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HR7762/90, HR7761/00 and HR7769/00
3.6 from 73 reviews

Could be better

I purchased a Philips Food Processor & while it works great the parts seem to break easily & require replacement. So far I've had to replace a black O-ring for blender which wasn't easy to get & now the lid has broken/chipped. I also wouldn't recommend the blender as it doesn't work well.

Date PurchasedJul 2016
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Hi Sam, We appreciate you took the time to share your thoughts on the HR7761. Every bit of feedback is welcome! It sounds like you are not entirely happy with the unit, as the parts keep breaking. Have you been in touch with our call centre team about this already? Maybe they can help out! You can reach them at 1300 363 391. If you are not from Australia, please let us know so we can point you in the right direction. Kind regards, The Philips Australia team

Excellent value for money, would definitely recommend purchasing

Excellent processing performance, great for making cheesecakes and slicing salad vegetables. Very versatile and able to be used for mixing, chopping, grating, making smoothies, whipping cream etc. All attachments fit in well and are able to be pulled on and off with ease. For the price of this food processor it is excellent value for money

Date PurchasedApr 2017
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Thanks Taznmat for sharing some thoughts on our HR7762/90. It sounds like your cooking is as versatile as the device itself! We could definitely see that a cook like yourself benefits from the plethora of attachments. Happy cooking! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

a real life changer

this was given to me for Xmas as i always wanted and needed it and our family's meals are so good...i have picky eaters but now they eat everything e.g vegies hidden and slowly we are showing them what they are really eating.I never thought that this would change how we do meals etc...i fully reccommend it to everyone

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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Hello Karen, thanks for sharing your experience with us and it makes us very happy to hear that one of our products has contributed to making life a little bit easier! :) Kind regards, the Philips Australia Team

Must have kitchen item

such a great product, easy to use, handy in the kitchen, works very well. My teenage kids love to make smoothies, they enjoy experimenting with various ingredients and they also love how easy the appliance is to use. I suggested the product to a friend for making baby food. The only issue I had was fitting it in a cupboard as I have limited space

Date PurchasedApr 2017
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Hi Lee, thank you for taking the time to review the HR7762/90 Food Processor. It's great to hear you and your kids are so keen on the appliance and its ease of use. Experimenting with all kinds of ingredients indeed sounds like a lot of fun. :) Thanks again for sharing your experience with us, Lee. We wish you and your kids a great week. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Handy machine to use for fast food preparation and smoothies

I find the Philips Viva Food Processor a great help when I make my smoothies and salads. It saves me time and does the job well. For the money I paid, it was well worth it since it is much cheaper than the other high end models in the market.

Date PurchasedApr 2017
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Hi Pauline, We like hearing our customers being happy with our products. Seems like the two of you are a great match! :) Kind regards, The Philips Australia team

Good value for money

I couldn't believe the prices for food processors when I first started looking. This on does everything you need it to do and more without breaking the bank! Have not had any issues, holds a reasonable volume of food and has lots and lots of different attachments to suit any need.

Date PurchasedJun 2015
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Hi Janeo, We're honored by your review. :) Thanks for sharing and we hope it will work perfectly for the years to come. Kind regards, The Philips Australia team

Good value for the versatility and small storage capacity

Good value for the versatility and small storage capacity. While I have mostly been using it to grind coffee and make smoothies I like to have the other options available to me if I decide to bake the occasional cake or for slicing. I can't comment on alot of the other functions as I have not utilised them.
I love that it is so compact as I have a tiny kitchen, though would be great if the blades etc came in a more compact storable container, so I could safely stack the rarely used ones in the back of a cupboard. Would also like to see a glass jug as opposed to plastic.

My main gripe would be the interchangeable blade at the bottom - if you are not careful in making sure it is very secure it can leak liquid out the bottom. I once unlocked the blender from the base, while doing this it loosened the blade attachment and the liquid leaked out everywhere. It generally does a good job blending most items, although when using the smaller grinder option you have to make sure there is enough in there or it causes the food to stick to the sides and just blend thin air. You then have to either give it a shake - or given the blade attachment is at the bottom - unscrew the whole thing, remove the attachment - give it a stir and re-attach, sometimes on repeat. So this can be a bit tiresome. Overall though I am happy so far with the performance, especially given the price point and versatility.

Date PurchasedJun 2016
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Hey Ash, Thank you for taking the time to leave such constructive feedback. We're very happy to hear that you found good use to your blender. Do you have a favourite smoothie? We're always looking for inspiring new recipes. :) If you have any questions about your blender you can always reach out to us at 1300 363 391 if you're located in Australia and 0800 658 224 if you're located in New Zealand. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team.

