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Pigeon Baby Wipes

Pigeon Baby Wipes

3.6 from 23 reviews

Nothing compares. Best wipes by far!

I have used these wipes for 11 years with 5 kids. Great for sensitive skin, soft, the right thickness and moisture. They are reasonably priced when bought as a 3 pack. Free from nasties! I can't buy them in chemist anymore, so I buy them online in bulk. No others compare!

Terrible experience with wet wipes

I used hand and mouth wet wipes for my baby. After the usage of 4-5 day, my baby skin became rough and dark. I will never advice anybody to take this product. My baby is 2 month older. This is my first and last time I am using this. I hope the company will take this seriously to address this issue.

The awsomest

These are the best ! I use both the regular and the natural ones with extracts & whatnot. They get little botttoms clean like nobody's business, are easy to get out of the pack and smell nice. These things matter when you are dealing with poonamis. Trust me, if your baby has a bum you totally need these wipes. I buy the three packs from Mum's advice pharmacy in Bondi Junction. Incidentally their Bounty bag was pretty awesome as it has a full size pack of pigeon hand and mouth (wipes which I also love) and a purebaby singlet.
Makes cleaning my baby's mega-poos (almost) a pleasure

Where's the moisture?

I may of had a bad batch as I bought a 3 pack from Chemist Warehouse yet they were one of the worst brands I have used recently. I bought the standard Pigeon Baby Wipes in a 70 pack x 3.

They just seemed to have no moisture to them and were seemingly dry and then they were also very thin, which meant I also got all my babies bowel movements on my fingers as it went straight through the wipe. I guess it's always good trying new brands to see what you like, yet I won't unfortunately be buying these ones again.

Lack of moisture

The only wipes I buy

I really like these wipes. They are really easy to pull out and come out one at a time. They are fragrance free so I can use them to clean bubs hands and face. The texture is great making it easy to wipe stubborn messes. I use these inside a Huggies refill box and they fit fine
Easy to dispense and use


A good quality product which generally isn't a problem for sernsitive skins. I didn't notice a perfume which to me is a plus.
The convenient sized packaging was a plus as I could fit them in a handbag easily when out and about. A reasonalbe ranges of sizes available, which is good when you are caught out and don't want to buy a huge packet because you know you have more at home. They didn't bother my daughter who has excma prone skin.
Not the cheapest on the market. the resealable tab must be kept very clean or it stops working quite quickly.


This were one of the many barnds I have wasted my money on trying to find something kind to my daughters very sensitive skin. I wiped it on my own face to test and it burnt, they had given my bub a bad rash in one day. The seal on the pack is no good. hard to find, don't waste you time effort and money if you have a bub with sensitive skin
none except you cant buy them in bulk packs
I could only find the from a chemist, they are full of chemicals! They burn the skin ans give a bad rash!!!!

Good product

We tried many different brands when our son was born to see which we liked the best. We found the Pigeon ones to be the best. They were not too wet, not too perfumed, came out of the packet one-by-one, and have never irritated our baby's skin. Only issue is that I have only been able to find them at Terry White Chemist or online.
Not too wet, came out of pack easily.
Not readily available in shops.


Even though we haven't tried a full pack of these wipes, we weren't impressed by them. It could have been just that pack that we got, but the wipes just didn't wipe properly.
None at the moment
We used these at a baby expo and they were dry. It wasn't as moist as our normal wipes so we couldn't wipe our baby's bottom with it.


I really like the feel of these baby wipes and I only wish they came in a bulk pack to make them a lot more affordable. They have a nice soft feel to them and are not overpowering at all in scent.
These wipes do the job just fine and they feel very soft and nice to use. Best to pick them up if they are on special at the local chemist.
They can be expensive as they only come in packs of three or you can buy them individually. I prefer to buy items like these in bulk so I think that they do end up being a bit expensive.


These are pretty good wipes and I have no problems with them. Haven't really seen them in tubs or bulk buys though.
These wipes are non irritating on my baby's skin. I found them great to use, they stay moist, even if the tab wasn't closed properly on the pack. Doesn't tear easily like other wipes I've used.
nothing too much. They're a bit hard to find in the chain stores.


I have found these wipes to be good on my sons sensitive skin. We actually mostly use them around the house, after a sticky meal or painting session. We mostly use tissues with sorbeline cream when cleaning up a poo as we can flush the tissues down the loo.
These wipes can usually be found on sale in a multi pack at a great price. They are great quality and seem to stay quite moist even if they have been open a little while.
You need to use scissors to open the pack if putting into a wipes tub. Some brands can be torn open easily but these ones.


I love these wipes and I know others are not too keen on them. They have a quilted design so I can get more off, no reaction for bubs, smell is fine and the best bit - you can get one wipe out at a time with one hand only which is great.
Available in most chemists, good price when on special ($9.00), cleans up everything and only one comes out at a time
No reseable lid like other brands, therefore can dry out if left open


One of my favourite wipes to use but they can be expensive so I don't use them all the time - only when I spot them on special and stock up. They are very moist and easy to use and feel like they are a better quality baby wipe then a lot of other products. You can buy them individually or in a three pack but it would be great if you could buy them in bigger packs as they end up being more affordable that way.
A good quality baby wipe that is very moist and does a good job.
More expensive than other products.


These aren't a bad wipe, but I tend to use double the amount as I would with my usual brand of wipe. I have bought them in the past on special from an online chemist when they have 3 packets for the price of 2.
Cheap when bought in bulk. Nice scent. Didn't cause any irritation/rash.
Not as thick as some & quite small. Useless resealable sticker closer.


With two kids, I've tried a lot of products and this one is one I've relied on the whole time. I've tried others, but they dry out, chain, smell, or aren't as soft. These beat all other baby wipes in my opinion.
Perfect weight, softness & amount of liquid, non-chaining, very gentle smell, and can buy in a 3 for 1 pack. A great product that nothing I've tried competes with.


I bought these wipes form the chemist when I couldnt get the Mamia wipes from Aldi. These were on special at $10.99 for a 3 pack so i thought I would give them a go. I would assume that the normal RRP would be more expensive I have found them to be a great cleanser, not requiring several wipes per change. They are non-irritant and have the right amount of moisture. Reccommended if you are looking to try something new.
Have a great cleaning action, bulk pack
May not always be available, a bit more expensive. Packaged in 'travel packs'


These wipes are great. They are very moist and feel a lot nicer than a lot of other wipes I have used. I would definitely try to find them on special in bulk packs as the individual packs do not last very long. They are also good for use as a general cleaner around the house.
These wipes feel nice and are quite moist and great for newborn babies or older babies with sensitive skin. They come in triple pack sizes which are very handy.
They are a bit more expensive than other wipes and you can not find them everywhere.


I had these when my bub was a newborn. They were recommended from a large baby shop and I bought them in bulk. When these ran out, I was unable to locate them again and had to change brands. They worked well for newborn and did not irritiate the skin. They cleaned well and I found them quite moisturising. I am unsure how well they would work with an older baby and bigger messes as they appeared quite thin. I alos found the pack to be quite large and bulky.
These were great for a newborn. Soft and gentle.
I was unable to locate them locally.


These wipes are good for newborn baby delicate skin. I see others have commented that they dry out if the pull back tab is left open. I have never had a problem with this. I simply put the sticky tab back where it was. They are cheaper than other wipes likely because they dont have the resealable lid. They are slightly thinner than other wipes, however I have never found this to be a problem they do get the job done, and actually I find because they are thinner they are better for getting into small skin folds and are easier for travel because the pack is not very bulky.
Price. I get them in a 3pack at the discount chemist for $9
Nothing really

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