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Pigeon Silicone Nipple Shield

Pigeon Silicone Nipple Shield

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Love, love, love these nipple shields. Great shape & quality- baby seems happy too :-)
Not sure how sizing works, would highly recommend.
Good price, easy to clean.

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how to use it ???? getting very upset


I love my nipple shield! My baby failed to attach properly from birth and as a result I developed cracked nipples and could not feed properly. I was told I would have to start full time bottle feeds, which devastated me. A midwife gave me a different brand shield to try and my whole world changed. My baby started attaching properly and there was no pain or any more cracked nipples. 4 months on and I still use my shield to feed. I find that my baby can attach better with this brand than the other I was given as it is a smaller nipple shape and not as long.
The only downside I have found is that after washing and sterilising, there is no container to store it in, unlike some brands that do provide one. To overcome this, I use a small tupperware container.
Size of shield. Easy to use and clean. Not too expensive. Assisted with feeding my baby when he failed to attach properly
Needs a plastic container or similar for storage. May not fit all women.

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thank you, your review is helpful :)


I would compare the quality of these shields to the Medela nipple shields. I really like them! The only distinction is that the teat is a bit smaller in length compared to even the smallest Medela shield. Unfortunately I have tried EVERY shield on the market so I know what I'm talking about. There is quite a price difference between these Pigeon shields and the Medela ones as well, the Pigeon being around $10 for 2 and the Medela around $20 for 2. For the price difference I definitely recommend these Pigeon ones. They have been a lifesaver for me, I would have given up breastfeeding otherwise. I was using the Medela shields as these were the ones that the hospital gave me. My bub was getting extremely bad tummy pains and it turned out he was taking in too much air as a result of the shields, thinking he was hungry and then screaming and crying later on. I switched to Pigeon after speaking to another shield user as the teat is smaller in length and there's no gap between the tip of the nipple and the shield for air to get trapped in. Bub is MUCH happier and less wind :)
They are great quality! They're easy to clean and they stick really well to the breast and don't fall off like other brands.
The nipple size could be a bit small in length for women with bigger nipples, but I found that my baby had less wind with these shields as there was no gap between the tip of my nipple and the the shield.

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Why does my daughter’s 5 week old baby get unsettled when breastfeeding whilst using these nipple shield? How & what can she do to make breast feeding a better experience for both of them ?
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Pigeon Silicone Nipple Shield
CategoryBreast Pads & Products
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Release dateDec 2009

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