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Philips Sonicare Flexcare
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Great toothbrush Phillips Sonicare Flexcare HX6912/21

The head of the toothbrush vibrates with high frequency and you don’t have to press hard on to get a clean feel.
One charge of the battery lasts a few days and a light indicator will show you the power bars remained so you can plan for your travel time and charge before hand.
Overall it is a great toothbrush from an users experience perspective.

Purchased in December 2018.

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Hello Josey, thank you for your feedback on our Sonicare Flexcare. We're happy to have offered you a trustworthy tooth-brushing companion that suits your needs! If you ever find yourself in need of assistance or would like some tips, feel free to reach out to us. We're always here to help! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Very fast shipping, cost and brand very reliable.

This has replaced my old Sonic Care which lasted almost 8 years. Even though my old one didn't have the UV feature I'm assuming that should work as advertised - wasn't the main selling point, cost and brand was. Shipping was faster than normal which was great since my old one died the day before ( I ordered this because I saw the charging light blinking even though it had set on the base for over 24 hours).

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Hi there. Wow, it's great to hear your previous Sonicare has been keeping your teeth clean for so long. :-) Those are some pretty big shoes to fill, but we are convinced your new brush will live up to the expectations! Thanks for choosing Sonicare again. If there is ever anything we can do for you, please don't hesitate to reach out: https://bit.ly/2wukcTf. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team.

Worth it.

Saying it feels like I just came from the dentist is an exaggeration - maybe my hopes were raised too much by other people's reviews. That said, I can tell I'm getting a significantly better tooth-brushing, so yay.

I haven't used the uv sterilizing function... Not sure it's actually worth it.

I was concerned about whether the sound would be too loud - I am sensitive about protecting my ears, but it's not too loud at all.

I have noticed that while charging, it emits a very faint high-pitch that is almost akin to what you hear if you have tinnitus. I just don't leave it plugged in all the time.

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Hi there. Thank you for taking some spare time to write down your thoughts on the Sonicare Flexcare. It's good to hear you've found it making a difference in cleaning your teeth. We definitely understand the part where you're protecting your ears. If your toothbrush does start making a bit more noise than you're used to, this might be an indication to change the brush head. It is perfectly fine to leave your Sonicare off its charger while it is not in need of a charge. Once the battery is nearly empty you'll hear a buzzing sound after your brush cycle and the battery will start to flash orange, indicating it is time to put it on charge. If you ever have any further questions or remarks, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us: https://bit.ly/2wukcTf. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team.

Shocked at how much of a difference this has made to my teeth

Absolutely amazing toothbrush. I’ve previously used Colgate electric toothbrushes and could no longer find replacement heads so decided to invest in an upgrade - I’m so glad I did!
This toothbrush cleans your teeth quickly and more effectively than anything else I’ve used.
I hardly ever have to charge it (maybe once every two months) and can source replacement heads easily when necessary.
Can not recommend this enough!!

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Hi there. Thanks so much for taking some time to write down your experience with the Sonicare Flexcare here. It means a lot to us you would recommend it, and we're very glad to hear your experience has been such a positive one. Kind regards, the Philips Australia Team.

Works great!

Easy to travel with.Easy to clean.I'm seeing genuine improvement in dental health: sturdy, firm gums, tighter adherence at the tooth line, better brightening and shine. Amazed how much more effective this is, than my old rotating brush.

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Hello Gabriel, Thank you for sharing your honest review here. We are glad to hear to that you like our Flexcare toothbrush and that you feel this has improved your oral health in general. You can always reach out to us if you have any questions in the future. Have a great week. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

A capable enjoyable to use machine.

Purchased 3 weeks ago and am finding it preferable to the Oral B and Colgate Omron I was using. This model apparently has up to 62,000 vibrations per minute and gives a good clean and is gentle enough for me.
I find the smaller brush head preferable.

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Hi there, Hirshy. Thanks for taking your time to write this review and we appreciate the valuable feedback. We hope you can use it for a long time to come. :) Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Could not ask for more

My oral health is good...feel free to ask my dentist, This was a Christmas gift to me from my children, l love the fact that l can sterilise the brush head with the sonic light, and the brush heads are all l have replaced in the 4 years l have had this brush, Yellow Pages say:- Let-your-fingers-do-the-walking.....well let the Sonic Brush Head do the cleaning

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Hey there, Jane, Thanks for writing your review here. We're happy to hear your Sonicare has been a beneficial addition to your dental health. And, when your dentist says so it must be good! ;) We appreciate you've taken the time to share this here, and we wish you all the best. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Efficient and quiet

This is my first electric toothbrush and I've been using it for about 2 years now. It's definitely an upgrade from using a manual and there are a few settings depending on what you prefer. It also comes which a sanitiser for the toothbrush head which I like.

