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Philips Sonicare AirFloss HX8111/02 (Original)

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Do not purchase, air floss dead within one month

This must be a joke. Bought the product and after 3 weeks it is completely dead. €60 down the drain for nothing. Your product sucks. Regret buying it.

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Hi Hd. We regret to hear that. It should last way longer than that of course. We might be able to help out. Could you give us a call on 1300 363 391 (option 4) for AU, or 0800 658 224 (option 4) for NZ? We'd like to check what we can do.

A dud experience with this machine

Philips Sonicare Air Flosser purcahsed on 24 April 2015, died 24 June 2015. Bought on the recommendation of a Dental Hygienist. I only got two months of excellent service for a machine with a 2 year warranty and CE certification - what a joke. Problem seems to be with charger or the battery. I see from other comments that I am not alone in feeling ripped off.

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Hi Tim. What an unfortunate experience. It should last longer than 2 months, obviously. We would like to help you further with this issue. Could you give us a call on 1300 363 391 (option 4)? We might be able to help out!

Effective - But not durable

Easy to use and definitely effective and an improvement on floss alone. Unfortunately stopped spraying after 1 year. Philips replaced the body under warranty but a year on and now battery has died.

Hello Anthony. We regret to hear about the difficulties with the Airfloss, but we're happy that you like it overall. Could you give us a call on 1300 363 391, option 4? We might be able to help you with the battery. Thanks. Philips have replaced the battery and the new Airfloss is working perfectly. Thank you for the assistance. That's great to hear Anthony! Thanks for letting us know. Hope you can finally floss your teeth in peace now. ;)

Does not discharge after a year

When it worked it was doing its job. Went on a business trip when I got back it just clicks no water to clean with.

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Hello Jim, sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve experienced. Please call us on 1300 363 391.

I will be returning this iteam as unfit for purpose.

I found this airflosser ineffective and essentially a waste of money. I will be returning it.
The nozzle couldn't possibly work and the thumping action would I feel sure damage my teeth.

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Hello, We're sorry to hear that your AirFloss did not meet your expectations. We would like to get in you in touch with our team of specialists, though, to see if there's anything we can do to assist you. If you're in Australia, please call 1300 363 391 to get in touch with them. They might be able to help. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Great when it works!

Like Dom from Melbourne, my Airfloss simply stops working when I press the top of the unit to begin flossing. It appears to charge ok. The green light comes on when I power it up, but then powers back down as soon as I go to floss.

Hello Nick, sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve experienced. Can you contact us on philips.product.review@philips.com along with your contact details, we’d like to get in touch and see if we can help you.Hello Philips Official, I did as you suggested as soon as I saw it but have heard nothing.

Great idea let down by poor reliability

We have just had our 3rd unit stop working within 2 years. 1st one died Phillips replaced it with series 1 which is still going (touch wood). Bought a 2nd one also series 1 so we could both travel with one. This one died so Philips replaced with Series 2. That has now died. Can't complain about Philips as they were very helpful but really annoying having a product that keeps on dying and reading the other reviews this seems to be the norm. Problem always seems to be that it wont hold recharge. You can do better Philips - put a rocket up yr R&D guys.

Hello, thank you for your honest feedback. We're sorry to hear about the negative experience you've had with our AirFloss. Would you be able to reach out to us via 1300 363 391? We'd like to look into this for you. Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamUnit already on way back to youBrilliant. If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to us via the number above. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team.

Need design improvement

I bought it last year as recommended by my dentist. It works fine so far but it need some design improvements to make it to the top.
First the jet tip connection with the body is weak and it need to have eject button similar to waterpik flosser.
Second the mouthwash tank opening needs to replace position with the jet button so it would open from the top not from the side as it will leak in the current position.
Also the unit need some kind of housing to keep it clean and safe in the bathroom.

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Thanks for the feedback Hesham!

A good addition to traditional flossing

Have had this product for almost a year now and will recommend as an addition to traditional flossing. It will not replace a traditional floss - as it cannot floss where teeth touch. But it does a good job at the base of the teeth, where the gaps are wider and a normal floss misses bits and pieces. It aerates around the gums which is good for those with gums problems. Haven't had any problems with the product - the charge lasts forever, feels sturdy and works well. Wouldn't pay a full price, but it often is on sale which makes it quite affordable.

