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HI. My Jamie Food processor, now 4 years old but minimally used, refuses to start. When I turn the knob I can hear soft clicks but no spinning.. Can you suggest why? I moved the appliance recently from NZ to the middle east
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Hello there, Thank you for taking your time to reach out to us for your HR7782/00. We can imagine that this is inconvenient for you. We are not sure why this would happen. Did you try to contact our service center in New Zealand for this? You can reach out to them through 0800 658 224 form Mondays to Saturdays (9:00 am - 9:00 pm). Our colleagues will be able to assist you with this. Kind regards, The Philips Australian teamSame problem here ..it does not start and i hear soft clicks..is this a manufacturing issue may be?

My bowl broke and no one in the world seems to have a replacement! Does anyone know where else I might be able to get one from? I've called Phillips and been directed on to Optimum Electronic Solutions Parts, and tried http://www.sselectronics.com.au/996510070035/BOWL-ASSY-HR7782_or_00/pd.php but to no avail!
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Hi Charlie, thanks for your question. How sad that the bowl of your food processor broke. We can imagine your disappointment with that. Unfortunately, if you already had contact with us by phone, we are not able to give you better news from here. The only thing that might be an option, is to have a search at online retailers who can ship the bowl overseas for you. We are not sure whether any of them still have this particular bowl in stock though, but perhaps you will get lucky. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Where can I purchase the balloon beaters for the food processor as I have broken mine?
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HI, I live in South Africa and my coupling seeems to have gone missing. Is it possible for me to order or get a new one somewhere near me?
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Sorry, I wouldn't know. I am an Australian resident and ordered from Australia.Hi Susi, Thank you for reaching out. Sorry to hear your coupling has gone missing. As you don't reside in Australia, we recommend calling the South African customer service line. They will be able to help you out further. You can reach them at +270861084456. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team.

I need a new replacement bowl as the handle. which initially broke when I first bought it around 4 years ago, now has completely broken and I have to hold it to make it work!! Are you able to tell me if there is a NZ stockist to buy a replacement one rather than ordering from Australia (link further up gives Australian website)?
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Sorry, I wouldn't know. I am an Australian resident and ordered from Australia.Hello there, Thank you for sharing your question. We’re sorry to hear the handle of the bowl of your food processor broke. For more information on acquiring a new one in New Zealand, we kindly recommend you to reach out to our local consumer care on the following number: 0800 658 224. They’ll be able to provide further assistance. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Hi Have had my food processor for 2 years. Worked well powerful engine. Never used the slicer disc or grater. Probably due to the fact not enough instructions on how to use machine Just watched YouTube video by Jamie Oliver and went on to use slicer disc for cabbage. Found that the dial for thickness was not working properly. Would not turn at first eventually got it to Thin slice only for the blade to drop and slice thickly. Pity I did not try this out in warranty period . Saw on video that there is a mini grinder that sits on top of machine and grinds spices, makes rice flour etc. Is that attaché net available in Australia or is it only available overseas?
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Hi there, Thanks for your question. We'd like to help you out, of course! Could you therefore please contact us at 1300 363 391? Our agents will be happy to assist. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

I am thinking about getting this food processor but am worried now because of the reviews.. What do you all think that should do?
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Take the time with your decision, we would say. :) Do know that we are here if you have any questions about the product.I've got the product for almost 1 year and till today its the best, no defect or anything :) 5*So Phillips official.. Do you recommend this processor? It is def in my price range, I just want to know that it works well.. Danny, what type of things have you made in your processor, do you use it often? Thanks for the replies :-)

How do you adjust the slicing disc?
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Just rotating a disc above it.Hi there, thank you for reaching out to us. And Danny, thanks for your advice! The slicing disc can indeed be adjusted by rotating it. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Hi, I like the sound of this processor, but I live in an apartment and am conscious of noise. My current processor screams! How does this one rate, noise wise? Or can you recommend a quieter model without too many bells and whistles? Space is important to me too. Thanks! Jan
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Hi Janh. We can imagine that a bit too much noise can be troublesome. We would advise to contact our colleagues at 1300 363 391, option 2 (for AU) or at 0800 658 224, option 2 (for NZ) for tips.

I have been using my food processor for about 6 months and have loved it, however I went to use it this evening and my power setting number 2 is not working. Number 1 is fine and the pulse setting is working perfect at the higher speed as well. There is just no change between setting 1 and 2. Is this a normal issue and is there anything we can do to fix this? I'm very disappointed as it has become an essential piece of equipment in my household.
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Hey Nicky, that sounds rather unfortunate. Since this sounds like a warranty related issue, we kindly advise you to bring the unit back to the retailer with your proof of purchase. If that's inconvenient for you, you can also call our product team at 1300 363 391 if you are in Australia.

