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Philips Sonicare AirFloss HX8111/02 (Original)

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Cleans between large gaps well without pushing food down or hurting gums

I have only had mine for a couple of months, so I will have to see how long it lasts. In terms of performance alone, I am extremely happy. I have a specific inflamed gap that I have struggled with for months - both floss and interdental brushes just couldn't get it clean and sometimes made it worse. The Airfloss works great, both with mouthwash and water, and cleans without the gum injury that you can get with floss. Unfortunately it doesn't work on my bottom front teeth which are extremely close together, so I still have to floss those, but I use it twice a day and sometimes more. I couldn't do without it.
Cleans between teeth without injury to gums or pushing food down deeper
Expensive, but I got a $20 cash-back on a $140 purchase, so much more affordable than a year ago

I have had my AirFloss for nearly seven months now, and love it! No more problems with my gums, and my dentist says they are the cleanest she has seen in ages. She also mentioned that getting oxygen in the gum pockets is really good to promote healing, so I am really glad I chose this rather than the Waterpik. With a little practice, I have learned to use it in the tiny gaps between my lower front teeth (hold it a little higher than the gumline), and I soon learned to use it in such a way that it no longer splashes so much. This is a key part of my dental hygiene and I really love it.Hi vmrd, Great to hear that you are enjoying the Sonicare Air Floss. Thank you for your valuable comments. Kind Regards, The Philips Australia Team

Great initiative

Overall I found it works well, I use mouthwash not water, and manage to get it to work from both sides I teeth, certainly had a vast improvement to my oral health. Yes it can be a bit hard to use on areas where my teeth have little gap but persistence prevailed
Ease of use
Lack of mouthwash storage area

Poorly executed - not enough pressure

My partner and both tried this and found it totally useless. Thankfully we can make use of Philips 28Day trial Money Back Guarantee to get most of our money back (except for shipping costs).

We both found that when trying to blast the water (or mouthwash if your prefer) between your teeth, it regularly just blocks up and fizzles. It might work better if you have particularly gapy teeth and there's no resistance. But there's just too much back pressure caused by the teeth/gum to allow the water to pass through.

The head is designed to help target the gap between the teeth and the gum line, but even after many repeated attempts we could only occasionally get it to actually work as intended, and then it was only on a few rear teeth that have larger gaps.

I'd rather stick to floss and interdental brushes.

Terrible product in my opinion. Or at least limited to a very specific set of users.
28 day Money Back Guarantee allows the device to be trialled to see if it suits, doesn't take up much room, rechargeable battery
It doesn't really work, not enough pressure to actually get water between the teeth

Hi @iteese Thanks for your feedback. We are sorry that your product is not fully satisfying your needs. We would like to help you with this issue. Can you please email us (pceinfo.australia@philips.com) with your contact details with a copy of this URL?Just a follow up for other readers here that may see this. I sent my details to Philips as per their request, but I didn't hear back from them. Unfortunately, the poor customer service lets this down even more.Sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve experienced. If you could call us on 1300 363 391 (Option 4) or contact us on philips.product.review@philips.com we’d like to get in touch and see if we can help you.

My personal opinion: Revolution in Oral Hygiene

This device is marvellous. So easy to use and does a splendid job. I'm not blessed with a flawless set of teeth but this AirFloss is capable of getting the tiniest particles pushed out from those little gaps, where sometimes even the conventional floss can't reach. A bonus is, that you can fill the little liquid supply container (which is built in the hand held device) with a mouthwash giving you the extra confidence that you have done everything possible to keep your teeth sparkling clean and in good health. One full charge lasts approximately 14 days, hence you can take it with you on short trips without having to take the charger as well. I highly recommend this product even though it is a bit on the expensive side.....
Its powerful air push and the ease with which you operate the device
It is a bit pricy

Strange, but good.

This latest bathroom marvel is what Philips calls an Airfloss and as the name suggests, uses a burst of air and liquid to clean the spaces between your teeth in lieu of flossing. There's not much info out there on the web, so I admit to being hesitant on purchasing the device, especially given its high price. What convinced me in the end was that David Jones had it on sale during their stock-take sales, plus it came with a non-satisfaction return option from Philips.

I've been using it for about a month now, and have little to complain about. It actually does a pretty good job, and my earlier scepticism has vanished. Even after brushing, using the airfloss still removes those extra particles the brush just didn't get to. The unit works via an internal plunger of some sort. You fill a tiny compartment with mouth wash or water, then turn it on and keep pressing the button on the top to deliver a short sharp burst of liquid and air. The mechanism is very quick and you can cycle through your mouth quicker than doing a regular brush or floss.

Time will tell in terms of longevity and actual benefit I suppose, but it's a very convenient option if you tend to avoid flossing. Price is a little steep, but if the quality is there, then that will be forgotten over the years of use. May main complaint would be the size of the liquid reservoir. It's only just large enough to provide 1 - 2 uses before requiring a refill. Charging is via a conductive base station, much like most electronic toothbrushes out there.
Actually performs pretty well.
Price is a little high, plus the liquid reservoir should be larger

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I watched a video demo on You Tube of the Philips AirFloss. It seemed to give out a fairly powerful shot which I would expect to give a proper clean, however, I have sensitive teeth and gums and I'm wondering if the shot action can hurt at all?
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Hello! The shot action dose not hurt but might make your gums bleed. However any floss makes your gum bleed. I found that over time this stops. It might give you a bit of a fright because the air/water shot is powerful, hehe. It's a great product and I love it. Keeps my gums and teeth really clean!!!! I hope this helps.....Hi it is a short firm blast, it takes a little perseverance , I had sensitive gums and using a mouthwash in the blast tank cleaned and aerated my gums, don't overdo it and just do one shot at a time between the teeth this should ensure healthy gums in a few weeks making them less sensitive as well.thanks for answering my question

The device is wonderful, but I have problem with its life. I bought one from HK International Airport last November, and started having difficulty with the battery this April. Instead of allowing you using for a couple weeks between charge, I had to charge it almost everyday. Recently, the battery seemed to be totally dead. As the battery is not replaceable, this means that my device is also dead. As I did not buy it in OZ, I do not know whom I should go for advice.
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Ours died in the battery as well. Philips is looking at repair/replacement.Dear Jerry, Regarding your Philips Sonicare AirFloss, please contact our Consumer Care Centre on Ph: 1300 363 391 (Option) 4, as the Philips Sonicare products are sold with a two year International Warranty.I have just contacted BPM Australia Pty Ltd, the agent looking after this device. To my surprise, the replacement has been shipped to me right away. I am very happy with the service!


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