraf, re the vibe tyres, did you contact the distributer in Switzerland direct? The details are on the phil&teds website under stockists - hope that you are mobile with your children again soon!
looks great!
hand brake button slightly sensitive, but not a big deal.


We bought the pram after having two children 14 months apart. My toddler initially loved being up high in the toddler position, however my newborn never liked been placed in the "parcelshelf spot" and screamed almost continously whilst in it.
In retrospect, who would expect anyone to enjoy a ride in the dark,unable to see anyone or anything..with your elder brother kicking towards your toes. A pretty poor start in life!
We bought a double mountain buggy and never looked back.... perhaps babies no matter how young need to see and be seen.
I have noticed since how many people buy these phil and ted double prams and and you rarely see more than one child in them! work it out for yourself!
Looks good!
Unstable with a large toddler reaching out, with a newborn underneath.The brake on the handlebar is difficult to put on and off.Easy to catch the skin on your hands when folding the pram up.

Double KitYes


I would not recommend buying this pram. I've sent my pram back to Phil and Ted's for repair once as it was under warranty. Now it is just 16 months old (and I take good care of it) and the front wheel (bearing) has the same problem. The pram is no longer under warranty so I have to pay for the repair. I'm told Phil and Ted are not including wheels under their warranty.
Can fit two children in the pram
The front wheel doesn't turn properly. So it's really hard to wheel.

Amazing pram!

We've had our pram 2 years and can't fault it. At the start the steering was dodgy, but we put some WD40 on it and haven't had a problem since. If you have problems with the front wheel, make sure you spray WD40 on it first, before trying to send it back.
I love the strong frame, I feel my two boys a secure in it. They are both comfortable and they never cry to get out like our last prams. Very smooth to push and it handles really well. I got told the break system was crap, but I love it!! Its so practical having the break at my finger tips, instead of having to bend down trying to put on the break. It took some getting used to the break at first, but now its a breeze :) I like at intersections I can press it on and I know the boys are safe. I also got told the tires were bad and they burst, but my tiers have been smooth sailing and I've run over broken glass a few times, with no problems to the tires. I use my pram STILL every single day and it hasn't faulted me once. The back seat is really strong, when I first got it I was nervy about putting my son in the back, but its so strong and he fits so well into it. Everything about it has been great.
All the bad reviews are the only con with it. I'm not sure if I got a really good pram and everyone else got a dodgy one? If the wheel is a concern, WD40 it.


Despite the cons i love it. Bought it at a discounted rate online with free cacoon & dbls kit. No wobbly wheel as even though I'd unknowingly purchased old stock the bearings on front wheel had been replaced, Service with P & T has been great. I have called them directly in NZ a few times. For any problems call P&T directly - DONT go through the retailer. I walk 5kms daily on dodgy bitumen roads up and down many steep hills and it has been fantastic. No pram is perfect and if I didn't need it for 2 kids I probably would have gotten a baby jogger elite. If you don't pay full price & stagger the purchase of accessories it's a great buy. the latest vibe is even better.
Perfect for 2 kids. Width, only 2cm wider than sport. Lightest P&T. Looks amazing. Very sturdy frame. Fabric easy to clean. Moving sunhood & sunhood now available for dbls kit from p&t spare parts. It is EASY to fold once you get the hang of it. just practice & check out online vids.
Tyres, 2 puctures within 3 months. Easily repaired with tyre pucture kit - just like a bike. While I ordered a new tube which took 10 days(havent had to use it yet). Basket hard to access. Handle not so ergonomic on long walks. Tiny tears started at seams in fabric in < 3 months, but I called P&T direct, emailed the photos and they sent me new sling immediately. Also need to use a stroller caddy as no where to put your keys/mobile.


I would not recommend this pram to anyone. Having said that my sister has one and she 'says' she is happy enough with it. I'd definitely go the Sports over the Vibe. The Sports is narrower and is much easier to steer. Sure the Vibe can be collapsed without taking off the back seat. But really the Sports back seat is very easy to detatch and it's not a worry.
We didn't like it at all. The steering was really difficult. It's a big and bulky pram. One Pro could be it's looks if you think it looks good. It also probably has a bit more padding that the Sports.
Steering. Ended up swapping for the Sports which we were much happier with.