Excellent Emma! That's what we like to hear and thanks for sharing. :) Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamHey Emma, thanks for taking the time to say a couple of words about your experience with our Sonicare coming from a manual toothbrush. It's great to hear you love it so much! If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us on 1300 363 391 or on social media (@PhilipsCare or on Facebook). We'll be glad to speak to you. :) Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Pretty good

This is my third Phillips Sonicare product and I’m happy with it. Paid a good price of $99 from Shaver Shop. I have to say I prefer the original model they released years ago, hated the Diamond Clean which is overpriced and stopped working after 12 months.

This product was a good replacement for the terrible Phillips Sonicare Diamond Clean. I’d recommend this product definitely over anything else on the market right now and don’t recommend the Diamond Clean, this does the same job.

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Hi there, Rita, Thanks for sharing your review on the Sonicare Flexcare here. We're delighted to hear you're happy with the brush, and that you've taken the time to write this here. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Awesome electric toothbrush

I switched to this toothbrush after using another popular brand of electric toothbrush and manual toothbrushes. I tend to overbrush and use a little pressure and suffer from receding gums. I have been truly delighted with the Philips Sonicare toothbrush. I like the gentle nature of the brushing action. My teeth are so much whiter, less stains, gums are healthier. I can not recommend this toothbrush enough.

September 7th 2018 Update: Amazing clean

I've had electric tooth brushes before and the dentist comments that i tend to over brush. I was nervous in changing brands to the Philips but since using it for 4 months now, I am a lover of Philips Sonicare electric toothbrushes. My teeth are much quieter than using a standard toothbrush and another brand of electric toothbrush. The battery life is much longer as well!
It comes with two toothbrushes, the standard and compact size.
I love the compact size.
I can highly recommend this product.

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Hi there, thank you for taking the time to review your experience in using our Sonicare Flexcare. It's wonderful to read that you've found a toothbrush that delivers exactly what you were looking for. Thanks again for sharing! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Great toothbrush! Gentle and gives a lovely clean

I switched to this toothbrush from a manual toothbrush which a dentist had recommended as I had overbrushed and caused bad sensitivity. Since using this brush, my teeth feel cleaner, look whiter and haven't had any issues with sensitivity at all! Would highly recommend this toothbrush, charge seems to last for ages too.

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Hey there, Brianna, Thanks for leaving your review here. :) It is great to hear about your experience. Your dental health is our priority, so we're delighted to hear we've been able to improve it. Many thanks and happy brushing! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

I love the way it works

Although I don't feel much difference after the usage of the toothbrush, I love the way it works. Compared to the Oral B toothbrush, this toothbrush works more gently. I didn't feel the pain in the teeth. The only problem is the noise. It is quite noisy when it works.

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Hi Rita, Thank you for reaching out to us. We appreciate you taking the time and are glad to hear you are enjoying the Sonicare! It's good to know about the noise, we'll be sure to let our product specialists know. Kind Regards, The Philips Australia Team

Died after 2 years

I love all the features and the way the toothbrush cleans my teeth and also how it sanitises the brush heads but most disappointingly only worked for about 2 years. I previously had an OralB toothbrush which worked well for 8 years. For $200+ surely the toothbrush should have a longer life. Seriously considering going back to OralB.

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Hello, thanks for taking your time to write this review. We like to get in touch and see if we can help you. Please call us on: 1300 363 391 Mondays to Fridays: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Second one of these and its now died

Firstly let me say that this is a brilliant toothbrush. I also use the sanitiser every day and if you are going to spend this much on a toothbrush pay the bit extra for the sanitiser as I fully recommend the additional amount.

My disappointment however is quality. In the past 5 years I have spent approx $600 on toothbrushes with Philips (excluding heads) as this is now my second one. The first one started making a weird noise and wasn't vibrating properly days out of the warranty. So I bought the replacement and again loved it (same but revised design). Prior to this I had purchased Oral B's for about 15 years and made sure I bought the latest and greatest each time it was launched - until I tried the Philips ones - then I didnt need to upgrade as the one I had was brilliant.