A very useful, good value food processor

Unlike many food processors, this one can also make mayonnaise and whip egg whites.
The direct drive unit takes up less shelf space than belt drive food processors, and hopefully will last longer.
The package includes a standard food processor with a chopping blade, aerating (whipping) blade, several shredding/slicing blades and a dough blade (which I haven't yet tried), plus a vitamiser and a small grinder that worked a treat turning chestnuts into puree.
The negatives are that:
* it's not clear whether the main mixing bowl is microwave-safe,
* you will need to find space to store the attachments and numerous accessories, and
* the package doesn't include a spatula, or attachments for squeezing oranges or for slicing potatoes into chips.

Date PurchasedMay 2017
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Hi Leon, Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback. We're very happy to see that the Food processor works so well for you. Have you already made some of your own special mayonnaises? As regards the mixing bowl, we'd like to advise you to call our product specialists. You can reach them on 1300 363 391 if you're located in Australia and 0800 658 224 if you're located in New Zealand. Our team is more than willing to find out for you whether or not the bowl is microwave-safe. They're also able to assist you with other possible questions. For now, we wish you lots of fun with your Food processor! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Good Product - fragile / below average quality parts

For the money you pay - it is a good overall package. Unfortunately, I must agree with few low scores/review as I too fount the the parts are very fragile and doesn't have much life. I have already had the grinder jar replaced last year. Now I have cracked and leaking blender jar. Even worse the Blade unit started leaking and it dripped liquid into my motor, it now has burning smell coming from motor and it has tripped my electricity few times. Now I am scared to use it as I don't wan't electrocution. I only realised after last few uses that the blade itself has started leaking liquid into my motor.

Date PurchasedAug 2015
Hi there, Thanks for taking the time to review your Viva Collection Food Processor. We appreciate your feedback regarding this product, and we can imagine your concerns regarding the liquid leaking into the motor. We would like to forward you to our product specialists for help, and will send you a private message in a moment to gather some personal details in order to do so. Alternatively, you can contact our product specialists directly on 1300 363 391 if you are in Australia. Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamIt's a shame I can't edit my rating. I would have taken a star off for poor service. I had exactly same experience as Florencia below. The consumer care team has wasted 16 day and I don't have any resolution yet. They advised me that the issue has been escalated to better assist me. I have sent them pictures of damage, videos, receipts, photos of serial number and whatever else they had asked me on the very same day. After 4-5 email and 4 phone calls, I was told to take the product back to service centre for assessment. The irony is that the service station is only open from 9:00am to 4:30pm M-F. So they want me to take a part day off from work to get that doggy machine back to service station for them to see the damage that the video did not show. Or the other option was that they would arrange pick up (same hours though). I mean seriously? Everyone reading this would at least agree that food processor is the second most important kitchen appliance after cooktop. I still say for the money they are charging, its fair to say the product is 4 start, but if you take the customer service into account (with you will surely need as product is very fragile), a star or two needs to be removed. I am still following up on my case. I'll keep you'all posted. Thanks to everyone who have PM'ed me, hope i was able to help.Hmm that's not what we like to see AJ. We've just sent you a private to look into this further. Hope to hear from you! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

A waste of money

When you use it just for a few seconds, not even a minute, It smells like if it is burning. You can´t get the texture of the humus for example, or any creamy texture, the blades are very short.
Both of them, the processor and the blender are terrible. My boyfriend gave it as a present for Christmas and I know is not too expensive, but for 750 Watts of power I would have expected something at least decent.
I went to Target to give it back but I was exeded on the 28 days you have to do so, otherwise I would have to sent it to Sydney (I´m in Cairns) and its not worth it.
Everytime I use it (like now) I think " Such a waste of money!!"

Date PurchasedDec 2016
Hello Florencia, Thanks for reaching out to us and telling us what happened. We take this seriously and we would like to follow up to check if there are alternative ways to resolve this. We will send you a private message asking for some details. Hope to hear from you there! Kind regards, The Philips Australia teamThe Philips team wasn´t helpful at all, on the contrary I waste a lot of time speaking over the phone with representatives calling from Philippines who didn´t know a single thing about processors (they just follow instructions and ask you silly questions about how you use your processor) and also responding pointless e-mails. They sent me to return it to the shop I bought it, and of course, the shop didn´t want to take responsibility (and fare enough) because Philips wouldn’t return any money to them. So at today, I still have the processor, I´m more frustrated than before and angry cause you expect to be given some kind of solution when they contact you (yes, they contact you!) but no, you just you spend more of your time… for nothing.Hello Florencia, We've just sent you a private message. Awaiting your reply. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

so far am happy with the level of efficiency

With a baby in one hand the functions really help my other hand with food prep when making a meal. The grinder function is great for blending meat into a baby food. The size is not overwhelming for my small kitchen but is big enough to help me make a meal for 3 adults. If I could perfect anything it would be to make the container sections glass, have the small grating and slicing discs that attache to one big plastic disc change to several big discs and have a safety switch on machine rather than having to turn main power of at power point. I did get it on sale and so far I am happy with the level of efficiency.

