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Philips EasySpeed Steam

Philips EasySpeed Steam

GC1021/40, GC2040/70, GC2042/40, GC2046/20, GC2048/30 and GC2110/02
3.6 from 55 reviews

This is good

It works really well with different types of fabric, such as woollen, silk and cotton
Yes, it's very smooth and easy to use
I usually use that function to keep my clothes wet when I am flattening them.

Purchased in May 2018 at Coles Supermarkets for $30.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Product is used: Occasionally
Clothing Material Cotton

Good Iron. Works without issue.

Good Iron. Works without issue. Heats quickly and well. Heat setting is graded and easy to use. spray and filling with water is easy. Haven't had any problems with wear or faults.

Purchased in March 2017.

Good until it stopped working properly

I bought this inexpensive iron in February this year because I had 2 frozen shoulders and it was the lightest iron I could find. It ironed well even without steam but now doesn't seem to be heating up properly. I will be taking it back to the store. Fortunately I no longer have frozen shoulders and can go back to my sunbeam iron

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
Hi there, Thanks for reviewing the EasySpeed Steam iron. We're glad to hear it was so helpful when you had frozen shoulders. What makes us even happier is that you're healed now. However, not heating up properly shouldn't be the case. If you still have the appliance, we advise you to reach out to us on 1300 363 391, and we'll look for a way to help. Hope to hear from you! Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamHave now received a replacement from the Good Guys where I bought it. Hopefully this one will last longer. haven't used it yet but will comment again when I haveHi there, thanks for getting back to us. We're happy to hear that you've received a new EasySpeed iron from the retailer. We're not expecting you to run into issues with this iron as well, but in case that does happen, then we'll be here to assist. Enjoy the rest of your week! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Good iron but short cord

This iron maintains its heat and has worked well on different settings. I’m keen to see how effective the calc clean function works.
My only complaint is that the cord is considerably shorter than our last Philips iron. We have had to add an extension cord just to have enough length to move comfortably along the ironing board.

Date PurchasedOct 2018
1 comment
Hi Michelle, Thanks for your feedback, we're glad to hear you're satisfied with this iron. We also appreciate you sharing your suggestion about the cord, we'll take in on board. We wish you all the best with your EasySpeed Steam Iron. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team.

You need this iron!

For some reason works much better than my old iron for getting those patches on tight. Works better than my old iron that I paid twice as much for. I miss the retractable cord of my old iron but I just roll the cord up and tuck it into the handle so it's not hanging down. The swivel cord makes it easy to keep the cord out of the way without repositioning the iron while in use. Would definitely recommend.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
1 comment
Hi there. Thank you for taking the time to write down your thoughts on the EasySpeed Steam. It's great to hear you would recommend it, as that means a lot to us, however we can imagine the cord situation isn't ideal. That's why we wanted to let you know we have a new accessory available called the cord holder: https://bit.ly/2zUvK1r. You can clip it onto your ironing board and let the cord glide through while ironing, making sure it stays out of the way. :-) As it is fairly new it's not available everywhere just yet, so if you need any assistance finding it please don't hesitate to get in contact with us: https://bit.ly/2wukcTf. Kind regards, the Philips Australia Team.

Dose ok job on cloths

Just moved out from parents and had to buy an iron for myself to do for job interviews. I almost burnt myself as it heats up soon as it's turned on so there needs to be a warrning on the box or iron. The steam is at best ok and dosent help that much

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
1 comment
Hi there. Thank you for taking some time to write down your thoughts on your first iron. It's much appreciated! Please note the following Important Information Manual: https://philips.to/2JgQTqY. If there are parts on your iron that can get hot besides the soleplate, they have a symbol indicating this, it's the traingle shape with 3 swirls in there. If you have any questions or remarks, please feel free to get in contact with us. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Works perfectly.

It's easy to use, glides well, and steams adequately. I like the multi-dimensional cord attachment a lot. The only improvement I might suggest is a retractable cord, but only if the mechanism didn't add weight and size to the whole iron.That's exactly what I expected. Easily Useable and Flexible,Works perfectly.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
1 comment
Hi Noah, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the GC2040/70. We're happy to hear the iron is working so well for you. We appreciate your suggestion as well and will share this with our product team. Thanks again. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team.


WOW this Iron exceeded all my expectations . heats very fast does not stick, and very light to be used. not huge in size and can be stored easily anywhere. make sure you place some vinegar with the water and run it till empty from time to time to avoid blockage

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
1 comment
Hi there, Thank you for sharing this review on the GC1021/40. We're glad to hear the Easyspeed steam iron is the perfect iron for you. :) Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team.


This worked great with almost everything, although sometimes i had to focus on certain areas for longer periods of time which is quite common! Have not tried extremely delicate clothing but on everyday cotton tee shirt there were no issues, overall you get what you pay for and definitely recommend :)

Date PurchasedJun 2017
1 comment
Hi there, thank you for the positive review. We are happy to know that you like your EasySpeed Steam iron. You can use the iron on delicate clothes, as long as the temperature is on a low setting. :) Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Perfect iron

I foolishly bought a cheaper brand than this and it was a waste of money. For one thing, it was too light weight so had to press down much harder. This iron has good weight in it, though that may be an issue for older people? It has had a lot of use with me and never let me down.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
1 comment
Hi there, Sounds good! Thanks for the review. :) We're glad to hear you're happy with the appliance. Kind regards, The Philips Australia team

Makes ironing actually enjoyable

This iron is amazing, its made me actually enjoy ironing as its so easy to use. It is so good at getting wrinkles out and is such a 'smooth' glide. I don't find it to big or bulky.I have actually enjoyed ironing with this and am no longer leaving a huge ironing pile for weeks as its quick to heat up, and irons so quickly..... it's actually fun.

