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Philips AquaTouch Plus AT891

Philips AquaTouch Plus AT891

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Philips Aqua AT 891 shaver

Has been a great shaver to use and gas great battery life , has a close shave but not as good as a raser , but then if you do have a tough stubb to shave off , but the AT 891 does it with easy.
It can be used in the shower or with soap but I haven't tried it yet as a wet shaver , cleaning is easy and has a 2 year warranty but , only get it when the price is low or on sale, this one retails for $199 but I got it on sale for $99 which makes it a bargain buy.
Battery recharge time is quick (about an hour) , but it lasts for about 8 to 10 shaves before it flashes to let you know the battery is low
Bad point none really to cause any problems, cleaning is easy but you have to put a bit of extra effort into giving a full clean out, use th brush and get into tight corrners but only monthly, other than that I just pop the head door open and a few light taps on the side does clean it .

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We're glad to hear this and thanks for sharing Garry! :)

Battery died after 6 weeks of purchase!

Got this from Shaver shop in it didn't take charge after just 6 weeks. Brought it back to the shop and got exchanged the same one, see how long this can last for. Other than that, it does shave okay.

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Hello, sorry to hear that the product didn't meet up to your expectations and thanks for your valuable feedback.

shaves real close maybe too close for some

I was amazed how close this ( made in Holland) model shaves. This is my fourth Philishave, the first was a 1975 model, the second a 2009 model, the third a " traveller" and now this one. None of my philishaves have ever broken, the reason I have updated is because it was cheaper to buy a new one than to get new blades. This 891 was $79 at shaver shop.
Many people are saying that Philips are not what they used to be. People say they break or the battery won't charge after 2 years. That may be true, however, when they make them this cheap, I can't complain. If this lasts the 3 years warranty, I will be happy. The blades will be blunt by then anyway.
I would not recommend using this machine in the shower. It does say its water proof. But hey!!!!! You have to be nuts to use this thing near water. Any electronic device should be kept away from water.....I have no intention of using this device near water, why bother, it shaves so close dry anyway.

After 1 year of use, I am still very happy with this shaver. Battery life is good and it shaves very close. I still don't use it in the shower. I advise people NOT to use it in the shower, it shaves great out of the shower.Hi there, Good to hear that you're still going strong with your shaver. You must maintain your unit really good. :) Thank you for taking the time to write this review and comment. Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamAfter 18 months the blades are now blunt, the razor still works fine. Battery life and speed of rotors is great. I just don't want to pay $55 for a new set of bades, so I bought a new Philips for $30 on special at Woolies. It works great too. Come on Philips.....drop the price of the blades.....

Works well but cleaning is a PITA

The AT891 shaver works well, the charge lasts & being able to wash to head out is great.

I do use the shaver lube that the shaver shop recommended.

The trouble is when you disassemble to clean it.

The blade cover that the blade rotates in has two tiny protrusions that have to fit in the head to locate it & stop rotating. They are hard to see where they have to go - & I have OK eye sight. The plastic head is all black in the socket so it is hard to see if they are sitting right. The blade covers are not symmetrical so they only go in the one way. The rotating blade then sits in & there is a spring loaded cover that holds them in place. It has to sit just right & there is a tiny knurled wheel in the centre that you turn to lock it in.

I find almost always that I somehow get it together looking correct but it isn't quite. The shave makes an awful noise when you turn it on. Then I have to disassemble & try again. I have had six attempts at times. I have OK eye sight & have done well at medical dexterity tests but I find it frustrating.

Putting it together is the one disappointment with this shaver.
reliable, water proof, charge lasts reasonable time.
Hard to reassemble after cleaning.

Great shaver for the price

Got this from the shaver shop in chatswood ,as the price of disposables is just becoming ridiculous !
Read the reviews and thought i might as well try it.
Used it in the shower ,with body shop shave gel,and it gave the best shave!
They say that it takes 2-3 weeks for your beard to get used to an electric,but from the first shave,i could tell this was good.
At $99 on sale it is good value,easy to use and charges quickly,you have the convenience of washing it under the tap or shower
nothing that i can see so far!

Questions & Answers

What is Difference between Philips AquaTouch AT891 vs AT890 ?????
2 answers
Thanks for your question. The difference seems to be mostly found in the difference in looks. The AT890 seems to be the more recent model, however feature-wise they are pretty much identical. We hope this answers your question. Otherwise feel free to contact us directly by telephone. If you're based in Australia the number to dial would be: 1300 363 391 and if you're based in New Zealand, we would recommend using this one: 0800 658 224. Kind regards, The Philips Australian TeamFrom my understanding the 891 is made in Holland and the 890 is made in China. The 891 seems to get better reviews.


Philips AquaTouch Plus AT891
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