I'm Jeni from the Philippines. Can I use this food processor to make nut butter in large batches?
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Hey Jeni, that is a good question. It is possible to make peanut butter with the unit, but we advise you to process small batches to make sure the unit will not overheat. We hope this helps! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Do I use the plastic blade for making pastry in my food processor?
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That's what it's designed for. I've used it and it worked fine. Just watch out you don't add any water too quickly. Give the machine time to blend it. I ended up with my first batch too soggy because I was impatient.Correct. Use plastic bladeHey Fran, thank you for your question. You can use the plastic blade indeed for making pastry in your food processor. It is the kneading knife, which is intended for all kinds of dough, cookie and cake batters. Feel free to follow this link to read the frequently asked questions about this product: http://www.p4c.philips.com/cgi-bin/cpindex.pl?ctn=HR7782/00&hlt=Link_FAQs&mid=Link_FAQs&scy=CH&slg=AEN Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

I have had my processor for about 9 months now and both sides of the handle have broken away from the bowl upon inspection it was only attached by 2 very small dove tail plastic lugs. Has anyone else found this problem?
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Hello Steve, we're sorry to hear this. That's not supposed to happen. Do you still have the receipt? Can you send this to philips.product.review@philips.com (or via a private message) along with your contact details, we’d like to get in touch and see if we can help you.

I received this machine today and I have put all my ingredients in and turned it on but it seems to be very wonky and wobbling all over the place. I have followed all the diagrams....I can't work out what I'm doing wrong. Any ideas?
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I have never experienced this. There are suction cups underneath that adhere to my counter top. When I want to put it away I literally have to gently pull the blender away from the bench.I did a few tests and have found if my mix is small or liquid it's wobbles and shakes terribly. However, if I use a big set of ingredients it weighs the machine down and it doesn't wobble as much. I think it's just the sheer power of the motor and the base being so light that makes it wobble.Hello Ali, Thank you for your question, we hope the wobbling didn’t spill any of the ingredients. If you think there is something wrong with your machine or have any other question about the issue, and your based in Australia, don't hesitate to call customer support on 1300 363 391 for more help. Kind regards, Philips Social Care.

Does anyone know where I can get a replacement bowl for my jamie oliver food processor?
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Yup! We do! You can find it right here: http://sselectronics.com.au/996510057563/BOWL-HR7782_or_00--%28HANDLE-INCLUDED%29/pd.php Cheers.

Thinking of buying, but will machine chop onions and meat for a stew?
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The onions I know it would do, I'm sure the sharp blade would do meat buy over never tried it-it's very effective though so it shouldHi Shirley, thanks for your interest! The machine definitely chops onions, but whether it chops meat however, we need to check with our product specialists. We'll reach out to you back here once we have an answer. Kind regards, Philips Social Media CareHi Shirley, thanks for your patience. We've checked with our product specialist and the machine is not able to chop meat. Please let us know if you'd like to know anything else. Did you know we're on Facebook and Twitter as well? We're online 24/7. Don't hesitate to contact us!

Hi I was wondering if the Jamie Oliver processor 1) juliennes and 2) can make long vegetable spirals? (carot or zucchini spaghetti for example). Thanks
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Hello Valia, thanks for asking. The unit can only chop and slice. It does not include a julienne disc and cannot make long vegetable spirals. Hope this answers your question.As the Philips official replied, no it doesn't. However, it has a double beater which whisks eggs to stiff peaks in very little time.

Does the JO Processor grate carrots like a hand grater does or is it more like matchsticks julienne style?
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it grates like a hand graterHi, thanks for asking. Yes, the HR7782 can grate carrots like a hand grater, you may use the reversible shredding disc accessory of the unit the side with the fine grater. For the image of the accessory, you may visit the link below: http://images.philips.com/is/image/PhilipsConsumer/F400048563_HR7782_00-FIL-global-001?wid=346&hei=186&$jpglarge$

Hi. I am looking at buying one of these processors but want to be sure that it will chop pitted dates and nuts. I have tried 3 different processors from family members and they all struggle with the dates. I am trying to make protein balls and the recipe states that the dates are to be processed to form a paste.. before I purchase a new machine I want to make sure it is capable!
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Hello, Please give us a call on 1300 363 391 and we can have a specialist help you with your question. Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamWhat did they answer you Mrs LD as I would like to know the same thing before I purchase it. I was disappointed they didn't reply to you in print so others could see it without having to make a similar callU don't eat date seeds. To process them easily, i always test cut each date then pit if i need them for the mix quantity.

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