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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Hi Jacqui, Thank you very much for your review. We're very happy to hear that you think our unit is efficient and it seems like the HR7762/90 is a practical machine for you. Great! Thank you too for your feedback on how to improve the product, it is much appreciated. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Overall nearly 2 thumbs up

It slices, dices and shreds well. The coleslaw I made was so thin it was almost store quality. My only gripe and its a minor thing is that the bowl has been disengaging from the machine, which causes it to turn off. Its light weight and for the price could not be happier.

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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Hi there Timmy, thank you for your review! 4 out of 5 stars is definitely not bad but if you ever feel like the issue with the bowl is getting out of hand, please know our team will be more than happy to see how they can help out. You can get in touch with them directly through 1300 363 391. All the best! Kind regards, the Philips Australia team.

Great value

This food processor performs well. Grates hard cheese slices leeks does biscuit crumbs. Very easy to use. Light weight makes it easy to move around the kitchen. Dishwasher proof. A good price for what you get. Would recommend to my friends. Even if it does not last long it is cheap enough to buy another

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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Hi Lanny, Thank you for your enthusiastic review. We're so happy to hear that the unit works that well for you and we're hoping it will last a lifetime! Your kind words are much appreciated! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Worked for about 3 months

I bought this food processor in February as it was a Choice 'Recommended Product. I had only used it a few times but within about 3-4 months the motor would spin the blade around but wasn't crumbing bread crusts. Just spun them around without cutting them. Have sent it back to Appliances Online and still waiting for my refund. Now on the hunt for a new decent food processor. Why is it so hard?

Date PurchasedFeb 2016
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Hi Vanessa, What a pity to read that your food processor didn't work that well anymore. We can imagine that this is not the service that you would expect from us. If you need any help with choosing a new product, we kindly ask you to call 1300 363 391 to get in touch with our product specialists. They might be able to help. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

great little machine! lasted 3 years

it looked good, it was cheap to purchase, and lasted a fair while (for appliances these days).
it wasnt as powerful as it could have been, and it got stressed out blending almonds up, but for the price I think it was very reasonable.
yes i was never clear on what the other attachments did, but I could have worked it out with someone more experienced at cooking than myself

Date PurchasedJun 2013
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Thanks for taking your time to write this review and for sharing the valuable feedback. If you ever want to discuss the issue further, please call us on 1300 363 391. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

It says blander can be used with ice - but it can't ! I am replacing jar for the fourth time

If you plan to use the blender with frozen fruits for milkshake like me you better find another one - I am now replacing leaking jar for the fourth time. Always break in the same point - very fragile plastic. They really should say it is not suitable for ice or frozen stuff (e.g. strawberries). Anyone know if is possible to replace plastic jar with glass jar?

Hey Trancoso, What a pity to read that your jar is broken again. May we ask where you found that it says it can be used with ice? If we look at "4 Blender" at http://philips.to/290noJO, we see that the blender is intended for blending fluids, like dairy products, sauces, fruit juices, soups, mixed drinks and shakes and it is intended for mixing soft ingredients, like pancake batter. Using the blender for hard ingredients like ice, may indeed cause the jar to break. If you have any other questions on this, we kindly ask you to get in touch with our team of specialist on 1300 363 391. :) Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamHi "Philips Official", thanks for your reply. That was written in the box and manual of the product that it would suits ice and that's why it was replaced 3 times while covered by the warranty. Yet, using blenders with ice and frozen fruits is something I do for over 30 years and I never experienced any problem with jars from other brands. I am sorry to say but these plastic jars made by Philips are not as good as those from other brands. Hope this feedback will be useful for Philips to make more resistant plastic and/or for other customers to avoid this product if they aim to blend ice and frozen fruits rather than only fluids as mentioned. PS: A blender that handle only fluids is not a real blender to me and I would never buy this if it was informed in the product box - instead what was written there was something like: "suits ice". Cheers.