Date PurchasedAug 2018
1 comment
Ironing is enjoyable! Wow! That's about the best compliment we can get. ;) Thanks a lot. Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with alright? Kind regards, The Philips Australia team

Love the Easy Steam, makes my ironing really easy

I love my new Easy Steam, the steam is very consistent, and made my iron glide over the wrinkles on my clothes and makes the iron very enjoyable to use. I love how it feels so light in my hands and very ergonomically made, it is gentle on clothes and I always make sure that I have the correct temperature suitable for the type of clothes that I iron.

Date PurchasedAug 2018
1 comment
Hey Mel, Thanks for sharing the love. :) It's our aim to make chores like ironing as pleasant and easy as possible, so we're happy to hear this is the case for you. We appreciate you taking them time to write this here, and we wish you all the best. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Very happy with my easyspeed iron

Got this two months ago as I was always borrowing mums but now I am very pleased to own the Phillips Easy speed as its very easy to use just fill up with water plug in and iron away your cloths rinkels. Just be warrned they should have said this on the box but unlike mums old iron this gets hot in seconds all most burnt myself.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
1 comment
Hi Ruby, Thank you for sharing your feedback on the Easyspeed Steam iron. We're very happy to hear you're enjoying it so much. Thanks again for sharing, we appreciate it. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team.

Works well for me

I am happy with the iron and I do most of the ironing at home, it glides on the fabrics and the steam makes everything wrinkle free fast. My husband, on the other hand, does not like the iron and says that it is not heavy enough for him, I like the iron it is light and easy to use.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
1 comment
Thanks for the review, Janine. Glad to hear you like the EasySpeed it's mobility and quick edge! We're sure your husband will get used to it as well eventually. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Simple and Effective

Love the iron as it looks simple and the size is just fit to control. It’s easy to handle and use, the temperature is perfect as there’s a temperature control function, it can be able to iron different variety of clothes, it heats up quick and the price is resonable. (I bought it at half price)

Date PurchasedApr 2018
1 comment
Hi Paul. Thank you for reaching out to us and leaving your comment here. We're glad to hear that the EasySpeed is to your liking and suits your needs. We hope you have a good rest of your day. Kind Regards, The Philips Australia Team

Not the best

This iron wasn't what I'd hoped for so I'm glad I got it half price. It never leaves clothes looking immaturely ironed, never seems hot enough and isn't particularly gentle on clothes. My husband's cotton work shorts ended up with white lines through them from the iron. I wouldn't recommend it.

Date PurchasedApr 2016
1 comment
Hi there. Thank you for leaving your comment here with us. We're sorry to hear your husband's shorts have gotten marks on them. Have you tried descaling the iron? The marks on your clothes may have been caused by scale so your iron needs to be descaled. If it hasn't dissapeared after one time, we advise to descale it again. Please feel free to reach out to our colleagues via 1300 363 391 (AU) or 0800 658 224 (NZ). We hope descaling will help your iron and otherwise please reach out to our colleagues. Kind Regards, The Philips Australia Team

Great iron

This is the second Phillips we have owned over many years. This model steams very well and does a great job on all fabrics. I like the shot of steam to fix the creases I accidentally make while ironing difficult cloths. It changes temperature quickly as I iron different cloths.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
1 comment
Hi, there. Thanks for sharing this feedback with us. We're glad to hear the EasySpeed Steam iron is the perfect iron for you. :) Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team.

Good family iron - work nicely

This is a good, well designed iron. I would expect just that sort of thing from Phillips. It is modern looking, heats up quickly and feels good in the hand. Most Importantly, it irons like a little champion with good strong steam that can run continuously if you need. No issues "its all good" as they say. Recommended.

Date PurchasedMar 2018
1 comment
Thanks for the review, Clash77! Glad that this iron is quite capable to stand up to the task of ironing the clothes of the whole family. :) If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot us a message. We're always happy to help! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Cheap an easy to use!

All you need to do is simply fill the water tank, plug in the power and off the way you go to iron the peace of clothing you want to remove creses from your clothing. Can't believe the other reviews here as it dose a super good job on the first time. The only issue I've had is a short lead

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
1 comment
Glad to hear you find it so easy to use! It has definitely been our goal to make a task like iron just simple and effective. Thanks for taking the time to write this review. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Great Family Iron

These days there are some days we ALL need to irtin in the morning and so the whole family take turns with this. - It does good "duty" and never lets us down. Its a traditional iron but very nicely made with a modern touch. Lots of steam power and very pleasant to use.

Date PurchasedNov 2017
1 comment
Hey Daisy, thanks for taking the time to say a couple of words on your experience with this iron. Glad to hear it's able to support your whole family. Steam on! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

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Questions & Answers

Where can I get a set of instructions that came with the iron? .
2 answers
Hi Graham, you will find the user manual of the EasySpeed Steam here: https://philips.to/2TCaOZK. We hope this answers your question. :-) Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamMany thanks. Regards G.T.

What are the dimensions of the GC2040? Thanks.
1 answer
Hi there, Mike. Thanks for contacting us! We'd like you to click on the following link: https://bit.ly/2KhLxyx. You can find all the detailed specifications of the Philips EasySpeed Steam on its product page. We hope this has been helpful to you. Let us know if you have any additional questions for us. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

My ironing board is over 20 years old and the rest plate is starting to rust could that cause brown steam from my iron as there is a lot of steam when I put my iron on the rest plate the iron is two months old it is Philips azure performer pluse
No answers


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