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Hi there. Thanks for the review and for your positive feedback on the Airfloss. Nice to hear that you're happy with the product ;)

Nice product shame about the reliability

I bought this on the recommendation of my dentist. It certainly works well, when it is working. I bought it in February 2014, all was well until August 2014, when it just packed up, it refused to charge. I took it back to the retailer who promptly replaced it, this one lasted until last week (February 2015) despite it being fully charged it just would not work. Took it back to the retailer who again replaced it, so no argument from me about customer service in that respect. Hopefully it will be third time lucky. When i explained to the retailer what had happened she offered the following advice, it is not like a mobile phone in that you have to let it completely drain itself of power before recharging? That is not what the instruction book says and i personally think that is complete rubbish. So all in all i would say that it is a good product for doing what it says it will but let down by poor reliability

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Hello Bosun, sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve experienced. Can you contact us on philips.product.review@philips.com along with your contact details, we’d like to get in touch and see if we can help you.

Works Ok. When It works

Like so many others I have had issues with this product. Check the Amazon reviews to see how many have had similar problems. The first unit I purchased May 2012 seized (backfires without expelling liquid) Jan 2013 and was replaced under warranty in Feb 2013.The replacement stopped working Dec 2014, the unit turns itself off immediately when you try to use it. Both of these issues have come up many times with reviewers. Being an early adopter of this device I would not have purchased if I had seen so many bad reviews relating to failures.

Spoke to Philips' warranty company today, very polite, offered a replacement (version 2) for $140 dollars as the warranty had expired. I won't be taking up this offer. I hope the new version has sorted out the issues for new buyers as I believe the first version has major design flaws that resulted in a short operating lifespan. Dropping $180 every two years is not an option for most people. I asked the warranty company to double check if Philips can replace under warranty. Let's see what happens.

Hi Dom, We're sorry to hear about the negative experience you have had with one of our products. We'd like to look into this for you to see if there's anything we can do to help you. Would you be able to reach out to us via 1300 363 391? Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamPhilips came through with a replacement version 2. Very Grateful, looks like they are committed to this range of products and customer satisfaction. Well doneWe are glad to hear this Dom!

An effective help in teeth care but not a sturdy product

The positive testimonies from new users is understandable but they should be warned that the product has little stamina. I began using it in December 2012; it failed in November 2013 and was returned to the retailer under the two-year guarantee. A new unit was supplied in November 2013; this failed in January 2015.

The retailer will no doubt claim that the two-year guarantee has been fulfilled, but clearly the failure of two units in succession after twelve months of use demonstrates that the product is not reliable. I shall look into the possibility of getting redress under New Zealand consumer law, which overrides suppliers' guarantees.

Much the same story can be told about a Sonicare Airfloss that was given as present to another member of our family. It failed some time ago.

We're sorry to hear that you are dissappointed in the AirFryer, Brian. This is absolutely not what should happen. If you could call us on 1300 363 391, we would like to discuss this further with you and see if there is anything we can do to help.The device is the AirFloss. That telephone number is not recognisable. Is it an Australian freecall number? I may need to have a backup telephone number to call from New Zealand.Hi again, Brian. Sorry for the confusion. The number you could call for New Zealand would be: 0800 658 224. You can choose for option 4 for questions about the AirFloss.

Great product

Im sorry to hear so many people have had problems with this product. I have had this product for over a year and would not be without it. I had trouble flossing with floss tape as my teeth are so close together. This product gets the food out and really cleans btwn my teeth. As for having the family use it. We all have our own floss head for personal use. I would not be without this product.

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Good to hear you and your family are Philips AirFloss lovers Julia. Keep flossing :-)

Not Designed for Family Use; Rather Sole Operator Use. RUBBISH PRODUCT!!!

After 6 months of use with my daughter and I removing/swapping our own flossing tips daily, the actual flossing tip port wore to the point water spurted everywhere on each use. Philips replaced the unit via warranty with a note confirming the product is not designed for multiple users, i.e. it is for personal use and they would not replace the unit again. 6 months on the replacement unit is now spurting water. This product is great for people living alone or who will not share! However, it useless for a family flossing device

Hi, Sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve experienced with the Philips AirFloss. If you could contact us on philips.product.review@philips.com along with your contact details (phone number & email address) we’d like to get in touch and see if we can help you. Kind Regards The Philips Australia Team. Dear Jim, We can confirm the Airfloss is designed and can be used by more than one person. We recommend that the nozzle is replaced every six months for the best performance. If your Airfloss is not functioning correctly, please call our product specialists on 1300 363 391 or please email us (philips.product.review@philips.com) your contact details and we can contact you.I sent contact details to Philips (2014); they did not get in contact with me as indicated. My comments stand. We have since purchased a Waterpik Waterflosser and recommend this product (it does need weekly recharging).

Very disappointed

I had very high hopes for this product based on the reviews I had read. I was excited to try a new and easy way of flossing but was very dissapponted when it finally charged and I first used it. This product had little or no effect unless you have gaps between your teeth, I tried it out and then used regular floss after and found that it had not helped whatsoever. I persevered daily to look for results but nothing changed, I guess my teeth are just too close together! It's a bit upsetting as the price is so high and generally phillips is such high quality.