Philips support disappointing

This is my first food processor and the manual that come with it is not helpful. I have no idea what i can do with each attachment this comes with. Its advertised as having 28 + functions but when i ask Philips what they are they cant tell me. So far i have made fries with the attachment and works ok , crushed biscuits for a dessert and made smoothies for breakfast and seems to be ok

Hey there, Thank you for your review and indeed, the Food Processor has a lot of functions. Maybe it is a good idea to check this link, hopefully it helps you a bit: http://philips.to/1VYiGhU If not, please contact us at 1300 363 391 and our team might be able to inform you further. Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamThanks. That diagram is just not helpful. How do I know what vegetables are used for each blade? And what each disc can do?Allright, and how about the diagram with number 1 in this document: https://www.download.p4c.philips.com/files/h/hr7762_90/hr7762_90_dfu_eng.pdf. These should be the accessories you can use with the device: • Emulsifying disc • French fry disc • Granulating disc • Grinder mill • Kneading tool • Reversible disc: slicing/shredding (coarse/fine) In the diagram you should be able to see which type of vegetables can be used for which accessories. Hope this helps out! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Jar Leakage (within 6 months)

I bought Phillips HR7769 food processor in July 2015 but it started leaking the jar within few months and when contacted the seller, they told the jar is not under warranty! Can anyone tell me if this machine is useful without the main jar? I mean the manufacturer should offer warranty to the jar also as its costing around 400 dhs in UAE.
I have decided not to buy any Phillips products ahead.

Best thing, Philips dealer has agreed to replace the jar free of cost. - updateHey Mohammed, thank you for sharing your story. We're very happy to read that you got your jar replaced free of cost - as it should! Please do not hesitate to contact our support teams in your country if you run into similar issues in the future, since we can really help you most of the time when the product is still covered under warranty. Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamThank you !

Awesome Multi-functional Unit But...

I have loved using every function on this machine! I have 2 small child with allergies so I do a lot of food preparation. I use the blender every day for smoothies, until i dropped and broke the blending jug :( The blending bowl is great for delicious dips, homos and to puree baby food. The grater and slicer for vegetables- fantastic blade! The grinder mill is great to make almond meal and other nut/seed flour. All parts are easy to clean! My mum saw how much i used mine and just purchased the latest model. Unfortunately really hard to get replacement parts, even from overseas, found one jug in the UK but the jug alone was more than half the cost of the whole unit. Really miss our smoothies & icy poles especially as its summer! Would love any info on where to acquire new blending jug.

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Hi Jeanne, Thank you for your review. It’s great to see you’ve enjoyed the blender so much, but not so great that you’ve been having trouble finding a replacement bowl. We suggest you try contacting our Consumer Care Team on 1300 363 391 if you’re in Australia, or 0800 658 224 for New Zealand, so they can check where you may get one a without such a hassle. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Good but could have been better

I have been using this for over a year. Its good but the plastic quality is bad. The blender jar broke after falling on the floor and the the other small jar is also showing cracks.If you are not looking for something long lasting then this is ok.The blade is good.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, Does anyone use the dough making function? If yes, then how easy and clean to knead dough in this food processor? Thanks Sona
1 answer
Hi there, Sona. Thank you for asking this question here. Just to be sure, you're asking how easy it is to clean the appliance and its accessories correct? All the Food Processor accessories included in your box are dishwasher safe. Before you clean the appliance, unplug it. Make sure that the cutting edges of the blades, discs, and the inserts do not come into contact with hard objects. This may cause the blade to get blunt. The cutting edges are sharp. Be careful when you clean. 1 Clean the motor unit with a moist cloth. 2 Clean the other parts in hot water (< 60ºC) with some washing-up liquid or in a dishwasher. 3 Store the product in a dry place. Quick cleaning: you can follow the following steps to clean the food processor bowl and blender jar easier. Make sure that the blade is assembled in the bowl if you clean the food processor bowl. 1 Pour lukewarm water (not more than 0.5 liters) and some washing-up liquid into the food processor bowl or blender jar. 2 Place the lid on the food processor bowl or blender jar, and then turn it clockwise to fix it. 3 Turn the speed selector to P until the bowl or jar is clean. 4 Let the appliance run for 30 seconds or until the food processor bowl or blender jar is clean. 5 Detach the blender jar or food processor bowl and rinse it with clean water. Hopefully this information will be helpful. If you need further assistance, reach out to our team via phone number 1300 363 391 for Australia or 0800 658 224 for New Zealand. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Can you please tell me if the Philips Viva HR7762/90 is suitable to grind chicken with bones for a cat's raw food diet? And if so, which blade should I use?
1 answer
Hi there, that's a very interesting question. We advise you to get in touch with our local product team via this number: 1300 363 391. Alteratively, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter (@PhilipsCare). We're there 24/7 to help. :) Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

My blender cup was broken where I can buy another one
1 answer
Hello Leon, Thank you for reaching out to us about this. We're sorry to hear your blender cup broke - that's very unfortunate. We recommend that you contact our Consumer Support team on 1300 363 391 (Mondays to Saturdays: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm EST), as they will be able to point you to the right direction with this. Should you need further assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch with us again. We'd be happy to help. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team


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