Probably wouldn't buy it if we had to do it all over again. I would stick to the sports or dash version (save your money!) or buy a mountain buggy. Will be selling ours soon as our baby is old enough.....
The brake is fantastic (once you get used to the positioning of it) and I wouldn't have a pram without a brake on the handle. Collapsing is easy and the basket has plenty of space for shopping. Shade cover and wind cover is excellent and fits perfectly. It looks great too. The hood is fantastic as it is able to pushed into different angles forward to compensate for the sun.
It is heavier to push than the other Phil and Teds and harder to steer than the sports or the dash (we were upgraded from the dash due to faults on the pram that we bought - major faults!). The con that others mention is the scratching of the metal, we haven't had any so far and haven't been easy on the pram either. It has a major squeak which we can't fix either. There isn't a window on the top of the hood either to peek in to check on the baby.


Please, if you are looking to make your baby comfortable in it's pram, you really can't get better than this. Buy it through a baby shop that will deal with Phil & teds for you (like I did) and you will get a replacement pram if you have any difficulties. The newest version out (with new nose or front wheel, I just got mine yesterday ((march 20 2010)) is fantastic). Although having been through 3 of the same type of pram now I am so glad I have been patient. The size is amazing ( although large to get around some boutique over packed shops), the size is generally ok for normal shopping. Can get through check outs etc.
The new version with replaced front wheel should say Phil & teds on the frame, not vibe! It also has some smooth small ridge of plastic built up around the handle brake now, so if you are pushing one handed you can not accidently turn the brake on. Much better design. I love the handle brake, it's so easy! Do not try to fix the old version of the vibes yourself! Take it back to where you bought it from if you have problems and get them to deal with Phil & teds for you. After p & t's fix it once they will replace it for you. Just demand the new nose version (although looks much the same, inside the wheel, brake and writing on frame are different).
I think this stroller has the most to offer on the market, particularly in size. It's great now I have the new version!
The size is amazing! So comfortable for big kids, yet so cozy and snug for little kids. Really perfect for allsizes. My bub loved the peanut attachment.
I'm on my third "vibe". First two were both repaired by Phil & teds and now finally replaced with the newest version on the vibe. It has new front wheel mechanisims, and they have fixed all problems with the wheel wobble and front wheel jamming.


We got this pram as it has a toddler seat attachment and we want 2 children close together and it was recommended by 2 family members. I would not recommend this pram to anyone and regret every buying it. Go for the Sport instead as it is the least likely to have issues according to the guy who fixed it. Definately one of my worst purchases ever.
It looks nice and when the front wheel works properly it steers very well. The wrist strap is nice and long and I like the hand brake where it is - easy to acess.
I just had it fixed today for the second time in 6 months because front wheel either wobbles or jams. The guy that fixed it said mine has lasted better than most he knows of and that he has had so many Vibes come in for the same reasons and I should think about selling it and getting something else. He said that I will most likely have more issues with it.

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Questions & Answers

The gap where the stroller folds keeps opening up up a little when not folded every time I push on the stroller. I'm scared it will pinch my daughter's arm. Any help?
1 answer
Do you push the two large black clips/plastic flaps on the sides down to lock the frame into place?

Would you put the newborn in the second seat or main? Just querying as I tried my 2-year-old in the second seat on his own and the pram tipped just don't think my 10wo is heavy enough to balance the weight.
1 answer
The heavier child is meant to be in front but I never had the problem of it tipping over with this model. With an older model I did see this happen before. You can definitely put the heavier child in the bottom/back seat when using a car seat snapped upfront without any tipping issues. After a year with this stroller I have a love hate relationship with it. I absolutely love how compact and easy it is in the city. Everything is built well. My only complaint is that if it's wet outside my front wheel sticks and requires lubricant and if I'm not on top of that after every wet day I get stuck in awkward places. I suggest buying silicon lube and stashing it below. Good luck.

Can I ask, how much for this twin stoller?
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I paid about $900 AUD with second seat when this new model came out just over 1 year agoAround 1,000USD with the double kit.


Seating Type Tandem
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 20 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar and Height-Adjustable Handle
Wheel MaterialInflatable
Weight14.2 kg
Folded Dimensions31 x 65 x 86 cm

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