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Wonderful products and fantastic quality.


I have made numerous books and other products with this company and I find their software very easy to use and the books are such good quality. My friends can't believe how beautiful they are, when you purchase a voucher the prices are unbelievably cheap for such amazing products. This is a wonderful company who have great products!!



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LOVE Photobooks Express




Excellent quality product


How can this be a good product?


Do not waste your time with this product. I am a competent computer user and have use many photo software and I found photobooksexpress sluggish, sticky and slow. What I find most annoying is it doesn't align photos vertically or horizontally or evenly spaced apart. If you want your photos on the page in a straight line at the top of the page, without using their template (there isn't one for this anyway) you have to rely on your eyesight. The ruler may help but it's difficult to know if the photos are exact and it can make all the difference when you get the product printed. It will be obvious if your pic's are 1 ml out up or down! Photbooksexpress don't do refunds. Beware.

Margaret. B.

Margaret. B.Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

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Standard of book was very good


My first book went without a hitch. However I had a lot of trouble getting started with uploading soft ware and photos with my second book. . Photo express email support was efficient.
When my book arrived it had red and green crosses on pages that hadn't been completely filled with photos.
On contacting photo express through email there was an explanation that made no sense to me, as it didn't directly answer my questions and the last sentence was 'Preview your book before submitting'! I thought that I had! It would have been helpful if when the company received my book they could have seen my mistake and let me know so that I could have made any corrections.


WendyNorth Qld

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Book was of great standard


First time I have done a photobook and this was for my 'once in a lifetime' trip so was a little nervous but the quality was terrific. The program took a little getting used to but got the hang of it. Would definitely buy from them again



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Laughable product and service


Really great results in the end!


I am very pleased with the photobook, it is very high standard . The main difficulty seems to be in checking out and uploading the files because the upload keeps stalling and instructions are lacking as to whether to start again or just keep waiting-and waiting.

Shocking customer Service


Used them heaps of times with the Vouchers I have bought whenever there was a special. Once I used wrong code of my many codes and tried to change the order .After several attempts of contacting them they finally replied with : You just have to buy another Voucher.Nothing they can do.
Softcover Albums are really bad too. The printing quality is OK but the pages are stapled together in the middle. You get what you pay for, I guess!!!


KarennCanberra 2600, ACT

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Added Costs to Voucher


The first book I ordered went very smoothly and was very pleased with the results however I just finished another one after buying 3 more vouchers and when I got to the check out, they wanted to charge me an extra $165 for special silk paper. The customer service told me that I didn't have an option of choosing different paper. However when they explained to go through to complete the order, the extra cost came off the total. It was a welcomed relief. I found the customer service provided very prompt responses and were very patient.
The finished product of initial purchase
Not enough page style options and or background colours.

Shocking product, shocking service


We have spent more than 30 hours to painstakingly create a wedding album book of 40 pages. The product is clumsy, and not intuitive. Finally got a completed book. Then spent a further 5 hours trying to order. Could not proceed past the first order cart stage - IT issues all over the shop. System froze, had to delete the order and try again. Finally, one deleted order too many - presto - book gone.... we are simply speechless.

Shocking IT, non standard cut & paste functions, clumsy options



Photo Express contact link does not work but I found their email address they do answer.
E help@photobooksexpress.com.au
Just needed the E in front of the help.
Still making my first album but all it is going good so far. Reason I wanted to contact them was because I want to be able to work/access the one project on 2 computers, they answered very prompt with a solution to my query, so far very happy with this company.


KathyQueensland, 4551

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Terrible customer service


I've used photobooks express before when everything worked without a glitch. This time after I'd paid my money customer support was non existent. I'm obviously talking to a computer. I'll be taking this further, perhaps to The Checkout or ACCC. I won't be using this company again. Up your game photobooks Express. What about a telephone number where I can speak to someone.
When it works it's good.
No customer service so if something goes wrong too bad.



  • 2 reviews

Great Company - Extremely helpful


I was extremely impressed with the customer service - I had trouble with my internet at home, and Customer Service mailed me out a disk so i didn't have to download. Had trouble with a voucher code when redeeming, again customer service excellent - sorted me out and made sure all was ok before I hung up. Then my photobook arrived in the mail - I was very very happy - great quality. Software was easy to use and lots of options
Options, quality, customer service

rob G

rob Gmelbourne

Photobooks software and contact


The software is difficult to manipulate and rigid.
There appear to be limited page layout and photo shape options available.
The screen layout is not obvious and unlike standard programs from the major IT Companies.
The online help facilities are unfriendly.
The contact telephone and online services do not appear to work.

March 5th 2015 Update:
My previous review was quite critical of the package as it did not seem inrinsically obvious and there are lots of hidden options and methods to change items.
Having done 3 more books I find it easier and very powerful and produces a good result though still it is a bit of learning experience each time.
Easy to start at a basic level
Ver hard to manipulate and to obtain support

Very satisfied


Lasting memories


Made a book for my father on our trip to Borneo to honor his father who died in POW camp there. Took a long time to get it right but the result was something I am sure will be passed on down the generations. Even old photos of poor quality that I added came out much better than i anticipated.
Inexpensive with coupons, exceptional quality, quick turnaround once I finished
Can be a little difficult to navigate, but well worth the effort

Denise & Heather's adven

Denise & Heather's advenGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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I took a while to create the perfect result and it was worth it! Love the end result, a beautiful coffee table book that I will be proud to show anyone! enjoyed. I enjoyed being creative with the program and the more I used it the more creative I was able to be. A fun program with which to create a lasting memory of great times.
Finished product very pleasing. Program easy to use once you get used to it.
Download process didn't work. Had to send data on CD but that worked ok

How do you contact these people?


I am on my third book and have been very pleased with the other two in terms of quality of the product. Previously I used another company but switched because their reproductions were too dark, and because photobooks express had a phone number and answered when you called. Now the phone number seems to have disappeared. They are supposed to be emailing me a new password but the email has not arrived so I have a book ready to go and can't send it unless they send the email. Otherwise I have no way of contacting them.
Books have been good value for money in the past
I can't contact them!!



  • 2 reviews

Coupons are well worth!


I have purchased at least 12 coupons and made many books for myself and now for my friends. The quality of the paper is really good and I am currently doing 6 more books and 6 calendars. The quality of my books (most of mine are of holidays) are fantastic and I will continue with this company. The customer care has improved and if there has been a problem it has been sorted out. I love these books!
I personally like the program. Once you spend a little time with editing you will get quicker at making your book.

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Questions & Answers

mozza m.

mozza m.asked

Is photobook express the same as photobook Aust??

1 answer
Photobooks Express
Sophie G.Photobooks Express

Hi Mozza,

Photobook Express is not affiliated with Photobook Australia.



How can I change the font and size and save so it is the default for this book I am doing?

2 answers

Set a Default Font
Simply add a text box, type in your text and highlight the text, then right click your mouse and select ‘Use current style as default text style’.


Thank you Lorraine. I had forgotten and worked a treat. JSH



Can people in New Zealand use this site?

2 answers

I think you should be able to Donna - their website gives delivery times for Australia and also New Zealand. Just to make sure I suggest emailing them - I have always found them very helpful. My tip when making a photobook - make sure you auto enhance all your photos to ensure they are light enough, otherwise the photos may look a bit dark in the printed book.

Photobooks Express
Sophie G.Photobooks Express

Hi Donna,

We do have a sister website that is user friendly for our New Zealand customers.

Please follow the link below.

Thank you Donna

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