My only grip with this is that I've spent a LOT of money and now I need to buy a replacement as this one has started to smell really awful (like a manky swamp) and now makes a weird noise (similar to my first one). Its like water has got inside somehow.

If you want a great toothbrush then I can't fault it - but for me, I won't be spending that amount again as the quality and expense (as they are lot more). Time to revisit Braun and see how they've improved.

Hi David, Thanks for sharing your throughts here with us. How old is your most recent brush? We'd recommend to contact our care centre at 1300 363 391 for further assistance. They may be able to help with it. Hope you will give us another chance, David! Kind regards, The Philips Australia teamI tried that - they were unhelpful. I believed it to be less than 2 years old but cant find the invoice. For a customer thats spent over $600 in toothbrushes and several hundred in heads I would have expected more. Hence why I have now gone from being a big advocate (and have been responsible for at least 4 friends buying a sonicare) to now being very vocal about the service I have received. I am extremely disappointed.Hi David, Thanks for getting back to us. We regret seeing that you feel this way and we'd like to see if there's anything we can do for you here. Could you please share model and serial number with us? You can find them on the bottom of the handle. Please know that we're more than willing to help you, David! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Good toothbrush, but disappointing battery life

I purchased my Philips Sonicare Flexcare on November 6 2014, and have been using it regularly since and quite pleased with the product. However in January this year, just 2 months out of warranty I observed that the time between charges was reducing, from about two weeks to only a few days. I ignored this, but A few weeks later noticed that the toothbrush needed to be continuously charged otherwise the toothbrush would just die halfway through the brush; before the battery completely died out.
I am disappointed that this has happened just out of warranty, considering the hefty price I paid for this toothbrush. I am now stuck with a toothbrush that does not work, and a couple of new toothbrush heads that are of no use. From a trusted brand name like Philips I would have expected mileage way past the warranty.

Hi Glenn, thank you for reaching out to us about this and for taking the time to write a review. We’re glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed the Toothbrush while the battery lasted. We can imagine that you were disappointed when the battery life went downhill and we’re sorry to hear about that. We understand that it is not what you'd expect. We’d like to see what we can do for you, even though the warranty has expired. Could you give this number a call: 1300 363 391? Our product specialists in Australia will be able to assist you with this. Thanks again for sending us a message! Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamThank you for the resolution, much to my satisfaction.You're welcome, Glenn! Happy to help! :) Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Receded my gums!

This toothbrush was way too intense even on the lowest setting (sensitive) and using the sensitive head. It receded two of my teeth, despite using it as instructed by Philips. I would love to try another one with less intensity at some point when I have the spare cash. Had to throw this one out and wasted my $200+. Very disappointed :(

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Hi there, Thank you for your honest review and sorry to hear that the brush couldn't live up to your expectations. We take any kind of tooth damage very seriously and we'll send you a private message to ask for your contact details so we can get in touch with you to discuss this further. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Best toothbrush by far

I work at a dental surgery and I am so passionate about sonicare the toothbrush sells itself it's the most amazing clean feeling and bleeding stopped within 2 weeks we use to sell that oral b thing and our patients have never been happier and I have never had so many compliments and thanks for recommending them sonicare ! BTW love the airflow and can't wait for the tongue cleaner

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Hey Martycap, Thank you so much for your review. It's always nice to get appreciation from the professionals! We're thrilled to read that you and your patients are so happy with our brush. Your enthusiasm is contagious! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Great brush

My first electric toothbrush and I couldn't be happier! I love the option of different sized heads, and the different brushing settings.
I always leave home feeling amazing now! Thanks!

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Hey Maybug, thank you so much for your kind words. We are happy to read about your enthusiastic experiences with our Sonicare and appreciate it that you took the time to write down your positivism. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Great improvement over Oral B

Really happy with this toothbrush. I've had bleeding gums since I was young and this toothbrush has help me reduce swelling but still gets in between teeth. This added to my flossing has made a great improvement!

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Hi Claudia, Glad to hear you like your Sonicare and that it solved some issues with your gums. This is valuable feedback for us. Thank you for your review. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Great product

Very happy with it. Didn't get the uv sanitizer option as, after reading reviews, don't believe it was worth the extra money. Teeth feel super clean after using, and like the different modes available to use.

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We're glad to hear this Megan! :)

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