Hi annabidwell, Sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve experienced with the Philips AirFloss. If you could contact us on philips.product.review@philips.com along with your contact details (phone number & email address) we’d like to get in touch and see if we can help you. Kind Regards The Philips Australia Team. I did try to contact you but I've had no reply...Hi Anna, We've received your email and have forwarded the details to our Team. One of our representatives should reach out to you soon. Kind Regards, The Philips Australia Team

It's great when it works.

I bought it in April this year. it worked great and I loved it! However, it couldn't be switched on or off sometimes after a few weeks of purchase. Then it completely died in July. Just contacted the company to get a replacement, I hope the new one can last a bit longer.
Other than this, I prefer the airfloss than manual flossing.
Time efficient
Didn't last long as I expected it could last as long as my sonicare toothbrush does

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Hi Michelle, We apologize for the inconvenience caused while using the Philips Air Floss. Our products are definitely designed to last long. We're glad to know that you are getting a replacement. Feel free to contact us on 1300 363 391 should you need any assistance. Kind Regards, The Philips Australia Team.

The AirFloss is perfect! Can't live without it.

Best one out there on the market , it works well around dental bridges, it gets in where super floss can't the pulse and air system is excellent and better than just plain water in the tank really helps with periodontal problems and such. It also is comfortable to use and great to take travelling. 10/10 phillips
Price was good and it is rechargeable can use mouthwash and water in the tank
The charger base is a little light and can tip over as the electric cable is heavy compared to the base so you may need to stick it to a table top.

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Hi Wazza, Thank you for the feedback. So glad to hear you’re enjoying your AirFloss and it is serving you well. Kind Regards The Philips Australia Team.

Great Product

I have been using this for 6 months now and I love it! I have 3 bridges so I have been told to use a floss except I can get the floss in to clean so I use this, fill it up with listerene and it's blasts out everything!!! I keeps my gums and teeth so clean. I love this product and highly recommend it for anyone. This is worth every penny!
Very effective
Nothing yet

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Hi BadBack, Thank you for your feedback. We are happy to know that our AirFloss has served you well. We hope you continue enjoying our product. Kind Regards The Philips Australia Team.

Does it's job in half the time!

This product has cut down flossing time by more than half! I use mouthwash instead of water, feels a lot more effective. It is a bit on the pricey side but if your dentist recommends you to floss more often, this is worth it. The ONLY issue I have with the Airfloss is that it leaves residual mouthwash in the chamber. The product design could have been thought out a little better for easier rinse out.
Makes flossing a lot easier. Takes less time than regular flossing. You can use mouthwash instead of water.
Bit expensive. Needs an easier to clean chamber.

Great product.

Love using this air flosser. Easy to position between teeth.The use of high pressure pulse removes stubborn food that my waterpik could not. The first time I used it I thought it was not cleaning properly, however after a couple of tries I got the hang of it. Highly recommend this flosser.
Easy to use.

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Questions & Answers

I watched a video demo on You Tube of the Philips AirFloss. It seemed to give out a fairly powerful shot which I would expect to give a proper clean, however, I have sensitive teeth and gums and I'm wondering if the shot action can hurt at all?
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Hello! The shot action dose not hurt but might make your gums bleed. However any floss makes your gum bleed. I found that over time this stops. It might give you a bit of a fright because the air/water shot is powerful, hehe. It's a great product and I love it. Keeps my gums and teeth really clean!!!! I hope this helps.....Hi it is a short firm blast, it takes a little perseverance , I had sensitive gums and using a mouthwash in the blast tank cleaned and aerated my gums, don't overdo it and just do one shot at a time between the teeth this should ensure healthy gums in a few weeks making them less sensitive as well.thanks for answering my question

The device is wonderful, but I have problem with its life. I bought one from HK International Airport last November, and started having difficulty with the battery this April. Instead of allowing you using for a couple weeks between charge, I had to charge it almost everyday. Recently, the battery seemed to be totally dead. As the battery is not replaceable, this means that my device is also dead. As I did not buy it in OZ, I do not know whom I should go for advice.
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Ours died in the battery as well. Philips is looking at repair/replacement.Dear Jerry, Regarding your Philips Sonicare AirFloss, please contact our Consumer Care Centre on Ph: 1300 363 391 (Option) 4, as the Philips Sonicare products are sold with a two year International Warranty.I have just contacted BPM Australia Pty Ltd, the agent looking after this device. To my surprise, the replacement has been shipped to me right away. I am very happy with the service!


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